The Drop: New Games This Week

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The Drop: New Games This Week
The Drop

What does a ninja, story-telling king, and a cyberpunk swindler have in common? They all star in games coming to PlayStation this week! What a coincidence!

Platforming fanatics, take note: N++ is out this week on PS4 and comes packed with literally thousands of hand-crafted levels. Brimming with nail-biting challenges and brutal enemies, N++ presents old-school platforming with a modern polish. And if that wasn’t enough, it includes a robust level creator so players can craft their own creations and share with the world.

Meanwhile, a legendary game series returns in King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember. Help guide King Graham as he recounts a life of adventures to his granddaughter. Or if you’re feeling devious, try out the cyberpunk capers of The Swindle, which is cross buy on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

For a full list of games coming to PlayStation this week, read on. And enjoy the Drop!

  • Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition, PS4 — Digital
  • BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
  • Deadpool, PS3 — Digital
  • King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember, PS4, PS3 — Digital
  • Legend of Kay Anniversary, PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail (Out 7/29)
  • Life is Strange — Episode 4, PS4, PS3 — Digital
  • Lost Dimension, PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
  • N++, PS4 — Digital
  • The Swindle, PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital (Three Way Cross Buy)
  • Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment, PS4 — Digital
  • Velocibox, PS4, PS Vita — Digital

Demos and Betas

Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition — PS4 Trial
Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & and the Monster Seal — PS Vita Demo
Just Dance 2016 — PS4 Demo

Coming to PlayStation Music

Future – DS2
Gunplay – Living Legend
Migos- Y.R.N. Tha Album

Coming to PlayStation Video

Hot Pursuit
Smosh:The Movie

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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8 Author Replies

  • Take care, everyone!

  • Isn’t Velocibox also on Vita?

    I heard that Yu-Gi-Oh! PS4 game was due out this week too.

    • Good catch! Fixed.

    • Where did you hear that? If it does come out this week I’m friggin hyped! Thanks for the information.

    • Why isn’t there a YuGiOh game for the Vita? Even better question, why won’t they allow the PSP YuGiOh game to be purchased and/or loaded on to the Vita. This makes no sense to me. I’m just sayin…

  • Kings quest the kid inside me is happy! Also Deadpool getting relisted been meaning to pick that up

  • N++! Hyped!

    King’s Quest! Old school memories of playing the originals in grade school.

    Sword Art Online?! I didn’t know! Want badly.

    So. Many. Games.

  • I’ve got Lost Dimension coming on Tuesday and Life is Strange Ep 4! Great week for me :)

  • First time posting, just wanted to say that I’m definitely picking up The Swindle!

  • Any idea what the price for Sword Art Online: Re Hollow Fragment is?

    • I’m reading that

      “During Anime Expo in Los Angeles, Bandai Namco mentioned in passing that by pre-ordering the PS4 version of Sword Art Online: Lost Song on the PlayStation Store users will also get Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment for free.”

      I wonder if this is true.

    • Its 19.99 for the game itself if you want the bundle with this and The new sword art lost song coming in the fall its 59.99 for both

  • Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom
    bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom

    Blue moon, moon, moon, moon, moon
    Di, Di, Di, Di, Di, moon, moon, moon, blue moon
    Di, Di, Di, Di,Di

    Blue Moon!!!

  • I definitely want to check out King’s Quest. The first one was the first RPG I ever played, and it hooked me to the genre for life! However, the $40 price tag is a little much. Within a few months it will go on sale, and I’ll get it then. As a veteran of PlayStation Consoles, I learned rather quickly that everything goes on sale eventually!

  • No offense intended but you guys are starting to get lazy with these store update posts. I might like one of these games, but there are no descriptions to give me an idea of what they are like. You used to also put descriptions in the store update posts as well as the drop but you don’t do that anymore either.

    Give less informed customers at least a brief description, I don’t wanna individually google each game.

    • Thank you for the notes. This is not necessarily a permanent change for the Drop. Occasionally — due to travel or scheduling conflicts — I use this simplified version. My ideal would still be to provide you with as much information as I can.


    • There should be at the very least a YouTube video link for every single game, it’s easier than writing a description and at the very least shows us the game

    • Speaking of Lazzines…So there’s people WHO would write a Full complaint but is not capable of doing something as sinple as Copy and Paste on YouTube! Unbelivable.

      Having said that, thank you for the drop update every Sunday, terrible sorry for people who just lives in their own bubble. Keep it up.


  • please just please for the love of god tell me fallout 4 well be available for Pre order on PSN next week

    • Yes yes this THIS

    • So explain the excitement here.

      It’s digital it won’t sell out. It’s also not due until around November, it is not like there is a prize for “buying” it 4 months early.

      I can understand from some place like Amazon, where it is on my door step on release day, and saves me time and gas money.

      Then again, I do get digital pre-order if they allow for pre-loading it. Just not the hurry for 4 months before launch.

    • They Just Released it so pick it up now!

  • In the mail last Friday i got a bundle of store circulars with hundreds of items in each one. All kinds of things from clothes to groceries to new cars. Every circular had more items than this list of games. And every single item had a price next to it! Why would they do that!? Dont they know its better to keep all relevant info about a product secret until the day its available? Thank goodness we ha e the Drop and Sony to show us the REAL way to advertise things!

  • Hey, What about Yu-Gi-Oh legacy of the duelist? Konami Said its due out in between the End of July and the beginning of August? Please answer and do not ignore.

  • Nice, guess this confirms that Sword Art Online isn’t delayed for the US?
    Since it was delayed til August 4th for Europe.

  • I know that this has nothing to do with the drop but it would be nice if sony can bring Real Racing 3 (A mobile game on phones) to the vita. It would be nice to have that game on vita. It would be a better experience playing it on the vita than the phones. Hey Ryan you think this can happen sometime in the future? I hope you respond.

