PS Plus: Free Games for August 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for August 2015

What makes treasure hunting even more appealing? Treasure hunting with friends! Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris leads the lineup of free PS Plus games for August, which includes four games that are playable on PS4. Which games, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place…

Temple of Osiris follows in the footsteps of Guardian of Light, with fast-paced cooperative play, head-scratching puzzles, and glorious treasure. Traverse the dangerous environments solo, or with friends, and guide Lara on yet another supernatural adventure.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Also up for grabs is the critically-acclaimed Limbo. This haunting story has captured the hearts and minds of gamers around the globe — and has chilled a fair number of spines. If you have a fear of spiders, be prepared to cover your eyes.

If that sounds a bit too unnerving, jam out and get creative with Sound Shapes — which is also available on PS3 and PS Vita. Sound Shapes revolves around musical platforming, fantastic visuals, and a powerful level creator.

Rounding out the PS4 offering for this month is Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones, which is also available on PS3 and PS Vita.This puzzle platformer tasks you with escaping a dangerous research facility in which death is readily distributed to your hapless clones.

Also, joining the August lineup are God of War Ascension (PS3) and CastleStorm (PS3, PS Vita), ensuring that you have plenty of gaming to keep you busy this month.

These games are available to PS Plus members starting on Tuesday next week. Enjoy!

PS4 PS4 PS4, PS3, PS Vita
PS4, PS3, PS Vita PS3 PS3, PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please take our poll, and leave us a comment below. If you’re still feeling chatty, join us in our PlayStation Community forums.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Great Line UP

    • Kinda awesome, right? But where’s Clements’ smoothly narrated video to guide us? :-)

    • I think you meant terrible line up.

    • No, he meant “great”.

    • God of war ascension, lara croft and castlestorm are great games. We really need more worthwhile free games for the other months.

    • It’s a great lineup. Some beggars want to be choosers. They don’t understand simple things like, cost/benefit/ analysis, and working out deals with publishers, and lump sum payouts.

    • Awesome line up!

    • I agree, even though i have some of these games i’m excited for those who do not. Literally every game on this list is quality, God of War Ascension, Lara Croft Temple of Osiris (PS4), and Castles Storm are terrific offerings. Limbo (PS4) and Sound Shapes (PS4 ect) are literally instant classics in the indie genre. Stealth inc 2 (PS4) is a very well received game as well.

      Personally i’m excited to play Lara Croft in co op on PS4 and Castle Storm on Vita, that alone makes the lineup worth it.

      Getting Bastion PS4 for 3.45 was pretty sweet, can’t wait for Galak-Z August 4th and then Rapture 1 week later, then 2 weeks after Rapture we get Until Dawn. I love year round games.

    • @+ MakaiOokami

      If they can’t provide us with quality games for our money, then maybe they should do away with the IGC altogether. It would certainly eliminate a lot of complaining.

      These are not “free” games…they are essentially long-term rentals, that come as part of our subscription to PS+ Before the PS4, the IGC was the ONLY major draw to Plus(unless you wanna count cloud save backups as major)…online play was completely free, you didn’t need a plus subscription to do it….

      Now we have the PS4, and now you NEED a plus subscription to play online. Since then, the quality of the titles in the IGC has been absolutely rotten. The IGC is no longer the draw, so they don’t care about providing quality titles…and they don’t HAVE to care, because they have a captive subscriber base….people aren’t going to simply walk away from plus, because they need it for PS4 online play…meanwhile, online play on EVERY OTHER PSN-EQUIPPED PLATFORM remains absolutely free….

      Think about that..

    • PrimeroIncognito

      “It would certainly eliminate a lot of complaining.”

      No it wouldn’t. You would simply re-direct your embarrassing sense of entitlement towards a different product/service.

      “These are not “free” games…they are essentially long-term rentals”

      So be it. If you understand how it works but don’t like it, then don’t jump aboard. Why did you subscribe?

      “Before the PS4, the IGC was the ONLY major draw to Plus”

      No, Plus had other desirable benefits. And now, it’s even more refined (balanced), as more games are being spread across multiple platforms, as exhibited in today’s post with 4 games for PS4 owners, 4 for PS3 owners, and 3 for Vita owners.

