PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

PlayStation Store Update

PS4 Games
PS Vita Games
July’s PlayStation Plus Lineup
Rocket League
Rocket League
Styx: Master of Shadows
Styx: Master of Shadows
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
Geometry Wars 3
PS Vita

PlayStation Store: Superhero Sale

PlayStation Store: See All Weekly DealsPlayStation Store: See All PS Plus Deals

Price Changes
Platform Title New Price Original Price
PS3 Persona 4 Arena Ultimax $39.99 $59.99

New PlayStation Now Rentals

inFAMOUS Festival of BloodRatchet and Clank All 4 OneSound ShapesResistance 3Starwhal

New PS Now Subscription Additions

inFAMOUS Festival of BloodRatchet and Clank All 4 OneSound Shapes

Resistance 3Super Mega BaseballWheel of Fortune

New on PlayStation Video
For more new movies and TV shows visit PlayStation Video
New on PlayStation Music
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App Updates

Whats New: MLB 15

  • MLB 15: The Show SHAREfactory Themes are now available
  • True Detective, New episode “Maybe Tomorrow”, available today
  • Ballers, New episode “Move the Chains”, available today
  • The Brink, New episode “Baghdad My Ass”, available today
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, New episode available today
  • 12 Years a Slave, available today
  • Dawn of the Dead, available today
  • Draft Day, available today
  • Download the Sense8 dynamic theme here
  • New July 7th: Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights (2013), Witches of East End (Season 2)
  • New July 9th: Monsters: Dark Continent (2014), Serena (2014)
  • New July 10th: Chris Tucker Live (2015), Violetta (Seasons 1-2)
Qello Concerts
  • Pitbull – Live at Rock in Rio
  • Earth Wind and Fire – In Concert
  • John Lennon – Sweet Toronto
WWE Network
  • Sign up for WWE Network now and get July for free, including the July PPV “Battleground” on July 19th
PS4 Add-ons


  • Kraken Calypso Skin($2.99)


    Cross Buy with PS3 and PS Vita

  • Helldivers Entrenched Pack($2.99)
  • Helldivers Pistol Pack($2.99)
  • Helldivers Vehicles Pack($3.99)

Mortal Kombat X

  • Klassic Fatalities 1(Free)
  • Predator(Free for Kombat Pack Owners)
  • Predator/Prey Pack(Free for Kombat Pack Owners)

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Fallen ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Heaven Nor Hell ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Lola Montez ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Still Counting ($2.99)


  • Ash Prime Access Pack($79.99)
  • Ash Prime Accessories Pack($59.99)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Alternative Look For Ciri(Free)
  • New Finisher Animations(Free)
PS3 Add-ons


    Cross Buy with PS4 and PS Vita

  • Helldivers Entrenched Pack($2.99)
  • Helldivers Pistol Pack($2.99)
  • Helldivers Vehicles Pack($3.99)

Rocksmith 2014 Edition

  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Fallen ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Heaven Nor Hell ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Lola Montez ($2.99)
  • Rocksmith 2014 – Volbeat – Still Counting ($2.99)

Skullgirls Encore

  • Skullgirls Encore: Robo-fortune Character Unlock(Free)
PS Vita Add-ons


    Cross Buy with PS4 and PS3

  • Helldivers Entrenched Pack($2.99)
  • Helldivers Pistol Pack($2.99)
  • Helldivers Vehicles Pack($3.99)

