Hatoful Boyfriend Hatches on PS4, PS Vita July 21st with New Content

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Hatoful Boyfriend Hatches on PS4, PS Vita July 21st with New Content

The teams at developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital are thrilled to announce that our remake of Hato Mao’s incomparable Hatoful Boyfriend will launch on PS4 and PS Vita on July 21st! Bird lovers around the world will be able to enjoy the romance of their avian suitors in luscious HD at home or on the go as Hatoful Boyfriend will be a cross buy title — grab it on PS4 or Vita and you’ll own it on both!

Hatoful Boyfriend will also include a whole new romance option featuring Tohri, a character that previously only appeared in the Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star sequel, written by original creator Hato Moa.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful BoyfriendHatoful Boyfriend

This new content means there is a whole new story path for longtime fans and new players to the series as well as a brand new ending. Explore questionable stalkers, bitter rivalries, and even doomsday devices in this exclusive new Hatoful Boyfriend content.

Keep tracking on all the news around Hatoful Boyfriend and the upcoming sequel Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, also due to arrive on PS4 and PS Vita later this year, by following @DevolverDigital and @Mediatonic on Twitter.

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  • This game is so great. i’m happy it’ll be on PS4. I’m going to play it a whole bunch, again.

  • is this a fan service/pervy/creepy game ?

  • Dragonslayer_023

    @2 It’s very feather service/pecky/beaky.

  • Dear Nigel:

    Im really excited about the launch of Hatoful boyfriend on PS Vita, but im curious about something.

    Will it have Playstation TV/ Vita TV compatibility?

    It’s a big factor for me, i might skip the purchase if i can’t play it on my TV


    • Just get a PS4 m80 :^)

    • RoboAddy should buy you a PS4 since he’s telling to simply just get one :P

      honestly speaking, I see no reason why this game should not work with VitaTV

    • Hmmmm, have to check actually to make sure it’s setup properly. We’ll note it on @DevolverDigital once we confirm with the developer.

  • This game needs to have a physical disc release on PS4 so that I can surprise friends with gift copies.

  • The concept of this game is kinda bonkers, but from everything I’ve seen it seems to work. Always glad to see more Vita <3 :-)

    • It’s certainly a funny title that very few will take seriously and slam it for no good reason. If you like it, great. If you don’t then shut up and let other people enjoy it while you play your mobas, ya ****** nerds.

  • madmanwithabox12

    I just want to point out that Devolver Digital are the best.

  • I’ve played some of it on PC, and it’s a very funny game. It knows very well that it is silly, and capitalizes on it. There’s a lot more to it than there seems at first. I highly recommend it. Stick with it to the end. All of the ends.

  • What’s the price?

  • This is so ridiculous… I WANT TO PLAY IT!

  • Definitely will pick this up, looks like something I’d have plenty of laughs with.

  • Devolver, you’re pretty effing cool. Did you know that?

  • This game sounds so unusual I’m kinda tempted to pick it up. And who knows, if I like it I may pick up the sequel as well!

  • Yo when was the other game release ?

  • Ah nvm

  • I’ll admit it sounds too quirky for me so I don’t know…but YAY! Something new on Vita is always a good thing.

  • I love these kinds of quirky, non-sequitur games that I’ve come to know on PlayStation!

    Is this is kid-friendly game? are there any options for GLBT romance? (These two questions are hopefully not mutually exclusive.)

    Will the art assets on PS4 be 1080p native? There’s been a couple of indie titles now that have 540p or 720p assets and it really distracts when shown/projected on a large display.

    • Most of it is kid-friendly, but the true route (which is the best part of the game) gets pretty dark.

      The player character is female and the romance options are all male. There is one optional ending where you leave with a female character, but it isn’t outright stated to be romantic.

  • Thanks for answering my question. Can’t believe your game is only going to be 9.99 (less with psplus discount). I expected something like 29.99-40$. You guys made my day. Will buy this day one and if it makes me laugh like I hope it will, I’ll get the sequel for sure. Good day.

  • Very well, I was interested in this anyway. But on a serious note, Vita deserves more from the Visual Novel genre, there’s so many English vn’s that aren’t 18+ and have great stories and plus they’re so comfortable on the thing. Like for example – Steins;Gate don’t even get me going.. That was an experience and to have it on Vita was perfect. And I’m not gonna complain it’s Psn only releases those would be welcomed so much. Anyway I’ll be getting a kick outta this once it’s out, good on Devodigi. Maybe sometime soon Sony’ll put TFoG on psn like SP requested

    • I’ve been wanting Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia to be localized for a while. They’re some of the most famous VNs, and are at a relative height of popularity because of the recent adaptations, along with having no official translation yet.

      I imagine that it has to be some sort of licensing issue, given that it still hasn’t even happened digitally (And there are plenty of great unofficial translations), but having that on the go as a “Western exclusive” would probably attract quite a bit of the fan base and get them to take another look at the Vita.

    • I agree. I’d especially love it if some older VNs/adventure games were ported to the Vita:

      – 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de
      – Twilight Syndrome series
      – The Silver Case
      – Clock Tower: The First Fear and Clock Tower 2
      – Snatcher
      – Ghost Trick
      – Phoenix Wright trilogy

      A port of 999 would also be cool, in preparation for Zero Escape 3.

      And give us some Western adventure games too! The Longest Journey, Full Throttle, along with the Sam & Max and Broken Sword games.

  • Excellent news!

  • $9,99? Getting it on launch.

    That price is sweet, and the game sounds pretty crazy.

  • S-So soon! Grief, I have so many big money-sinks that week… I may be delayed, but just as I purchased both game from DLSite, got the Humble pre-order of the Deluxe, I will surely get this. Nabbed a Vita last month or so, and it’s so good to have my games untethered from some setbox, coo~!

  • Is the Vita version compatible with PlayStation TV?

  • another day, another Vita game
    I love this so-called legacy console – please keep the games coming! :D

  • I have a bird watching friend that I’d love to give this to. Need gifting options on psn. But will probably get this. Can’t miss out on my pigeon romances. Haha. And 9.99 with possible better discount for plus. Win.

  • Well, Time To Grab my wallet to have my character’s head chopped off again by *SPOILER* YAY! Also Are There Gonna Physical Copies?

  • Is it English only? Would love to see a German version…

  • Will this be a Cross buy?

    • Yes, as anyone who spent 5 seconds reading could tell me. Don’t anybody look at me, I’m a moron.

  • As dumb as I think this game is. Its nice to see that a game like this can get recognition

  • Day one buy for me! I know it’s silly but is there trophy support?

  • Will the new Tohri route be avaliable on Steam as DLC or will it be exclusive to the psvita/ps4 version? I already have the deluxe edition on steam and I don’t really want to have to buy the game again.

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