Never Alone Gets New DLC, Comes to PS3 & PS Vita

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Never Alone Gets New DLC, Comes to PS3 & PS Vita

Since we launched on PS4 in November 2014, our team has been delighted at the audience Never Alone has found on PlayStation. We’ve received wonderful and supportive feedback from players, including many who felt a personal connection with the themes of the game, which was developed inclusively with members of the Alaska Native community. We were a PS Plus free game for the month of April, and seeing the PS4 community embrace the game was both exhilarating and a little overwhelming. All of this makes it especially exciting to talk about two upcoming Never Alone releases for PlayStation: Never Alone: Foxtales, our first DLC, and Never Alone for PS3 and PS Vita.

Never Alone: Foxtales

Throughout the development of the original Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna), we immersed ourselves in hundreds of Alaska Native stories before deciding to base the game on the tale of Kunuuksaayuka. Never Alone: Foxtales features three new levels, inspired by another of these amazing stories. Working on Foxtales has given our team a chance to build on the elements of the original game that players really responded to with more complex and varied puzzles, new abilities for each of the characters and new environments.

We decided to base Foxtales on the story of ‘The Two Coastal Brothers,’ as told by Willie Panik Goodwin, Sr. The interdependence between the two brothers in this traditional tale was really compelling because in many ways it reflected the interdependence between Nuna and Fox. One brother is an excellent hunter and fighter. The other is a strong swimmer. To defeat the main antagonist, they must work together, each of their unique talents supporting the other and ultimately proving crucial to their success.

Never Alone: Foxtales

This idea of interdependence is not only an important theme in many Alaska Native tales, it also creates opportunities for fun gameplay. We found that players of the original game responded best to puzzles that required them to use the special abilities of the two player-controlled characters in unexpected ways. We were able to create more interesting and varied puzzles in Foxtales by embracing this approach, casting Nuna and Fox (the main characters of the original game) as the two characters from the traditional story and giving each character new abilities. Nuna, for example, can row and steer an umiaq (a sealskin canoe) and Fox can interact with spirits to change the flow of underwater currents.

As all this talk about canoes and currents implies, Foxtales is set in a different (and decidedly more nautical) environment than the original game: the waters and coasts of Northwest Alaska. At the risk of stating the obvious, Alaska is a pretty big place and is home to a diverse set of terrain and environments. Those environments also change with the seasons, so things aren’t as uniformly snowy as in the original game (which did involve finding the source of an endless blizzard, after all).

We made a decision early in our design process to set Foxtales not only in a different location but also in a different season: the Arctic spring. This not only let us include new game mechanics, but also let us develop art and level designs that depict the beauty of Alaskan environments that couldn’t have appeared in the original game – like an arctic prairie with the first blooms of spring peaking through the snowpack, the rapids and waterfalls of a river fed by melting snow or the subterranean lair of an unexpected new villain.

Never Alone: Foxtales

Never Alone for PS3 and PS Vita

One of our hopes for Never Alone is that the game introduces Alaska Native culture to audiences that may not have been exposed to it before. To that end, our team has started work on bringing Never Alone to two additional PlayStation platforms: PS3 and PS Vita. Our progress has been encouraging, and we expect the game to be available for both platforms this Fall.

The original Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is available now in the PlayStation Store for PS4. Never Alone: Foxtales will be available as DLC for the original game on PS4 through PlayStation Store on July 28th, 2015. Have questions about Never Alone and Foxtales? Let us know in the comments!

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  • is this a free dlc?

    • If ever there was a game that didnt warrant dlc, its this. The original was priced too high for the content. I played it from plus. Glad i didn’t pay for it. The game aint bad, its just average. Unless, i guess, if you’re alaskan. I cant see spending more than a dollar for dlc. Given the games price, though, i bet its five bucks.

    • Kai – DLC will be priced at $3.99 in the US (or equivalent elsewhere).

  • Good news! Me and my little brother had a great time on couch cooping this game!

    In time, what is the DLC price?

  • will the ps3 and psvita be crossbuy, if i had it on ps4, do i get it on ps3 psvita for free?

  • the trophies for ps3 and psvita are stackable? or conjoined with the ps4 version?

  • What about Cross-Buy for the PS3 and Vita versions? Am I entitled to those if I already bought it on PS4?

  • What a nice surprise! Can’t wait to try it out when the DLC releases.

    And my almost-dead Vita says “thank you”!

    Excellent work, guys!

