Action-platformer Iconoclasts Coming to PS4, PS Vita

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Action-platformer Iconoclasts Coming to PS4, PS Vita

Hello! My name is Joakim Sandberg, also known as Konjak, and I am making Iconoclasts for PS4 and PS Vita. It’s been in development since 2010, and been in planning stages long before that! For the last five years, I’ve worked on the game all by myself, and now Bifrost Entertainment is helping me finish it up.

Iconoclasts is an action-platformer with a heavy emphasis on puzzling level design. Not only do you beat up enemies, you beat your head against the puzzles, too. You solve your problems by screwing them up with your giant wrench, or simply blowing your way through with your modified stun-gun.

The adventure spans a vast, mysterious world to explore. There are secrets to be found, power-ups to earn, and a host of interesting characters trying to deal with the world in their own ways.

You follow the young, naive, and helpful mechanic Robin and her companions as they try to escape the soldiers of the religious authority One Concern — but it’s not just a simple story of good fighting evil to save the world. It’s about people caring for people, but having no real idea how to do it right.

As has been the case for my other projects, the game will offer a lot of action and, most importantly, bosses! I’ve always had a great fondness for them, both as a kind of test of what you’ve learned, or a trial-by-fire. They’re the exciting performance exams at the end of a gameplay semester.


But the action isn’t my entire ambition!

Since I was very young, I’ve wanted to make a game that mixes a bit of Metroid Fusion and Monster World IV; an action-filled adventure with a strong narrative, and also a bunch of world-building and discovery. I always loved the mix of charm and emotion in Final Fantasy IX and wanted a sprinkling of that feeling in the game’s characters, as well.

I’ve combined those main influences and used them to express my own genuine, personal thoughts and questions about sharing a world with other people, and dealing with their expectations.

I have a deep love for game mechanics, and polishing them down to the most dynamic ideas. No clutter, only the ideas that have the most uses, and combine them to expand your capabilities. I feel that has more potential for satisfying flow, and more player freedom to explore and understand the abilities you might’ve had all along. Couple that with a fast and athletic character, and we’re set!


Iconoclasts has taken a lot of time, both from my life, and those who have waited for it since I first revealed it in 2011. If you’re one of those people, and you’re still here, thank you! That’s why I’m still making it, no matter that it’s grown so much bigger and harder to complete than I ever expected.

Now it’s time to finish this story. I’ve come to love the game, the story, and its characters, and now I am confident I will achieve what I set out to do with Iconoclasts. Hopefully before we all drive flying cars.

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  • This looks great and very promising!

  • This game looks excellent! I adore the art here, and I like to hear what you describe about the mechanics. Any ideas about your release date?

  • madmanwithabox12

    This looks awesome, can’t wait to play it on Vita. Any game that takes inspiration from Metroid Fusion and Final Fantasy IX is a good idea in my book. =D

  • Looks very cool! Any release date?

  • Wow, this looks really great! It kinda reminds me of a remix of my favorite games from the 16-bit era, but with a scope beyond my imagination. Very eager to see more as you get closer to release :-)

  • Whoa whoa whoa!!! I first saw this in 2012, played the demo a few years ago. I thought Konjak abandoned this, I can;t believe it’s finally coming out.

  • Looks like a beautiful and interesting game. And because it is coming to Vita, I will 100% buy it and play it.

  • Damn this is so cool ~ how much for vita version ?

  • Very nice trailer. Hopefully it is cross-buy between the PS4 and PS-Vita versions

  • was that an illuminate logo at the end ?

  • I like the art style and the world-building you’ve got here. I’ll have to see how the game plays, but it looks like it’s pretty cool.

    The story you’re going with here seems heavy-handed and overly melodramatic. It seems to want to hit on the “sad” notes a little too hard and a little too on the nose. “There was happiness here . . . ” That’s a little trite, no?

    I’m glad you want to go in that direction, and I respect it, but make sure you don’t get too buried in your work that you forget what evokes sadness because it’s designed that way, and instead inject sadness simply for sadness’s sake.

    Either way the game looks good. Perhaps the final game has more subtlety than the trailer, so it may not be for me to judge.

    • I have a plan for the events of the characters. The tone of it is sort of what ended up happening! This trailer is definitely moody, but it’s a contrast to the other trailers I made, which focused mostly on gameplay.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • I really like the animations in this.

