The Castle Game Coming to PS4 on August 4th

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The Castle Game Coming to PS4 on August 4th

Hello fellow PlayStation fans. I’ve been playing tower defense games for a long time, starting from the early days when they were popular as Warcraft and Starcraft mods, then as Flash games, and lately on mobile devices. What I love about them is that they are easy to pick up and play but can be pretty deep.

About two years ago, I decided to create one that is inspired by some of my old-time favorites, but with unique features to make it distinct. This wasn’t easy to do, especially on a console, but I believe we’ve made something truly enjoyable. And now, we’re super excited to announce the launch of The Castle Game for your PS4 on August 4th.

What are the unique features? Well, ever played escort missions in a tower defense setting? Imagine using the defenses and walls to keep the enemies out, but also having safe and open paths for your allies to run through. Or how about having all the structures be destroyable? Now, some enemies are pretty dumb and will follow the path you cleverly designed, but the smarter ones will take out any structure that can pose a threat to them. So now you have defenses that can be damaged. To balance things out, you are given a giant hammer that can quickly repair structures. Engineers are also available to auto-repair any damaged structures nearby

The Castle GameThe Castle Game

Repairing is just one of the few “battle actions” in The Castle Game. Other actions include a highly addictive lightning spell, focus fire which makes nearby defenders focus on a single enemy, the ability to call in reinforcements, a pretty cool Phoenix spell that is kind of like an air-strike, and a super-powerful Chaos spell that you’ll end up just itching to use as soon as it’s ready.

Did I mention that all the defenses and spells can be upgraded through the Armory? These baddies just don’t stand a chance when you have a fully upgraded Catapult with the Chaos spell activated. Just don’t let a Corruptor sneak in and mind control that Catapult.

With three different game modes, a huge arsenal of defenses including ranged and melee defenders, traps, and spells, and a wide variety of enemies that can bomb, freeze, and take control of your defenses, we think you’ll have a blast building and defending your own castle on August 4th.

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  • This looks like a fun new entry in a well-liked genre (by me, at least). Are there any aspects of the DualShock 4 that make this game easier to control? When they first announced the touchpad I kinda thought games like this would be a good fit for that input option. Oh also, by any chance is there any local co-op in the game? Congrats on your upcoming launch!

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva

      Thanks. We did spend a lot of time making the controls work really well for the DualShock 4. In fact, I like using it to play the game than any other controller. For the touchpad, we wanted to do something special so we tried a few things, like being able to target air units with spells, etc. Unfortunately, we found that using the touchpad for those one-off spells didn’t feel right. It was a bit forced. We decided to forego that for now, but it is always in the back of our minds to bring it back somehow. From our experimentation, we see that there can be some good uses for it in the future.

      No local co-op, as its just a 2 man team. But I can tell you there is a list of features we would love to do if we ever get a chance to do a sequel.

  • This looks really great!

  • This looks super polished. I really like the art style, brings me bad to the War3 mods of old. Love it, will be keeping my eye on Aug 4th

    • Vita by chance in the future?

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva

      No plans for Vita yet. We’ve got so many requests for it though, so if the PS4 release does well, I think we would consider it. I have one sitting beside me. I would love to put it on it.

  • It looks interesting and fun.

    This is to the developer. Give us the ability to be the bad guys storming the castle. This will require for procedurally generated castles on the Computer end with AI to boot, but would make this a super interesting mix.

    Defend or Destroy the Castle.

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva

      Cool idea. Could imagine it being like a hero-based game where you can level up your character, get some allies, and storm castles. :)

    • If a second player could play the game as usual, there would be no need for game AI to be developed (as long as you have another human to play with).

  • Probably a PS Plus game of the month.

  • From the video, it seems one of your “old time favorites” is Rampart (NES).

    I also would love to see this on the vita but it’s now on my radar for the PS4.

    • Ayngaran Vamatheva

      I was constantly YouTubing Rampart videos when we started development and throughout. It was an inspiration for sure. At one point, we had ships instead of ground attackers, but decided that it would limit us too much in terms of enemy design.

  • Reminds me of Rampart from back in the day! Loved that game if that captured the spirit of that in any way this game will be great. Looking forward to seeing more!

  • hey guys – as many announcements on psn i cant find a price here.
    Would be nice if sony keep the price detail as a requirement for new announcements.(in all regions)

    For customer its bad everytime

  • That looks pretty nice! Add another vote for Vita!

    Don’t have a PS4 yet, but putting it on my games to look out for when I finally upgrade. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the preview, looks like a great game in my favorite genre, tower defense! Any idea on price yet?

  • Looks pretty well done and a perfect fit for Vita indeed.
    Not ma kinda of game though.

  • Love the way this one looks. I was looking forward to a great looking game that was to be released next month, but I found out this morning that it contained Strong Language which is always an instant no for me (not sure why so many developers feel it best to include such language, but that’s their call), so I came to the blog to see if there were any good looking games to replace the other title I had planned on purchasing, and I have to say this one fit that bill perfectly. Can’t wait to try this game!

    Also on a side note, I adore the graphics style here. It looks just real enough to be cool and just toony enough to instantly pique the interest of someone who appreciates a good light hearted fun game. Beautiful art style.

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