Vote to Play Coming Soon Exclusively for PS Plus Members

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Vote to Play Coming Soon Exclusively for PS Plus Members


Hey PlayStation Nation – as you all know, we love to hear your feedback and work to bring those asks, demands and needs to life wherever possible. With that in mind, I’m thrilled to announce a new PlayStation Plus promotion that literally puts the choice in your hands – Vote to Play. This promotion enables PlayStation Plus members to vote on one of several PlayStation 4 games for the upcoming month’s Instant Game Collection.

The game with the most votes will automatically be included in our future free game lineup for PlayStation Plus. If your pick didn’t make the lineup, don’t worry. In the first promotion, PlayStation Plus members can get the runner ups at a discount. We love to listen to our fans – and we’re super excited to launch this promotion.

We’ll have more details for you soon on when voting begins, what titles will be up for voting, and how you can cast your vote.

If you don’t already have a PlayStation Plus account and would like to learn more on the benefits of PlayStation Plus, such as the Instant Game Collection, access to online multiplayer on PS4, exclusive member discounts, cloud game saves and more, click here.

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  • I vote for the No Man’s Sky release date to be added to August PS Plus IGC. Thank you.

    • It’s getting release at retail. I doubt it’ll happen.
      This is a good idea that Sony has put in place.
      I would suggest that we would actually get the game we selected rather than the top pick.
      Maybe a credit like service where we would get 40 credit per month, that 20 credit would allow you to get all the game (Same amount of games as before.) A full retail game would be like 10-20 credit, and an indie would vary between 2-5 in value credit. If you don’t use your credits this month, it goes on to the next month.
      Just an idea where we would get more options than pre-select games.

    • @CommandingTiger : LOL. x’D

      Don’t get me wrong: it’s a cool idea…delusional as hell…but pretty cool. =P

    • I hate this idea.

      It’ll just give people more time and more reasons to complain about getting good games for almost nothing.

    • Commanding Tiger for PS Plus games Sony negotiates a lump sum to buy games.

      The problem with picking your own games means that… suddenly Sony is spraying bits and pieces of money all over the place. Sony already does on a couple month basis, a $100 dollar in purchases gives you $10 back. That’s probably a better deal than the deal you came up with.

    • Yeah. I know it won’t happen. There is just so many months I don’t download anything.

      At the very least. Thinking more realistic. At least let us get the game that we voted for rather than the most popular.

      The money they give would be based off thoses vote. (For those that did voted, the rest gets the most popular.)

    • Yeah, like you said MakaiOokami.

    • While I’m on it. #BetterPSN.
      How about Sony fix the bug that makes the PS Store to Crash.
      I would have a bunch of ideas you could do to improve it, but start with that.

    • @CommandingTiger: A system like that wouldn’t work since they get a reduction in price based on the concept of buying in bulk. This keeps costs down and allows them to offer the games they do (6 a month) rather than much lesser games (sub $10 Indies).

      With a system you propose, the costs would be higher per game since there’s no set “bulk” amounts. That means less overall game options in the long run since developers/publishers aren’t going to go below a certain price to get their game on PS+.

      It would be great, but as it is I’m certain Sony is pushing limits with the pricing on games by ensuring that maximum number of gamers will get it at a specific “bulk” amount.

    • I actually WANT to pay for for No Man’s Sky. Just to support the devs for everything they’re doing.

    • Makai complaining about complainers again.

    • @honkayjeezus : What do you want? That’s what F-boys do, so… >_>

    • I assume they will just say the community voted for a specific game and just make us think we were actually involved in the process. I mean what company would give games away for free and continue to be a company. Sony doesn’t have the rights to give certain games away for free. So we’ll probably just get Sony Games. With that being said I love Playstation. Except for the Vita.

    • where can i vote?

    • The people at Sony are cheap. This is a delusional idea. There’s no way that Sony would let a good game like No Man’s Sky get Free PS+

  • Well, it’s not a terrible idea, but I’d have to say that finding out “what everyone would like to play” shouldn’t be given exclusivity of sorts.

    • If they leave it open to everyone then all the Xbox and Nintendo fanboys will spam the poll with the least popular choice so we get the worst game each month. Nobody is going to troll a poll for a service they pay for.

    • Well, if you think about it – PS Plus members are the ones who get the free games, so it kind of makes sense

    • umm would you vote for the president of another country if you lived in the US? why would non-plus members for a game that only plus members can receive? It’s not that complicated…

    • Why would Nintendo and Xbox “fan boys” as you call them vote on a PS Plus poll? Is that maybe because that’s something you would do if Xbox and Nintendo opened up the same sort of thing? Way to show your immaturity.

