Goat Simulator Coming to PS4, PS3 on August 11th

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Goat Simulator Coming to PS4, PS3 on August 11th

Following a collaboration with Coffee Stain Studios, I am delighted to announce that Goat Simulator will be available on PS4 and PS3 starting August 11th!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Goat Simulator, perhaps you haven’t, but for those of you who have spent their days hoping to be a Goat, causing mayhem up, up, down, down, left right, left right of you — your dreams have finally come true! This is Goat Simulation on the bleeting edge of technology!

You Can Fly

No, really, you can. Be it by jetpack, hang glider or wrapping your insanely long tongue around a helicopter, you can take to the skies as a goat.

Goat Simulator

You Can Blow Stuff Up

Not only can you blow stuff up, but you’re also able to get up and walk away after being involved in an explosion; how many goats do you know who can say that?

Goat Simulator

You Can Headbutt Stuff

Well, at the end of the day, you are a goat…

Goat Simulator

You Can Do Cool Tricks Mid-air

Often compared with a popular skater game of years gone by, you can also do cool mid-air tricks in Goat Simulator.

Goat Simulator


Local co-op allows for two players on PS3 and four players on PS4 to share in the Goaty goodness!

Goat Simulator


We’ve been working on GoatVR for some time, and we’re pleased to debut it in the Playstation editions of Goat Simulator. GoatVR is the most authentic “simulated GoatVR experience” that doesn’t require a helmet or anything. Although it’s not quite ready yet we felt it better to stay ahead of the crowd and let it out into the wild.

We still need to do that part where it connects to an actual headset but for now you can enjoy a simulated GoatVR experience without it. We’ve also added a score multiplier to help offset the concerns we’ve had from a very few number of Beta testers that felt it was somewhat difficult to “see where you are going.”

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  • Couldn’t get the mobile version running on Vita?


    Thanks for Nothing

  • No vita version?


  • Yessss! Please tell me the giraffe is included!


  • Been on Xbox One for a while with mediocre reviews. The lack of vita version really bums me out.

  • Yet another game that would be awesome and more fun on the Vita. :\

  • Y’all can keep complaining about “no Vita version” on these announcements, but until you accept the harsh reality that only the small portion of folks who actually own a Vita actually care about it, you’re just spinning your wheels.
    It’s a mobile JRPG device. Period.

    • Please don’t hate on the Vita.

    • I think the fact that there are so many requests for Vita versions of games is because people who use them are very passionate gamers. They want more games for the device and not just JRPGs. Personally, I have close to 200 games on my Vita and I would consider only a few to be JRPGs.

      I think it’s telling that 4 out of the first 6 comments on this post are people asking for Vita versions. And as you’ve pointed out, it’s not just this post. It’s for all games announced that would be great on a handheld but for some reason aren’t.

    • @vongruetz: You’re not wrong: they’re certainly passionate. The problem is that I’m also not wrong: they’re too few for a lot of developers to take seriously.

    • There are plenty of good indie games that get a vita version. What are you talking about, face the harsh reality? I am just saying a game like this would be suited towards a handheld system.

    • Haven’t owned a handheld since GBA. You know right around the time I hit 20 and realized I didn’t need kid gaming utensils.

    • Not having a handheld makes you not a child? Not only is that the stupidest thing I’ve heard, I feel bad for you. Not owning a handheld is the only thing not making you a child.


  • This is such a ridiculous, but hilarious game. It kinda reminds me of PAIN, one of the first PSN games I had, but with more control and an open world. I’m glad we live in a time where such crazy games can exist :-)

  • need this on Vita

  • First there was Farming Simulator, and now Goat Simulator.

    What’s next, Duck Simulator, Hedgehog Simulator, Box Simulator, Coffee Table Simulator, McDonald’s Simulator, Grocery Store Bagger Simulator, Pizza Hut Simulator, Beer Simulator, and Change Lightbulb Simulator.

  • Can you go into detail about GoatVR? I have to say you have piqued my curiosity.

  • COOL! Can’t wait!
    My friend with an XBOX has been gloating about this game for a while, seems the type of game I’d get addicted to.

  • OMG!. I’ve been waiting for this!!