  • Thank you for this great article! You have been through a lot. I am not one of the original fans, but I can tell you I am a new fan and will purchase your game day 1! The art style is just so impressive. It just pops off the screen. Do you have a release date in mind? Do you know if this will have cross-play and cross-save? Congrats on being so close to finishing the game and being on the home stretch. I look forward to reading more!

  • Joakim? Hideo Kojima is that you?

    Seriously though game looks interesting. I’ll keep my eye on this one for sure.

  • Looks really cool. Can you confirm if the Vita version is compatible with the PSTV? I’d like to update my compatibility list if so.

  • Mario + Megaman + Metroid = this game.

  • Dear Konjak,
    THANK YOU for all the effort and not giving up on this one!
    It’s another perfect fit for the Vita, and as many others, I’ll play it on the Vita all the time. Getting it on day one!

  • Thanks for the comments so far, I’m very excited! <3

  • Oh man! I had no idea this would be coming to vita, what a great surprise! Noitu Love 2 is honestly one of my favorite action games ever, so I’m more than thrilled to have the opportunity to play this on my favorite platform. That and the game getting finished in general. Thanks for the great news!

  • This looks great.

  • I’m getting more of a Mega Man X vibe from the art style… Especially early on in that trailer.

    I can dig it :-)

  • I absolutely adore the art style, it looks like a wonderful homage to the 16-bit era. The completionist in me wonders what the trophies will entail and whether there will be a platinum.


  • It looks great. I’m looking forward to a launch date. :)

  • By the way, there are more gameplay-focused videos on my Youtube, this was primarily a character trailer:

  • Launch date! Now! ;)

  • I thought this was dead years ago, so very happy it isn’t. And it is going to be released on Vita, of all things. Man, thank you so very much for this.

  • Awesome. And your effort to create different looking settings than the usual really shines through.

  • Just came to say this game looks awesome. I will defiantly pick it up.

  • The game looks great.

    Would love to see Noitu Love on PS4.

  • Oh what’s going on on the playstation blog today?
    >Click Click

    Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me?!
    I thought this was dead forever ago!
    I remember playing the demo years ago off your blog and oh my god I just spit soda all over my keyboard!

    And now the real wait begins!

  • Excellent news, so glad for you to make this finally happen. And glad for me to be able to play on ps4!

  • Something is wrong, I’m throw my money at the screen but nothing is happening :(

    Awesome looking game, can’t wait and hope are to come.

  • That looks like something I would definitely play! Thanks for the Vita support, we greatly appreciate it!

  • Oh hey, cool! I’ve had this demo on my computer forever. Glad to see this game moving forward. Hope to see more of your games get this treatment.

  • you have my attention! i’ll be purchasing this game!

  • Wow, this looks very cool. Looking forward to playing it.

  • Hey man… It seems like a super fun game. And I love the name. Can you elaborate on why that name? Can you explain the plot.

  • You surely got my interest there. I’m willing to support this one when it comes out. I’m hoping to hear more about it soon and good job, game looks very polished and fun. I’m getting it for PS4 but it seems to fit perfectly for the PSV, glad to see a lot of love for those platforms lately =))

  • Bring on the physical retail.

  • The game looks pretty fun from the trailer, like old school! Will definitely be picking this up for PS4 and Vita. Hope they’re cross-buy! :)

  • The art and animation look beautiful!! Really looking forward to playing your labor of love Joakim!

  • I’m very impressed. Love the art style. I’d never heard of this game until this article, and it just got put on my must buy list!

  • Hey guys, if you’re interested more in the gameplay there’s a downloadable Windows alpha version on Bear in mind, it’s from 2012, not in its final engine and possibly unstable. :)

  • I really miss side scroll action games!! this one looks amazing, looking forward to it! :)

  • This game looks awesome and will be a day 1 purchase for me! We need more of this on the Vita.

  • I got to try a demo of this game yesterday, and it got me wanting more. Now I’m looking forward to playing the full version on my Vita. So about how soon might it be released? This month, the next, or later? :)

  • The art style is incredible! I dare say it is comparable to that, of the most well-polished of Capcom games! This wasn’t on my list until today….now it is on the top of it!

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