Galak-Z: Mech Mode Revealed

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Galak-Z: Mech Mode Revealed

Hey kid! You wanna hear a secret? Because, friends, we’ve been saving a juicy one for a long time now…

Anime enthusiasts inevitably ask when they see the game, “So… can you turn into a mech?” And we always respond with, “Oh man! That would be cool!” Well, guess what?

You can freaking turn into a mech in Galak-Z!

What is this “Mech” blasphemy you keep ranting about?!

The Mech mode is a whole new way to play Galak-Z. Get up in an enemy’s face, slice him in two with your sword, or grab him with your extending arm, smash his guts, then throw his scrapped remains into an oncoming bad guy for a double-explosion fireworks show.

You needn’t worry too much about taking damage either, as your huge Directional Shield will deflect and absorb even the most deadly attacks when timed right. Plus, the deadly environment is now your best friend, as you take and fling what you need from it — asteroids, spikes, explosives — relentlessly at any enemy stupid enough to appear in your sights.

So what? How is this different than Ship gameplay, Mechman?!

Rather than fighting from afar whilst dodging like a pro, the Mech is all about turning the tables and pressuring the bad guys instead. One on one, especially versus smaller zippy enemies, the Mech is vicious. It can grab an enemy even from a distance, pull them close and beat them to death without resistance or mercy.

Against many enemies, what it lacks in missiles it makes up in the ability to throw the explosive elements of the environment, or can dispatch multiple enemies at once with charged sword attacks that sweep in a great arc.

Defensively, the Direction Shield gives extra damage absorption on top of regular shields, and like with the Juke, more skillful players will be able to use their timing to negate attacks altogether by deflecting them. Best of all, the Mech requires no upgrades to use all of the skills listed above, making it your weapon of choice at the start of a Season when your Ship is still thin on awesome upgrades. Of course, switching between the two when desired is the most effective.

But…you probably limit how much I can switch between the Ship and the Mech, right?

Actually, the player can transform from Mech to Ship, and back again, with the touch of a button! Unlimited transforming means you can unleash a barrage of missiles to obliterate shields then speed in sword raised for the kill, or perhaps just pluck an unwary foe from the circus of smoke and explosions and beat him to a pulp.

If things get too much, use your Directional Shield to take the brunt of damage and then transform to Ship form and fire as you reverse-boost away to safety and victory at once. The possibilities are endless!

The full might of the Galak-Z is yours to discover, as both Mech and Ship form, on August 4th.

Raj Joshi & Tom Hart, Designer

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  • This game looks sweet!

  • Congratulations, the game was not on my radar and you just made it a day one purchase for me.

  • #ripsvita

    • Did they cancel the vita version?

    • I can tell how old my Vita is by how much dust is on it. It’s like the rings in a tree.

    • madmanwithabox12

      Yep. Announced the cancellation at the last minute when it was clear they’d not even been working on it despite their initial announcement. Then tried to pull the “we’re indie” card as a defence. Futurlab, Dennaton, basically everything that comes out of Curve Digital or Devolver Digital, Drinkbox say hi.

    • They did. “On July 14, 2015, 17-BIT announced that the PlayStation 4 version will be released on August 4, 2015, with the PC version following a couple months later. The PlayStation Vita version was cancelled.[7]”

    • I’ll buy if they ever change their minds and release it on the Vita.
      Until then… not so much…

  • Is Mech mode something that is available right from the beginning or is it something you need to unlock?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Oh hey! Remember when you promised this on Vita and then cancelled at the last minute? Me too…

    • it totally makes sense to announce a game for multiple platforms of different hardware capabilities and only develop on the most powerful
      there’s no way that will make things difficult later on

    • Hey, we heard you the first time give it a rest. They canceled it for a reason which was most likely financial. Buy a PS4 if you want the game so bad. Entitled much?

  • Mech-mode has made this an insta-buy for me! Looks slick!

  • I was already going to preorder the game anyway but mechanic combat makes the game even better. Are there going to be any future expansions with this game?

    How is this going to look on PS Vita with remote play?

  • I already preordered last Tuesday. I was a huge Star Blazers and Force Five fan as a kid in the early 80s, so I call the new mode Shogun Warrior mode. Awesome news. I was already really excited for this game before this news…now I’m extra stoked. Next thing you know, they will announce there is a Wave Motion gun, or you can get out of your ship with two ends of a magic baton that when put together become this ultimate weapon that can break through everything, and really try to put it over the top for me.

    @Vextalon #7, From what I read, the game will ship with 4 seasons of 5 episodes each, and there will be a 5th season added for free after release.

