God of War III Remastered Out Today on PS4

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God of War III Remastered Out Today on PS4

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of God of War, and we at Sony Santa Monica are proud to bring God of War III Remastered to PS4 today. For many God of War fans God of War III was one of the most epic titles on PS3, and the game is still one of our studio’s proudest accomplishments.

God of War III Remastered Out Today on PS4

For all of you that have joined the PlayStation family on PS4 recently, we hope that you become part of the Spartan army, yell “Zeus” to the heavens, and guide Kratos on his quest for revenge. And for the life-long God of War fans, we hope you enjoy reliving your favorite moments taking down gods and Titans alike as only Kratos knows how.

The team at Wholesale Algorithms has made God of War III Remastered sharper, more vibrant, and smoother. Now you can see every single detail of Kratos’ fiery blades in motion as he performs his incredible ballet of destruction. The gameplay, which targets 60 frames per second at 1080p, just feels better, and the animation of the characters look so much smoother — which as an animator is especially rewarding! We also added an awesome photo mode that allows you to capture Kratos and his unlucky enemies in great dynamic poses that you can save and share with your fellow Spartans.

God of War Posters
God of War Posters

To help us celebrate 10 years of God of War, we have partnered with IAM8BIT and artists Jim Rugg, Doaly, and Nimit Malavia to create their own inspired massive 24″ x 36″ movie posters based on God of War 1, 2, and 3. Today we are revealing the final poster from Nimit Malavia for God of War III, so be sure to check it out.

On behalf of Santa Monica Studio, we would like to thank all of the God of War fans who have supported us for 10 long years and we hope you all enjoy God of War III Remastered on PS4. We look forward to continuing this long journey with you.

God of War PostersGod of War PostersGod of War Posters

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  • “The gameplay, which targets 60 frames per second…”

    Translation: it doesn’t reach 60 frames per second.

  • “targets…”
    That is a good one, sneaky devs.

  • Still not buying unless they add some extra content or port it to the Vita. Granted, it would probably have to suffer a downgrade in graphics, but it would be worth it for a portable version. Besides, considering how the second one ended it doesn’t make sense NOT to have it on the Vita.

    • “how the second one ended it doesn’t make sense NOT to have it on the Vita.”
      -How so exactly?

      Also, as much as I love the VITA, this game would have a massive downgrade in graphics. The framerate would be bad, like Jak and Daxter: Collection bad, on PSV. I love the device, and yes there were two great GoW games on the PSP, but they were designed for it. To take GoW3 onto the VITA is not impossible, but probably would take more effort than porting it to the PS4.

    • @drd7of14 I’m not gonna spoil it, but the second one ended on a pretty big cliffhanger and unless you have a PS3/PS4 you’re SOL if you want to finish the story. Sure you could always youtube it, but what’s the fun in that?

  • Should’ve brought over Ascension with this. I’ll be buying this game but after a sale or price drop. $40 is not worth this right now.

  • Not for $40. You guys all suck with your pricing.

    • PrimeroIncognito

      You mean, the pricing that plummets to bargain bin levels after only a few months after release? Sounds great to me. Remember the 80s and 90s? No, you don’t.

  • I hope the “targets 60 frames per second” is just poor wording on the article’s part, but I’m sure if it was a solid 60fps, it would clearly state that.

    It will be pretty disappointing if a remake of a generation-old game can’t keep a solid framerate, especially considering that it’s a first-party game (and will be seen as such regardless of which outsourced dev studio’s name you stick in the article).


    • you’re right Immak, it isn’t locked 60fps, on the IGN review it says it drops sometimes

    • Thanks for the response. I guess that’s about as official of a confirmation that we’re going to get that the software can’t maintain a steady 60FPS. I’ll be skipping this remaster as I’ve already got the platinum trophy in the original release and don’t feel that $40 is a fair price for this particular bundle after finding out about the price point and the framerate inconsistencies. DLC content for GoW3 was minimal and framerate is important to me (especially in an action game), so I’m going to wait for it to show up on PS+ before I check out the new coat of paint.

    • The IGN review says the game is 1080p, includes all DLC, and “usually sits around 60 frames per second.” So it’s not a consistent 60 fps, but it’s close, so it’s not the end of the world. But I agree, “targets 60 frames per second” was a poor word choice because it sounds misleading.

      I think the game is aimed at people who owned a PS2 but skipped on the PS3 last generation and therefore played God of War I and II but missed out on III. But yeah, it would have been cool to see a collection of I, II, and III like they’re doing with Uncharted.

  • Still dont know how to justify $40 for this while uncharted has 3 games and is $60. I wil also probably wait till its cheaper.
    How can sony that owns both franchises reason this price difference between the two.

