Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle Pre-orders Open Today

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Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle Pre-orders Open Today

Guardians! Today, pre-orders are opening for our new Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle, available for $399.99 USD / $449.99 CAD (MSRP).

Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4

The bundle includes the white Destiny-inspired 500GB Limited Edition PS4 system and a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition, as well as content from the Legendary Edition and Digital Collector’s Edition. You can click here to learn more about the bundle and the wealth of exclusive PlayStation content in Destiny: The Taken King.

In case you haven’t been following the news on Bungie’s latest expansion, Destiny: The Taken King is a huge new adventure overflowing with new missions, locations, gear, and rewards. The Taken King also includes all the content from the base game as well as Expansions I and II, plus a host of exclusive* PS4 content including The Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle, an exclusive Strike called Echo Chamber, an exclusive competitive PvP map called Sector 618, and three legendary gear sets (Hesperos, Azoth Bend, and Neuroghast).

Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4

This bundle also includes the content found in the Digital Collector’s Edition: three exotic Guardian class items with XP bonuses, three class-specific emotes, three armor shaders, as well as the early access Hakke weapons pack.

Pre-order so you can dive in when the Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4 Bundle becomes available on September 15th. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King PS4

*Timed exclusive until at least Fall 2016

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  • 500gb is ridiculous.
    All of your consoles should be 2tb minimum.

  • Please Make A Star Wars Battlefront With A 1TB Custom PlayStation 4 Here In The USA.

  • Is this the new model PS4?

  • You can buy the “upgraded” 2TB model for about $500. I bought my 2TB HDD for about $100.

  • Can we just go into any Gamestop and pre-order it? Or is there somewhere specific we have to go to pre-order?

  • This would have been cool a year ago. I played Destiny daily for a full month before completely losing interest. I don’t see how anything will get me to come back. A big part of the problem are two ridiculous Trophies: (no one dying in a Raid, and Raid on Hard). Normal Raid was hard enough, thanks! If I know I’ll never Platinum a game I’ve played to death, I tend to abandon it quickly.

    • Raids on hard aren’t actually hard, and to do a run where no one does is fairly simple. Those trophies aren’t meant to discourage players… Just to use their heads and up their skill levels. Giving up on a game because two trophies appear hard at first glance is kinda of putting. The truly hard trophy in this game is the salvage PvP match one: a limited time crucible match that shows up very rarely and when you go in there… You get teamed with people that have no interest in getting the objective. As for the flawless raider and hard mode raids… Shoot me a message, I’ll help you get them.

    • LOL you played for a month? Sounds like you are pretty weak at playing a game to death!

    • I have both of these trophies. The one where no one in your fireteam dies in a raid was challenging but fun. It’s even easier now that the level cap is higher.

      As for beating a Raid on Hard, that’s not a big deal at all.

    • your character level is going up from 20 to 30 , and your light level is going up to 40 or 50 ( don’t know yet )

      so if your level 40+ with all the new gear and weapons doing the old VOG normal raid you really should have no issue at all clearing it without dying since people cleared it flawlessly at the appropriate level when it was first released.

    • PrimeroIncognito

      You give up on a game because of a trophy? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

      Did you know games are meant to be played for fun, first and foremost? You act like it’s a chore.

  • Stop giving Activision/Bungie your money! Destiny is a bad franchise & these studios have released subpar content at max sale prices across the board. This is setting a terrible precedent & the only actual way to have an impact on it is to just not give ****** studios your hard earned money. It’s really not all that complicated.

  • Man I need $400s… Can you give me one?

  • When is the CUH 1200 gonna come to the USA?
    or the ultimate player edition?

  • Is the finish on the hard drive bay glossy or matte?

    • you can click on the image above and Zoom in really close , it looks like the Graphic covers the entire HD area and is Matte and Not Glossy , i don’t like the Glossy look myself on the consoles it looks cheap to me .

    • It has a glossy finish across the top.