    • Don’t get me wrong about Plus, but if people manage to find trial codes for the service, they’ll still troll (or just pony up $10 to do so.) It’s just a strange paywall they’re putting in place. But hey, I’ve invested time into the service continuously since getting my PS4 on Day 1; prior to that, I was on and off Plus when certain PS3 games made the Instant Game Collection.

    • lol. You’re one of those people who are laughing at on Reddit.

      It’s only fair for it to be exclusive to PS+ members because some people would just make multiple PSN accounts and spam vote what free game they want.
      At least this way, people would get a PS+ sub that reaches months or a year.

      It shouldn’t be open for non-PS+ subscribers, EVER!
      That’s just not fair for those people who actually pays for PS+.

  • I don’t care, just please bring Day-Z to PS4. I’ll pay whatever you want!

  • I think this is a kinda neat idea to raise awareness and promote discussion, though I hope it leads to more positive commentary than negative. Also, if the featured games are ones already available for PS4, I do wonder if the sales will soften leading up to the release. So if you focus on games yet to launch that may work out better for everyone :-)

    • Funny how you managed to identify a lot of the same thoughts I had Paulogy.

    • It could be hilarious if you would stop advertising and generally care about each article.

    • *genuinely*

    • Hi, CrusaderForever. Not sure how one would measure it, but I suspect I genuinely care about these PlayStation Blog posts as much as, if not more than, everyone else here :-). It’s precisely why I’m so motivated to start the discussion off on a positive and/or constructive note.

    • Sony doesn’t just want to hear fanboys praising them. I’m sure they want to hear people speaking out about what they don’t like. And stop downplaying negative comments. I too hate it when there are immature negative comments, but when there are good, calm, mature negative comments then many times there is a time to have more negative comments than positive ones.

    • I predict it will only be used for games releasing during a given month. I think this is a great idea because it gives us a little bit of a choice as well as promotes the games that aren’t selected. I think the ones not chosen will get the best end of the deal because it will lead to higher sales of their game without giving it away. The best part is that people who don’t like this idea can just not vote and the rest of us will have a great time with it. :)

  • This is awesome. I love that it puts the power in the players’ hands.
    I’d love for Bloodborne to be up for voting.

    • Not going to happen in a million years, dude…

      Expect small indies to be voted on. If any AAA games would come out on PS Plus, they wouldn’t be the game of the month that is able to voted on.

    • If Bloodborne came up, it would lose… because everyone on Plus except you already owns Bloodborne. Hope you like Hello Kitty Island Adventure…. it was the only game we didn’t already own.

    • @+ Mihos

      Haha, I laughed more than I should have.

  • Not for Vita.

    • Why not for Vita? Can we please get more support for our favorite handheld?

    • I agree!:

      It shouldn’t be just PS4, but also PS Vita and PS3 games up for voting.

    • And vita?

    • my first reaction to this post was an eye roll thinking “this is a really stupid idea, it will just be that one loser who wants disgaea 2 on sale and the vita trolls wondering why no one likes them”. still waiting on the disgaea loser but you guys have fulfilled half the prophesy so thanks, I guess…

  • I feel as if this is long overdue…

  • I think this is a great idea. It gives people the ability to choose from a selection of games what they want.

  • Great idea, now let’s get working on name changing shall we? ;)

  • Zombie Vikings

  • As long as the games aren’t just indies

    • This! please, enough with the indie stuff I wouldn’t have bought anyway (and won’t download because they are a waste of bandwidth)

    • They will be. Sony doesn’t give a sh”*t now that they’re on top. They’re back to their usual cheapskate selves.

    • So sick of the random line up of indie games. PS4 gets hit harder with them, PS3 OCCASIONALLY gets a goodie like Shadow of the colossus, Borderlands 2, God of war, etc. PS4 has been hit with non stop indie games like every month, save for that one month where we got Metal gear solid: ground zeroes.

    • if you hate on indies you’re not a gamer. Here’s an idea: do the smart thing and TRY them before you judge them. If you don’t then you’re whiny entitled children. I LOVE indies but I’m also not an a hole.

    • How would you like it if you were an up-and-coming developer trying to make their mark on the world and put all your hard work and dedication into making a game just to have some graphics obsessed children crap all over it because it’s not a mainstream retail title? Shame on all of you. You don’t know what it means to be a gamer. Have some respect for the art.