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3

  • Samurai News 02(Free)
Console Title Price
PS3 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 1 Magnificent View Of NYC Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 1 Moon And Ocean Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 1 Nebula Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 Steven Kwok: Warfare Static Theme $1.99
PS3 Tim Lochner: Hell Warrior Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 Tim Lochner: Holy Maria Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS3 Tim Lochner: Prepare Static Theme $1.99
PS4 666 Fire Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Cloud Flight Dynamic Theme – Full HD $2.99
PS4 Rocket League Theme $1.99
PS4 1 Dark Side Of The Moon Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 1 Magnificent View Of NYC Dynamic Theme $2.99
PS4 1 Surf And Sea Dynamic Theme $3.49
PS4 Wild Felina Dynamic Theme – Full HD $2.99
PS Vita Cloud Flight Theme $2.99
PS Vita Sci-Fi Scarlet Theme $2.99
PS Vita Day To Night Theme $2.99
PS Vita Moon Rising Theme $2.99
PS Vita New York Theme $2.99
PS Vita NFL: Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Theme $2.99
PS Vita Shadow Mission Theme $2.99
Console Title Price
PS3 Avatar Cute Monster $0.99
PS3 Avatar Game Over $0.99
PS3 Avatar Gaming $0.99
PS3 Anna Marine: Valentine Avatar $0.99
PS3 Anne Stokes: Immortal Flight Avatar $0.99
PS3 Avatar Creature 2 $0.99
PS3 Avatar Devil $0.99
PS3 Avatar Galaxy $0.99
PS3 Elaine Luo: Goddess Avatar $0.99
PS3 Elaine Luo: Tory Sun Avatar $0.99
PS3 Final Frontier: Space Walk Avatar $0.99
PS3 James Ryman: Big Foot Gaze Avatar $0.99
PS3 James Ryman: Werewolf Battlecry Avatar $0.99
PS3 Pixie’s Glow Avatar $0.99

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  • Wow! Late!

    • Justin Massongill

      Hey there, we just wanted to make sure PSN functionality was restored before publishing the full update on the Blog.

    • Hey there PS Blog team, can you please fix the way PS+ games are presented to us in the PS+ category on PS Store?

      For a while now only a couple of games are shown at the PS+ section and you have to go scavenger hunt for the other PS+ cross-play titles while at the same time being flooded with “Join Now PS+” ads.

      on PS3 if you click the monthly lineup video it takes you to all the games free for PS+
      on PS4 if you click the monthly lineup video it takes you to the “Join Now” PS+ membership page..

      please fix the PS Store layouts, thanks

    • Thanks for the explanation @ Justin. Appreciate it!

    • I would absolutely kill for a Vita port of this

  • I want to add that this late post and the sales are not listed yet again. C’mon Sony!

    • They listed the Superhero Sale games and movies in a separate blog post. Here are the rest of this week’s deals.

      Conversations with Creators Deals – Week 1: Bungie Deals
      PlayStation Store->Games->Conversations with Creators

      $19.99 -> $14.79 Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below DLC
      $19.99 -> $14.79 Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves DLC
      $34.99 -> $24.84 Destiny Expansion Pass [DLC season pass]

      $19.99 -> $14.79 Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below DLC [cross-buy with PS4]
      $19.99 -> $14.79 Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves DLC [description doesn’t mention cross-buy]
      $34.99 -> $24.84 Destiny Expansion Pass [DLC season pass, cross-buy with PS4]

      Free Conversations with Creators [buy season free, 4 episodes]

    • Weekly Deals 7/7/15 [excluding Superhero Sale and Bungie Deals]
      PlayStation Store->Games->Weekly Deals->All Deals

      $29.99 -> $9.90 EA SPORTS UFC
      $5.99 -> $3.00 EA SPORTS UFC: Bruce Lee – Bundle [4 DLCs]
      $1.99 -> $1.00 EA SPORTS UFC: Bruce Lee – Bantamweight DLC
      $1.99 -> $1.00 EA SPORTS UFC: Bruce Lee – Featherweight DLC
      $1.99 -> $1.00 EA SPORTS UFC: Bruce Lee – Lightweight DLC
      $1.99 -> $1.00 EA SPORTS UFC: Bruce Lee – Welterweight DLC
      $1.99 -> $1.00 EA SPORTS UFC: Royce Gracie – Middleweight DLC
      $49.99 FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD
      $59.99 J-STARS Victory VS+ Launch Bundle [includes Digital Compendium and Theme]

      $7.49 PS3 ACE COMBAT® INFINITY Stocked Fuel (10 Units + 1 Free Unit) DLC
      $35.99 PS3 ACE COMBAT® INFINITY Stocked Fuel (50 Units + 10 Free Units) DLC
      $39.99 J-STARS Victory VS+ Launch Bundle [includes Digital Compendium and Theme]
      $39.99 Persona®4 Arena™ Ultimax

      PS Vita
      $7.99 AeternoBlade
      $39.99 J-STARS Victory VS+ Launch Bundle [includes Theme]

