Velocibox Speeding onto PS4, PS Vita Today

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Velocibox Speeding onto PS4, PS Vita Today

You are not prepared.

These words will greet you when you load up Velocibox on your PS4 and PS Vita. You think you have the twitch reflexes to keep up with this madness?

Velocibox is the crown jewel of endless runners. The gameplay is straightforward, but within seconds you’ll realize you’ve met your match. Go ahead: try to memorize the patterns, position yourself properly, and time your movements to get through each level. Do your best to maneuver through the dynamic obstacles that stand between you and victory. Flip, dodge, and twist to collect cubes in order to advance further into the don’t-blink-or-you-die insanity of Velocibox.

This diabolical creation from Shawn Beck Games and LOOT Interactive will cause you to uncontrollably scream, yell, and swear at the top of your lungs. Cringe-worthy sounds that make you think twice about whether or not Velocibox is safe for your sanity, your blood pressure, and your nervous system.

Velocibox has that “Just one more round!” level of addiction. You’ll be attacking this game for days. Weeks. Months. Because unless you have the reflexes of a Formula One driver, you will experience your fair share of defeat. But just when you think you can’t stand to hear, “Level One: Begin…Game Over” round after round after round, and you contemplate giving up, something glorious happens: you finish level one.

Velocibox PS4 ScreenshotsVelocibox PS4 Screenshots

The overwhelming endorphin rush that takes place the first time you conquer level one is almost too good for words. It is glorious.

Savor this feeling. Remember it well. It will last exactly 2.3 seconds — because now you come face-to-face with the monster of never-ending pain that is level two.

If self-punishment is what you’re into (no judging here), than we dare you to try your hand at what might be one of the most difficult Gold Trophies in the history of PlayStation: in Ranked mode, successfully make it through levels one through nine… in a single run.

╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

To give some idea of just how ridiculously hard that Trophy is: in all the months of developing and testing this game, we’ve only see one person even come close to making it through. And should we even talk about how to unlock Super Velocibox…?

Velocibox PS4 Screenshots

Yup, just when you thought you had it all figured out, there’s an even more glorious, insane, hair-on-fire challenge ready to make your acquaintance: Super Velocibox. Test your skills, your reflexes, and your ability to persevere in the face of an unyielding challenge. Be one with the Box!

Velocibox. Coming to your PS4 and PS Vita on July 28th, complete with a killer dynamic PS4 theme. Play the game, then let us know how far you got in the comments below.

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8 Author Replies

  • This game looks kinda maddening, in all the best ways :-). I haven’t been playing many twitchy games like this lately, but this and Squares look like perfect additions to the Vita catalog. A good system-seller too if folks throw their existing Vita at a wall and need to buy a new one ;-)

    • I can’t even describe the endorphin rush that takes place the first time you beat level one. It’s like the pearly gates open and there’s supermodels and superheroes and guitar solos and extra butter on the popcorn. It’s *that* good.

  • Trust me everyone they aren’t joking when they say this game is difficult. I’ve been playing it all weekend and have only made it to level 6 and Level 3 in Ranked mode. It is really fun though. Perfect game for the Vita too! Check out my video on youtube if you want to see some gameplay.

    • LOL! I can’t get past level 2

    • The sheer *speed* of this game is ridiculous, isn’t it? The endorphin rush when you hit the next level is insane!

      It’s official: VELOCIBOX will punch your brain in the face.

  • The PlayStationMVP’s have been hammering at this one for the last 5 days and you should see some of their reactions… it’s time for the public to jump on and show us what you got!

    • It’s been awesome to watch the MVPs playing Velocibox! I’ve never seen an E-for-everyone game that elicited so much screaming and invention of new curse words. :P

  • Reminds me of that old DOS classic, Tunnels of Armageddon.

  • Who will challenge Fortlord for the #1 spot on the Ranked leaderboard? If you’re into text based games about bird love…move along…Velocibox is for real gamers. #BeTheBox

    • We can’t talk about the plot, because THERE ISN’T ONE. We can’t go on at length about the characters, because THERE AREN’T ANY. There’s just SPEED. Glorious, insane, hair-on-fire SPEED.

      Be the Box.

  • If you like challenges, this is your best chance to date!
    A fun, fast and greatly made title

  • As mentioned this game is highly addicting as you want to hit that next level, frustrating as it can be you will want more and more. A neat part is when you go on Ranked mode it can be competitive amongst friends from your leaderboard, and you sure want to pass that obstacle and get to that Super. If you like a fast and challenging game, this game is for you.

    • Velocibox is insanely addictive, isn’t it? You will collide with everything. You will fail. You will shout at your television until the neighbors think you have a problem. Your eyeballs will actually twitch. This innocuous little game from Shawn Beck and LOOT, suitable for all ages, will have you howling in rage like an electrocuted Klingon.

      And we all keep coming back for more. :D

  • This game is perfect for the Vita, because you will not want to stop playing it! Check what #PlayStationMVP are saying at #BeTheBox on Twitter.

  • Not gonna lie, after reading the post and watching the trailer, I’m actually a little scared to play this…

    • You know how people today are obsessed with how many hours of gameplay are packed into a title? VELOCIBOX will keep you going for WEEKS. MONTHS. Because unless you have the reflexes of a Formula-One Jedi ninja cat, you will endure the unending cruelty until you go to bed and have BLEEPING DREAMS ABOUT THIS GAME, AND NO I’M NOT KIDDING BECAUSE THIS BLEEPING GAME GETS INTO YOUR BLEEPING HEAD–

      I’m okay. I’m better now.

      Velocibox. It’s a quiet, innocuous title. It’s rated E for Everyone. Go ahead. Try it. :)

  • WaveLightning777

    I made it to level 6 in Play and 2 in Ranked last night…. over the course of 200 tries. It really is brutally addictive. And to think this is the same company that was all about the shiny movie content in Home once upon a time. :3

    • “Brutally addictive” is right! This game takes no prisoners, but when you have a really good run, and you make it to the next level…man, the endorphin rush is *crazy,* isn’t it?

      (We miss the Home days too, btw!)

  • yet another polygonal racing game on PS4 without stereo 3D support. after Futuridium, which was beautiful and not just punishing, I don’t trust developers of this genre to deliver on post-release support.

    if you do add stereo 3D in a post-release patch, I’ll tell the world via YouTube and Twitter to pick it up ASAP.

    PS: anyone else notice the bizarrely low audio quality? was this originally a Wii or mobile game?

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