A New Challenger Joins Street Fighter V: Introducing Necalli

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A New Challenger Joins Street Fighter V: Introducing Necalli

Hey everyone!

Big news coming from EVO 2015! We are pleased to announce the first brand new character for Street Fighter V; meet Necalli!

Street Figher V: Necalli

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Hailing from a mysterious background, Necalli utilizes a wild, animalistic fighting style to brutalize his opponents. There’s no finesse here as all of his attacks have been forged through the heat of battle to inflict maximum pain upon his opponents. However, beneath the surface of the crazed warrior lies a hidden genius that is unleashed upon V-Trigger activation.

Street Figher V: Necalli OverheadStreet Figher V: Necalli V-Trigger

Players who enjoy a straight forward, hard hitting character will feel right at home with Necalli, as he possesses a wide variety of savage, close range attacks, as well as a command grab, all with the goal of demolishing his foes.

V-Skill: Culminated Power

Street Figher V: Necalli V-SkillStreet Figher V: Necalli V-Skill

  • Necalli pounds the ground with both fists, creating an explosion from the ground that damages the opponent. By holding the joystick left, right or leaving it at neutral, players can control the distance the explosion travels, allowing him to pressure opponents from afar.

V-Trigger: Torrent of Power

Street Figher V: Necalli V-TriggerStreet Figher V: Necalli V-Trigger

  • Necalli channels a mysterious energy that warps his hair color and completely changes his personality for a short period of time. While in his powered up state, he gains access to new combos, new frame data, and even a new Critical Art!

The many mysteries surrounding the character’s origin and storyline will be revealed in due time, so stay tuned for more information! We also revealed a lot of details at EVO regarding Street Fighter V’s brand new approach to post-launch content, so be sure to give it a read here in case you missed it.

Finally, the first online beta program for Street Fighter V is nearly upon us! Running for 5 days next week, starting on July 23rd (18:00 PT)/July 24th (03:00 CEST/10:00 JST), the first online beta will be exclusive to PS4 users and initially feature four playable characters (Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash, M. Bison), with an additional two (Cammy and Birdie) being rolled out on July 25th.

As a reminder, North American fans who pre-order the game through select retailers or the PlayStation Store will be granted automatic access to the beta. While signups are closed in Europe and Asia for this beta test, keep an eye out on www.streetfighter.com for announcements of the next one.

See everyone online!

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  • Wow. Looks crazy. Can’t wait to try him out.

  • Hailing from “Parts Unknown?” Necallis just may be the Ultimate (world) Warrior…

    • His name means battle in Aztec so that should let you know where he is from.

    • @bloodbath666

      I was actually thinking the he be from the Aztec’s. They had a lot of snake designs on their pyramids. Especially with the level shown.

      Other thoughts would be Egyptian, but that is just going by the heavy snake relation.

      Of course Orochi is popular, but I doubt Capcom would go that route at this point woth Street Fighter. Still he looks insane. I cannot wait.

  • So when will you guys be fixing Ken’s hair and face?

    • Nothing wrong with it. A lot of people like it, a lot of people don’t. Nothing wrong with that, plenty of other characters and you can’t please everyone. He looks bad ass to me. Maybe they could fine tune the actual thick strands a bit, but overall look is great — including face.

    • Disagree. If Ken is billed as American to Ryu’s Japan, there is nothing about Ken that looks even remotely American.

    • Fret not…you know DLC costumes are coming lol.Plus…whats wrong with his face?

    • Hopefully soon. To @thunderbear, hope they don’t completely destroy your favorite character. Ken, my favorite character, looks like crap now.

    • @Gamer_USA: You know Ken is half Japanese right?… Of course not.

    • Gamer_USA-, Ken is Japanese. He may be into American culture, but he isn’t American.

  • wow. He looks like Akuma+Blanka in his v-trigger state.

  • BERSERKER BARRAGE! Wolverine would be proud. Looks like I might have a new fave character. Also, did he go Super Saiya-jin God mode?

  • Wow he looks sick! I’m so hyped for sf5 I can’t contain myself.

  • Hmmmm….this looks nothing like, Karin. >_>’

  • amarant in street fighter? FFIX REMAKE CONFIRMED!

  • Call me crazy, but this kind of reminds me of Blanka like if he was in “human” form.

  • Is that JBA Battle Tendency’s Kars ?

  • I think the newcomers should be the last ones revealed :(

    People wants the characters to return like R. Mika, Karin, Alex, Urien.. not some Random Taz-Mania :(

    Where is Ingrid?

  • Broly & Blanka’s son.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    Hello Peter Rosas,

    You seem to have got somebody’s fan-fic Blanka redesign mixed up with that awesome new R. Mika reveal we were all excited about. Please delete this blog post and try again.

    Thanks :)

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NEW CHARACTER REVEAL!!! I’ll be pre-ordering today just for this! The beta roster looked a little too “SF4” to me until this point.

  • This new character looks kinda awesome! His feral fighting style reminds me a bit of Wolverine from the Marvel fighting games, which is a good thing. Also, it’s good to know Jamie Lee Curtis will have someone new to cosplay as next year ;-)

  • Looks awesome. Kinda reminds me of Monstar from Silver Hawks ( yeah I’m old)

  • Also the beta codes hould be sent out today. So get ready for it.

  • With Street Fighter being so popular on the PS4 now, I’m surprised Capcom hasn’t brought over more games…

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
    Street Fighter III Online Edition
    Marvel vs. Capcom Origins
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    ^ from the PS3 digitally/physically updated to the PS4 ver.

    And then given us new games either physically or digitally like (of course polished up and whatnot):

    Street Fighter Alpha 3
    Capcom vs. SNK Pro
    Capcom vs. SNK 2
    SVC Chaos
    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

    Heck, they might as well do a “HD Remix” release for the original Street Fighter and give it like a new select screen, proper controls, etc. That would be cool…sorta? =D

    • You do know it’s impossible for Capcom to touch the Marvel vs. Capcom games or anything with Marvel in it right? Disney has the rights. They won’t allow it.

    • You want them to recycle games?…pff ain’t SF4 shameful enough?
      Gotta agree with you in the old games though…damn how I would like a HD version of Capcom vs. SNK Pro.

  • Looks like Blanka and Asura fused together in Super Saiyan 4 form.

  • Nice,a new character thats the way to go capcom,was expecting a trailer though…anyway pretty cool Necalli looks cool.And you deluded everyone with that lil teaser in the end of Ken’s trailer hu….everybody (including me) thinking it was Akuma haha nice job.

  • I’m not playing a beta ever again don’t even care what it is for or what game it supports. Also this game is another 8 months away if it doesn’t get delayed. Need a demo sometime between now and then… Also I wish Capcom would start making Mega Man games again he just died Oh and make sure there on PlayStation and not some other console needs a reboot. Capcom finally seen there errors I don’t think so. I still see loads of DLC for this game. Outfits any one!!!

  • Why did people assume it was E. Honda? Or was it because it was the painting on his face?

  • Kinda sounds like Sol Badguy

  • whoa. carrot top looks bad ass! does he have his props?

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