Conversations with Creators Episode 3: Treyarch

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Conversations with Creators Episode 3: Treyarch

Hello PlayStation Nation! At Treyarch we’re constantly challenging our team to do the best work of their lives with each and every game we create. Last month, we had a chance to sit down to discuss how we make games and our ambitions for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 with host Wil Wheaton as a part of the original series Conversations with Creators. That episode is now available for FREE on your PS3 and PS4 through PlayStation Store and at the YouTube link below:

Conversations with Creators Episode 3: Treyarch

From the origins of the Call of Duty franchise, to the introduction of Zombies, to our latest creation Black Ops 3, with three distinct game modes, we discussed all things that make Treyarch Call of Duty games unique and a ton of fun to play.


And something cool for the fans from our friends at PlayStation: beginning this afternoon, PlayStation Store is discounting a TON of iconic Call of Duty games and DLC, including the first two installments of the Black Ops franchise.

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The Call of Duty community’s support and passion has always meant a lot to us, and helps fuel our drive to deliver the signature Black Ops experiences you’ve come to love and expect. I hope this conversation further fuels that excitement, and come this November you’ll once again join us for Black Ops 3. We hope you enjoy the show!


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  • I am disappointed by the lack of popped collars.

  • madmanwithabox12

    This series has been pretty disappointing. Will Wheaton is great and the idea of the show is fine, but the developers you’re talking to aren’t the most interesting honestly. I love Naughty Dog, but Bungie and Treyarch? Really? What about Rockstar North? Rocksteady? Insomniac?

    • Hmm rockstar is as bad as bungie and treyarch…insomniac well better.Now Rocksteady would be some devs worth listening to…make it happen Sony.

    • “Rockstar is as bad as Bungie and Treyarch”….I really hope that’s a joke.

  • I’m watching it now. This is a really great episode! I can really feel the passion this team has for the game. I’m not a big COD player but this conversation has really captured my attention for the new Black Ops game.

  • Gotta say one must have a lot of time to spare to stop and listen to treyarch speaking.This episode is an even worse idea than bungie’s.

    Santa Monica
    Media Molecule
    CD Projekt Red

    Those would be some episodes really worth to watch.

  • If you, the Dev, turn off Aim-Assist like in COD4 I’ll buy your casual games again. If not, I won’t and you’ll continue to make millions. Casuals and MLG ruined a once great series.

    • Yay! We got the elitist gamer comment within the top 5! Now that I know you’re a serious gamer, I respect you so much more. Let’s be friends.

      Or, you know, people could enjoy games they want to play in the way they want to play them. Because video games should be fun.

  • I really like the concept of the show and unlike some of the people above I appreciate all the developers on the show so far.

    I just wished the conversation was more in-depth and really about the development of the games, or had more inside stories that are interesting. Those interviews are a bit “too corporate” and superficial, specially given the length of the show.

    Also, it is a bit ironic to see a sale on COD: ghosts and COD: advanced warfare, as neither of these games was developed by Treyarch.

  • ooohhh

  • Awful show. Terrible idea. Wrong developers. -_-

    Utter garbage. SMH

    PS: Bring back Qore, dammit! >_<

    • I don’t necessarily agree with the other things you said (about this ‘conversation’; and the concept in general); but I certainly must absolutely agree with your call to bring back Qore!

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