    • PlayStation Plus Discounts [excluding Superhero Sale]
      PlayStation Store->Games->PlayStation Plus->Discounts

      $1.99 -> Free Powers – Dynamic Theme
      $2.99 -> Free Wander Rainforest Theme
      $9.99 -> $5.00 FLUSTER CLUCK™
      $14.99 -> $13.49 Pneuma: Breath of Life [day 1 discount – released 7/7/15]
      $9.99 -> $6.99 Q*Bert Rebooted [three-way cross-buy]
      $14.99 -> $8.99 The Last Tinker™: City of Colors
      $9.99 -> $5.00 Unmechanical: Extended [PS4/PS3 cross-buy]
      $12.49 -> $9.99 Whispering Willows (Game and Theme) [PS4/PS Vita cross-buy]
      $59.99 -> $53.99 PlayStation® Protection Plan PS4 Accidental Damage 36 Months
      $49.99 -> $44.99 PlayStation® Protection Plan PS4 Non-Accidental Damage 36 Months

      PS Vita
      $9.99 -> $5.00 Atomic Ninjas
      $7.99 -> $4.00 Foosball 2012 PS Vita [see note below]
      $19.99 -> $15.99 Frozen Synapse Prime
      $24.99 -> $19.99 Frozen Synapse Prime Soundtrack Edition
      $5.99 -> $4.79 Frozen Synapse Prime Soundtrack
      $14.99 Grim Fandango Remastered
      $0.99-$99.99 -> $0.50-$50.00 My Singing Monsters DLC [various]
      $14.99 -> $11.99 PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD
      $14.99 -> $11.99 PixelJunk™ Shooter Ultimate
      $9.99 -> $6.99 Q*Bert Rebooted [three-way cross-buy]

    • PS+ Discounts continued

      $9.99 -> $5.00 Atomic Ninjas
      $7.99 -> $4.00 Foosball 2012 [see note below]
      $24.99 -> $19.99 Hot Shots Golf®: Out of Bounds Complete Collection [game with the complete DLC collection]
      $9.99 -> $6.99 Q*Bert Rebooted [three-way cross-buy]
      $9.99 -> $5.00 Unmechanical: Extended [PS4/PS3 cross-buy]
      $4.99 World Hunter

      PS3/PSP/PS Vita
      $2.99 -> $1.50 The Impossible Game [Mini]

      $49.99 -> $44.99 UFC 188: Velasquez vs Werdum [pay-per-view event, viewable on PS3 and PS4 via the Live Events Viewer app]

      $0.49-$4.99 [various avatars for PS3, Vita, and PSP]

      on sale, but missing from PS+ Discounts page
      PS Vita
      $12.49 -> $9.99 Whispering Willows (Game and Theme) [PS4/PS Vita cross-buy]

      Foosball 2012 Ultimate Foosball Bundle [Game + DLC Bundle] is listed as only $2.99 each for PS3 or PS Vita, so you are better off buying the bundle than the game by itself.

    • ThumbsOfSteel74

      Thanks be to skiernan.

    • Grim Fandango is not on sale though, it said it was last week in the section for PS Plus Discounts, but there was no discount at all. 14.99 is the standard price. Just letting you know. I also just checked, and it’s been removed from the discount section entirely. Again, there was no discount, so it didn’t matter.

      Someone messed up, I assume.

    • drd7of14, I still see Grim Fandango Remastered displayed in the PlayStation Plus Discounts page on the website. It’s been listed there for a long time. But I agree, $14.99 doesn’t look like a sale price, so I don’t know why they include it. It’s also strange that they don’t show the PS4 version too.

    • Yeah, it’s been listed on there since around the time of the e3 flash sale. It’s entirely misleading though, which makes me assume there’s an error. For one, it doesn’t list the “discount” percent off, but mainly the fact that it launched at 14.99. That’s the same price as new. It is crossbuy, but for some reason only lists the VITA version. My thought is this is an error. I mentioned it on other psblog posts, hoping for a response, but I got nothing.

      Come on Ryan/Sid/Justin…Where are you guys at? Just take it off if it’s an error, but I just hope no one bought this thinking it was on sale. They should all be refunded if that’s the case, as it’s false advertising. It is NOT on sale.

