Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy Expansion Deploys Today, Retail Launch Incoming

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Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy Expansion Deploys Today, Retail Launch Incoming

Fellow Helldivers,

Thanks to your sacrifice and bravery, Humanity has prevailed in the 4th Galactic War!

With courage, we now face a threat far greater than any we have encountered before. No patrols have survived and intel is sparse, but we’ve received scattered reports of new alien master units that have been discovered on outlying planets.

As Super Earth’s elite, we stand against all enemies no matter the cost to ensure that humanity, not aliens, becomes Masters of the Galaxy.

Masters of the Galaxy Expansion

Today we announce our second expansion — Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy — a free content update for Helldivers which adds new Enemy Master units to fight. The expansion will also be accompanied by the release of additional DLC reinforcements.

Free Expansion Features:

  • New Trophies
  • New Bug “Hive Lord” Enemy Master
  • New Cyborg “Siege Mech” Enemy Master
  • New Illuminate “Great Eye” Enemy Master

To celebrate the release of this free expansion, we are releasing Helldivers: Masters of the Galaxy Edition Bundle for $19.99. This bundle includes the Entrenched Pack — The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement turret, the Anti-Personnel Barrier, and the SH-32 Directional Kinetic shield. Available for a limited time only.

Super-Earth Ultimate Edition Retail Release

Following Helldivers’ amazing success on PlayStation Store, today we are very happy to announce that Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate Edition will launch at select retail stores and PlayStation Store on August 18th.


Super-Earth Ultimate Edition will contain:

  • Helldivers PS4 Game on Blu-ray
  • Helldivers PS3 and PS Vita digital games
  • Helldivers Turning Up the Heart and Masters of the Galaxy Expansions
  • 11 DLC packs + bonus weapons pack + PS4 Dynamic Theme


Further Reinforcements Available Today

In addition to the Masters of the Galaxy expansion, three more Reinforcement Packs for those in need of even more freedom.

Each Pack is available separately for $2.99 – $3.99.

Entrenched Pack


Pistols Pack


Vehicles Pack


Remember — Freedom has no bounds.

Get out there, soldier!

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9 Author Replies

  • Fantastic news, can’t wait to kill the new enemies!

  • Omg great news! I almost have my platinum, just need to finish erradicating 100,000 enemies. I’ve been spreading democracy all over this months!

  • HELLDIVERS was such a pleasant surprise. Hilarious (and challenging) local co-op fun, so it’s kinda awesome to see it getting a retail release to get more folks fighting for Super-Earth :-)

  • CrusaderForever

    Now this is how you support a game. Congrats on the success as it is very much deserved. Will definitely be playing this again to see the new content.

    • Malin Hedström

      Thank you! It’s really encouraging to hear all the community feedback. I hope you will like the new content!

  • This is sooo awesome!!!!!! Thanks Arrowhead!

  • I was holding out for a sale on Helldivers. I will gladly pay full price for the retail version and add it to my collection. Thanks!

  • I’ll be honest, the new physical version is insulting to those that purchased the digital version and supported Arrowhead since the original release (which we waited patiently for despite no news for many months). Instead we get $3 add-ons that total well over the $20 price of the physical edition alone. Shouldn’t digital owners be offered bundled pricing or a discount since you are literally giving the add-ons away now for new players? It’s sad that it’s cheaper to buy the new, physical version than it is to purchase the add-ons in order to support a game we already own. Please reconsider you pricing with this in mind as it insults those that supported you from the start.

    • No it doesn`t insult anyone. It`s no different than GOY editions for any other franchise. It expands the user base, which is a good thing, and allows cash conscious gamers to pick up a good bundle. You`ve been playing and enjoying the game since release. Don`t be THAT GUY.

    • I agree. Seems like I would have been significantly better off to wait a few months rather than buying in early. While I’m happy to have been supporting this from launch (@olapbill) it’s still kind of a slap in the face that new players get all the dlc for free while I’m forced to pay extra. This $20 has cost me $32 so far (probably $38 before the day is done). Would it kill them to throw us a bone… free PS4 theme or something?

