Street Fighter V: Ken is Back

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Street Fighter V: Ken is Back

Hey everyone! Hot off the presses, the latest character in the Street Fighter V roster was just announced at the annual Street Fighter panel at San Diego Comic Con. We present to you: Ken!

With many of the series’ mainstays having already been announced for Street Fighter V, a lot of people were wondering if the master of the flaming Shoryuken would make it back this time as well. We are happy to inform you that he’s back in full force with a brand new look and a burning desire to light up the competition!

Employing a wide variety of fast moving, long range attacks, players who enjoy an aggressive in-your-face style of gameplay will feel right at home with Ken, with his flashy combos and big damage.

V-Skill: Quick Step

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V

Ken runs towards the opponent, closing the distance in an instant. Ken can also choose to step kick or input another attack closer to the end of his run!

V-Trigger: Heat Rush

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V

Ken channels flames through his entire body for a short period of time, which powers up his special attacks by increasing their number of hits and improving their trajectory, allowing him to perform even more damaging combos.

Also, just a quick reminder that the first online beta program for Street Fighter V will be PS4 exclusive and begins on July 23rd at 6:00 PM Pacific, running for 5 days. In North America, fans who pre-order the game through select retailers or PSN will be granted automatic access to the beta. In Europe and Asia, anyone who would like to take part in the beta should head over to and sign up for a chance to join the fight!

While the Spring 2016 release date is still a ways away, stay tuned as we’ll be making more Street Fighter V announcements very soon. Maybe as soon as… next week? J Be sure to tune into Twitch next weekend (July 17th~19th) as we hit the road for the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, EVO 2015!

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  • Is this Ken or Kenya? Not sure about that hair.. ;)

  • WOOT! Cant wait!

  • Any uncompromising GLBT characters?

    I like the look of the lighting — can you comment on the rendering tech used, and how the power of the PS4 hardware is being utilized?

    • rabidninjamonky

      If it makes you feel better, you can pretend Ken is transitioning into a woman. You can even call him Kendra if you choose.

  • Akuma at the end? Ken looks awesome. So excited!

  • Kahleb_al_Jihad

    Love ken, but you are not doing him any justice. Ken looks really bad, especially his hair. Hope that isn’t his final character model.

  • Looks pretty good, but I’ll wait for the Super Street Fighter Ultra Turbo Deluxe Edition that will inevitably be released in a few months after release.

    • You should probably do some research before you make these comments and then you can save yourself from looking like an idiot.

    • @UnholyBlackout,

      I was being sarcastic. Everyone knows Capcom releases several versions of this game, so it’s hardly worth buying at launch.

    • its been stated they will only one disc and u can just buy the extra content now… #GamerNation

  • Interesting. Really digging the new play style and outfit. Not so sure about the hair though but I can get used to it. I’m glad clones won’t be as much of an issue it was back then.

  • As much as I hate micro-transactions with a fiery burning passion, please, please, pleeeeaasse, release a Classic Ken skin. I refuse to acknowledge this model. Bangs? A ponytail? Nope! Not playin’ that. Lol. C’mon, Capcom, I’d be willing to buy a Classic Ken skin. First, they release DMC4 with the option to BUY ORBS!?! And now this?!

    *sigh* Well….Time to practice up on my Cammy game. 2 months of training begins now.

  • Ugh my eyes. What did you guys do to Ken’s face and hair, it looks disgusting.
    Please change it back. :(

    • what’s so bad about change? i’m sure they’ll other looks for him like they with Street Fighter 4

  • we just need ibuki, zangief and possible rose then the circle will be complete! lol

  • Gouken

  • Woah! This looks incredible! I love Ken’s new look!

  • Glad that Ken is back but not a fan of his hair, they look like bananas. I really wanted his long hair style.

  • WOAH!! Really loving the new color and graphics of the fire hadoken stuff.. but his hair threw me off! Eww lmao #KenMasters

  • #BetterPSN

  • bring JURI!!!!

  • I hate how they zoom in and cut the video a hundred times. Lets see a complete match thanks. Why does Ken look like that? Who did capcom out source this game too?

  • awful haircut

  • Urien or Akuma at the end. Would be cool if the rumor was true for Urien especially with this being the final link to 3rd strike(the final game chronologically).

  • Wait… Did people think Ken wasn’t going to be in this game?

    • Well, he wasn’t in MvC, MvC3 or UMvC3 so it’s not like Capcom just puts him in every game… like Chun Li not being in SF3 until 3rd Strike.

    • @ Ujn – This is SF though…”his” game not a crossover title.But I’m surprised I didn’t know Chun-Li stayed out of 3 until 3rd Strike.If they left Chun-Li out once well anybody can be left out.