  • Count me among those who’d vie for a Vita version as well. It’s already on mobile devices (picked it up on iOS this morning, though I suspect it’d run like crap on my ol’ iPod), and the PSTV, underserved by Sony as it is, would allow for for that local co-op. Don’t even neeeed to put any touch controls in, though it would be hilar. So, please, consider it, or let us know why it was dropped if you had.

    I don’t doubt I’ll pick this beast up eventually, either way.

  • yay……………..

  • Played this on PC and liked it very much. It’s not graphically demanding, so I’d like to see it on Vita. Otherwise I’m gonna pass on this.

  • We reeeeally need this for PS Vita, then I would be able to goat whenever and wherever I want to goat.

  • Due to my terrible PC I had thoughts of buying it on Xbox One. I was actually going to today but now I wait… longer.

  • If what the dev says is correct no vita version because vita can not run unreal engine… Hum i think theres something wrong in here but cant quite puta my finguer

    • The unreal engine 4 is being ported to the Vita (supposedly) so, I guess there’s a chance we could eventually see Goat Simulator. It’d be super nice because I would love to play it on the Vita too.

    • The Vita does not natively support UE3. That’s always been the case. Some of the code is there, but it’s up to developers to put in the work to actually get it running. That takes more time, and more money that a small team like Coffee Stain probably doesn’t have.

      D11 did state that they could possibly work on a Vita version if the demand is actually there.

      +cowmamba – Not quite how it works. UE4 being ported wouldn’t benefit Goat Simulator in anyway. It runs in Unreal Engine 3. They would essentially have to remake the entire game in UE4, using whatever code the Bloodstained port devs come up with.

    • Minor correction – *Unreal Engine 3 does not natively support the Vita, not the other way around.

  • NO VITA?

  • Yep, this is what I purchased a PS4 for…

  • I gotta play this… I just gotta

  • Goat simulator??? whats next? lets go shopping at Walmart simulator??

  • We were really looking forward to sheep simulator!
    oh well, gues we’ll settle for being goats…

  • This game would be great on Vita. BTW @WAR0979 I’m 40 and do most of my gaming on Vita. It’s called career, family, mortgage & limited time

  • A Vita version would be grand.

    But that local co-op on the PS4 is very tempting indeed… I may need to take a closer look at this.

  • Already have it on my PC. I might consider picking it up again on PSN if it goes cheap enough but I was bored of it within a week.

  • A demo for the PS3 please

  • Heh, this game comes out on my birthday! :DDDD

  • Lol, this sounds so absurd that I might actually check it out just out of sheer curiosity.

  • How is this not on PS VITA?

  • Mark, I feel so bummed for Coffee Stain that you post this announcement about a truly fun and genuinely hilarious game coming to the PS3/PS4 and instead of excitement, it garners nothing but a boatload of grumbling. How disheartening it must be for Coffee Stain that they work for months and months away from their families and friends and all their hard work is met with disdain. It takes all the air out of their balloons to present their baby to the world and everyone craps on it. I’ve played Goat Simulator for iOS and laughed myself silly. I’ll be delighted to play it on the PS4 and can’t wait, and am really glad Coffee Stain made it available for the PlayStation. The more platforms on which I can be a troublesome goat, the better! Please tell Coffee Stain to keep up the good work, that there’re gamers out here who appreciate what they do, and that they’re a bunch a rock stars!

  • I’m excited as hell for this and Toast! keep these unique, quirky games coming — it’s what I love about PlayStation!

  • Any word on cross-buy between Ps3 and Ps4? thanks

  • Wait this game isn’t about Conor McGregor?

  • Any word on Goat Simulator’s price? Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Instead of complaining about never getting anything on VITA, why don’t you guys take all the money you’re not spending on VITA games and buy a system that companies actually develop for?
    You are a part of a rediculously small market that is failing it’s parent company by not being bigger. Why would they spend tens of thousands MINIMUM to make this for you when only a few hundred of the several hundred who own one would buy it? The loss margins would be immense.
    The company that MAKES THE VITA is slowly giving up on it (just like the PSP), just enjoy the ride and look forward their next mobile flop.

    Or buy a Nintendo handheld and get a third of the same games anyway.

  • Can you give any additional word on when Goatz and Goat Simulator MMO will be dropping on PS4?

  • what will the price be?

  • Just another nod for Coffee Stain to bring this over to the Vita. I’d easily pay $20 plus another $20 for Goat MMO.

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