  • Please tell that we are gping to get the MGSV red bundle like the rest of the world, do you remember Sony how many consoles you sold during MGS IV launch?????

  • Are they available for pre order at gamestop yet?

  • This is absolutely gorgeous!

  • When is the New PS4 model Cuh-1200 coming to U.S and Canada?

  • Omfg!!! Dope as hell!! Shut up and take my money!

  • Is this Taken King console the new “CUH-1200” series or is it the old noisy version?

  • The design of this console is beautiful.

  • Why cant they have an option to trade in your ps4 for 300$ off a new ps4. I would like them to have this so people can trade in their bland black ones for limited editions they may like. There is no reason for me to buy this, even thought I really want it, because I have on already and this doesnt even have expanded storage. Hope retailers start providing this option for all systems.

  • Can we get a confirmation on the cuh-1200 in America. I want a ps4 but want to get the new revision and I’m tired of waiting. Just come out and say it already for god sakes.

    • This bundle comes with a CUH-1200 series PlayStation 4. You can totally get this!

    • That’s the problem I don’t want that game I can careless about. I also don’t want to wait till September. So guess I have to get the batman bundle then, with the old version system.

  • Superpowerguy104

    Will it be sold into December because I got to save my money for that

  • Just preordered mine from GameStop it’s easy

  • now this is a ps4 id like to own. really jazzy, extremely detailed….Kratos better have a bloody ps4 in the works…i’ve already upgraded my 500gb to 1tb…still not enough space man, games these days are huge! (killzone shadow fall, bf 4, eso online, batman)

  • I Pre-Order My Destiny LTD Edition PS4 Console. When I Pick It Up, i Just Need To Swap Hard Drive Around.

  • Will pre-ordering this bundle give us access to the Suros Arsenal pack and Vanguard Weapons pack?

  • So, to confirm: this model IS the new PS4 Model CUH-1200, but has a glossy finish (versus the Jet Black matte finish).

  • Also, will the Digital Collectors Edition Upgrade only give us access to the Digital Collectors Edition content, or will it allow us to download and play the digital version of The Taken King (without using the included Legendary Edition disc)?

  • Sure, let me buy a second PS4 so I can play games with my family on both systems. Oh right, you can only activate one PS4 at a time…

    I’ll be giving away a Taken King PS4 bundle to one lucky subscriber on September 15th 2015.
    Be sure to subscribe and spread the word!

  • I have to agree with many replies – a minimum 2TB HD should be the standard for any console

    Also people should have the option for turning off the light on the controller alongside dimming and the controller battery should last a hell of a lot longer than what it does.

    The USB port should be capable of connecting external storage, so everyone can install games onto that HD via USB. Really its delusional to not have this option.

    Also YOUR PSN network should be running 24/7, you should have a back up servers to where your servers need maintenance or any work done, you then just switch everyone to a secondary *possibly even a third back up* – Your charging us money for PSN and the amount of issues we get not being able to connect online is pathetic
    Our kids were given a PS4 for xmass and wtf cannot even play it for 4 days due to the servers being down, fantastic xmass gift

  • since the success of the ps4 sony has changed so much it reminds me of microsoft.

  • Come on sony, answer me. Are we going to get the cuh-1200 without the destiny bundle and earlier then September 15. I just wanna know before I gat the batman bundle.

  • smh to all the idiots who buy the taken king

    • If you don’t like it, why are you here and posting that worthless comment? If you don’t like Destiny, walk on by next time. I’m sure everyone here can say something bad about a game YOU think is good.

    • @nickpeck36 it’s not that I don’t like destiny it’s that people should not be supporting on disc dlc, this content should’ve been available at launch but activision is full of greedy scum bags and wanted to split the game up and sell each piece of it for an extra profit

    • It’s an expansion…New content/over hauling balances to existing game content is added to the game. Ever played an RTS or MMO? Bungie could and most likely will give you the option to download off PSN but for the sake of your convinienc and maybe other personal preferences, just buy a physical copy and install it right off the disc.