      “Now we have the PS4, and now you NEED a plus subscription to play online.”

      Times change. Blame Washington. Or God… whomever… whatever…

    • @PrimeroIncognito “Times change. Blame Washington. Or God… whomever… whatever…”

      I don’t normally comment here, and don’t have a problem with the games lineup this month. It’s sparse for my tastes, but there are other months, and at the end of the year, my sub always pays for itself.

      However, that’s a terrible excuse for turning what was a desirable option into a necessity. It also ignores DrTran’s other point that it’s only necessary on PS4. When they first announced it, I was a little confused, and as time goes on I get more and more befuddled. People suggested that they were hiring people for additional security, and that servers are expensive, etc. etc. But if that were so, does that mean the other platforms don’t matter in this regard? Are PS3 servers free to maintain? I heard the suggestion early on that maybe PS4 would have dedicated servers system wide, to make the online more stable, but that certainly isn’t the case, so there doesn’t really seem to be a reason that online play is restricted on only one platform.

    • (cont. not enough space)

      It’s like they owned a pool, which everyone could play in, and later on, they installed a slide, which they charged a fee for rides, and with the money made with those fees, they gave you something back, like a free snow-cone or something. If you didn’t want to slide, then it was fine, the snack bar was still right there. It was just an option. Then, later, they expanded the size of the pool, but put a fence around the part they added, gave it its own slide and told everyone that to use that side, they needed to pay for slide rides, and when people objected or got upset, they just smiled and said “But you get free snow-cones.”

      That benefit does not outweigh the fact that you’re paying for something that used be free (and could be free still), and the only one to blame is the owner of the pool.

    • You missed it. It sailed over your head. Look around and see if you can find it.

      Do you really think they would start charging for online play on the PS3 after 8 years into the 10-year plan for the system? They’re obviously eating whatever costs are still going into maintaining the network for PS3-only players.

      Honestly, I was always surprised that online play was free for as long as it was, or even at all, when plans for the PS3 were first introduced. Obviously, it was a strategy for luring consumers away from XBL, but, it’s not something that should have ever been expected to be maintained forever.


      Funds are obviously needed to maintain the network going forward, but due to how late in the game it is for the PS3, it’s being left as is. Those who continue to play online after the past generation is shut down for good will be required to contribute to the sustenance of the network, and understandably so. Just the nature of the beast, son.

    • @MisterWillow One you can blame M$ for Sony Charging for PSN, like wise you can thank Sony for games with gold on M$. So had a free network and Microsoft charged $60 dollars a year for theirs. People didn’t complain, and every said it was better. Sony wanted to make some extra money so they made PS+. Like you said it was optional but I liked the auto updates, cloud save and of course games that came each month.

      This gen there was no way Sony wasn’t going to charge for PSN, since they had to beef up their network to keep compete with LIve plus they are gamers were willing to pay. So they charge $50 a year. Thats not much money, they didn’t take away the free games, which call rentals but I’m happy to play something complete it and move on. Hey if you have the service resumed you can even redownload the games if you tagged them when they were offered. Cause of PS+ I haven’t bought as money new games so I’m actually SAVING money. Since I got my PS4 I bought 4 games, with PS+ I now have like 24 to play. I’m not going to complain about that, and I dont’ know how anyone can…

    • At what point does Sony stop people from promoting their own site because they are broke and need the help?

    • But the network hasn’t improved at all. You’d think that with the extra funds they could actually do something with them. The only thing that’s ‘better’ on PS4 is the load times for the store and trophy sync. That’s it. Connectivity issues, lag, and general stability are the same as they were on PS3, and the service is the same.

      They also roped plenty of people in to paying for PS+ without holding online play hostage. It’s a fantastic service without that caveat, and before the PS4 was even announced I would constantly see people online singing its praises. Them roping online play in with the benefits was completely unnecessary.

      And thanks very much for the seething condescension.

