Street Fighter V PS4 Beta Details Revealed

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Street Fighter V PS4 Beta Details Revealed

What’s up, everyone? With the first beta for Street Fighter V fast approaching on July 23rd, we felt that this would be the perfect time to let you all know what you can expect when you log in — and also answer some questions that fans have voiced as of late.

The first beta kicks off on July 23rd at 6:00 PM Pacific for 5 days and is exclusive to PS4 users. The primary purpose of this beta is to test the online net code, as this is something that Capcom is taking very seriously with Street Fighter V. The data that we receive from this beta will help us to improve the net code in the final product, so we thank you in advance for participating in the beta.

Here are some other details about the beta:

Street Fighter V


Throughout the course of the beta, all 6 characters will be available. This means that players will be able try out all the characters that were present on the E3 build. To set expectations clearly, the beta will roll out with four characters playable immediately, with Birdie and Cammy becoming playable on Saturday, July 25th. The reason for their delayed release is that in addition to testing out the net code, we’re also testing out our new content delivery system

Gameplay Flow

When players boot the game up and go past the start screen, they’ll be taken to the character select screen. Players should choose the character they would like to fight others with, as they will not be able to select a different character before heading into battle. Once they select their character, players will be placed into training mode while an opponent is found. Upon finding an opponent, players will be transported back to the versus screen and begin their match shortly thereafter. After the match is complete, players will then be brought back to the Grid where they will go back into queue for the next match.

Unfortunately there will be no local versus mode during this beta. Once again, the primary purpose of this beta is to test the online functionality.


While players are awaiting their match, they’ll be training in the Grid. Versus matches will take place in either the Bustling Side Street (China), Terminal Station (London), or in the brand new stage the Forgotten Waterfall.

Street Fighter VStreet Fighter V

Each of the stages has been inspired by various locales throughout the world with the Forgotten Waterfall’s inspiration being directly pulled from New Zealand.

Now that you know what to expect, players should read up on how the new battle systems work to get ready for battle. For those interested in signing up for the beta, please read the instructions below and follow those which pertain to your region.

North America:
Supported Countries: United States, Canada

Users can get guaranteed Beta access by pre-ordering the product from the following retailers:
GameStop / Amazon / Best Buy / PSN

Beta redemption keys will be e-mailed from the retailer you pre-ordered at starting on 7/20 (Pacific time). Once you get your Beta key, you can input it immediately into PSN to download the Street Fighter V Beta client.

Users who pre-order digitally through PSN will not need to redeem a Beta key, but will need to manually download the Street Fighter V Beta client from the PSN store starting on 7/20 (Pacific time).

Supported Countries: Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay

Users can get guaranteed Beta access by pre-ordering Street Fighter V on PSN.

Users who pre-order digitally through PSN will not need to redeem a Beta key, but will need to manually download the Street Fighter V Beta client from the PSN store starting on 7/20 (Pacific time).

Street Fighter V

Europe & Rest of World:
Supported Countries: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus , Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, German, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg , Malta, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania , Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, Ukraine

Users can sign-up via PSN for a chance at being selected to participate in the Beta program.

You can sign-up at the following link: Street Fighter V Beta Enroll

Sign-ups will close on 7/15. Users who are selected to participate in the Beta will receive an email on 7/24 with instructions on how to access their Beta redemption key.

Supported Countries: Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong

PlayStation Plus members can apply for Beta access by downloading the “Street Fighter V Closed Beta Test Ticket” at the PlayStation Store from 7/9-7/14 (Asia time zones). Notifications will be sent out to selected users starting on 7/21.

PlayStation Plus members can apply for Beta access by downloading the “Street Fighter V Closed Beta Test Ticket” at the PlayStation Store from 7/8-7/13 (Asia time zones). Notifications will be sent out to selected users starting on 7/21.

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  • madmanwithabox12

    What’s going on with Resident Evil on Vita?

    • If you’re going to wine about something, can you at least keep it relevant to the topic on the ps blog post?

    • madmanwithabox12

      No, you’re right. Capcom have no idea about their own game. How foolish of me to ask Capcom about a Resident Evil game they’ve been silent on.

    • eye2thebeholder

      sEEthough your not asking capcom, your asking sony….go to a capcom website and post it

    • madmanwithabox12

      What does it say under the headline?

      “Posted by Peter Rosas on Jul 07, 2015 // Capcom, Community Manager”

      Huh. How about that?

    • peter rosas is the capcom community representative for its fighting games. how the heck would he know anything about other projects he’s not involved in.

      it’s like going into an apple store and expecting everyone to know minute details about tim cook’s personal life.

      get it together.

  • I’m going to guess the answer is no, but will the multiplayer be region based for the beta? Like, can an American player play with a European player?

    Can’t wait for this to start!

  • Absolutely can’t wait!

  • Will it have support for PS3 fight sticks? I hope it does

    • Oh no, I didn’t even consider that they wouldn’t be supported. =[ Hopefully it’s the same code USF4 uses as I don’t have a PS4 fight stick.

