Actual Sunlight Seethes Onto PS Vita August 11th

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Actual Sunlight Seethes Onto PS Vita August 11th

I’m not sure if a game as sad, sharp, and real-life-serious as the critically-acclaimed Actual Sunlight has ever been released on a major console, but I have no doubt that the PS Vita is exactly where it belongs. With strong and memorable writing, a classic Japanese RPG style, and full-screen CG artwork, I’m hopeful that Actual Sunlight will feel right at home.

Actual Sunlight

I love PS Vita, and this was the platform that I wanted to bring it to more than anything.

Plus, with a tweaked interface that allows for greater clarity on interactions, as well as larger and much smoother text for an optimal reading experience on the go, this is the best version of Actual Sunlight yet!

Here are a few cool facts about the game:

  • Fully set in Toronto, Canada, with environments modeled after real-life places. And references galore!
  • Was originally made in RPG Maker VX ACE, and now reconstructed in Unity 5!
  • Perhaps the first game to be for 18+ players — not because of sex or violence, but because of being about regular, unhappy adult life!

Actual SunlightActual Sunlight

If you’re a fan of the dramatic, narrative-driven adventures and visual novels that have become a hallmark of PS Vita, I hope you’ll take a moment to check out this deeply personal and emotionally impactful game about love, depression, and the corporation.

I hope you will think it is something special.

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  • Wow! Wanting to know about the story makes me feel pretty excited!
    Looking forward to this definitly.
    Vita FTW! =D

    • Alright, let’s get not too far off topic, but can we get a little Vita / PSP love going? Here’s my Top 5 Vita / PSP games of ALL TIME:

      1. Valkyria Chronicles 2
      2. VLR
      3. P4 Golden
      4. Jeanne d’Arc
      5. Danganronpa

      Oh, and Actual Sunlight. ;)

    • Jeanne d’Arc ,that’s a gem.

    • Will try the Valkyria chronicles 3…. the fansub is almost finishd and the best game of the series.

    • P4 Golden I got the game in the beginning of July I haven’t put down my Vita since.

    • Considering the first half of my username is Makai from the Makai Senki Disgaea series I won’t clutter up my list with Disgaea 1-4 but just mentioning them here. :P Or the game they released PSP only…. Or Makai Kingdoms… or the Operation Prinny games… Anyway getting on with it.

      1. Powerstone Collection
      2. Patapon series… why not? Just great when you get into the zone.
      3. Ys games
      4. Hammering Hero
      5. God of War games

      Honorable mention to PS1 games and Shmups because… dang that system has so many games.

      PS Vita
      1. Pixel Junk games
      2. Sound Shapes
      3. Games made by Housemarque
      4. PVZ (I mean I did platinum the game after playing it on Mobile and PC like crazy)
      5. Tales of Hearts R

      I’m sorry but dang it I had to cheat. There’s like 200 must have games between those 2 systems, so… I’m not gonna go off and list just a game, when there are companies and series with games worth buying. If I put Pixel Junk Monsters, is it fair to leave out Pixel Junk Shooter Ultimate? Then mini’s titles like Monsters “probably” stole my Princess, Where’s My Heart, Who’s That Flying…

      I can’t make a definitive list!

  • Wow, this seems just so unique. You have me very interested. And it being on Vita really has already got me as a day 1 buyer.

  • Ooh, very neat! Gonna’ keep an eye on this!

  • Looks amazing! Love my visual novels (as evidenced by my XBlaze avatar), so I’ll definitely get this day 1!

  • I remember seeingg this on a list of the saddest games and wanted to play it, now its coming to my favorite console. Awesome.

  • Sounds kinda fascinating. I really love works (movies, music, games) that take on adult topics, especially games. And anyone proclaiming “I love PS Vita” is a friend in my book :-)

  • TH3-KILL-BILL125

    Ps tv compatible?

    • Not at present – it’s a very text-heavy game to properly enjoy on a television – but will keep it in mind!