    • @Kyizen

      How is this Microsoft’s fault? XBox Live existed as a subscription service since the original system. Sony could have followed their example with the PS3, but didn’t. Then, when they implemented a subscription service, they gave you a bunch of benefits—chief among them, obviously, being the free games that literally pays for a yearly sub within three months. They offered a better service, and people praised them for it incessantly.

      All they did was reduce it to the level that XBox Live has existed for years. Now, they’re becoming less distinguishable, since Live started giving them games (which you CAN say Sony influenced). They could have easily kept online play free and remained the overwhelmingly better service, rather than the slightly better service (on account of a better and larger free games selection).

      People still would have subscribed for all the benefits it has.

    • With the exception of temple of Osiris and stealth inc 2 these are well received games for the PS4 however, they are so called indies games and this trend has been noted to be unacceptable from this fan base. How long will Sony dance around the fire who knows but plus for ps4 online is the only thing that might be keeping those who only have a ps4 attached to the service. This does not bode well or sit well with me Sure PC games will offer you the choice to by your own servers for play or use stock servers or p2p methods. Alas, this doesn’t work with consoles and quite frankly if another call of duty of peer to peer online games jumps behind this pay wall I will be livid we pay for online servers games that do not use dedicated servers should not be behind plus pay wall. Other than that this land of entitlement- despite being the land of money talks bull kuso walks- and we all all in for a rude awakening Plus IGC is one of them. Deal with it :( one way or another.

    • smoothboarder540


      “And thanks very much for the seething condescension.”

      That is all he is capable of doing. He must just have a natural tendency to try and appear superior to anyone he’s talking to. That is why I stopped reading his comments a long time ago. I would suggest that whenever you see people like that in this comment section, just ignore them.

      I have heard people saying things like DDOS attacks can be impossible to stop, regardless of how much money is spent on the network security. Whether or not that is true is not in my wheelhouse to know. And I have noticed that the download speeds are way faster on PS4, so if Plus helps with that, I’m all for charging for online.

      However, I do agree that the quality of free games has definitely gone down since the PS4 launched. We used to get AAA games for PS3 way more often. And we used to get them for Vita on occasion too. The requirement of Plus for online seems to have directly affected that drop in quality.

    • @DrTran64 :

      1st Mistake: You replied to MakaiOokami…a well known Sony F-BOY around these parts.
      2nd Mistake: You decided to interact with PrimeroIncognito…The King of Them All. -_-

      Next time…just move along, man. You know what happens when you descend to a F-boy level? YOU LOSE. Every single time. *sigh*

      Those people are just cattle…brainwashed acolytes that know only 1 thing: fight for some multibillion company’s “honor” as if it were a family member being attacked.
      They’re so in love with [insert company of choice here] that they’ve convinced themselves that it’s mandatory for them to argue anyone trying to “attack” it. So it’s useless to “talk” to them…because they’re just blind people, unwilling to see anything different than what they perceive as “the holy truth”.

      And when you throw into that mix someone like PrimeroIncognito, with his false sense of über-superiority…you’re doomed from the start. SMH

      So don’t waste your time on them. Just ignore them. 99% of the time they don’t have ANYTHING worthwhile to say. >_>

    • @MisterWillow :

      To you too, of course. I forgot to include you in my reply. Sorry. ;)

    • I honestly think its agood line up for this month i cant wait 2 play god of war 4 i owned it at 1 point n had 2 sell 4 personal reasons but at the same token gives me a reason 2 even play my ps3 again which 4 me was collecting dust or worse my 8yr old brutally mistreating by thinking he now owns bcuz i now own this ps4 THANK U SONY SO VERY MUCH DS 1 PlayStation FAN WHO IS NOT DISAPOINTED NOT EVEN A LIL . N ps plus 4 me only affect the cheap people that complain bout it 4 online play yes it su@ks but it doesnt affect me 4 ive been a plus member since it 1st launched and my download history proves that. My only concern is cross play 4 they need 2 make i say all the games just that. Especially when i own all 3 my opinion. But than i understand u have 2 make ur money.With all that being said ROCK ON PlayStation

    • Let us all state in one resounding voice that, yowzagabowza, albeit a filthy troll, knows not as he speaks! Haha! Indeed, it’s a great line up! I’ve been waiting on such for a long while. Now, keep ’em coming, SONY! :)

    • PrimeroIncognito

      Still mad that I shut you down every time, eh Orpheus? (And smoothboarder)

      Strawman attacks are all you have left in your bag of tricks? Sad. When it gets to that point, you should try to bow out gracefully as possible.