  • Ultimax is on PS4?

    • This has to be a typo. P4AU is only for PS3.

    • Lol that’s what I said I just looked in the store but couldn’t find it for PS4 just PS3 must be a typo.

    • That’s not the worst part. I don’t remember a time when Ultimax was $60. o_O

      So that’s another suspicious-looking “price drop”, like they’ve been doing for the past weeks. xD

  • Looks like down time effected the store updating. Better late than never.

  • There is an actual deadline for the updates, right? Someone somewhere in the ranks is a slacker. Add to that the lack of a sales chart. Damn, people are going to rage tomorrow when they actual read the update.

    • Justin Massongill

      Hi, thanks for commenting. We have the full chart for this week’s Superhero Sale here, but there are some other items on sale outside of that promo. Now that we’re all back from E3 we’re looking at ways to get a comprehensive chart back into the post. Thanks for bearing with us as we explore the best way to do that.

    • Back from E3? What kind of lousy excuse is that? E3 ended 3 weeks ago, it should not take this long to get back to making simple tables/charts. There’s nothing to explore, just make it. If they can be made for new avatars they can be made for sales.

    • Seriously Justin? What exactly do you need to “explore”? You guys did a chart for all of the numerous games and movies in the Superhero Sale, and thank you very much for that. So why can’t you do the exact same kind of chart here for the rest of this week’s deals?

      As for the late update, don’t worry about it. Things happen.

    • LOL. So now you’re just deleting my comments, Mr. Massongill? *sigh*

      Whatever. My advice still stands: you need to stop talking. Everytime you say something about the whole “Sales Chart” mess you make things worse. And that’s a fact. So…delete all you want…but the truth can’t be arbitrarily “deleted”. SMH

      Good day to you.

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Why wasn’t LittleBigPlanet 3: The Journey Home expansion released this week?

  • Well, it’s an update. Not sure what else to say. :P

  • When is the PS4 gonna finally get the option for avatars?

  • Thanks so much for taking my $50 for Playstation Plus Sony so that I can keep having trouble getting online each and every week and now am no longer angry or surprised when the PS Store updates as late as 11pm EST because it happens so often. Good job.

  • Please put the old sales table back. It was much better before. Please make the change.

  • Pricing error: Gauntlet Pre Order is $19.99 not $59.99

    • Oh. And can you please include the sales and deals and whatnot in their own tables on the update. Linking to the store is really not working. Everyone keeps pointing this out. Either change it back or explain why you don’t feel you need to?

    • that game isnt even worth that price lol.

    • I’m glad you caught that faster than I did. I was excited about this one.

    • Justin Massongill

      Right you are! Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve fixed it in the post.

  • Wait a second… *flips back a couple of blog posts to the one about Gauntlet: Slayer’s Edition*

    Heyyy….. That’s supposed to be $19.99. Oh my bejeebus, please don’t make me do that to my wallet. Haha.

  • Why is the pre-order for Gauntlet priced at $59.99 when an earlier blog post today priced it at $19.99? I’m assuming there’s a typo in this post…

    • Apparently every one beat me to the punch with this one, haha. Took me too long to post with my phone.

  • You guys forgot to post the sales charts again (links to sales don’t cut it). If I was your boss, a few of you would get fired.

  • We need more game demos on the PS3 so we can try before we buy since there are no returns on digital purchases.

  • Is Strider worth six bucks?

  • Also why are you bothering to mention what shows are new when you don’t even get it right? We know what shows are on HBO. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver did not have a new episode this week. These are not app updates, they’re bad listings for new content.

  • Please post SALE PRICES (and original prices) like you used to.
    Getting really tired of having to go through your store-front just to see (and sometimes the sales aren’t sales at all).

  • I guess the Witcher stuff drops tomorrow like it has been?

  • Is it now safe to download Rocket League?

  • Anyone else can’t Download Entwined for PS4? Mine only shows Ps3/vita

    • It’s there… you just have to run a search for it. They only show 2 or 3 games as free with PS+ in the store menu, but you can get to the others by searching by game title.

  • Oh, who spends $80 on the Warframe Ash Prime Access Pack? The “free to play” thing is priced so stupidly.

