Nerd HQ: Play Star Wars Battlefront, Project Morpheus This Week

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Nerd HQ: Play Star Wars Battlefront, Project Morpheus This Week

Hi guys – Nerd HQ is a free four-day geek culture event held in downtown San Diego, California. We’re known for holding cool celebrity panels, exclusive gaming experiences, and nightly events. Did I mention that attendance is free? Well, it is. And you’re invited!

This year, Nerd HQ is turning its sights on gaming and virtual reality in a big, big way. We’re teaming up with PS4 as our official console and VR sponsor. As a result, we’re proud to be offering some great games to play including the featured game of Nerd HQ, Star Wars Battlefront and PlayStation’s Project Morpheus. I had a chance to try out Project Morpheus at E3, and now Nerd HQ is your first, best chance to try it yourself. A variety of virtual reality experiences with Project Morpheus are available all four days of Nerd HQ. It’s going to be epic.

We also are also exciting to be teaming up with IGN, who will be streaming all of our Conversations, interviews, and behind the scenes footage for 2015. Our panels are going to be reaching a tremendous audience that will continue to spread the message of Nerd HQ. Nerd HQ is stationed at The New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego, July 9-12.

Check out for details and download the Nerd HQ app for your phone or tablet. Not only do you need the app to get into Nerd HQ, you can use it now to register for a time slot to play Star Wars Battlefront on PS4.

And don’t forget to check out PlayStation’s Project Morpheus panel Friday, 7/10, at noon. The panelists include:

  • Geoff Keighley – Moderator
  • Dr. Richard Marks – Director of PlayStation Magic Lab
  • Ben Throop – Frame Interactive
  • John Drake – Director of Portfolio Strategy at Sony Computer Entertainment

Click here to get your tickets now. Don’t panic if you can’t make it to the panel though – PlayStation and IGN will be streaming it for everyone at home.

If you have any questions for the Project Morpheus panel, tweet #ProjectMorpheus to @thenerdmachine.

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  • Morpheus needs to be at other venues than just these game conventions. Everyone needs the opportunity to check it out or its done for.

  • yowzagabowza might have been referring to more public events, but i took the meaning of the recommendation to mean more mainstream venues, like malls or retail stores and other non-gaming specific high traffic locations. those of us that really want morpheus to thrive know that we aren’t large enough to do it on our own. this needs to get into the hands of people who like games, but don’t follow gaming news and gaming events.

  • So, I’m from San Diego but don’t have comic con tickets. Is this being held outside the convention center? I’d love to make it since you’ve mentioned its open to the public but confusing with the mention of the panel. Makes me think its open to the public ON the con floor. Please inform me if I have the option of attending :)

  • Hi Zachary, looking forward to seeing how the new Heroes turns out!

    This seems like a really cool collaboration between you and various other things I enjoy (PlayStation, IGN, Geoff Keighley, John Drake etc.). It’s kinda incredible! While it’s not the same as experiencing VR firsthand I’ll definitely tune in to this to see anything I can about how Project Morpheus is coming along :-)

  • Zachary Levi for Nathan Drake!! Uncharted movie!!

  • Zach! My son and I love our Nerd Army shirts. Here’s a question for you.

    Will Yvonne be there? :) haha

    The Picking Favorites with her was hilarious.

    Am from NJ but would love to get out there eventually…


  • Boo, Flash!

  • Nothing really to discuss we already know future of the Morpheus from prior examples Vita,3-D gaming,Move,Psp the list goes on when the going gets tough Sony gets out.

    • This was the first time I saw a PS Move controller in a couple years, and I own one. Kind of a slap in the face and odd PR by Sony.

  • Sad I couldn’t make it out to San Diego. I really appreciate you making this event free and posting about it here on PS Blog. I will keep my eye out for this next year and hopefully be able to get the time off to come. I am super excited for Morpheus. I got to try it at the Playstation Experience. The footage I saw of some of the new games that are playable look awesome. I really hope to get some more hands on with it before it’s release. I will definitely look online to try and watch the panel. Glad to see Nerd HQ continue going strong.

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