SHOWTIME Streaming Service Now on PlayStation Vue

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SHOWTIME Streaming Service Now on PlayStation Vue

At E3, we announced exciting new content partners coming to PlayStation Vue. We are thrilled to announce starting today, PS4 and PS3 users across the entire U.S. can purchase Showtime directly through PlayStation Vue as a stand-alone streaming service.

Showtime will be available for $10.99 a month and PlayStation Plus members can get it at just $8.99 a month — with or without subscribing to any of the existing PlayStation Vue channel plans (Access, Core and Elite in select cities).

PlayStation Vue: Showtime

Start Free Trial

You can try Showtime for free for 30 days by downloading the PlayStation Vue app to your PS4 or PS3 console – just in time for the highly anticipated season premiere of Ray Donovan, which airs July 12th at 9/8c. You can also get unlimited access to current and classic Showtime Original Series, sports, movies and more – all commercial free — and enjoy Showtime with PlayStation Vue Mobile on iPad.

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  • So this isn’t available in Canada yet?

    • Not at present. PlayStation Vue plans are currently available in New York, Chicago, Philadelpha, L.A., and San Francisco, while SHOWTIME is available as a standalone channel across the US. We’ll keep you posted on new markets as they are added!

  • Wait, so I can now get SHO for $9 without any cable subscription, regardless of what region I’m in in the U.S.? That’s kinda incredible! Homeland / Dexter / Twin Peaks marathon here I come! :-D

  • Can I subscribe to and watch Showtime on my PS4 via the Playstation Vue app regardless of what US State / City I am in, or do I need to wait just a few more days and add Showtime to my Hulu Plus subscription?

    • Yes, this is available nation wide.

      As the article says, “We are thrilled to announce starting today, PS4 and PS3 users across the ENTIRE U.S. can purchase Showtime directly through PlayStation Vue as a stand-alone streaming service.”

      Every PlayStation user in the U.S. should jump on this. The more people using Vue for this, the faster it will gain more content, and more cities. This is extreeamly exiting times for the PlayStation brand, and people that want gaming hardware to become the defacto living room entertainment hub.

    • Yep, nationwide. Not bound by city or state (other than being in the US).

  • When is Vue going to be available in the Detroit area?

    • The Showtime package is available nationwide – Core, Access and Elite packages are only available in New York, San Francisco Bay Area, LA, Philadelphia and Chicago.

  • Will Showtime Anytime be coming to the PS4? (For those that have already purchased Showtime).

  • Needs ESPN channels in order to succeed. I’m interested but, will 100% not buy anything until ESPN is available.

    • cool. but that has nothing to do with showtime being available through vue

    • I here you on this one, but don’t you think supporting PS Vue even without ESPN would help create a situation where Disney is forced to get on board due to shear demand?

  • wish you the best on this venture,sony because competition is always good for the hope that this service along with sling will drive cable and satellite providers to more competitive prices and plans.

  • Does anyone else feel the quality of the video through Vue is not as good as cable video?

  • CrusaderForever

    This service is getting better and better. Can’t wait until it’s more fleshed out and national.

  • When can we subscribe to channels instead of a package?

  • Great news. I look forward to giving Showtime a go on my PS4. Nevertheless, as someone who travels extensively with my PS Vita and Xperia Z2 Tablet always close at hand, I’m a bit miffed why the Vue service isn’t available on either device? Why for the love of Pete is Sony offering this on the iPad, but not on its own, superior tablet? Maybe Apple paid Sony for the privilege? Otherwise, that makes no sense. Vue, along with remote play, could be a strong selling point for the Xperia line if there was some effort to market it.

    • Hi Eric,

      I am in the same boat as this person. PlayStation Vita is my most used PlayStation product, and I also have a PlayStation TV in the bedroom. Is there any chance of getting this service on these devices. Having this service on these devices only makes the service, and the hardware look much more interesting to both current customers, and gives much more incentive to future customers to buy into Vue and the Vita family.