    • I actually know a guy who spends around $1500 a month on Warframe, at least he used to. He buys everything they release. So it probably took him a while of spending that much to acquire everything and now his spending has slowed down. But the game has definitely found its whales to cash in on. But it’s just like War Thunder, with it’s $20-$60 campaign packs. Some F2P games are just ridiculous in their add-on pricing.

  • Better late than never. Can’t wait to try out Rocket League.

  • How can I purchase Mega Man 9 at the sale price if I already have it in the Instant Game Collection?

  • I love turning my PS4 on and downloading the Plus games each month. The only feedback I have on it though is not being able to see all the games is a list, like for the deals, on the PS4 store. When you go to PS + and go to free games it shows a banner for Styx and Rocket League but shows nothing for Mousecraft and Entwined.

    • That’s because those are the two “PS4” games for the month. You should really start using the webstore, as you can see all the games there, and it shows everything available for PS4, rather than just the “allotted games” for the platform.

  • How bout adding ps now game sales for ps plus members

  • Wow, very late store update, several price typos, no sale list, no replies, and still blaming E3 for these problems?
    You guys REALLY need to pick up the pace here.

    We know you are selling more PS4s than Microsoft is selling Xbox One’s, but if you lose the fans you lose everything.

  • Meh. -_-

  • I’m loving geometry wars 3. I bought it for ps3 and my phone, but it feels best on vita. It’s only 72 MB somehow, and I’ve been playing for hours, and the battery level barely moved. This is my favorite plus game in a long time.

  • It’s going to be a Reinforcement 3 (bundle/pack) like before? and what about the Reinforcements 1 & 2 bundles? they’re gone.

  • I’m gonna be honest, I haven’t been very impressed with the Instant Game Collection lately. Aside from Gunslinger, I haven’t seen a game that wasn’t some indie game (bonus points for an artsy one) that works for someone with ADD at best. See, when STEAM gets indie games, that’s understandable, they even give some away depending…. But that’s because they get an endless stream of indies. PS Plus gets a stream of free games a MONTH. That’s a long time to wait if the month was a bust, guys. I understand you weren’t able to get your hands on some big games but godamned Entwined instead of something like Helldivers? More arcades rather than indies would be TONS better… Hell, I’d take free PS2 Classics over indies any day of the week.

    • the over-abundance of inde games sickens me to the point where I don’t even look forward to updates anymore really.. the sad thing is that they make money because people find them so amazing.

  • whoever is running this is the worst

  • What is up with PSN download speeds? I have had Plus since 2012, and I am getting like 300KB/s as there is supposed to be added revenue from PS4 online players. That, and the games as rentals with Plus has been declining.

    With other services that work and then some, a lot of gamers are going to go with a better system.

    • My download speeds are all over the place. I do notice that the PS4 does not seem to be able to download multiple items at once and get any sort of speed so I usually pause everything but one download at a time.

  • Hi guys. the European Store has already launched the Kold War Scorpion skin for MKX. When can we expect that for the US as well?

  • Helldivers DLC for me! And this month’s ps+ offerings are great addition to my gaming catalogue / collection.

    Thanx :)

  • ThumbsOfSteel74

    Boo! No sales charts in this post. Yeah, they’re in a separate post. And yeah, there’s a link to that post in this one. But really, just a copy and paste is all we want. We don’t want to go clicking around everywhere to find info we used to find here.

    More than that, the separate post lists only *some* of the content on sale. Please make nice, happy charts for all the sales like you used to do.


    Meanwhile, what mjc0961 said.

  • Meanwhile Japan gets The legend of Heroes, Trails of Cold Steel on the Vita this month. I used to absolutely adore indie games. Heck, I still really like a lot of them, but when that’s all that comes out on the Vita, it’s like if you had to eat Burgers every day. Eventually you get sick of it.

  • Might be wrong here, but is this the first week with new Ps4 and Vita games, but no new Ps3 games? I’ve got all three, and a backlog that could last me until the next generation, so still got plenty to play… just an observation!

    • Good observation, GunnerFCm! No new PS3 games this week – is this week the de facto turning point where PS4 transitions from “next gen” to “current gen”?

