N++ Nimbly Soars to PS4 Today!

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N++ Nimbly Soars to PS4 Today!

It’s here, N++ is finally here! Wondering what the 14th letter of the alphabet (plus plus) could be? Check out our launch trailer:

N++ is an action-puzzle platformer that’s smooth as butter, if butter ran at 60fps at 1080p. You play as a gold-thirsty ninja, trying to survive in a world designed to make that difficult. We paid a lot of attention to how this game feels: the controls are responsive, tight and precise, letting you move through the levels acrobatically, and deftly evade the deadly enemy robots that populate the strange futuristic world.

N++ on PS4: Oceanographer

We have lovingly crammed N++ full of thousands of thoughtfully designed levels (2360 spanning Solo, Co-op and Competitive MP (Race)), a 63-track soundtrack of some of the best electronic music the world has to offer, over 50 colour schemes, tons of fun-lockables™ and plenty of decidedly devious hidden challenges to allow a lifetime of play. As mentioned in the trailer, we’re never making a sequel, so we made this one to last :)

N++ on PS4: Levels Menu

No other game is quite like N++. Even if you’ve played a game in the series before, you owe it to yourself to see how it’s evolved. We added new enemies that are terrifying and thrilling, new mechanics and puzzles, reworked the Race rules so it’s great for parties but also deep enough for serious competition, and have carefully tweaked the entire game so it looks and feels like perfection. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

N++ on PS4: Galactic

People have been asking about trophies – there are plenty, and we tried to have fun with them too! We’ve created some interesting special challenges that add another layer to the game, and included a few humourous ones to take the edge off. Plus (plus), we’re excited to announce that there’s also a Platinum trophy! YES!

N++ on PS4: Midnight

But that’s not all! There’s also a level editor and global level-sharing, plus highscores with replays for every level in the game (including the ones you make!). We love highscore competitions with friends, so we made sure to support it in N++.

N++ on PS4: Orbit

If that’s STILL not enough, we’ll also be adding more to the game with future DLC. (Note: whenever you buy the game, you’re also buying a “lifetime pass” to all future DLC. We are planning a substantial update that will increase the cost of the game / lifetime pass, so buy early if you’re looking to get N++ on the cheap! It won’t be going on sale much either, because, due to the level-sharing we have a relatively high cost per user, ruling out steep discounts).

When it’s all said and done, this game is going to be massive – this is the last, and the best, version of the game that will ever be, so we’re determined to close out the series with a bang!

Ok, ok we’ll stop gushing now. Suffice it to say, N++ is magnificent, and we could not be happier with it.

We’re so excited for you all to finally see what we’re talking about. What are you waiting for? Grab it now!

N++ on PS4: Pulse

Further reading:
Style: http://metanetsoftware.tumblr.com/archive
Info: http://www.nplusplus.org/
Video: https://vimeo.com/metanetsoftware/videos

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  • Hooray, the day has finally come! It’s exciting when you folks pour everything you have into your game, leaving nothing on the table. When other games seem to leave out key features, or hold things back as paid DLC down the road, it’s kinda refreshing when you find a game that seems as fleshed out and full realized as this is :-)

    Also, glad to hear there’s a platinum trophy – with over 2,000 levels I should hope so!

    • Oh and that launch trailer was awesome, too :-)

    • thanks so much! We found it pretty hard to not talk about the Platinum trophy for so long — we were so excited about it!

      And yeah, we really put everything we have in. Actually even though there’s a TON in the game, a lot of things we were planning didn’t make it into the launch build — so there will be some pretty great updates later on :)

  • Preordered Sunday. Played a little already and love the ability to just change the graphics at a moments notice. I’m definitely going for the plat but it’s going to be difficult. Glad to hear that it’ll have free dlc.

  • Sony seriously needs to start updating the store at Midnight. It makes no sense to do it so late in the afternoon. I’ve not bought games from the store just to go grab it at Gamestop much much much much much earlier than the store update. Then I sell the game and they lose money on it. I know they’re okay with that, but still less money for them and inconvenience for us all.

  • Went to pre-order this last night about 10PM but I guess it officially released at 9PM (Pacific) so I was out of luck. Disappointed and will now be skipping Play 2015 completely. N++ was the game I was most looking forward to, but I’m not paying full price because I was an hour late. Thought the pre-order would be available until the store update today. My fault I guess, but not I’ll be waiting for a sale on this + all the other Play titles.

