PlayStation Blogcast 172: Hollow Fragment++

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PlayStation Blogcast 172: Hollow Fragment++

We have so much to talk about this week! Nick reflects on his long, personal journey with N++ and its impending (and anticipated) launch. Justin continues to obsess over Rocket League. Ryan is almost finished reading The Dark Tower. And Sid reveals a sauce recipe that’s not really a recipe. All this and more, so download and enjoy the show!

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Street Fighter V
  • Rocket League
  • N++
  • Tembo the Badass Elephant
  • Journey
  • PlayStation Vue
  • The Dark Tower
  • Sid’s Groceries

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The Cast

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the show!

  • Justin Massongill


  • Any sarse talk today? Guess I’ll have to listen to find out!

  • The quote “.. the thing about Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in” is from an episode The IT Crowd! I guess I’m an ‘in the know listener’… What do I win?

  • Hey guys! Just a heads up. At about 50 minutes you play a voicemail from Ethan (if that is his real name). Anyway, the audio from this voicemail only plays through the right audio out.

    I listen while at work through only one earbud, I though the blog cast stopped for awhile because all I heard was silence.

    Keep up the great work fellas!

  • By the title I thought you guys were gonna talk about SAO: RE: “Hollow Fragment” which is coming next week for PS4. It’s cool though.

  • Remember Headplay? No one does.

    I do. When I was going to buy it, the website has vanished and was only in the way back machine (website archival website)

    If Morpheus is more than $300-400 dollars and if it doesn’t work like a HMD (Head mounted display) I.E. being unable to watch movies, or play games without disturbing others… (ah who am I kidding FFXIV is what I’ve been playing almost exclusively lately)

    Imagine being able to hook up a Vita TV to the Morpheus and being able to play portable games, away from home, on a bigger field of view than you would have at home. Awesomeness.

  • Thank you for reading my comment (in this weeks feedback), even if no one could remember what it was referencing. Last week the Blogcast was talking about the “PLAY” promotion and Sid was trying to recall the word Quartet. He resorted to calling the group of games a foursome. Now I am immortalized for injecting unneeded snark. Keep up the good work.
    P.S. I’m a fan and much less of a jerk than I come across as.

  • You guys really crack me up. Awesome stuff once again.

  • Another great episode, lots of funny moments especially Sid’s “hey Amazon, send me random stuff” grocery list.

    Also, quick shout out to Squares which released on vita last Tuesday. It’s a simple, addicting, and challenging game where half of the fun comes from finding clever ways to quickly beat the levels (hint: you may wanna set your vita down on a table and use two hands for some). I say if you’re a fan of something like Smart As, Frobisher Says, or even Welcome Park, you’ll probably enjoy this as well (and it’s only 5 bucks!).

    Finally, I’ll throw in a vote for the trivia idea. I remember a while back you guys tried to do something like that among yourselves and I was cracking up the whole way though!

  • Sid’s groceries are the new sauce. I can’t believe how amused I am by what’s in the box…

  • Great episode this week gents!

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