  • Please return the sales charts and include all games on sale. I don’t want a link to the store, I don’t want a link to a separate blog post, I don’t want to click through pages on the store to see everything on sale like a damn scavenger hunt.

    You guys are slippin’ hard. Your neck, your back, your neck and your back.

  • Where are the PS4 avatars?! >_< Bloodborne and Witcher need to happen already.

  • Man, I used to love PS+ and praise it so highly, but nowadays its a shadow of its former self. I don’t even look forward to or even check the blog for the update every Tuesday anymore… that’s how bad it has become. And the PS3 Store is, in all honestly, the slowest and most broken piece of absolute CRAP that I have ever in my life had the displeasure of dealing with. It was never great, but it used to work much better than it does now. How does that happen, Sony? How does something like the ease of use for the PS Store get WORSE over the years? That makes no sense at all. And I can’t believe that after so many years you guys STILL haven’t categorized our download history. When you’re someone like myself who has 1500+ items in your history, and 90% of the time the stupid list resets you to the top of it when you’re halfway down it looking for something….it’s downright infuriating. And the Vita Store… almost every damn time I try to download something I get that “Connection Lost” error. LOL, seriously, sometimes it feels like y’all don’t want money. The PS Stores, with the exception of PS4, are ghetto as hell and you guys need to fix that garbage.

    • The Vita store is an absolute mess. My connection has no issues with anything else, but I have to move quickly there or else I’ll be informed I’ve lost the connection, and that page won’t reload.

      And then, the download list. Oh, the download list. Believe it or not, I DON’T want to see every single game or DLC that I’ve bought for other platforms when looking for a Vita game, Sony. And, it’s so unstable that the idea of reaching the bottom of it seems rather unfeasible.

  • Rocket League is so much fun, so glad it was one of PS+ games of the month!

  • To bad that the warframe access packs are not showing up on the ps4 store at all so whats up with that.

  • hola buenos dias a todos nación Play James Cullen Grace Chen Lorenzo Granjales & Chieh Chen te dejo un mensaje muy fuerte para usted atención la actualización de Playstation store LATAM como Peru Colombia Argentina Chile Costa Rica Ecuador y Panama si usamos el cambio de dolares diferentes un poco mas caro ademas aquí en la misma actualización de playstaion Store México también usamos el cambio de dolares muy barato q son igual como ]USA y Canadá , aquí en México no sera llamado Playstation LATAM sino sera llamado Playstation Norteamericano se esta uniendo y trabajando el Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte como México USA y Canadá lo mas difícil necesario separar, cambiar la pagina de Internet Playstation Store Mexico en es lo mas seguro puede estar mejorando y el mismo precio de dolares la pagina de Playstation LATAM por ello todo el America central y del sur ha sido reclamado amenazado blasfemo por el aumento de precio y pedimos una diculpa a todos nacion play seamos en paz y Queda prohibida toda discriminación ¡¡¡Viva en Paz Playstation en toda America!!! gracias por atención saludos a todos la empresa Playstation Sony espero q me de un comentario Suerte

  • Just as a heads up since I didn’t see it mentioned yet: the Years & Years and Owl City albums are mixed up in ‘New on PlayStation Music’. Not a big deal, but I’m an Owl City fan is why I noticed.

  • I can’t seem to find The Witcher 3 downloads that were supposed to be added???

    • I get the feeling the listing for Witcher DLC is from an old release table. CDPR has announced around the internet that they won’t be launching any DLC this week as they’re working to get the next big game patch ready to be released as soon as possible. Hopefully it’ll be out in the next day or two.
      However, they will still be releasing all the planned DLC packs, just on a slightly delayed schedule.

  • I guess the PSN Store on the PS3 is still broken. I don’t understand how a 116kb avatar download can completely freeze my system. You guys are just really, really disappointing. By the time my PS3 gets back to normal I won’t have any time left to game today. That’s the biggest disappointment….

    Please address this issue and get someone to fix the PS3 PSN store.

    I really needed to blow off some steam by gaming today. Life has challenged me this week.

  • Disgaea 2 sale?

  • Didn’t see this in the posts, but you have Owl City and Years & Years flipped around on the pictures under the Playstation Music.

  • Why no GW3 for PS3 and only Vita? Seems odd.

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