    • Well, initially I’m reading it as if you feel there’s something wrong with indies, (but hey, there are indie studios such as Psyonix that are releasing kick ass games to start things up with a huge community on Rocket League,) but there could be other titles that should make it onto PS Plus by now. Tomb Raider DE on PS4, BF4, Killzone Shadow Fall, and other earlier titles probably should be making their way towards IGC by now.

    • @Demoncookie31 : That’s no surprise. PS4 has a small library atm…so it’s not the same as PS3.

    • it’s not even been a full 2 years since PS4 has been out and you guys are ALREADY asking for AAA titles? LOL.

    • PS3 has been around a lot longer than PS4, which is why they can consistently give out big titles. I agree with you though, these no-name indie games are tiresome.

    • @jgrizzle358 *facepalm* 2 years is a huge amount of time for there to be AAA titles. The PS3 had Hitman Absolution just a few months after its launch… and many other AAA games just a few months after their release. But besides that thought, it’s not like Indie titles are not fun and enjoyable, but they’re being shoved down our throats at this point. We don’t have to play them, but then we miss out, and then the service we pay for would mean nothing if we don’t play the games given to us. That’s why we’re asking for more higher budget games, simply because more people are willing to play them.

      And I think you need to calm down before you start judging someone’s opinion as simply wrong because it’s not yours. Also, if you hate on how other people game, YOU’RE NOT A TRUE GAMER! Gaming is about having fun on whatever/however/whichever way you want to play. If you don’t believe in that philosophy you do not know what it is to be a gamer.

    • Sadly, it will be for most of the times.
      They can also let us vote for a AAA game but that would rarely happen or even when there’s a special occasion.

    • we should stop segregating indies from AAA titles. ALL of them are video games. That’s it.

  • Is this for real?? wow! I’ll pick Beyond Two Souls for PS3!!

    • You don’t get to pick which ones that are going to be voted for.
      They pick games they want to give for free and you just have to vote one of those.

  • Very interesting. =\

    I still think PS+ went to the crapper, and it’s only “useful” for PS4 owners, since they’re “captive consumers” now…but I’m curious to see where this goes.

    Who knows? Anything can happen…right? =P

    • I agree with you. My PS+ subscription expired back in April and haven’t renewed it because I wasn’t happy with how the service has declined. A couple of years ago I would have never let it expire. Ever since the PS4 launched the PS3 and Vita igc has been very weak to me. I don’t have as much time to play games as I used to and I felt forced to play some of the indie games that were offered. Most of the big games like Killzone Mercenary I bought day one so I didn’t really do much for me. I was thinking about renewing my subscription but haven’t found a reason yet. Maybe this will be better, who knows.

    • I subscribed to PS+ 3 months after the service was launched…I was very happy with it, that’s why I renewed and renewed and renewed…until PS4 (with its new awful “business plan”) came out. -_-

      My sub expired 5 months later…and I’ve been off PS+ since then.

      I haven’t regretted my decision a single day since then. =)

      So believe me: I KNOW what you mean, bro. ;)

  • Could be an interesting way of doing things. Hopefully the choices are mainly games that have been past full releases overall, for the most part, as that will bring a measure of familiarity to the process. Indie games should probably be exempt from this, as I’d guess there are different agreements worked out for those releases.

  • How about instead you make your service not complete garbage? IGC lineup is 80% shovelware trash, my 50Mbps connection takes 18 hours to d/l Destiny, 1GB cloud storage is laughable.

    #GreatnessAwaits is pretty accurate, eh?

    • Shovelware? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Perhaps you should actually play the games.

      That said, downloading anything from PSN is a pain, and I’m wondering if it has to do with their peering connections with ISPs (similar to Netflix being throttled by Comcast and the other big ‘ol boys of networks.)

    • I do not think “shovelware” means what you think it means.

  • Mad Max or The Order 1886

  • Will we still get 2ps4 games a month and I wish for one month we could get knack or tomb radior definitive version or ray and legends

    • I would also love to know if we would or not, getting at least 2 ps4 games was awesome in my book, HECK we can even end up getting 4 games if the game is across ps3, vita, and ps4. If this limits the free games per month to just 1 per system then I may say no thanks to this. Guess it depends on the selection.

  • I’m all for this. Don’t get me wrong, I love PS+ (since it’s required to play online on PS4), and a few free games every month is cool, but it gets a bit repetitive and boring when 9 times out of 10 the PS4 games are just some random indie games that like 3 people will actually play. I don’t know, I’d vote on maybe offering some more classics for free like when you guys offered shadow of the colossus on PS3 or Borderlands 2. Just games that the majority of people know and will most likely enjoy.