  • I feel bad for anyone that dismisses indie games immediately and maybe didn’t try this when it was free on Plus a few months back (or for all of you that feel ‘entitled’ for cross buy and only care about trophies. Grow up.)
    This game was AMAZING and blew me away with how unique it was. It also looked incredible. Great story too. I’ll be getting this day one.

    • This is absurdly rude. The only person who mentioned the word entitled was ASKING if he was entitled, not FEELING entitled. There’s a significant difference between the two. Take your own advice and grow up, buddy.

      It is a VERY valid question. Will the trophies be joined or separate, and will the game be crossbuy. If the guy had said ‘this game had better be f***ing crossbuy’ you’d have a point… but he simply asked ‘is it crossbuy?’

      And, speaking as a gamer on a budget, knowing the answer to that question is important to me as well. Not because of entitlement, but because I want to know whether my already stretched wallet will be stretched further if I decide to pursue the Vita version.

  • Aaaa im so happy!!! I had wanted this game since I found out about it but sadly don’t own a PS4 yet. I’m really thrilled to hear about it coming for PS3 and Vita!!! Will definitely buy from day one!!!

  • What an unexpected surprise! This is really a great game!

  • Great game! Story, graphics and gameplay! Thank you for the new DLC.

  • Can we get a demo for the PS3?

  • even for free i thought Never Alone was fodder. is this the type of games we will be getting on PS4 for the whole gen ? i wish this indie flood would stop. i can count the good indies on one hand.

    • Another gamer that just does not understand how Indies ADD and not subtract from our gaming ecosystem. For the love of god Indies offer additional gaming experiences not at the expense of AAA games. E-Line games has nothing to do with another developers AAA game being made or green lighted. No one is forcing to buy this game or any other Indie game.


    • Really, on one hand? I actually wanna hear this list then…

    • I can count the good indies, but it’d take my entire family’s hands to do so.

      That being said, indy games are not being developed by Sony Santa Monica or Ubisoft or EA. They’re being developed by small teams of individuals who, if they weren’t making indy games, would be producing NOTHING AT ALL.

      So basically if not for indy games, this generation would’ve had only a handful fo games so far. Would that have been preferable from your perspective? I know it wouldn’t from mine. My favourite game of last year is technically considered an indy game: Transistor. And my favourite from a few years back is an indy as well: Journey.

      Just don’t buy the indy games if you don’t want them, their existence is taking nothing away from you, I promise.

    • @Seluhir. SSM, ubisoft, AND EA all made or are making/publishing “indies”

    • @yowzagabowza
      Published yes. But made? No. If they’d made them, they wouldn’t be indies. The point is that indy games are not tying up the development resources of big companies, and so have no impact on THEIR ability to release games.

      Which is why I used the word ‘developed’ not ‘published’ in my initial quote. Thank you for trying to troll though. Good job.

  • My son and I had a lot of fun playing this game in COOP to 100%! Looking forward to this.

  • For those constantly complaining about indie games don’t buy them your problem is solved next.

  • Thanks for making this game. It put a smile on my face. I really liked the ‘Alaskan Stories’ videos.
    Take us on a trip to another culture in your next game.

  • I had a good time cooping this with my girlfriend. Depending on the price I might get this DLC.

  • This was a pleasant looking game I can remember contemplating buying; ultimately, for whatever reason, I didn’t. Then, as you note in your post, I ended up getting it for free with PlayStation® Plus. It was a fun to play, beautiful little game that I quite enjoyed; albeit a little short.

    I’m pleased to see that there is some DLC coming to the title and I’ll be happy to correct my earlier error by ensuring I purchase the DLC in support of your efforts and the game.

    Note: happy to see it coming to Vita too.

  • I really enjoyed this game. The videos were a great addition and I can’t wait to play this on my Vita. Thank you!


    The community is thankful!


  • Great news! I liked this game. I will buy the DLC, but what about Never Alone 2? Think about it!!!

  • This is some sweet and great news,I never expected DLC for Never Alone.Thats a nice way to show support for the game…Never Alone was and still is one of the PSN games I want to play most,sadly I still didn’t have the time to play it but I know its great…failed to support you guys when the game released,I’ll be sure to support you buying the DLC this time around.
    And huge thanks for bringing it to PS3 and Vita…any devs who show support for PS3 and Vita deserve applauses.

  • I played this with my son and it was good. Not great but I did love how the story was a tribal story passed down for many years and the history you get was fantastic. Game play wise… it was average; run and jump and crouch then run.

  • I loved this experience on PS4 and am extremely pleased I’ll be able to share it with my friends’ children who only have a PS3 or Vita! (Just make sure that I can buy a PSN code on Amazon so I can gift it to them!)