      It’s not “defending Sony’s honor” that’s taking place, it’s simply telling the truth… and setting the record straight when trolls like you deliberately spew disinformation.

      Go ahead. Point out a SINGLE THING that I said that was wrong. Just one. You should be able to correct me if I’m wrong. But you never do.

      You just create strawmen, attack the character of the strawmen, and hope that any and all on-lookers fall for it. Wreaks of desperation and jealousy.

    • I agree, looks like a good lineup I was actually wanting to buy Stealth but now I don’t need too!

    • Garbage Line up again. Another month I have not turned my PS4 on at all. Remove Online play barrier from your ****** servioce Sony and stop F’ing your customers over

  • Yes, that’s it. We hit the bottom.
    For PS4 and PSVita, this line-up can’t be worst.

    • LIMBO and Temple of Osiris are fun games

    • You think THIS is bottom? We’ve had much worse months than this.

      Honestly, I think it’s a rather good month, but to each their own.

    • Gotta disagree. The Lara Croft game is really good, and Vita got two of the best games on the system in Sound Shapes and Stealth Inc. 2. If you already own these games, I understand being unmoved, but for those who don’t, this is a good month for Plus

    • First of all, i really do like indie games, i don’t have a problem with it.

      BUT, Limbo, isn’t a masterpiece. Sorry. That’s it. Played on PC, and tried on Vita, and it doesn’t bring anything fresh.
      Lara ‘blabla’ Osiris is an apologize to the franchise. SoundShapes have 1 hour of fun within it. But nothing more.
      Stealth Inc is the same, we play for nostalgia, but it doesn’t deliver.

      ALSO, all this games i mentioned could be purchased on previous sales for few bucks.

    • Your grammar couldn’t be “worse”.

    • SoundShapes have 1 hour of fun within it. But nothing more…. It Took Me Atleast 3 hours to beat. clearly you did not play it or you full of S… , also it offers Hundreds of great user created content and a level editor. yeah il just go with you are full of S…

    • @GStylz1980

      Are you including retail Vita games in your statement? ‘Cause if not, you left out Persona 4 Golden.

    • @Tjoeb123

      He said 2 of the best, not the 2 best.

    • PS Vita gets 3 good games.

      They could give you Tetris which is broken if you have more than 100 friends on PS4, they could give you games like R.B.I. Baseball which has one of the lower ratings of a PSN game at 3.2 star rating, In Space We Brawl at 3.2 stars, Yorbie 2.8 stars, Ender of Fire at 2.8 stars… Attacking Zegeta at 3 stars…

      Temple of Osiris is 4.5 stars, Limbo is 4.5 stars, Soundshapes is 5 stars and if you think that’s a fluke that’s 5000 ratings. Stealth inc 2 is 5 stars even though it’s only 47 ratings, None of these games have lower than 4 stars.

      So the argument that there could not be worse games for the PSVita or the PS4, is impossible to make.

    • ps they’re free.

    • @ + gAng_v0cals

      P.S. No, they’re not.

    • I like Chakan’s reply…

      “We’ve had worse months than this”

      Stay upbeat.

  • Wow have to say very disappointed with the lineup this time. I own all of those games already…

    • Just because you already own them doesn’t make it a disappointing line-up. I understand if you are personally disappointed, but there’ll be months where the reverse is true.

    • I agree, Sony should have consulted your personal game library before choosing the games they give to their customers for free.

    • Then congrats, you have great taste in games! :-)

    • Uh I said I’m disappointed with it. I never said it was terrible for everyone. You guys should learn how to read before you try to attack me.

    • Sucks when that happens.