    • My PS3 arcade stick did work on the PS4, but it depends on what type of arcade stick you have. Myne is the EXChanger Joytron something… cost me about $200 but hopefully yours work too.


  • Any news if PS3 fightsticks will work with this beta?

  • Cool, i preordered in January already, so now i will just sit back and wait for my beta code. :D

  • This is unfair. I’m from Chile and I will buy the game, but I want my box so I’ll buy it a physical edition. Why can’t we have some kind of access to this beta if we won’t buy it digitally?


  • Preordered on Amazon.

  • NewYorksFinestJP

    Thanks Cambofiend, Looking forward to this & i got my adapter to use 360 stick/pad on PS4. Ready for a fight.

  • I didn’t know you could pre-order from Amazon & get the beta. I just confirmed my order cool beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pre-order for access? LOL a complete joke. How about you let me play the beta, and if I like it, you get my money. Like an intelligent consumer would do.

  • I hope i get a beta invite.

  • no local play,i wanted to play with friends :-(

  • that new stage looks gorgeous lawd i can’t wait for this game! please zangief back and karin that’s all I need in my life!

  • #BringBackIbuki Too lol

  • Hi:
    Capcom, I guess you’re doing thing well. We DON’T want DLC. I REALLY hope you learned from Resident Evil Remake and start doing quality games. That sales will come, don’t worry.

  • Can’t wait, I had so much fun playing it at E3. The only thing I wish was for PS3 stick support for the beta, but I’ll survive

  • Mehhh i just will wait for Super Street Fighter 6 Turbo the new challengers.

  • No support for ps3 stick = no preorder for me and maybe not a buy.

  • Seriously this pre-order garbage is getting out off control. I wonder what you would do if nobody pre-orders your game then nobody has beta key how would you test net code then? To force ppl to pre-order for a beta key is dumb. And capcom please get some creativity and stop remaking everything

    • If not enough people pre-order then they’ll make codes available another way that doesn’t require pre-ordering, like what they’re doing in Asia. They’ll likely extend the beta a week, give those who pre-ordered early access and then give late access to those who didn’t. This is usually the case with lots of betas, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case here.

  • Ryu until Birdie is available.

  • So, technically I could pre-order the game at EB/GameStop, get the code, play the beta and if I don’t like it cancel the pre-order?

  • Yay, absolutely can’t wait for the Super Arcade Hyper Ultra Ultimate Edition!
    Until there I´ll pass it.

  • Gouken please!

  • Are we going to be able to stream the beta?

  • I have a hori tourney ed. fight stick for ps3/pc that works with mortal kombat x due to cowboy and skullgirls fightstick patch. can we use our ps3/pc tournament edition fightsticks for sf 4 ultra or sf 5 on ps4 too?

  • First: Capcom already announced there would be a single release.

    Secondly: DLC is what kept Street Fighter IV at the top for fighting games since it’s initial release. Even if you disagree with purchasing outfits, it costs money to make new characters and so it is going to cost the consumer.

    Third: Ultra Street Fighter IV on PS4 can use PS3 fightsticks thanks to the Skullgirls patch, so I will say that it is likely Street Fighter V will as well, but I will not guarantee that it will.

    Also yes you could pre-order and cancel from any retailer. The idea of having people pre-order to play a beta is not a horrible hearltless thing to do either. You can even pre-order from Amazon for free and not pay till the day it comes out. This is also going to be one of the largest beta tests ever and the game does not come out till next year.

  • Oh great,its in times like these that I wonder what happened to being a Plus member and receive early access to Betas….those were good times….now they want us to pre-order their game to get the Beta hmm…hell no.A game like SF can’t be pre-ordered and everybody should know that.

    Anyway man does this game looks good graphically speaking…just gorgeous!!!

  • Wooah hold on. “All 6 characters”… By that do they mean there will only be 6 characters in the full game or was that a bad way of saying you don’t need to unlock characters in the beta?

    • No,no,no. They mean all six character that they have introduced,aside from Ken,who won’t be in the BETA. The full game is supposed to launch with a sixteen character roster.

  • The link takes me to a Planetside 2 Beta sign up page.

  • Ohhhhhh can’t wait 2 kick some ass

  • Uhm there is gonna be more then 6 characters in the full release of the game this is the characters that were shown off at e3.They just showed off Ken and a mystery character in the trailer at SDCC

  • Never been part of BETA Testing, so pumped. Hope to see some Zangief gameplay soon.

  • When exactly do PSN pre orders get access to the Beta client? I just want a chance to pre load it before the day of. Seems Amazon and Gamestop pre orders are already getting access. Do they get a pre install or is that just a window to download the beta when it does come out?

  • Sounds like people who preordered at Amazon and Gamestop are already able to download the beta for preload. I’d like to do that too, but apparently, preordering via the PSN was the wrong move.

  • Is everyone ready? I’m so excited.

  • Having beta access ONLY for those who pre-order the game is a ridiculously stupid business practice. Those people have already bought the game. What about those who are on the fence about buying? Wouldn’t it make more sense to let everyone try before buy?

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