  • Uh oh spaghetti oooo’s this is a definite for me

  • Cool I’ll definitely be getting it just not on debut date as much as I want to.

  • I’m really impressed you guys managed to keep such a key part of your game a secret for so long – years, really! Kinda incredible, actually :-). Was it a deliberate decision to have this mode early on and have it be a reveal later, or was it perhaps added later on in production after most people had seen their first previews? Either way, bravo and congrats on your upcoming launch!

    • The mech has been in the game from pretty much day one. It’s definitely wasn’t tacked on at the end and the whole game has been built around the fighter+mech hybrid.

    • So cool! What led to keeping it a secret for so long? I think it’s a great move (and hopefully all the positive response today is showing that), but it was probably pretty hard to not slip up over these years :-)

  • well this article changed my non-interest to a instant preorder

    well done, looking forward to the release

  • COMPLETELY EPIC!!!!!!! OMG! This game is #1 on my list and it’s only a few weeks away! Well done, I hope you are already working on Galak-Z 2 because this game is going to be hit! Well done!

  • I wasn’t planning on buying this game but this mech mode changes my mind! I just may buy this game now!

  • Holy ****, this suddenly looks incredible, seriously considering buying.

  • No Vita no buy.

  • Looks awesome! can’t wait to play this sucker on my Vita…oh…wait…..

  • I knew It was great idea to preorder! looking forward for realease date!

  • thanks so much for all the love!! we kept the Mech a secret from the beginning as we wanted to give y’all a nice surprise. It started as a nice to have and turned into a reality. We wanted to give our fans something special, and what better way than as a surprise?!

    for Vita fans, we are equally heart broken about not being able to bring the fluid gameplay of GALAK-Z to the Vita. Please understand that we invested a great deal of time and resources, but we aren’t anywhere close to feeling like the experience would be representative of GALAK-Z and it’s intense action and responsiveness. It hurt us to cancel it, but i think players would be more upset if it was just a slideshow and not fun to play. And a game that’s not fun is .. well .. not a game worth playing.

    • “Please understand that we invested a great deal of time and resources”

      I’m having a hard time believing this. You guys announced the Vita port more than a year ago and cancelled it less than a month before launch. To the casual onlooker, that makes it look like you guys developed the game without any thought about whether it would run on one of the promised platforms. To the shock and awe of no one, when you guys actually decided to develop the Vita version, you found out that 2011 mobile hardware is significantly less powerful than 2012 PC hardware.

  • Wow just wow I dunno how I allowed this game to slip under ma eyes,I heard the name Galak-Z here and there probably here on the Blog but never really had time to check the game out,I knew it was about ship though(Galak-Z screams “ship game”) and man do I love me some ship games…you know what I mean.
    Boy this mech mode looks amazing…game just raised from under the radar to the top of ma list.Damn it looks too good…also loving the animations,wish I could get it at launch but I probably won’t be able to…DEFINITELY buying it though.

  • This is how you get me to buy a game… Gonna pre-order later.

  • This would’ve been the perfect game to play on the go. Damn shame really

  • generic123 – the casual onlooker is likely making many unfounded assumptions. you can work on something for a year to finally determine that you’re not getting solid results. you can then enlist the help of vita experts who also decide that it’s unlikely. that’s how it goes sometimes. in running a business, you have to ask yourself about the challenges you sign yourself up for and the consequences. to close the studio because we didn’t make a prudent decision on canceling the vita benefits no one. GALAK-Z is a showcase of Unity, Cyntuent, and the PS4. you should check it out. and if not, please play one of the many awesome games on Vita like Guacamele, Hohokum, Oddworld, etc.

    today is a day of celebration .. and so will be the 4th. i invite you to celebrate with us. :)

    • madmanwithabox12

      That’s all well and good, but here’s the thing. If you weren’t 100% sure you’d be able to make the game work on Vita, then why on Earth would you go ahead and announce it? That’s what’s causing the backlash here. If you had just come out and said PS4, everything would be fine. You might have a few people here asking for a Vita version, this is the PlayStation blog after all. But instead you saw fit to make a promise you couldn’t keep and have soiled the trust of consumers who might otherwise have been happy to support your game.

      It’s not so much that you’re not doing a Vita version. It’s the way you handled the situation. A last minute cancellation is a terrible way to go about things considering you clearly knew way beforehand since all the PR about the game only ever said PS4. Making the promise in the first place, when you weren’t sure you could do it, was a bad move and has only disappointed people.