    • we’re sorry you feel that way — we hope you reconsider, bajor27, N++ is really a great game. I know, I’m biased, but after 11 years of working on the series, I’m also kind of an expert :)

      Like I said, we’re planning to actually INCREASE the price later when we are finished the updates, instead of charging for DLC. Whenever you buy, you get a lifetime pass to future content, so you’ll never have to pay anything more. But if you buy later, you will definitely pay more than it costs today. Something to consider!


  • is this available for the vita? i want to play this on my vita
    and don’t say remote play

    • Nope, we’re a tiny team of three with extremely limited resources, so we had to make some tough decisions. We decided to make the PS4 version first, so we could focus on it and make sure it was the game we wanted to make. And good news: it is! It’s layered, tight and beautiful.

      We are also huge fans of the Vita, and we know that N++ would be awesome on it: it’s a great game for playing in small, bite-sized chunks, like when you’re on the bus or in transit. If it sells well enough on PS4, we hope to be able to afford to port to the Vita (it’ll take a substantial rewrite of the graphics to make it work: N++ may look simple, but that simplicity and smoothness is actually incredibly processor intensive!). We can’t guarantee anything, but we really hope it works out. You can help us: spread the word!

  • Justin Massongill

    Congratulations Metanet! I’m so excited N++ is finally here. I played for three hours last night — basically until I fell asleep on my couch — and I very strongly considered calling out today to keep playing (shhh, don’t tell Ryan or Sid).

  • By chance can the original psp version of N+ be available on PSN? I would love to play it again on my vita or psp go… I already have this new one on my ps4, but I loved the original and lack a way to play

    • Actually the original game was called N, and is free: thewayoftheninja.org/nv2.html :)

      Unfortunately the N+ codebase is long gone (so is the company that ported it to PSP), but once you spend some time with N++ we’re confident you’ll prefer it anyway — and who knows, if it sells well enough on PS4 we may be able to bring it to Vita!

    • Yeah, I know about N, and I will love N++, just missed playing N+ on the go. I do hope N++ makes a trip to vita

  • I just logged on to say GREAT trailer. I’ve never played any games from this franchise before but this last video totally sold me on it.

    • THANK YOU so much, we’re very proud of the trailer. We have a lot of passion for this game and this series, and we think the trailer does a good job of showing what we love about N++. We’re super stoked to hear it connected with you!

  • This gold-thirsty ninja is ready!

  • So what’s happened to the 20% discount on the EU Store?

    • There was never a 20% discount in the EU store. The PLAY promo is a North America only thing — the blog posts were not clear about that, sorry!

  • Thanks for the reply Mare. Good to know. Kicking myself for not pre-ordering sooner. I’ve been anticipating this game for quite some time, and not sure why I waited at all. Game looks great. 2000 levels is insane. Platinum trophy! What more could we ask more?

  • So any new on sword art online I have been waiting all night lol!!!!

  • Awesome trailer! Already preordered. Will play tonite!

  • N+-
    Best version should have a big asterisk since you actually lost a feature from the previous game.
    The game was already late, and you had already promised 6 months of work post launch.
    Should’ve just done what you needed to do.
    Plus fire your marketing head. We get it that you have to push sales, but you sound desperate and greedy. “Buy the game now before the price spikes up! We’ve made sure it will never go on sale!”
    You wouldn’t have had to feel my wrath had you just quit with the excuses, the empty promises, and delivered the true definitive version of the game.

    • Wow, I get that you’re upset that there’s no online multiplayer, but we have been very honest and up front throughout the development of this game. You can read through all the posts on our devblog here: http://www.metanetsoftware.com/blog

      Check the comments, too, we go into excruciating detail to explain our decisions because they are difficult and we want people to understand as much as possible where we’re coming from.

      We’re a team of three, and we have to make tough choices sometimes.

      You can disagree with our choices all you want, that’s your right. But we ask that you try to understand that it’s not as simple as you think. Game dev is a series of painful decisions hopefully leading to something you’re proud of.

      About the pricing: we need you to know what the plan is for the future. when we double the size of the game (which equates to a doubling of our time and effort), we’re increasing the price to reflect that. We do not wish to undervalue our game. If you have bought it already, there is no further cost to you. Anyone buying the game for $20 is getting a free pass for everything we add later.