      But, since you own them already, you know that it’s a pretty solid month of PS+ for those who are playing them for the first time.

    • I can’t believe Sony chose this months PS+ lineup without checking your game library first… You need to email Kaz and Shuhei.

    • Yep people need to learn how to read. I have a right to be disappointed by the lineup because I own them already. As for everyone else I hope they enjoy Sound Shapes, GOW, and the others as most of them are great games.

    • Sure, you can be disappointed that you own all the games already. But what i wonder is shy you needed to actually say so, to spend an amount of time just to be negative, publicly. Couldn’t you just look at the list, be disappointed, then move on? You had to let everyone know you were disappointed because you already have the games?

      I never understand the reason people have to make sure everyone knows their displeasure at every little thing.

    • Yea it’s called feedback and that is what these places are for good or bad. If you didn’t like my feedback then don’t both commenting on it and instead spend your time leaving your own. Also people shouldn’t accuse me of things that I didn’t say.

    • yeah but your feedback doesnt help anybody but you. it’s completely, 100% self serving. whether or not you have the games in your library already means nothing at all to anybody but you. If you already purchased them and enjoyed them you could have said something like “so dissapointed, as I already purchased these great games” even that slight variation of your statement actually BRINGS SOMETHING to the conversation instead of just being a sad, entitled baby about it.

    • Let the man speak his mind. He didn’t use any distasteful language at all. I would rather read his comment telling me how he honestly feels than some of the people who kiss up on every game announced. When you look at their trophies you can tell they haven’t bought squat. Sometimes I think an HD version of E.T. could be made and you would see the same people saying Awesome, can’t wait!

    • Actually his comment can help. If Sony reads a lot of comments from people stating that they already own certain games, they can look at changing which games are added to Plus. Part of their goal from the start was to choose games that may not have sold all that well, yet are well reviewed games. That way Sony can give us good games while trying to avoid giving us games that everyone already has.

      This post does not need regular users going around trying to police others just because they leave a negative comment. If you have a response fine, but as it says on this page, “don’t be a jerk.”

    • Thank you to the 2 people above. I meant nothing bad towards the games with what I said. Just rude people who want to attack someone. I’m far from the only person on this post who mentioned they had all the games as well. Find something better to do with your time than trying to police others.

    • I came close to being in the same boat. I would love a system where if you own the games, you get something else in return. I’d even take a free 30-day voucher of PS NOW in place of each game you own.

      They are great games guys, well, mostly, but if you own them, it sucks…Cause you pay for this subscription. Instead of $50/12 months of free games, it’s $50/11(sort-of) months of free games.

      Yes, the freedom carries over to the 12th month, all the games stack, but it definitely sucks to be in that position. I definitely understand.

    • Lol it has already been addressed I see, and here I was going to write out this big comment about how everyone should lay off Merc, he had said plenty of times here that he isn’t saying the games suck xD, just that he already has them, no ill will intended in the slightest. xD yet everyone was taking their turn stepping on his balls. *Tosses an E-Tank to Merc* This one is on me man. xD

    • Why can’t you say something like “Well that’s a bummer, I own everything already, then again I guess that kinda speaks to it being a good lineup, can’t wait for my friends to play some of these games!”

      I understand when your 4 dollars for that month doesn’t have OMG THE AWESOME FOR FREE!!!!! game experiences, but..It’s not like you don’t get good, in demand, highly reviewed games, day of launch. This last month was Rocket League and no one could have owned it when it was released for free….

      Can’t you just find a silver lining and stop adding to the negativity? Yeah you’re negative for YOUR personal library, but at least be excited that other people get to try these games you obviously wanted enough to purchase.

    • Sorry people being unnecessarily rude. I saw no issue in your comment I mean I felt mild disappointment already owning 2 of these games but I imagine it must suck already owning all of them. You acknowledged the line-up is great but was personally disappointing because there was nothing new for you which is fair.

