PlayStation Underground: Super Time Force Ultra

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PlayStation Underground: Super Time Force Ultra

Welcome back to PlayStation Underground, our online show about video games! Today I’m pleased to host the time-traveling designer Kenneth Yeung from Capy Games. And in the spirit of time travel, we’re sharing this Super Time Force Ultra episode that we recorded ages ago. Thematic consistency!

On today’s episode, Ken showcases the crazy action, robots, dinosaurs, and — of course — time travel that make up the pixelated backbone of Super Time Force Ultra on PS4. As an added bonus, Ken breaks down each of the PlayStation-exclusive characters, including our friend and President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida. Yes, Shu is a character. Rejoice!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and remember that we’ll be back soon with more Underground in the weeks to come. Enjoy the show!

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  • “On today’s episode, Ken showcases the crazy action, robots, dinosaurs, and — of course — time travel that make up the pixelated backbone of Super Time Force Ultra on PS4.”

    And Vita…

  • I kinda love the look of this game, and the inclusion of Shu as a special character. He can tell me to #STFU anytime! :-)

  • This wasn’t really on my radar before. But time clones that stay on the field has definitely piqued my interest somewhat. That sounds like an awesome idea.

    Though the Journey character over someone like Ratchet? SSM clearly had their hands all over this.

  • Release date?

  • Ryan, you speak for me sir.

  • PlayStation TV compatible?

  • I want those Playstation symbol pillows. Badly.

  • This was great, and it made something clear to me. Between the video and other comments, it’s obvious that your audience loves the Vita. The developers love the Vita. The people who watch PlayStation Underground, who visit the Blog, who listen to the Blogcast, who take the time to leave comments on the site, they love the Vita. They are the “gamers” that PlayStation claims to be for. They’re not the “dude-bros” who buy a PS4 and kill it in multiplayer all day (though I’m sure they’re around too). And these gamers want the Vita recognized. They want somebody from Sony to stand in front of a camera and say, “The Vita is important to us.” That you’re not just going to talk about it because a dev brings it up, but because Sony shows that it hasn’t given up on it.

    • When that doesn’t happen, these gamers get disappointed. And they see things they love get ignored. Things with tremendous potential (PlayStation TV) get left out to die without a hint of recognition from SCE. So what is to be thought of future projects? You want to push PS Now? PS Vue? Morpheus? Pffft. Why? The audience you should be courting has been spurned because a trend has been established. 3D gaming? Move? Wonderbook? Vita? PSTV? Why will Morpheus be any different? Put some love into the devices you already have, make some small gestures to this hardcore community, and they’ll be onboard for what’s next. Continue to ignore consoles like the Vita, and they’ll be so cynical about the “next big thing” that you it won’t stand a chance.

      Also, Super Time Force Ultra looks fantastic. Like many others here (and the devs) I can’t wait to play it on my Vita and my PS4 (but mainly my Vita)

    • Im with You bro, but the question is: Sony is with us?
      We pay same money like Ps4 Owner but for Some extrange reason Sony realy Dont care about Ps vita Owners…. Men What kind of ridicolus situation, is like Ps vita is not a PlayStation brand console any more…

    • Very well said man. I am ONE MILLION % with you on this.

  • As a huge fan of Contra, I’ll be picking this one up for sure. I especially enjoy the ability to collect previous “time clones” to increase your power!

  • Well said, vongruetz!

    I’m buying this only for the Vita version, like so many games I’ve bought this year!

    PSTV is amazing and it’s a shame that Sony does absolutely no marketing of either it or Vita.

  • Not gonna lite, game looks hella fun

  • Referring to the PS Underground commentator mentioning Vita fans probably being appreciative of Capy Games making STFU available to Vita owners…

    Can I get a HELL YEAH!!! This game is an absolute perfect fit for the Vita and like with only a few other select Vita Indie titles (Guacamelee, Spelunky, Rouge Legacy and Shovel Knight), I cannot wait to get my hands on this game and play the frik out of it!! I also have faith that the creators of this game will ensure that the Vita version turns out to be a high quality port as slow down in a game like this would certainly ruin the experience. So yeah, thanx to everyone for making this game possible on the Vita. It’s good to know that there are still people out there who care about the Vita and are in a position to do something about it.

  • Looks awesome, Sir Gallahad is aces, Shu is fantastic also. I want this specifically for Vita, imagine having STFU, Axiom Verge, and Shovel Knight on the go. A retro bananza of pixilated perfection placed perfectly in your palms or pocket.

    When is the date??

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