      Again, we understand your frustration, but please try to understand where we’re coming from :)

    • Haha…”my wrath”. Watch out, everyone!

    • PrimeroIncognito

      I don’t know about you, Brian, but I’m afraid. This guy sounds tough.

  • Wow this sucks as you clearly said it would be on 20% sale for first 2 weeks since launch on EU blog. I was actually excited about this game :(

    • we’re very sorry for the miscommunication — the content was cross-posted and not tweaked per region. Hopefully you’ll reconsider, Looukas, we think there’s more than enough in N++ to justify the full price: 2360 levels built-in, Solo, Co-op and Race modes, essentially infinite levels because of the level editor, 6+ hours of superb music, loads of surprises AND a Platinum! I believe the technical term for that is “a boatload” :)

  • Pre-ordered a few days back and started playing at 10:00 pm last night, such a great game, and SOOOOOOOOOOO many features, my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets!

  • I´ve played a bit this morning, mainly the intro levels. It hasn´t gotten hard yet but after watching that (awesome) trailer I can see this game kicking my butt and making me rage quit, and I can+t wait for that. It looks like it´ll really test a gamer´s skills and I´m up for the challenge even though I´m doubtful I´ll master it.
    I was very excited from early looks of the game and I´m glad it´s finally out. Great job!

  • Don’t know why, nor do I care. 20% discount was re-added to the store (canadian one at least) and I’ve JUST bought the game for $15.99. I’m so very much looking forward to this game Mare. I’m also very appreciative of all your responses here on the blog. Don’t let those few negative comments get you down too much. Anywhere I can listen to that glorious soundtrack while I’m am work?

  • this is everything I wanted it to be, and am loving the co-op.

    her s another vote for Vita, or at least to publish N+ on PSN. you don’t need source code or a new port to publish legacy PSP games on PSN, btw. just track down the publishing rights ;) I wish someone would do that for Gunpey and Every Extend Extra…

  • Thanks for the GAMEPLAY trailer.
    Good luck with your game.

    While I understand that from a creators point of view, increasing the price over time to match the increase in content may seem to make sense, from a consumer’s point of view, it will not translate. This is why generally business decisions are not made by the people doing the work. Consumers will not pay more for an older product. You will need to entice people that were not initially interested, with a lower price. This is how the market works. But I hope i’m wrong for your sake.

    Happy selling!

    • Kudos to you guys on your PS4 release. I remember spending a lot of valuable animation and design class time playing N with my friend, good ol’ flash version. I consider it a part of my childhood along with FFR and Newgrounds. I hadn’t realized you guys had made console versions since then and have been anticipating the PS4 version. It’s hard to explain the game to people who didn’t play the original, but now I can just have them play it. Thanks for the memories and good times!

  • WOW! A hundred high-fives for the ‘numberwang’ reference! Ha.

  • LOL….

    I start remembering some good old Apple II games here….

    Lots of fun!


  • I have a question.

    Is there a way to select a character like there was in N+? (I want to be striped or have a bandana) If there is, I cannot seem to find a way to.

    Otherwise, it is fantastic!

    • Unfortunately not — we thought that this time, instead of changing the ninja’s colour, you could change all the colours :)

      We do want to experiment with customization options in the future though, I’m hoping we can add the ninja’s headband back in the next update ;)

    • Thank You for the Reply.

      Honestly, now that I have played it more, the headband thing doesn’t even matter. I absolutely love the game (although I do want to throw my PS4 out the window sometimes). You guys did a great job.

  • Hey the game is amazing reminds me of the good old days playing N+ with my friends.
    you guys did a great job! cant wait to complete all 2000+ lvls.
    keep up the good work and bring us some more cool lvls to knock out and let us know when or if multiplayer for N++ gets released. :)

  • Thanks so much for all of the positive comments everyone, we’re really glad that you like it!! :)

  • No plans for online multiplayer? Maybe in future patches and updates? Please?

    • Answered above — please follow the link to Metanet’s blog I posted earlier for our rationale. We won’t rule it out, but it requires about a year of work, which is very much not trivial, so it needs to make financial sense for us to do that. These are the difficult situations we’re faced with as a very small dev team.

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