    • All of you people saying that his feedback isn’t valid and that he should have just kept it to himself are ridiculous. This is an open forum, people can generally speak their mind. I mean look, you guys wasted time and space by trash talking him and repeating the same nonsense over and over again, but you seem to think that your opinions matter more than his? Or that your mindless ramblings are valid while his disappointment is not? Wow, I have to just assume that the majority of users here are between the ages of 5 and 10, and if you are older than that physically you need to grow up mentally, because you guys are just sad.

    • Wow. O_O

      So many entitled F-boys doing the only thing that gives their sad little lives some “meaning”…while bashing on those that just wanna exercise some smart, free-will. SMH

      @Mercenary09 : You don’t need to explain yourself, man. You don’t owe all these nitwits ANYTHING. Just say whatever the heck you want, anything you feel like sharing. ;)
      F-boys need to learn how NOT to reply to those things that hurt their cattle-like minds. This is an OPEN “forum”…so anything they don’t like…they can shove it…well, you know. >_>

    • @younghusky : Well said.

    • Never mind the replies, have these users are

      Sony Employees.

      They still need to make money.

  • Awesome line up! i’m really exited to try them all

  • Seriously? How is Limbo not a cross-buy?

  • Happy to see the Lara Croft game on there. I enjoyed the previous one on PS3.

    I know we are starting to see some repeats. Is it possible that some PS Now games with become available in the future. I would love to own some of the games on that service because of the flexibility to play them anywhere.

    Great work guys! Love the Blogcast!

    • ps now games probably wont go free due to the majority of the subscription for it is to pay for server use. If they gave it any away free it would be entirely too costly

  • PS Plus free games has hit a new low.

    • Agree x2

    • Guys.. : / Sony can’t just go and give you triple A titles, if they could, they would. But each and every studio has to be in agreement, not to mention Sony has to fork out the cash for each game too. Some companies are ***holes and say that they want $X,XXX.XX about of money, it’s not Sony’s fault that they can’t grab that game for you guys, and still find another 5 games, and then go ahead and do it again next month, and the month after.Every where you look money is tight. And these games are pretty good games, you are getting these handed to you for cheaper then $5 a month (If you go with the year of plus route). I can understand everyone having their opinion and not thinking any of these are good, but there are a ton of gamers out there that are thinking that these are Sweet Grabs. Sony can’t cater to everyone at once, so hopefully next month you guys get your grand gift.

    • Gotta’ love Sony employees like Yokosh…

      “if they could, they would”

      Just shut up and don’t question Sony on the Internet?

    • @ yokoshimajaaku7
      Why not More people than ever now subscribe to Plus, upgrading servers for ps4 also takes time so in the mean time where is all that extra revenue at? Certainly not in the IGC. it does warrant asking that question. but then again if there are 20,000,000 subs at the generous discounted 12 month plan then there is $999,800,000 in plus sales before tax(root of all evil) more since some only buy one or three months at a time but so many variable to consider here just to get the gist of what gross revenue might be here. But still they could do better nine hundred million such a nice round number……

  • God of War Ascension wins it for me. my ONLY complaint, Castlestorm on PS3/Vita again, I wish it would be the PS4 version. Castlestorm’s good, but for those of us that already had plus when it released..last year I think, it’s pointless.

  • Poor Vita…well at least I can try Lara Croft on PS4.

  • This is great. I’m excited to play quite a few of these.

  • Awesome. Didn’t think I’d see Lara and Kratos in the same month of PS+ but here we are :-)

    You know, just yesterday I was wondering what became of the Stealth Inc. games and was kinda delighted to see there was a new sequel (I must have lost track). Now, come August I’ll own it :-)

  • Wow I wasnt expecting such a good lineup! Looking foreward to trying Stealth Inc. 2, Sound Shapes and Ascencion!

  • Great Lineup this month.
    At least one game I want for each console.

  • Good luck trying to get the “No Point in Dying” Trophy in LIMBO that thing is impossible

  • Its to bad Sony can’t please you guys every time giving you want you want. But then again things don’t always go the way you want lol.

  • It’s ok, I think.

    at least it’s not full of indie garbage.

  • Great line-up. 4/6 games I’m interested in. Would’ve been 5 but I’ve played Limbo already. Cant wait to play Stealth Inc 2 on the Vita for the train commute.

