King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Out Today

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King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember Out Today

Well, it has all lead to this, this day, this moment, this blog post. Today, my nerves are at an all time high because we release “A Knight to Remember,” the first chapter in our reimagined version of King’s Quest.

The team and I have been looking forward to this day for two years, but as gamers we’ve been waiting since the late 90’s. Many of you have been waiting that long too. And now it’s in your hands.

A lot has changed in 20 years. The gaming industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar form of entertainment. Throughout those 20 years, adventure games filled with charm, humor, story, and thoughtful puzzles often took a backseat to action gaming. I love and respect many types of games, but I grew up with adventure games. Like many of you, I remember playing King’s Quest with my family. For many it was a mom, or a brother, but for me it was my Uncle. Everyone has a “fun Uncle” and mine loved Sierra.

In our new game, the story revolves around a very old King named Graham and the adventures he shares with his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn. Just as Graham hands down his stories, we set out to create a family friendly game that could be shared between new players and long-time King’s Quest fans. Our goal was to create an experience that blends art, gameplay, and storytelling in a modern adventure game that respects where Sierra came from, and where Sierra is going. We packed in as many puzzles, jokes, nods, and secrets as we could, and we can’t wait to find out if you’ll find them all.

King's QuestKing's Quest

There are many people who made this game possible. We’d like to thank everyone who helped us along the way, including Roberta and Ken Williams, Sierra for their full-support and backing, our talented voice cast, and our friends and family who encouraged us every step of the way. We also wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you’ll enjoy the game.

The first chapter weaves the tale of Graham becoming a Knight, his first step to becoming the greatest adventurer that ever lived. If you purchase The Complete Collection, you’ll get a discount on all five chapters and a bonus playable epilogue. Chapter five will conclude the story, but the epilogue is being built from the ground up as a fun side story.

Always Seek Adventure,
Matt Korba
Creative Director, King’s Quest

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  • Pre-ordered, waiting for the work day to end.

    • Ditto. Planning a special gaming session with the family to play through these. Looking forward to it.

    • Well, pre-ordering was clearly a terrible mistake, and I feel like I’ve been taken for a ride. You guys failed me.

  • Beautiful game! That was a well put together trailer. I will try to find some time for this. So many amazing games to play right now. I wish you much success.

  • I’ve never played the other games, but am definitely looking forward to this. The art style and story both look great.

    Will the complete collection have a platinum trophy? I see the first episode’s trophy list has already become available, but there’s nothing for the collection yet.

  • Congrats on bringing back one of the landmark series in one of my favorite genres! I kinda can’t believe so much time has passed. I’m looking forward to playing this new version and I hope you did us proud :-)

    Is there a rough schedule of when you hope the remaining chapters will be released?

  • I can’t wait to share King’s Quest with my children! Thank you so much for respecting the franchise and bringing King’s Quest to a whole new generation of gamers. Well done and congrats on the release!

  • I’ve preordered and downloaded but I cant play, it will be available to play after the store update?

  • Chapter 2 in six months? Also, if we wait I am guessing one will be free with a package deal. So, early adopter gets the shaft again? Classic PSN?

  • What time does the PSN store update today?

  • I don’t like episodic releases and I infinitely prefer a physical copy…therefore I’ll wait for all of them to be out, and hope a disc version is announced by then…see you next year haha.

  • Any chance for this to come to PS Vita?

  • So Episode 1 + Season Pass = $40 for episodes 1-5.

    Complete Collection Bundle = $40 for episodes 1-5 plus exclusive epilogue.

    Please explain to me why the season pass is even a purchaseable option when you get less content for the same price????

    And if you pre-ordered without knowledge of what was in the Complete Collection bundle well then I guess you’re just up sheeites creek right?

    Classic Sony business practices.

  • Pre ordered the game downloaded it. Says it needed an update! Got the update downloaded it, installed it, game still will not work! Deleted the game reinstalled it says it need an update that I don’t have this time so waiting again for the update! Next time I really want a game right away I’ll go to a store like GameStop and buy it!

  • what is going on i preorderd the game and it wont launch. it says it was unlock at midnight.It keeps saying i need to download an update that is nonexistant ???