    • This is standard. Game collections are $60 and single remasters are $40. Why are so many people surprised. The bar has already been set well before now.

  • Would love to see it On PSVita

  • Wow. That pricing is just crazy for a single remastered game. If it included remasters of the the previous two games, and/or Ascension, maybe. But I’ll wait for a price drop on this one. thanks.

    • Isn’t $40 standard for a single remaster? Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Sleeping Dogs… they are all $40.

    • At least the Last of Us came with the Left Behind DLC, and all the multiplayer stuff. All your getting here is a slight visual improvement on a game that already looked great, and framerate boost. If you haven’t played the game before, that would be the only reason to buy this.

    • True, $40 is the standard price for single remasters. I think we’ve just been spoiled in the past because God of War Collection (I and II) and God of War: Origins Collection (the 2 PSP games) each included 2 remastered games for $40. And then God of War Saga was an amazing deal, combining those 2 collections with God of War III (unremastered) for only $30.

  • This is a really cynical remaster. I’ve seen the comparisons. The improvements are hardly noticeable. The only reason you are trying this is because you are also holding back backwards compatability.

    • Exactly, they need to make money on PS Now first before they decide to give us BC. There is a market for both so not sure why Sony is holding BC hostage, lol.

  • There was no need for this remaster to happen? PS3 are still around and cheap, this is a shameless cash grab, lol.

    • How is it a shameless cash grab? I know a lot of people who bought God of War 3 Remastered on the PS4 that never even had a PS3.

  • I’ve bitten on two previous Remasters (TLoU and Tomb Raider) and I don’t regret either one. However, now that we are over a year into this console generation, my gaming choices are more vast than they were at that time. As such, I have become more choosy with my gaming dollar because I have more options to choose from and the Canadian dollar blows. I believe that, I and other like minded gamers, no longer find this pricing strategy for remasters attractive or necessary given our gaming options. Something to consider I think.

    Fear not, I’ll pickup the game, but a little down the line (new) at a sale price.

  • #BetterPSN

  • “Targeted” 60fps lol

  • Remain’s one of my all time favorite games from last gen. Picked it up today and gonna start playing through it again tonight, and eventually platinum.

  • I don’t get it, why remaster the third and final game in a trilogy. Just seems like a lazy way to keep God of War relevant until the next one comes out. I would have replayed this if it included the first two games.

  • Why do you people even care so much about FPS when most of you are blind as a bat. You will definetly tell the difference between 55 and 60….

  • I would’ve paid $60 or more if this had 3D Stereoscopic support. I won’t even buy this for $5, it’s exactly the same game with no real improvement, 1080p 60fps does NOT justify anything. God of War Collection 2 had THE BEST 3D the PS3 has ever seen so it’s a shame you dropped it for Ascension and again here.

  • Did just play Gow Remastered and its little tweaks make such an amazing overall difference and experience. Yes the battles DO feel MUCH smoother and there is detail to everything around i failed to notice on the ps3 version. The only thing that felt odd was though you couldnt move the camera angles around much in photo mode. Other then that i recommend this to all people who played it on the ps3 as there is a NOTICEABLE difference and all those who own a ps4 out there ,this experience is not to be missed !

  • I’ll wait for the sale price since I’ve never played God
    Of War before. Unless there is a demo that I can test it out with.

  • The game is not running in fullscreen on my 32″ Toshiba HDTV. It has black bars around the borders. I’ve tried using the “screen location” sliders in the display options, but they don’t actually expand the image to fit my screen; they just move the whole thing up, down, left, or right. Is there a way I can fix this or should I just pray for a day one patch?

  • I love GoW III but 40 bucks and not even the multiplayer of Ascension? Sorry but no Sony… This is shameful and an insult to ur fans.

    I love sony but im not blind…. They are holding up Backwards Compatibility Just to keep F-ing us up with this “remasters” and to sell us Ps NOW subs!

    GIVE US BC and STOP THIS BS of Remasters! PS3 looked awesome, these games dont need remastering. let us play our ps3 games on the ps4!

  • God of bore ,uh no thanks. I’m waiting on Red Dead Redemption.

  • lots of salty people on here. get over it people. if you cant afford the price tag move along. If a $40 or $60 dollar game is breaking the bank for you or interfering with your budget then gaming ain’t the hobby for you. please realize that $60 isnt a lot of money.

    • What an obnoxious thing to say. “A lot of money” is completely relative. Some people cannot afford to, or simply choose not to, spend $40 on 7 hours of game (and that’s only if you haven’t already played it), and they reserve the right to express their opinion the same as you do.