  • I’m pretty sure we got LIMBO for free on the Vita already. The other games I’ve either played or not interested in. Just castlestorm for me this month. Slight improvement over the previous months. Would like to see at least one big AAA game each month (like God of War Ascension). We’ve gotten way too many indie games over these past few months but that’s just my opinion.

  • I can’t say a lineup is bad if Sound Shapes is on it! For anyone unfamiliar with the game, it’s awesome. Give it a try!

  • Serendipitous that this post lands the same day as my now 4 year old Plus subscription expiring and justifies my decision in letting it do so.

  • Great line up for me! Haven’t played God of War, haven’t finished Limbo and only tried demo version of Sound Shapes and it seemed a very nice game to me. Thanx!

  • Awesome lineup, if not the best of this year.
    How is this a low? Because Indies? Because you get Limbo and Sound shapes some of the greatest and acclaimed games? Because you get a GoW? I don’t get a lot of the comments, but hey to each it’s own and speak with your wallet if you don’t like it

  • Thank you lord for giving me the strength to resist buying Ascension despite all the sales it’s been on.

    • I’m guessing it wasn’t “a lot” of strength…since it’s THE WORST GoW ever. So… >_>

  • Dis gonna be gud.

  • Here come the “PS+ is garbage” comments.

    I own a few of these games already, but I actually think it’s a pretty solid month. A lot of fun to be had with this lineup.

  • There’s no Rocket League equivalent unsurprisingly, but this is a great lineup.

  • PS3 wins this month!
    Well, as long as there is one big game each month (either it is for PS3 or PS4), I’ll be happy.
    It’s hard to have great games for free in PS4, since the games list is yet so short.

  • Horrible line up, come on sony

  • Great line up this month. Thanks!

    Well, except for GoW: Ascension. That game should be locked away and forgotten.

  • Uhhhhm if you keep pushing out must-DL Plus games at this rate, then even my 2TB hard drive won’t suffice. I completely love the choices you guys have been making, please continue like this

    • I only have a 500GB drive and the matter is simply to delete any game files you aren’t playing regularly. I keep the big titles on (Last of Us, MLB 14) even though I don’t play them as often because to redownload them would take a lot of time. However smaller games are not a big issue. They are still in your library forever, and you can access them so long as you have a PS+ sub (or not if they aren’t a PS+ title).

      I’ve only had the service for about 7 months now and I’ve already deleted a few games to make room. No big deal. I’ve been used to doing this for decades, making room on my PC for new games (Sierra Quest games took up a lot of storage for example).

    • :-) Thanks for the advice, but the reason why I replaced my drive is that I don’t want to uninstall anything; library-fragmentation has an adverse effect on my usage habits, so I prefer to avoid it.

  • Never finished Limbo on PS3, so I’ll appreciate the chance to check it out again here.

    Once again, the complainers come out. I’m pretty sure Sony could make a AAA title available for free and some of these whiners would be upset it didn’t include all the DLC.

  • Nice titles on PS4, but boy…I would love BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY coming to PS4.

    • never going to happen. Unless they offer you free streaming of titles you own via PS NOW.

    • I wouldn’t say ‘never,’ and I think they’ve been handling PS Now pretty awfully. It’s painful to see they don’t keep up most, if not all, first party titles from the PS3, not to mention ‘must have’ games like GTA IV, Bioshock, Fallout 3 / New Vegas, Metal Gear Solid 2 / 3 / Peace Walker / 4, etc. The list can truly go on, and yet I guess Sony feels that they don’t need to earn that revenue to actually make their streaming service a success.

    • @warezIbanez : I would. It will NEVER happen. EVER. -_-

      So don’t hold your breath…or you’ll end up having a horrible death. =P

    • BC on PS4 i honestly believe Sony will wait to see how the xbone handles its bc software. I mean let’s face it Sony is on the stream train and are somewhat committed to it $600,000 on gaikai wasn’t it. No we are stuck with PS Now for the foreseeable future I doubt Sony has even started design of the program for BC beyond pesudocode.