  • Bastion and the Journey Collector’s Edition

  • Will we still get 2ps4 games a month and is this only for ps4 not PS3

  • This has the chance of being really good, or really bad.
    The fear is that people will vote for sub-par AAA releases, over high quality indies because of perceived value.
    Independently developed games have run circles around the AAA space this gen, but get looked down on by the community because they aren’t $60 retail games, or they have simplistic graphics.
    I hope that the actual game fans are the ones that vote, and not the ones that just want as much as they can get for their $5/mth.

    • If certain people are looking down on indie games, it’s because they have a completely isolated view of what a game should be and feel entitled to be getting these blockbuster titles. Well, I’m sure Vote to Play will start bringing those AAA titles, beginning with those ones released near PS4 launch.

    • I was thinking something very similar. But so long as this is a once-in-a-while ordeal, I see it as being somewhat cathartic for some of the more outspoken Plus nay-sayers.

      Hopefully the list will have groupings for the 2 or 3 monthly titles, ensuring that the inclusion of indie games is inevitable.

    • Obviously, people will only be able to vote on whatever is offered, and I doubt Sony would toss a single AAA game in with a bunch of indies for the voting process. If anything, we would vote on a selection of indies, and the other free game that we don’t vote on would be a AAA title at some point in the future. At least, that seems to be a reasonable option.

  • I’ve been waiting for this![/Akihiko]

  • I’m very interested to see the lineup for November! With it being the 2 year anniversary, I’d hope they’d consider offering some of the launch titles! Knack, Killzone, and if allowed by EA, Battlefield 4.

  • While the idea of personalization is a good one, all it does when you apply it on a mass scale tends to reflect who has the biggest marketing department.
    I would be ok with this if, and only if, it came as a 7th title of sorts, I’m paying the PROFESSIONALS at Sony to make the deals, the partnerships, and the choices that result in the games I currently have gotten for my last 3 years as a member of PS+. Outsourcing that to the masses seems to result in questionable choices from a gamut of casuals to hardcores alike. The same masses that keep people like Miley and the Kardashians on the charts. I don’t know if these people should be trusted with such responsibility.

    • That’s the same reaction that I have to this news. I have my doubts about this turning into anything positive.

  • That’s actually a great idea! Most people are pleased and we get a sale with the rest of the titles in the voting. What’s not to love?

  • As long as the voting is done through the PlayStation system itself, then I am all in. I would love to see one game a month for VITA, PS4, and PS3 chose by the fans, and one chose by PlayStation to showcase something different.

    Hopefully, the voting will be done through the PS Store, and we will be able to vote from VITA, PS4, or PS3. That would be the perfect way to run this program.

    Keep up the great work!

  • I reckon the selection will be mostly indie games? I love indie games and all, but some here are getting too excited already by imagining triple A titles, and I highly doubt that’ll be the case most times. Nonetheless this is exciting and I look forward to participating and contributing.

  • I like the idea but it also worries me. If reading PS+ post comments (and really, comments in general) has taught me anything, a majority of gamers don’t know how to judge games. We praise AAA games that don’t change the formula, then berate smaller games that we never played for experimenting with new ideas and experiences and try to put them down as ‘indies.’ I have little faith that this will end well.

  • People, you do realize that we will not be picking whatever games we want. Sony will pick a select few that we get to vote on.

  • LMAO! It seems that a lot of these guys (the ones above me) are clueless about how this will work… x’D

    You CAN’T just pick whatever the heck YOU want, “brainiacs”! =P

    THEY will give you 3 or 4 titles…and you’ll have to pick ONE OUT OF THOSE. How old are you? 8? LOL

    They still need to MAKE MONEY, people! So it will be basically the same that you have now…except that they will give subscribers a chance to select 1 out of all the “crappy” deals they already closed (with publishers). This way…if any of you dares to complain…they will just reply: “hey, it was the product of a majoritarian vote…sorry”. Get it? Pretty clever…for Sony. xD

  • Finally you let the players choose

  • Personally I would like to see some of the big name games that are on the PlayStation Store added to lineup. ei: drive club, assassins creed unity, call of duty: advanced warfare, battlefield 4. Not everybody is a fan of indie games you need to appease those people as well I save each month for each console there should be two big man games people can download and two nd games that way it’s fair for everybody!

    • *say each month

    • Riiiight…for 50 bucks a year? You know nothing about how capitalism works, huh?

      ROFL x’D

    • once a new game comes out the old version goes down in price so its doable buddy….notice i mentioned all games that will be coming out with a new version soon….