      You claim to be upset about it, but I don’t think you’re as interested in the Vita as you claim. Otherwise we’d be seeing games from you on the platform, but let’s face it you’re probably never going to touch it again given your experience with Galak-Z.

      In short: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

    • Ignore the haters…every thread on this page has countless people lamenting the Vita when it has been clear to anyone that has experienced a generation or two when a console or portable is in its death throes. People need to accept that outside of Remote Play and cross-buy indie titles, the Vita is over as a platform. There’s no reason why any independent studio should go out of business developing for it. It just wasn’t in the cards. There are way too many people here that are getting much too high off their sense of entitlement, when the writing has been on the wall for years.

    • I would argue that there are still many great games available for the vita, both indie, digital, and physical releases. I love all my weird Japanese ports (not imports) that come over for it and I’ve got a library of PS1 RPGs on it as well. I use it for Hulu, and on the go entertainment. It’s ideal for me. I don’t think anyone needs to acknowledge it’s so called “death throes” so much as the fact that it’s probably not a system they’re going to fully utilize to their own personal enjoyment. I love mine, I have no issues, I have a library of 20 physical games alone, not counting the classics or indies or digital releases and I enjoy them all immensely. I do find it incredibly discouraging that everyone is apparently an expert on game development and Public Relations, and how someone else feels on a project they worked hard on that just didn’t pan out. Get. Over. It.

      That rant aside, I’m SUPER pumped for Galak-Z. I have been since it’s first announcement and while it sucks it isn’t coming out on Vita, I totally get it. I can’t imagine it feels great for you guys, but either way I’m getting it on PS4 and that’ll be awesome! Soooooooon.

  • This looks amazing; like a colorful complex version of luftrausers, hope this is another step towards getting more mecha games on ps4 and vita (please release the gundam breakers stateside and give us an update on the ps4 gundam game shown off at the ps4 launch

  • Kind of snarky for PS blog to inline imgur pics IMO. Sure, it’s a great way for regular people to share images, but I’m sure Sony can afford their own bandwidth.

  • I hace mixed feelings forma this game, it’s my most anticipated game this year but the last minute cancelation of the vita versión pissed me off. I will wait for a psplus discount before buying

    • It’s already discounted for pre-order, and I agree it’s a shame about the vita thing but why do all you people have to act like this is something they did JUST TO SPITE YOU. That’s absurd and churlish.

  • Love the Mech mode! Thanks for the free theme. It’s gracing my screen right now and looks great! C’mon 7/28!

  • Dang. This is the perfect type of game to play on Vita. With the little time I have to sit in front of my TV with my PS4 & PS3, I’d rather be playing the big, bombastic games like RE Remaster, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Bioshock Infinite, etc. (my backlog is huge) as well as the upcoming Uncharted games (trilogy and 4). It’s too bad my wireless network (home electronic interference?) sucks too much to get much out of Remote Play. Please reconsider developing this for Vita… I don’t mind waiting a couple months after it hits consoles, but late is better than not at all!

  • Oohhhh! Me likee likes!

  • I’ve played this before… when it was called THEXDER!

  • This needs physical retail in the worst way.

  • What a great reveal to draw us back in! The wait was worth it!

  • Still a few weeks away. :(


    Don’t give us any crap of, well there is remote play. The only system I was interested in getting this on was my vita. Good luck guys, but I’m done supporting developers that make promises and change their mind.

  • No Vita no buy for me

  • It really sucks that it’s not going for PSVita. That would’ve been perfect. Oh well…

  • Really disapointed this isn`t coming to PSVita anymore… really disapointed!

    Get it back on your plans please!

  • If it were coming to the vita as well then i would’ve bought it day one. But now I’ll wait for it to go below $10.

  • Projects have scopes and scopes change. Deal with it. If they kept the mech part hidden for so long, i have to give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to everything else including vita cancellation. What other things are they hiding?

  • Also from experience, i’ve learnt to never take anything developers say as promises. Take it with a grain of salt till you see results. Makes life easier.

  • NO VITA NO BUY, for me as well. Sorry remote play doesn’t count. If you decide to change your minds I will be on board but as it stands I wish you the best of luck.

  • WHAT? NOT ON VITA ????????????? IIs this true?
    The Perfect game for the vita is a Ps4 exclusive…just Ridicolus..

  • Been waiting for this game so long. It’s finally almost here! Next week is going to be sweet!

  • I’ve a PS4 and usually I wouldn’t say no to a mecha game, however the PS Vita version is the one I wanted so:


    • Then you’re missing out on a great game. I wonder if you even notice how you and others like you limit your overall enjoyment of things.

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