  • N++, N++, and uh lets see here…N++!

    So excited this is finally releasing! Can’t wait to play co-op

  • Deadpool, PS3 — Digital? is this the same Marvel Comics Deadpool?

    • Yes, it is. It was delisted a while back, but with the hype surrounding the Deadpool movie it sounds like Activision and Disney struck a deal to get it back online.

    • yes , it was on psn last year and I bought the digital version , its not bad , funny at times but can get repetitive at times too
      Still , if its priced right $20 or less ) its a good buy for an action game especially if you like the merc with a mouth

  • Dungeon Travelers 2 demo is a surprise to me. I didn’t expect it to get a demo at all.

  • Sure as hell beats Xbox any day !

  • Legend of Kay Anniversary would be perfect to play on the Vita. I have a PS4 but would rather play this game on Vita (not just remote play). I hope that the developer brings it over.

  • dungeon travelers getting a demo? wowwwwwww that means i get to play it until it comes out. but lost dimension im so ready for.

  • Hey Ryan,

    Is it possible to list the games that are going to have DLC in this post?

    You don’t have to go into detail on the DLC itself; just let us know which games are going to get some that week.

  • Any news on when the new Ps4 CUH-1200 will hit stateside?

  • Nice to see that Deadpool is getting relisted on the PS Store. Great game. I don’t even remember why it got delisted in the first place.

    • Activision’s license to publish and produce Marvel titles expired, so they had to remove them.

      Same reason MvC3 and UMvC3 were pulled.

  • meh i haven’t brought a single PS4 game this year and won’t until Fallout 4 releases. thats one PS4 game in a whole year and that game is out in November which is right at the end of the year. Sony you better start creating some state of the art exclusives for PS4 soon or else you will not be getting anymore money from me. enough of the PS3/PS Vita remasters and awful 2D indy games.

  • I am so pumped for N++!! Hopefully, I hope can obtain all trophies without playing co-op unless I friend someone.

    Kings Quest is another blast from the past! Got me hooked in 1985 at the age of 9. I wonder if future chapters are planned.

    Thinking about Blazblue…

    • “Don’t think about it, JUST DO IT!”

      – Shia Labeouf

      Seriously, though, if you like anime 2D fighting games, BlazBlue is a great game.

  • I have excitedly waiting for N++ for what feels like forever. So glad to finally get my hands on it!

  • +Ryan Clements

    There are tons of new PS1 and PS2 classics on Japan’s PSN site. Is there a chance all of those fighting games will be released on US PSN? I’d definitely buy lots of them. I’m dying to play Monster Rancher 2 again too.

  • Will be getting SAO: Re Hollow Fragment so I can also get Lost Song, and Lost Dimension on Vita.

    Here’s to hoping for PSNow this week we get Resonance of Fate and 3D Dot Game Heroes.


















  • Why´d I think N++ was in two weeks and Galak-z was this tuesday?? Gonna pre-order now cause I´m very intrigued to try N++ out. It´s gonna be was too hard but I´m down for the challenge.

  • Where is ModNation Racers?

  • Guess I will be getting these games
    Sword Art Online Hallow Fragment
    Lost Dimension
    and Legend of Kay

  • Very excited for SAO: Re: Hollow Fragment. I played it on Vita and loved it. Can’t wait to revisit it on the PS4!

  • I had not even heard of The Swindle before today but after looking up a trailer and finding the old ps blog post I think it looks like like a game I’ll be buying
    it seems like a perfect fir for the psvita

  • Does anyone know when Modnation Racers is coming to Playstation Now?

    • The PS Now updates aren’t revealed in The Drop. They’ll come in the Store Update on Tuesday (or at least that is how it’s worked until now). And sometimes there’s another post if new games are added to the subscription service.

      Modnation Racers is great though. Some long loading screens but definitely one of the more fun racers.

  • Got n++ preordered and The Legend of Kay Anniversary was shipped today. King’s Quest looks cool, but going to wait a bit. Want to play LIfe is Strange, but would rather wait until all the episodes are out.

  • No Arcade Archives this week? Where’s Wonderboy? Also, where are the psone classics?

  • May I recommend Abyss Odyssey for those of you that haven’t played it yet. The game has basically a Rogue-like much in the vein of games like Rogue Legacy. However, what makes this game special is the combat. The combat in this game is very much inspired by Smash Brothers. That makes it very original and you can apply a lot of the same techniques you could you in that game to this one. Also, not only does the game have three main characters but it also has upgrade trees for all of them. Also, you can “capture” enemy souls which allows to transform into them and use their movesets. EVERY single enemy can be captured, including the final boss. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it!

  • Looking forward to playing Chapter 1 of King’s Quest

  • Shouldn’t your opening joke have been: “What DO a ninja, a story-telling king, and a cyberpunk swindler have in common?” “What does” doesn’t seem right to me…

    That said, The Swindle is definitely one worth getting excited over.

  • I thought SAO was pushed back to the 4th of August.

  • SAO: Re Hollow Fragment and Lost Dimension for me this week.

  • I just wish Kings Quest had a physical drop too :C

    • It is releasing in chapters like Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, Life is Strange. I imagine they will put out a disk once all chapters are released like they do for other popular episodic games.

  • Can we please have an anime sale soon? There are some anime styled games I want for the vita that I don’t want to pay full price for

  • Do you have to be online to play Sword Art Online?

  • Disappointed again.I didn’t see Until Dawn demo in this week too…

  • Sword Art Online Day One Buy son!

  • I’ll be picking up Lost Dimension (PS3) and Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment this week. I’m quite excited =D

  • I hope the store update doesn’t take too long tomorrow, looking my brother and I are looking forward to Life is Strange Ep. 4

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