The Very British Apocalypse in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

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The Very British Apocalypse in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Mere weeks — all that’s left before finding out how the world ended on June 6th, 1984.

We definitely share The Chinese Room’s excitement and anticipation in revealing what exactly befell quiet Yaughton Valley.

The Very British Apocalypse in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Part of the allure behind Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is exploring every nook and cranny throughout the valley and finding small yet personal details of its residents. In the midst of a larger and catastrophic event, players are drawn into finding out more and uncovering the story behind this close-knit community.

Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck and Environment Artist Alex Grahame took some time to discuss their thoughts on what makes Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture a uniquely British apocalypse.

North American fans who pre-order Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture between now and Aug 10th will receive this wonderfully crafted Dynamic Theme as a bonus — and if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to enjoy 20% off the pre-order price as part of PLAY 2015.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture ThemeEverybody's Gone to the Rapture Theme

And good news to share for European fans looking forward to Rapture: this dynamic theme will also be available as a bonus with purchase during the first two weeks of release. EU PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to enjoy a 20% off discount within that period.

Visit to find out more.

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  • Been waiting years for this one! Want to ask will the dynamic theme be available to purchase by itself? Also does the game have a Platinum trophy? Thanks guys!

    • Glad you’re looking forward to it! I don’t have any details to share at the moment about the theme or trophies, but there should be more info coming as August 11th approaches.

    • There is a dynamic theme when you pre order :) i have it :)

  • Game looks pretty solid. Wondering if it is designed to be scary or if it is just a strange world?

    • I’d say mysterious and eerie, especially with all of the finer details you could come across and observe. Something went wrong but you’re not sure what or how it happened…

  • Looks very good will be my first digital pre-order.

  • Won’t be long now! I can almost feel the Rapture already :-D

  • Thundercleese_83

    Can someone answer me, please? I enjoy a good exploration game. Gone Home is one of my favorite game of all time. After playing it, I was looking for something in the same vein, so I tried Dear Ester and, I’m sorry, but I never hated a game so much in my life. There was just nothing to do and the story did not grab me at all. Can you at least interact with the environment and do some light puzzle solving in EGTTR? Also, is it religious? I have a very big problem with religion. The game is just so beautiful, I want to try it, I’m just afraid it’s Dear Ester meet Sunday school.

    • From what I can tell, this is a “spiritual successor” to Dear Ester so take that how you will.

    • There are interactions with the environment, and narrative events are also cued with the DualShock 4’s motion sensors. Also, the use of ‘Rapture’ is more about the idea of people there one day, but mysteriously gone the next.

    • Gone Home was absolutely atrocious… The only thing that made it worth playing was the novelty of the idea; if you didn’t appreciate the free-form narrative exploration found in Dear Esther* and instead preferred the linear, less obscure story of Gone Home, one can only assume Rapture wouldn’t appeal to you either, given that it will again be in the players hands to determine and decipher the contents of the story.
      And the idea of passing up something otherwise enjoyable because it doesn’t align with your personal ideologies is laughably bigoted.

  • It looks like anyone who has pre-ordered already does have access to the theme.
    As it showed up in my download list and I pre-ordered last week.

  • ” pre-order Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture between now and Aug 10th”

    fingers crossed that means ” preorder before aug 10th” and not already preordered? SUCKER!

  • Is there a platinum trophy? I’m waiting for that info to lock-in my pre-order or to move along.

    • You guys actually exist, then? The guys who are more concerned with whether or not a game has a platinum trophy instead of just playing a game to enjoy it?

    • 1- I can’t justify a 15+$ purchase if the game is only 3-4 hours long and has no plat (which is important to me). I ain’t made of money.

    • 1- I can’t justify a 15+$ purchase if the game is only 3-4 hours long or has no plat (which is important to me). I ain’t made of money.

      2- Mind your own business and quit pushing your own idea of what gaming is on me. I play my way, for my reasons.

    • You’re free to spend your money how you see fit, but I’m free to say the focus of some gamers on caring more about trophies or achievements is misplaced.

    • To each their own, really. Some games, looking at the trophy list helps reveal everything that the game has to offer. Others, the trophies require you to do outrageous things that I could only do by a stroke of luck unconsciously.