  • Good line up, but sad to see that there aren’t any Day 1 indie titles this month. I always love checking out new indie titles on Day 1, like Rocket League, Apotheon, Super Exploding Zoo, OlliOlli 2, and more in the past.

  • ****ing amazing!!

  • Everyone complaining about these FREE games, (most of which are excellent) need to look in the mirror and figure out what’s missing in their lives. You own them already? Oh well, wait til next month and be happy for the people who don’t and can experience them for free. Be happy you contributed to the developers who made the games. If you’re not interested? Again, there’s always next month. But I understand how it’s important to let your disgust be known to the people working hard to make the PS Plus worthwhile to EVERYONE and not just you.

  • @ajwilson55 That’s an extremely poor argument. All it says is that *some* of those “whiners” want more than a AAA game, not that the bulk of the “whiners” are wrong to want a AAA game.

    • We’re never going to get a AAA game for free, so there’s not much point to *****ing about it.

    • @+ ajwilson55

      So much wrong with this statement. Firstly, we received AAA titles absolutely for free after the huge security breach a few years back…so much for never…

      And we used to get AAA titles in the IGC, back in the day…before the PS4, before they switched format from “x number of titles, and you can grab any of them at any time, as long as you’re a member”, to “you get x number of titles, and they wipe every month”. Now, if you’ve “purchased” them, yes, you can delete, and redownload as many times as you like… but if you wanted a title issued back before the format change, you’re not going to get it.

      This format change, coupled with the “well, we don’t hafta care about IGC anymore, because you NEED plus to play online on PS4” factor, has really turned the IGC from a great value for money, to a completely lackluster joke.

      IGC games aren’t “free” They are part of our subscription to plus…we are PAYING for these long-term rentals.

  • I Can’t wait for this God of War Ascension Lara Croft and LIMBO this is gonna be awesome in August 2015 Add me on PSN Everyone i accept all I’ll be getting GTA V has well for my PS4 not for PS3 LOL??

  • @ggdude Actually, it is important to complain publicly, because that is how things change. Shrug.

    You can reasonably criticize people for *how* they complain, but criticizing them *that* they complain? Lame.

    • @pudgenet Ok sure, it’s how they complain then. “this sucks” or “worst month ever” will never be a valid complaint unless you can offer a good reason why and/or offer a better alternative that isn’t just to make it better for YOU individually.

    • @pudgenet : You know you can reply to specific comments now…right? <_<

  • WOW! Kudos to Sony for yet another great month, this one is even better! 5 out of 6 games that I will be downloading and playing… That is… If I can ever stop playing Rocket League, of course.

  • Coolbeans for Lara Croft this month!

    Keep up the great work, PS Plus team. It’s impossible to please everyone each month, but I feel you guys do an excellent job providing the broadest range of titles for all members. Please ignore the entitled, unrealistic whiners.

  • Can’t say that I am thrilled with these options. I highly recommend Sound Shapes to anyone who didn’t buy it two months ago when it was heavily discounted. Naturally, it is “free” now. I wasn’t a fan of the first Stealth Inc, so I’ll skip that. Guess I’ll just have to check out Castle Storm (although with extremely low expectations).

  • At least some ps3 love… and by the way most of the games multi platform are available months later like don’t starve… or oddworld

  • Looking forward to play tomb raider

  • xbox won this month


  • Will take God of War, ignore all the rest.

  • Hey///
    My Region already has SoundShapes… could we get something else?
    Please respond

  • Love the line up this month, glad to have renewed my subscription last week to get rocket league. thanks sony! keep it up!

  • I’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty good line up. I already have sound shapes and limbo on the vita (both good), but might have to fire back up the old PS3 for GoW: Ascension.

  • I used to be an Xbox guy, so having LIMBO for free on my PS4 will be great. I’ll definitely play through that again. Thought about getting Lara Croft multiple times, so I’m glad that decision has been made for me. Haven’t played the first Stealth Inc. game yet, but it’s cool to have both now. And haven’t played CastleStorm yet. Looking forward to this entire lineup actually!

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