    Titles like Oddworld New n Tasty, Splice, and Stealth Inc 2 getting support across the platforms (even with staggered releases) makes me extremely loyal to those developers and publishers because I know they’ll be giving me more value on nearly every new title they can.

    I wish other indie devs would do this for bringing great titles like Pix the Cat, TxK, Super Exploding Zoo, Woah Dave, Bastion, Grim Fandango, Aqua Kitty, Rock Boshers, etc to PS3.

  • I am going to add fuel to the fire in terms of the “indie” comments made above as, for me, it is not that I detest indie games per say but rather that I detest “any” games that feature out-of-date and/or retro-inspired “1-bit” (sarcasm intended) graphics. Those games are an embarrassment as far as I am concerned and do a disservice to true capabilities of the Vita in the eyes of the public. If indie games were truly what the world was shouting for, as some commentators have insuitated above, the Vita would not be in the position that it is.

    Having said that, when i see an indie game that is graphically pleasing – recognizing that this is a subjective stance of course – I have no problem purchasing the game. In the case of Never Alone for the Vita, I will be purchasing it as I appreciate the effort that has gone into the artwork and I am also captivated by the storyline.

    • Have you played Hotline Miami? OlliOlli? Nidhogg? I’d find it very hard to believe someone could play any of those and call them “embarrassments”.

    • You think of Terraria as an “embarrassment”?

  • Is this game good? I have it sitting in my library and I don’t know if I should play it, I played it for like 5 mins and never got back to it. What do you guys say?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed Never Alone when I received it through PlayStation Plus a few months ago. I felt it was a great effort at telling a story in the form of a video game. The art style was nice, and the game was easy to grasp and jump in. The pacing was good–I could easily pick it up and whittle away at a level or two in just a few minutes.

    I also loved the cultural insights that were included. I watched all of them, and liked learning about the people and their way of life. This is something that you don’t see often in video games, but it fit in very well with this particular game.

    I look forward to the new content pack for the PS4 game, and hope that the PS3 and Vita versions will be successful as well.

  • Getting the Vita version for sure when it comes out. I was actually mad that I never tried out this game when it was offered for free on PS+ a few months back. So I can’t wait to see what it will be like to experience on the Vita, especially since the Vita and these types of games fit perfectly together.

    I do have one question though… when the PS3 & Vita versions arrive, will they also receive this new DLC content or will it be released sometime later due to the devs concentrating on the base game?? My hope is that the Vita version will also receive this new DLC (Foxtales) as it looks like it adds to what is already a unique gaming experience.

    • zepified – we’re focused on getting the core game on PS3 and Vita, we haven’t made a decision one way or the other on the DLC.

  • ^^^^continued^^^^

    And don’t listen to those above who see all Indies that don’t have advanced/pretty/shiny new graphics as nothing but a negative stain on the PS4. A true gamer plays games that are good/unique/creative/inventive/etc… and a LOT of the so-called “Indie” games that have released thus far on the PS4 are in fact some of the best pure gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Most Indie games are in fact more creative/original than the vast majority of AAA games that end up re-using old ideas/characters/gameplay methods/etc.. Games simply do not have to look or play a certain way to be considered good or worthy of existence. If all video games were forced to fit certain people’s criteria, gaming would have already died off long ago. I don’t care what anyone says or what kind of opinion they have, if a person can honestly say that a game like OliOli 2 doesn’t have its place or cannot perfectly compliment game library full of huge AAA games, then I don’t know how that person can consider him/herself a fan of video games.

  • Please make the Vita version support PSTV with local multiplayer; that is, multiple controllers with one PSTV system. Thanks!

  • Will PS3/PSV versions be “Cross-Buy” with PS4? Or sold separately entire?

  • Despite the cultural leanings and it’s “charm” this is still one of hundreds of sidescroller indie games that bring nothing more than the tired and worn to death :”push block against cliff to climb up”, and “run from rolling boulder and jump across chasm” gameplay.

    The ambition to have a game with a cultural/nature vibe is admirable, but the foundation of it being yet another sidescroller already limited it.
    Are sidescroller game kits the only type that are available for indie developers?

  • Two questions:

    Is it cross-buy? Ie, can I get the Vita version free because I own the PS4 version?

    Will Vita version have adhoc play?

  • I was hoping that other communities would get their chance to make a game based on their art and stories, and to have video clips to unlock and watch.

    This is also great news though, day 1 purchase for sure!

  • I will definitely buy this dlc. I found the original game delighful and enlightening, especially the Native interviews. Glad to hear about the revamped puzzles, too.

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