      I don’t see a point in trophy hunting (that’s not the same as saying I don’t do it; it’s a guilty pleasure, I guess, or something like that), but by that logic there’s also no point in playing games or entertainment in general. We do whatever we wish to do to have fun. :) That being said, I’m the type of person that takes a month or two to get a plat on a game that others recommend only take a day, so yeah…. Mainly because I’m not too dedicated to any one game at a time, but it’s still fun to see the shiny trophy.

      Also, having some trophies at least helps soothe the pain of spending money on a game that you ultimately didn’t enjoy too much… For example, the Nutjitsu game that was on sale recently wasn’t too great and the replay value was meh at best, like a flash game that you’d only return to to share it with someone else, but the trophies were easy to 100%.

    • @ Flashfire34: It’s more about perceived value. If there’s a platinum trophy, then it’s worth $15+. If there is no platinum, it’s not worth that much. Quite simple really. He didn’t say he was going to skip it. Just that a platinum would lock-in a pre-order. There are plenty of games that launched at $15-20 that had no platinum that I wanted to play, but no platinum means it’s worth less to me, so I wait until it goes on sale for $10 or less before I buy it. It’s all about priorities and available funds. Especially when games like Riptide GP 2 launch for $7 with a platinum.
      Either way, I’m more looking forward to the game than the trophies, so I did already pre-order it. A platinum would just make it that much sweeter.

    • Don’t know why people would go preaching about how trophies are irrelevant. @Flashfire34, your comments are misplaced mate. Clearly a lot of people care about trophies otherwise Sony would have scrapped them long ago. The lure of a great game with the potential to go Platinum is like a large cherry on what you hope is a great cake.

  • Is it an rpg with male/female character builder? I would love to know plz

  • Can you find both red and yellow fire hydrants in the world? Because if there are both red and yellow fire hydrants, it is a definite pre-order.

    Seriously, I actually pre-ordered the day the Play promotion was announced, already have the theme, and am looking forward to exploring this unique world. Good luck!

  • I’ve had this preordered since I was able to do so, and have been rocking the (surprisingly Halloween-y) theme ever since. Can’t wait to sink into this wold!

  • already pre-order it and have the theme installed and now only waiting for it´s release.

  • I pre-ordered and got the theme. The theme is great, so much better than the random dynamic themes on sale for PS4. I am really looking forward to this unique-sounding game.

    Also, if you’re into great dynamic themes, get the new Journey theme. Beautiful visuals and music.

  • Is it weird that I pre-ordered this game for the theme? I mean, yes, this game looks interesting and I might have gotten it anyway, but that absolutely beautiful theme sealed the deal for me and made me pre-order it, lolz.

  • This game had me hook line and sinker. Now…not so much. In the beginning it had promise but now it just looks like an architectural small town demo. I imagine playing it and nothing happening. Looks like Flower meets Ether One. If you sober up you can see this game is an overhyped interactive book.

    What’s annoying is that the whole game will center around crazy and interesting cataclysmic events. But we won’t see any of that. All we will get is grass, houses, excerpts, and gold sperry things flying around.

    I’ll wait for it on PS Plus. I’ll pay for Fallout 4.

    • “Looks like Flower meets Ether One. If you sober up you can see this game is an interactive book.”

      And that’s exactly why I’m getting it. I loved Flower, and once they got most of the game-breaking glitches out of Ether One, really enjoyed that as well. Different people enjoy different things. Don’t be a hater.

  • Should have been July 6th, then I could say my birth caused the Apocalypse…


  • Why cant i pre order it? when i look for it on the playsation store it says unable to find to the page.

  • At this point, the ambiguity in all the trailers and developer interviews has grown too stale for my taste.

  • It’s really annoying that in NA we only get the 20% off on the preorder vs. those in the EU who get it for the first two weeks of release. I don’t preorder games unless its a niche Japanese title that I want a physical copy of. I’ll be waiting for the reviews on this one but it’d be nice to save $5. Oh well, can’t get everything you want I suppose.

  • Can anyone tell me when UK are able to pre-order this game

    • There won’t be a pre-order for the UK, but the same pre-order bonuses for North America (dynamic theme, 20% discount with PS Plus) are being offered for European fans during the first two weeks of the game’s release.

  • why is it very static? the trees are not moving or leaves or plants. no wind flowing.

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