Inside the Tearaway Unfolded Companion App

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Inside the Tearaway Unfolded Companion App

We recently announced our new Tearaway Unfolded Companion App, which will be releasing alongside the game when it launches next month. Today, we wanted to delve a little deeper into the app and share more about how it works. We’ve even made a shiny new video to show off the app and demonstrate the fun and exciting ways you can interact with the game, all from your couch!

The Companion App works using the official PlayStation App, which you can currently download for free with your valid app store account on your preferred app store, for smart phones and tablets. You can also use the PS4 Link “Second-Screen” function on your PS Vita to run the Tearaway Unfolded Companion App. So when the game launches, you can use your portable devices as a second screen for the game!

One of the main ways you can interact with the papery world using the app is through the trusty cutting mat. If you pick the scissors icon to the far left, you are taken to the app’s cutting mat where you can let your creative juices flow and draw whatever your heart desires! Draw a heart, a flower or whatever you fancy, hit the little stamp icon and your creation will be posted into the game where you’ll see your creation floating through the skies!

You can also use your device’s camera (if it has one) to take photos of the real world, which can then be imported into the cutting mat to be cut and pasted however you want. Simply hit the camera icon to launch your camera, and then start snapping away.

Your photos can also be used to texturize the game world and transform whatever sheet of paper your Messenger is currently standing on!

Tearaway Unfolded Companion AppTearaway Unfolded Companion App

It’s also important when journeying through the world of Tearaway to leave your own papery mark, and what better way than by personalizing your Messenger! When you enter the Messenger customization screen, you can either use the app’s cutting mat to create new decorations and costumes, or you use your device’s camera to take photos that can be customized on the cutting mat to create your own unique Messenger! Fancy giving iota a beard? Or changing atoi’s eyes? It’s all possible with the app.

A really cool thing about the app: it’s context sensitive, meaning that players controlling the app can directly affect what the player is currently playing through in the game itself. You could be customizing your Messenger on the TV while your friend uses the app to cut out a beard which will then appear on your Messenger in the game!

If your friend takes a photo on the app, this will also appear in the game for you to cut up and edit on the big screen. And as you’re running through the game world discovering new lands and battling Scraps, anything made on the app (shapes, decorations, and photos) can be sent into the game, which will float through the air or pop up on the ground beneath your feet. It adds another layer to the fun.

Tearaway Unfolded Companion App

You can also use the app to access, your personal profile page for Tearaway online. You can see all your progress in the game, including any photos you’ve taken and which papercraft models you’ve collected. You can also use to see what the community has been up to, viewing other players’ photos and seeing how creative they’ve gotten with customization. We also regularly pick our favorites on there too for our “Community Picks” section, so you can check out what we’re loving that week.

We hope you folks have fun interacting with the papery world and creating marvelous things! We can’t wait to see what you all make! Tearaway Unfolded comes out on September 8th in the US, 9th in Europe, and 11th in the UK. Pre-order today and receive the Crafted Edition loaded with lots of papery goodness!

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  • Hi! As you’ve been expanding and enhancing the world of Tearaway, it’s kinda refreshing to hear you haven’t left Vita out as a companion given that platform is where it started :-)

    • Exactly this! I 90% expected The Vita to be left behind as a platform for the companion APP like every other major game. I don’t own a smartphone so I can actually use my Vita as second screen for once unlike other SONY titles (looking at u Playroom). Its also refreshing to hear that the PS APP is being used for phones instead of making a whole other APP like a bunch of third party companies have been doing.

  • I will support this game to the ends of the earth. Tearaway hold an absolute and special place in my heart. As my Sister Iris ( God Rest Her Soul) battled Cancer I used this game as an escape from all the madness that is involved in such a life changing event. To this day my voice is still recorded on the Game on my Vita praying for a” Miracle for Iris” it is a haunting thing to hear as it echoes withing the game repeatedly. Thank You for being there for me Sony, PlayStation, Media Molecule and my trusty Vita! You got my vote and my sale!!!

  • Thank you so much for supporting PlayStation Vita with this. It is by far the best mobile device on the market. Can’t wait to go back to the land of construction paper.

  • Honestly, I don’t like Tearaway…but this is a really good use of the Second Screen/Companion App concept. So…kudos to the development team! ;)


  • Thank so much for keeping the PS Vita relevant!

    I liked the original Tearaway for PS Vita and certainyl won’t miss the PS4 version, specially given that you will make use of the PS Vita’s rarely used second screen function.

  • I’m very curious what the adoption rates for companion apps are. To me it just seems super gimmicky and always sours my view of the game when I see there’s a companion app to go with it. I’m not saying my feelings are based in any kind of rationale since i’ve never tried one and I have no clue what Tearaway is like at all. This is just the impression I get and therefore there must be others that feel similar. I’m just really curious is all……

  • Just wanted to add my 2 cents in that I’m also glad it’s available on the Vita.

    Nice it works on phones and elsewhere, but please continue supporting the Vita.

    There’s still a pretty big audience out there.

    Hopefully Spotify will be coming soon for Vita to replace Music Unlimited…hinted this at Spotify too…


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