      Regardless, the cost is not the issue – the *value* is. Not everyone feels that this is worth the price (and IMO they’re right, but again that’s opinion). Even just comparing it directly to other first-party remasters (particularly, TLoU) this pales in comparison in value for your dollar. If you can’t see why that is an issue, consider yourself very fortunate that you were born into a life where you have money to squander. I certainly do. I just chose to do so on a new game instead of God of War Halfmastered, on principle. =P

    • @Immak

      krisplettuce is right. If you can’t afford $40, how the hell did you afford $400 for the console? That’s like spending every last penny on the best car you could afford, leaving yourself without any money to fill the gas tank.

      Gaming is an expensive hobby. Always has been. If you can’t afford the cost required to maintain it, you should bail.

    • Again: I *can* afford $40. I’m aware that gaming is an expensive hobby, because I’ve been doing it for 30 years. In fact, I still have every major console dating back to NES in my house, and 8 (eight!) PCs. I’m at over $6,000 backed so far on Kickstarter; tell me if you think money is still the issue here lol: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/immakulate .

      Just one man’s opinion, but it would probably serve you both well to take some of the excess money that you have and work on some basic comprehension lessons. I will spend $40 on multiple meals this week, or happy hour drinks, or whatever; point is, it’s trivial. The money will get wasted, as I (again, thankfully) have it to waste. I just won’t waste it here, on principle.

    • A better, more pertinent example, since I’m sure some people here don’t relate to anything outside of PSN: http://psnprofiles.com/Immak (348 games). For comparative purposes: http://psnprofiles.com/PrimeroIncognito (214).

      I can’t find Krisplettuce’s profile though, but I’m sure it’s got less than 348 games listed on there. =P

    • Its not about the money, i would gladly pay $60 pr more for something more worth it, i have never played god of war, and i want to, but 1080p and 60 fps in just the third game is not enough for a buy no matter the price, i need at least the other games to understand doesnt matter if they are very old, and look outdated, then paying $60 would be an ideal price

    • @ Immak

      Err… dude, you took that too personally. Perhaps I should have worded my reply better.

      Although I was addressing your comment, it wasn’t talking about you, specifically. I was responding to your statement, “Some people cannot afford to…” This is what triggered an eye roll and the urge to post what I did. Not saying you specifically are a cheapskate, but the idea that someone can’t afford a $40 game after spending $400+ on the console has always come across as blatantly absurd.

      Many people have posted that exact sentiment in the past, so, it just reached a point where I felt compelled to say something.

      No beef with you personally. Glad to see a fellow 30+ year gamer who still supports the industry he loves.

    • @ Immak

      By the way, don’t be so hasty with that profile stuff. How many of those games on your profile did you get through Plus (not actual purchases)? Looks like at least 100 of them.

      My “Games Played” would be way over 350 as well if I booted up every single game I’ve ever received through Plus. I’ve barely played any of them.

      Not to mention, “Games Played” is a lot different from “Games Owned”. I still have many games (other than Plus freebies) that I’ve yet to boot up… Including a few retail games still in the plastic! :)

  • no thanks, 10$ would have been a better price. The master chief collection is standard, a GOW collection should be offered at $60.

  • Yet the same posters here were salivating over the 1080p/60fps upscale of TLOU and what a “HUGE” difference it made, lol.

    • It did make a huge difference! I had played it for a bit on the PS3, but bought the PS4 console bundled with the TLOU remaster and was blown away to the point that I played it straight through. The graphics, the sound, and the cool integration with dual shock 4 features – speaker, motion, led – took it to the next level.

  • I have always been on Xbox, and im pretty interested on God of War, but i have to admit im really thinking on buying or not. Why is that? I bought the halo master chief collection, 1080p and 60fps on four games, i bought the last of us remaster because it was the first and only game, and im thinking on uncharted collection wich includes every single game of uncharted.

    But with this remaster im not sure, I have no idea why kratos is trying to kill anything and i wont find out because i havent played the others, and im mexican wich means ps now doesnt exists on my country. So if its as they said and its for attarcting new people to the franchise then why only remastering the third? i need the other games or at least a good explanation of whats going on in god of war 3, or at least knowing the franchise will continue with god of war 4 and im not only going to play one game out of 6.

    So in my opinion its a little lazy and absurd only remastering the last game of a franchise and trying to encourage new gamers into it or getting to know the studio for them.

    • I’m with you as having never played GoW before. Starting with the 3 would be confusing. However, it has gotten so much good press that I want to try it to see it it’s fun.

  • 6 pack of beer $ 7.00
    Order out pizza $ 15.00
    Being a God of war = priceless.

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