  • mine doesn’t work I pre-ordered the complete collection and now not only do I only have chapter 1 it won’t work it keeps telling me “You Must Update This Application Before You Can Use It” and I cannot use your live chat support because it says I’ve used it too many times which is bull and now im out 39.99 for a game I pre-ordered weeks ago

  • My game won’t launch either. It asks me for an update which I already installed. Also I pre-ordered the complete collection for 40$ a month ago yet on the ps store, instead of being marked as purchased, it wants me to pay for it again. And strangely, it is the season pass that is marked as purchased but it is not what I paid for. The season pass does not have the episode 1 or the epilogue that I paid for.

  • Don’t know what’s going on, but I pre-ordered and can’t play it. It makes thrice that I’ve re-downloaded it in hopes it will work this time. This is my first time pre-ordering something from the PS store, and it doesn’t bode well… The update’s already live!

    • Sierra Games is aware of the issue and working with Sony to solve it in a timely manner!

    • Don’t know about you but but I had my son and grandson at my house to share in Kings Quest experience! My son and I played all the Kings Quest games together when he was growing up. Wasted the day trying to get it to work instead of have a great family experience! No pre orders for me ever again. The game comes out for Xbox 360 tomorrow. Thought it wold be better on ps4 but if it won’t work by tomorrow then I want a refund and I!ll try it for Xbox 360!

  • Too bad the game does not load for those that preordered it. It would be nice if Sony would ensure that downloads work on release day after you purchase something.

  • Terrible, I gave you the money up front, and you delivered non-functional product. Whatever else happens, this is what I’ll always remember when I think of your game.

    • This morning, the DL link for the Complete Edition was available on the store; I clicked it, saw an error saying I’ve already got it installed, then clicked OK; and the game launched. My installation now launches from my PS4 launch icon as normally.

  • No platinum, no sale.

  • Looks like a fun game, but I cannot give any of my money to Activision while they keep Crash and Spyro hostage. Sorry. =\

  • “!!AA** Hey fellagamerz. If u wanna score g4mes and h4rdw4re cheap, this dude in North San Diego County has the best prices I seen in a while. Hit JT up @ (76Oh)4nine2-3five47. Peace.”

  • I was able–mysteriously–to get my installation to work but it seems like it was a fluke. My buddy’s still hosed and so, it seems, is everybody else who pre-ordered. Can you give some kind of update? Something? One of the reasons why Rocket League’s early server problems were forgiven is, the team kept in close contact with the users. Your silence on this topic is not OK. Recall that you’ve accepted money for a product that does nothing but occupy hard drive space.

    • I have not been able to get mine to run as well. The lack of communication or any public acknowledgement of this glitch is disappointing. The first chat agent with PSN customer service lied about the Terms of Service and closed the session when I asked him to cite his statement. The second person explained the issue and the third granted a refund since the product has not been functioning. Yes, that might seem extreme, but if you cannot even deliver a product that was paid for, how does one expect it to run properly? The least a publisher and PSN can do is communicate with their customers, and in this case they are not even doing that.

  • It took me 2 days to get to my PS4 to try to play the game. You’d figure that PSN would have gotten the mistake fixed. But NO! It’s still messed up!

    And when I tried to go onto chat to find out WTF was going on, they actually blocked me! Just because the last person I talked to I called a rude SOB who had no business being a support agent! I was trying to be nice with my inquiry at first. But when someone gets rude with me, I get rude to them.

    This is why PlayStation is failing in the gaming world, and so many gamers are switching to X-Box.

    I have over 400 games between the PS3 and PS4. And really no idea how many I’ve gotten by way of PS Plus. But I’m seriously giving thought to NOT renewing it when it runs out. Mainly because of the constant down times with PSNetwork, secondly because of the incompetent and rude support staff, and lastly is the way they screw us over by letting games that don’t work through.

    And good luck with getting a refund right away. They SUBMIT a request for a refund that 75% of the time does NOT happen.

    • While I completely agree with you about the terrible communications in this case (and the frustrating amount of downtime PSN has experienced in the last couple years), I think you may be missing the number of people that have actually switched FROM X-Box to Playstation this generation…

    • +Ocean_Rescue I didn’t want to have to say it–thank you for saying it

  • “Sierra Games is aware of the issue … timely manner”

    That’s all we get?!? A full two days after I was supposed to be able to play a game I gave you money for MANY weeks ago?
    Neither “timely” nor acceptable.

  • Hey, people who pre-ordered and can’t play, have you tried to Restore Licenses? It worked for my friend and a lot of other users, also. Give it a try if you haven’t:

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