    • @RyuuMasato What he is saying that all of the DLC for Destiny was actually on the same disc you bought a year or so ago, but because Activision is so greedy they made Bungie make it DLC so it is locked until you buy the DLC.

  • I rather they stay at 500gb cause if it was 2TB they probably OP the price like for the Vita. 32GB micro SD is like $80. Imagine if they put 2TB on ps4 the retail price would be alteast $500-$600. I rather pay $400 for the PS4 and wait for a 2TB 2.5 hard drive to go on sale. I had no problem buying 2TB for only $50. It’s called patience.

    I already have my 2TB by Seagate, Samsung, and WD just incase there was a compatibility issue and got those for a total of $100 altogether.

  • Just Pre-order my

    Now to buy a 2TB HDD
    found this deal at amazon

  • what is with the jacked up prices in Canada still? the Canadian Dollar has fallen below USD awhile back which means your excuse of “loosing money in the Canadian market” is no longer valid and now it’s just ripping us off

    • So, the price is 449.99 CAD. Let’s see 449.99 CAD is in US dollars. Right now it’s 343.92.

      So, $343.92 USD == 449.99 CAD. The Canadian version is cheaper.

      If you wanted a fair price, the USD version is $399.99 USD. That is $523.35 CAD right now.

      So… you are paying substantially less. What are you complaining about?

  • I pre-ordered mine last night! My 1tb SSD is ready :) I want to go with a 2tb drive but I can’t stand the load times of 5400 rpm drives and the only 7200rpm laptop drives max out at 1tb currently. I thought about that goofy looking data bank add on but I have seen more negatives than positives with it so far.

    • I have 1TB SSD and it does load faster. It wont help you any on Destiny though (the game with the most loading to date)

  • How can I just get a white ps4

  • It’s a nice console, but I prefer the The Phantom Pain PS4 edition console. Please bring it to the U.S.!!

  • I want it, but I don’t want the game!

    What I really want is that fabulous Phantom Pain PS4 that Japan’s getting… tempted to import it myself.

  • Wow a new destiny bundle

  • I will be buying the Metal Gear Solid 5 Limited Edition ps4 Exclusive to Game in the UK. The destiny limited edition ps4 is also available in the UK. But Metal Gear Solid 5ps4 rules,love the red and metallic grey and gold design.

  • UGH! white?! -_- Why it is not in black and gold? isn’t the map in destiny black? I think black look better than Glacier White honestly so therefore this console should be in black. Glacier white ISN’T REALLY glacier white, it look a little grey out of the box. Time after time it starting to become more grey. -_-

    However it is a nice console anyway.

  • Surprised it was only the price of a standard PS4.

  • Hey guys (hopefully those of you at Playstation can answer) does this still come with the suros and vanguard preorder? I just ordered mine off of Amazon and it says it comes with the digital edition upgrade with the shaders, emotes, and class armor, but it doesn’t say anything about those weapon packs. On the Gamestop Website it says it does, but not sure about Amazon. Would please love a for sure answer as I really want those preorders. Thanks! :)

    • Yeah I wonder the exact same thing!!!! Let me know if you heard anything plz~

    • Yeah, preordered on Amazon, been asking same question with no response. We want the preorder weapon pack bonus! We want the preorder weapon pack bonus!

  • Does this bundle come with the new Cuh-1200 series ps4. I keep trying to find the system specs but I don’t see an actual confirmation

  • Already pre-ordered, just wondering if that vertical stand is already in the box??

    • What Rapier979 asked. Does the stand come with it?

    • According to everything I’ve read about this bundle, the vertical stand is not included. You can pick one of the white vertical stands off Amazon for the same price as they are selling the black on.

  • I see they said “it has a glossy finish across the top” does this mean its gloss over the whole PS4 or just the hard drive cover like the original question was asking?

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