    • minus drive club. Because they already have a PlayStation Plus version of that game for free but why not just give the full version anyway is my point!

    • Activision is NEVER going to allow for ANY CoD to be gifted away for “free”. To a lesser extent, it’s kinda the same with Ubisoft.

      And EA gave away BF3…after almost 4 years. So (maybe) you should expect BF4 around…Q4 of 2016. =P

      So what you’re asking for is unrealistic, man. Especially for only $50/year.

  • I vote for the amazing spiderman 2 and I would really appreciate it.Thanks Playstation

    • It’s not good. The first game was so much better. Trust me, you don’t want it.

      It plays similarly to the first ASM, and it has a lot of good ideas, but there’s so much forced repetition that it takes what could have been a pretty good Spider-Man game all the way down to a bad one.

  • Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
    Far Cry 4
    Dark Souls II
    Dying Light
    Watch Dogs

    Danganronpa 1-2
    Freedom Wars
    Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

    • Call of duty Advanced warfare-far cry 4-watch dogs-bloodborne-batman arkham’s-dark soul’s-kingdom hearts-battlefield 4- dying light

  • That’s great news!

    Please, give us a REAL discount on the runner ups.

  • Great idea. This should quell the dissenting gamers who bemoan the IGC lineup every month. Hell, I wish I had time to play a fourth of what’s released every month, not to mention the backlog.

  • I like it. Hopefully, this will cut down on the nearly endless whining each month when the new IGC titles are announced.

    • That’s NEVER going to happen, man because I’m sure we both know if it’s not the games it’s the choices “Aww, man these three titles to choose from boooo!!! My plus sub is over next week anyways.” and a week or two later they would still have plus.

    • It will never diminish the constant whining :( Some people always needs something to complain about. But this is a great idea nonetheless.

  • Very interesting. I think if you guys got some sort of triple A title to choose from that’d calm the masses who aren’t into indies. Stuff from the first year should all be very doable. Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Knack. I’m okay with indies, in fact August’s lineup only has one game I don’t own already haha. That is fine though.

    An idea, how bout making PS Now titles available as IGC games to introduce people to the service? I feel they should be their own extra 2 titles outside of the normal six because when PS Now is available on all platforms it would count as games for vita/ps3/ps4.

    • The first options are Grow Home, Zombie Vikings, and Armello. People are expecting that they’ll be able to vote for AAA games, or vote for whatever they want, but realistically that’s not going to happen.

    • thats fine with me, Grow Home looks neat.

  • What does Sony plan on doing when Shooters become the top voted game all the time? There are tons of us who dont like shooters but the amount of players that like shooters is very high.

    I just dont want to end up every month (or every time theres a shooter in the vote selection) with a game thats a shooter because of this.

    This would really take the value of PS+ down for me big time.

    • i feel RPGs will never win. While we have a big following, we in no way out man all the “shooter” fans out there.

    • Personally I think they’re going to give us a handful of games to choose from and the one or two that gets the most votes will be chosen I don’t think we’ll just be able to call out games our selves and have them decide to put them up

  • Please, don’t do this. The whole voting is going to spammed by 12 year old that will want a generic third of first person shooter, to the point where the voting won’t matter. When has voting from the community ever gone well? Never, so please consider the consequences of doing as people will exploit the hell out of this system and only ruins future “potential” good games for plus and will now have to purchase it at probably at only a 10% discount. If this vote actually goes through, I will most likely end my roughly 5 years of Plus subscription, and just stay with Games with Gold.

    • I’m sure Sony has figured out a way to prevent spamming. And don’t lie to us, if you have kept your Plus subscription for 5 years now, this feature will not make you suddenly change your plan :D

    • @platinum4490 : Don’t overestimate them. xD

      This is the same company that hasn’t been able to figure out a way to do VIDEO STREAMING right. In the YouTube era. SMH

      So… *sigh*

  • I would love
    to have Heavenly Sword remastered on ps4 that would be awesome.

  • The Jak and Daxter trilogy, Five nights at Freddy’s 1-4, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5, Split Second, Call of Duty:World at War, Black ops 1, Terraria and Spacecraft.

  • This is only for PS4 games. PS Vita is a “legacy console”.

  • This is pretty dang cool.

  • Dark souls ll please (:

  • Grand Theft Auto V should come for PSPlus for free (RECOMMEND)

  • “We love to listen to our fans”


    That made my afternoon. Still, this is a step in the right direction.

  • or Little Big Planet 3 Limied Edition should come to ps plus for ps plus

  • This feature is just like a copycat from Steam’s Summer / Winter Sale, but PSN copied the right thing.

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