  • Thank you so much for bringing live TV to PlayStation users across the US. I am so excited to finally be able to use PS Vue here in the Puget Sound area. Everyone I know is ready to ditch the cable box, and turn their TV’s into a PS4 display.

    I am looking forward to more and more content over the year. Hope to see the Disney, ESPN, and ABC deal worked out soon, so I can get back to watching The Fosters, and catch the national ESPN broadcasts of my favorite sports teams.

    Hope to see the full service available soon in the Puget Sound/Western Washington region. Also, as I and others have stated, it would be great to get this service available on PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation TV. This product can really help PlayStation become a dominate player in so many aspects. Please make sure to pursue every avenue of oppertunity, to make PlayStation the ultimate devices and services for Home and Mobile.

    Thank You

  • Showtime on PS4 definitely going to be giving this a whirl

  • So on the announcement of being able to subscribe to only channels, which sounds great, until it was realized that it was for premium services only like HBO and showtime.

    Please add the ability to subscribe to only a channel you wish.

    I’m not paying $50/month to watch the 3 channels I do. I know this is how the cable and satellite force you to pay for mega profit, but streaming should be different.

  • No love for Canada… as usual…. *sigh*

  • That’s a good deal! I hope they can do a similar deal with HBO, or have HBO make HBO Go available without a cable subscription on PS4 via their app.


  • I love the “PSN isn’t responding” feature on the sign-up page!

  • I just want the launch nationwide in the US that was announced at E3. House stated July so I am guessing July 28th.

  • Add HBO and i’m all in!

  • do you get to watch movies shown on showtime too, like the old cable days or just showtime original shows?

  • Considering Hulu is getting Showtime this month under the same subscription, I can’t really say that’s a good deal.

  • I really hope the rest of the PlayStation Vue Service will he be fully available this month like you had people Believe. Now a few questions about showtime. Will Getting showtime on Vue right now still use up the seven day free trial for Vue as well? I see showtime have a 30 day trial. If you get showtime on vue can you also access on other platforms like Hulu and the standalone showtime app? I’m guessing Not. Also if I want to cancel out of showtime on Vue to get it with Hulu can I?

  • Is Showtime through Hulu Plus coming Soon on Sony Ps Vita game system

  • AiR_2_Th3_ThRoN3

    I have a question.. So PlayStation Vue is like 60 or so a Month. And I would like to use show time which is 8.99 a month. Do I need to purchase PlayStation Vue plus the Showtime? Or is there a way that I can just pay for the Showtime by its self… the reason I ask is right before I was about to start the free 30 day trial. It says in corner that I’m also starting a 7 day trial for the PlayStation Vue.. An it wants my credit card. So I’m wondering if it’s going to charge me for the Vue after the 7 day trial.

    • “Showtime will be available for $10.99 a month and PlayStation Plus members can get it at just $8.99 a month — with or without subscribing to any of the existing PlayStation Vue channel plans (Access, Core and Elite in select cities).”

  • What if I already have a showtime subscription through my cable provider and want to watch shows on demand through my playstation? Thanks.

  • can we use this subscription on our iPhones? through the showtime app?

  • Please add Vue to Reno, Nevada :-)

  • Pretty lame that Playstaion vue isn’t on Android. I would like to watch my Showtime on Mobile when I am out and about.. And then I can’t log into my Showtime account using the app.

  • Why don’t you have an app like HBOGO? I have showtime through my cable service, but I’d like to be able to watch it through my PS4 without having to pay extra. Seems like the logical move here

  • When are the other channels availabe nation wide in the U.S.

  • This app is pretty bad. Its a great idea but im a couple days into the free trial and imho it could use some work. I dont like how as soon as the app opens it immediately starts playing whatever is playing on showtime live. If i have company over and we decide to watch something around 10pm theres a high probability something borderline pronographic will be playing.. Not to mention some movie titles are damn near impossible to watch all the way through. Sometimes the movie will skip or jump back 30 minutes all on its own. I know they’ll probably fix these things with an update or two but having this app act up this way during a free trial makes me not even want to buy this. Im just gonna stick to netflix and buy cable until i hear otherwise. vue gets a 3 out of 5 imo.

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