    • Will, not to sound ungrateful, but this seems a bit ludicrous. No PlayStation TV support, even though the game is available on STEAM (meaning it does not require PS Vita specific features like touchscreen or back-touch)? Look at all the people talking about Persona 4 Golden, which IS Playstation TV compatible (in fact, all the main persona games are). Imagine how much text those games have to read. Honestly, any game that comes out for Vita these days should also be compatible with PS TV, unless it depends on touchscreen/backtouch. Being “text-heavy” is not a valid excuse to cut out a significant segment of the Vita audience. The platform is struggling enough already.

  • Okay, now I’m intrigued. looking forward to this game. :)

  • So is this an RPG or a visual novel? Looks interesting thus far

    • Much closer to a visual novel. It has a JRPG look, but most of the game involves reading and then reading some more…! It is worth it. :)

  • Wow looks cool can’t wait ….

  • madmanwithabox12

    You good sir, are a champion amongst men. This looks awesome, can’t wait to see where it goes. Will this come to Europe?

  • Never heard of this but looks absolutely interesting, right up my alley.

  • Haven’t heard of this game until now. Very intriguing. The Vita is such an awesome console.

  • The fact that this alone was made using RPG Maker, and is coming to the VITA has me thrilled! Very similar to those GB/GBA style games of old is not a bad thing once in a while to harken back to. The theme as well has hooked my interest. I’d personally hope for voice-over work, but it’s fine without it. Curious for the soundtrack as well.

  • Interesting game concept! Peaked my interests!

  • I can’t figure out why I’m drawn to this title, but I am on board for day one. Seriously looking forward to it.

  • What a remarkably specific amount of money…!

  • <3 Will!

  • Whoa…sounds very interesting (and kinda depressing). Will have to keep an eye out for this one.

  • Set in Toronto, you say?

    Landmarks and references, you say?

    JRPG style?

    Narrative driven?

    You shall have my money!

  • This looks outstanding. Any word on size? I like to keep a nice stash of visual novel games on my vita at all times. Never know when a flight will get delayed!

    • Thanks very much! It’s nice and tiny, less than 100 MB or so…! Save files are very small as well.

  • I feel ashamed not knowing about this game before. Very interesting setting and premise. Soon, you shall have my money.

  • I really need to finish Persona 4, Im buying this game adding it the backlog. Problem is P4 just seems to never freakng end!

  • Hello from Europe, I am really quite interested in that game! I like story driven game like telltales games, life is strange. I really hope that it will come here.

  • I’m from Toronto! I love Vita & JRPGs & visual novels! I think I’m legally obligated to buy this =) Really interested in the themes.

  • I am interested, and Vita is exactly where I want to play this game

  • Will there be trophies? =)

    • There will be trophies! In the initial PC release on Steam there was only a single achievement, but the PS Vita version has a range of bronze, silver and gold trophies for you to collect.

      To get them all, you’ll have to take the time to interact with everything in the game, and learn everything about the story of the main character that you can. :)

  • I’ll be there day one if it gets an Australian release =’)

  • Looks great.

    A european release would be great, so please consider it.

  • This sounds fantastic! Should be a day-1 buy for me. Just wondering whether we’re offered in-game choices that change the course of the game or may lead to some bad endings?

    • The game is very linear and there is only a single ending. That being said, and without spoiling anything, those two facts are very important and relevant to the nature of the story as a whole. I still think you’ll find it to be a very thoughtful and reflective experience!

  • I hail from Toronto as well and I’m definitely interested, but as I have mentioned in an earlier comment I need PS TV support if I’m going to buy this.

  • Very interested. How much?

    • The price will be $4.99 USD, and while it is not a very long game – nor one that you may want to play twice – I believe with every ounce of my heart that it is worth every penny.

      Especially for people whose first thought about it is that it looks very interesting. :)

      This is also the same price that you will find the PC version selling for!

  • EU release ? please, we play video games too you know

  • Please consider releasing this on Europe. I would buy it day one.

  • This really looks interesting. I hope you bring it to Europe! :)

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