Conversations with Creators Episode 2: Naughty Dog

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Conversations with Creators Episode 2: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is an incredible place to create. Since our inception, embedded in the DNA of our studio culture is a desire to create character-driven games, combining story with ground-breaking mechanics to evoke emotional connections with complex characters and captivate the player with powerful gameplay.

Conversations With Creators: Naughty Dog

Two months ago Evan Wells, Anthony Newman, and the two of us (Bruce & Neil) sat down with host Wil Wheaton as a part of the new original series, “Conversations with Creators” to discuss how these core Naughty Dog tenants paved the way to the creation of The Last of Us, the first three Uncharted games along with our upcoming sequel, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. That conversation is now available on the PlayStation Store on your PS3 and PS4 for free, and on YouTube:

Conversations with Creators Episode 2: Naughty Dog

We’re also excited to announce some discounts and free items hitting PlayStation Store today. First, PS3 owners will get three multiplayer map packs for The Last Of Us that were included in the PS4 version of the game for free. Those map packs include the all-new Abandoned Territories Map Pack, the Reclaimed Territories Map Pack and the Double Map Pack. Also, on PS4 and PS3, we are discounting The Last of Us: Left Behind Stand Alone for the first time since its release. All will be available to download from PlayStation Store this afternoon!

Conversations With Creators: Naughty Dog

As always, many thanks to the PlayStation Nation. Your support and enthusiasm fuels our passion to push the medium forward and raise the bar for narrative-driven games. I hope this conversation gives you a glimpse into our creative process.

Conversations With Creators: Naughty DogConversations With Creators: Naughty Dog

Neil Druckmann & Bruce Straley

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  • thanks for doing these Wil. best to you and yours.

    • should also thank all the game devs who gave their time to be interviewed.

    • Yeah, instead of first party content we see Will Wheaton’s tummy and his cute little tattoos. Imagine if this was 3D and you see his gut coming for you? “I was almost as famous as nobody! Am I nerd cred yet?”

      Insert Family Guy voice for Stewie…

      “Oh, hey, this is Will Wheaton and my sleaves accidentally rolled up to reveal these killer tattoos. Just happened that way. Am I a teenager? No, I am in my 40’s, why do you ask? Oh? Yeah, I see. Only someone like me would do this? Peace!”

  • Sorry, but I’m probably one of the few people who hasn’t played Last of Us. Not because I don’t think it’d be interesting or because of the graphics… But the Cordyceps is one of the few things that actually scares the crap out of me in nature, and I’m not ready to deal with even a fictional jump to humans.

  • Hey, Naughty Dogs… Do you think you’d ever go back to building a new Fantasy sort of world like with Jak and Daxter? I loved the creativity in the world of the Precursors and would love to see you guys invent a new and completely unique world to explore.

  • Loved it!! I could never get enough of listening to you, guys. Hearing how the creative process works for some of my favorite games ever is absolutely amazing. Thanks!

  • #BetterPSN

  • My absolute favorite developers! Uncharted is my all-time favorite series, even ahead of Zelda, Mario and Halo! The Last of Us was an absolute masterpiece as well. Can’t wait for Uncharted 4! But before that I’m gonna play through the first 3 all over again in the Nathan Drake Collection! Keep up the amazing work Naughty Dog!

  • I love Naughty Dog. I’ve never played any of their pre-PlayStation/JAM Software games, but everything from Crash Bandicoot to The Last of Us has been incredible. I can’t think of a bad Naughty Dog game. The Last of Us is still probably the greatest game ever made in my mind and takes it’s place deservedly in the upper-eschelons of gaming greatness. The Jak trilogy was fantastic on PS2 and even Jak X held together really well. Crash might have had a wobbly start, but Crash 3 is awesome and CTR is on par with Mario Kart and arguably better. Then of course there’s Uncharted, which is just an excellent series. 2 and Golden Abyss are my favourites (I know GA wasn’t ND, but it felt like it – mad props to Sony Bend for that one), but they’re all good. Basically I love what ND do, everything they stand for and I’m really excited to see where they go in the future and what’s next in store for us. Kudos!

    Will this show talk to any Vita developers at any point? Or is this very much another PS4 party like Underground and the Blog in general?

  • Wondering why the Left Behind stand-alone is on sale for $5, while the DLC version is still $10?

    • Better yet, why isn’t TLOU itself, Uncharted, Jak or anything else on sale? Just Left Behind has got to be the weakest ND sale I’ve ever seen in my life…

  • I would someday very much like to see a Jak and Daxter or new fantasy type game from Naughty Dog using all they’ve learned since Uncharted. I think it would be amazing.

  • Now this was a conversation

  • i would love to see a reboot of crash bandicoot …… that was my childhood. And not like the crash that was on the wii either …..(that game was trash)

  • Man. 11 total comments and how much money did Sony spend on the set alone?

    • @honkeyjeezus You really don’t have anything good to say do you? Second comment you posted that had no other motive than to be negative.

      My constructive feedback on the interviews so far, solely based on my own opinion of course; Too much praise for my taste. I don’t blame him for loving the game but tougher questions would be welcome. Like their MP hasn’t been as successful as their SP, maybe ask them why they think that is? Just ask some tougher questions. Does Sony instruct Whil not to ask any criticizing questions or is it just his enthusiastic personality? I’d like to learn a bit more of the inner workings of the studios than we get. We get a bit but I’d like get more.

  • When are we going to have a sale on The Last Of Us Remastered for early adopters of PS4? You are giving it away with every new PS4 purchases for awhile now. My PS4 purchase was not lucky enough to have this option.
    I could get a digital code for as low as $10-$12 through cdkeys or gamedealdaily. Should i buy from one of these questionable retailers or will you have a comparable deal soon? or is this game an upcoming IGC entry? Please let me know so I can witness Naughty Dog’s masterpiece for myself. Thanks.

  • Love the conversation and this series…

  • Now this is something worth to watch…not that bungie crap.Keep the “conversations with creators” with Sony devs only.Its good to see talented people talking.

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