  • Seems legit. I guess they decided to cast an Asian-American character in a AAA title versus dealing with Hollywood.

  • Moves, like. Look, not so like. That’s not Ken.

    I hope they have a classic look via “costume” or whatever.

  • Really, there has to be an announcement for Ken? You’d think it was obvious… the fans would kill if he wasn’t there. I hate it when fighting games do character announcements like this… it’s like when Nintendo dragged out the roster for SSB. It just seems lame.

  • I cannot believe how annoying everyone is being.
    Keep doing you Capcom. Ken’s new look is great. It’s a perfect update to a classic character. It threw me off at first but after watching the video you have me 100% convinced. These are just people still upset about Dante’s redesign which was ALSO a good idea.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Wow man you’re trippin badly.I would bet you aren’t fan of anything to say such foolishness.No fan likes their good old characters redesigned.Ken looks cool I got nothing against his new look but saying that about Dante….pff I hope you dont consider yourself a DmC fan.

  • It’s good to see that they made him play somewhat differently, instead of playing exactly the same as Ryu except for supers like they did in IV.

  • Alpha ken still has the best hair. This is a huge improvement over SFIV Ken, no question.

  • next up for a reveal? 1:09 mark

  • Looks sweet! I wonder who else they reveal. I say they should bring out Sean! Loved him in SFIII.

  • Ugh. Hate the hair and the shirt/jacket(?). REALLY hope they include another version of him… he’s my favorite character. Also… I’d rather buy multiple discs with all content on the disc than one disc with DLC bull-o-nay. Not sure about the “look” of SFV… it’s kind of too dark… looking like Samurai Showdown Sen (not good…) or Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (better than Sen, but still not good…) *Sigh* Wish they’d make a Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 4 that looked like Guilty Gear Xrd Sign… is that E Honda I spy at the end of the trailer?

  • Watching this reminds me the level of dedication that Street Fighter takes and thats more than I want to give any single game. Looks cool though

  • ::still crossing fingers for Karin::

    I dig Ken’s new hair. And the video makes it seem like Ken feels different. Maybe i’ll play him some. now.

  • Nice trailer but well everybody knew Ken would be in the game and is that Akuma in the end?…well another one that can’t stay out.
    Please announce Juri already!!!!!!!!!….can’t wait to see how she’ll look in these gorgeous graphics.

  • I just noticed that “good friend” poster in the scenario….please capcom already doing that?…what a shame.

  • They should’ve change Ken’s look long long ltime ago like SF Alpha 1 . They made Chun Li different .

  • Ken is awesome but why the new haircut lol hmph

  • Ken’s new look is great. Don’t listen to the whiners, capcom, you just need to improve the textures on his hair.
    The gameplay looks fast and fun and that’s the most important part.

  • Well done, Capcom! Finally Ken And Ryu look and feel like two different characters! Ken, energetic and destructive like fire itself and Ryu, focused and hard like ice. Wow they even move and have different postures! they have different personalities, now! Very well done! I´ll buy one when it comes out!

    PS: Capcom needs to inprove Ken´s face and hair. First This new Ken doesn´t have a blonde guy´s face and the hair doesn´t match it . Second since he is more badass fighter he deserves a man´s face no a kid´s face and the hair would be nice if it was short or at least a little darker, like dark blonde or light brown. Besides that, the character is perfect!

  • Since they aged M. Bison they should have done something relevant for Ken. Give him a beer gut and some balding hair pattern, ha ha. But seriously did they import a Daz Studio model?

    Evolve Capcom! Allow the player to create a custom character with a mentor option to earn combos & special moves.

    Check out the bizarre poster 55secs in the trailer: “Thanks for being such a good friend” is that a Final Fight easter egg?

  • ExodusDesolation

    Seriously? There is no pleasing some of you people/first you don’t want a Ryu clone, some of you claimed that he even looked similar to Ryu. Now that he is completely different with his own variation of the Ansatsuken everybody is crying about that now? Be happy is no longer a shadow of Ryu and finally something of his own.

    Of course they had their difference but now it shows and proves it even more. Different clothes, hair, etc. It is about time Capcom gave Ken what he needed and sure is hell the way he should be played other than being played like a Ryu clone who mainly sits back and play counter game all day.

    Congrats, Capcom-you’ve done something completely right and I am looking forward to this game now.

  • Where is Ken’s Rock n Roll backdrop? The band might trigger a flash mob. ;)

  • I think the mysterious charecter is Abigail from final fight Bay area boss

  • Ken won’t be available for in the beta?
    Speaking of beta, what time will it be available in the US next Thursday?

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