    • Hardly insulting. Get in early and you get to play the game early. Ultimate editions are nothing new. It’s common knowledge (and common sense) you can wait it out until price drops or ultimate editions are released, bundling incentives. Can’t whine months and months after it officially launches and having enjoyed the game, now that they try to entice more people into picking up the game. Good grief.

    • @Dahorsh – While you’re not entirely wrong, my complaint is that it has not been “months and months” since the initial launch. I have no problem with a game bundling all of it’s dlc into a discounted GOTY edition a year or more after release. Helldivers on the other hand has had significant dlc on a monthly basis since it released 4 months ago. New comers get that dlc at a discount, while existing players pay full price. I’m not trying to say I feel tricked or that Arrowhead is terrible and evil.. I just think showing a little more appreciation to your most die-hard fans (especially for game whose longevity is determined by it’s player base) might not be the worst idea.

    • I completely agree with you!!! Arrowhead Studios is making a BIG MISTAKE by not offering a discounted bundle of all the DLC for people who bought the digital versions of Helldivers.

      I bought the 2nd digital bundle (Turning Up the Heat) and would gladly purchase all of the other DLC packs ONLY IF they were offered as a greatly discounted bundle price.

      @Arrowhead Studios: Please offer all of the previously released DLC packs (plus today’s new DLC packs) at a greatly discounted bundle price. It’s important to create a feeling of “good will’ amongst your customers.

    • This being Arrowhead (remembering Magicka’s boatload of DLC), I expected this to happen. What I wasn’t expecting were the free content updates that came out alongside the constant stream of DLC. In a way, having more than $20 of DLC out for a game that’s maybe 3 months old feels kind of lame, but at the same time it shows that they are still actively involved with the game.

      What does annoy me is the exclusive pack of weapons for the retail edition. *That* feels insulting, as someone who has bought every DLC pack and will probably buy the ones that came out today too. I’ve put dozens of hours into this game and supported it with my money since the day it came out, yet at least for the time being I’m stuck with a slightly smaller arsenal than someone jumping on for $20 with the physical disc.

    • Can I just point out that you’re “assuming” the retail price is going to be $20? You know what assuming does, right?
      Nowhere in this post does it say that the retail release is going to be $20. For all you people know, it could be $60. I’m betting it’ll be $40. How about you ask Arrowhead how much the physical release is going to be, before you start jumping down their throats based on nothing?

    • ….Okay, yeah you’re right, I’m assuming. The price is beside the point though, I could modify my last sentence to “…I’m stuck with a slightly smaller arsenal than someone jumping on with the physical disc” and it wouldn’t really change anything. What’s important is that there are now weapons that only people with the disc version can use, which is kind of frustrating.

    • Malin Hedström

      Just to clarify, we don’t have additional info on pricing, bundles or sales besides what’s in the post for now. Those things are usually not handled by the developer. We’ll definitely share more details further on when Sony has announced more.

    • Malin Hedström

      Helldivers: Super-Earth Ultimate edition, the physical retail will (at least in the US) be $39.99. It’s not cheaper to buy that than at launch.

    • you got to play helldivers early for x amount of time, why so much entitlement? they are trying to get new customers

  • The difficulty has ramped up significantly since the last patch; I used to be able to solo or local coop with a friend up to World 9 or 10 (I played sparingly since).

    Now I can’t even solo Planet 5.

    Also, anyone notice the Distractor Beacon starts @ 20% when thrown? Ugh…

  • I bought helldivers on day 1, i have bought all DLC since then, but im skipping on this new ones beacuse we still don’t have PS TV support.

    Sorry Arrowhead, but you guys need to step up your game

    • That’s a very strange…stance.

    • Not strange at all, since day 1 i have been asking for PS TV support with no replies, for this, i won’t support AH with my money anymore.

      Nippon Ichi Software with NIS America just enabled this week Disgaea 3 PS TV Compatibility, and you know what? that game is from 2012, That is a fair example of a company who cares about their customers, pretty much unlikely AH

    • Agree! We won’t pay any more DLC until you support PS TV.

    • Malin Hedström

      If you’ve been asking, without replies, on this blog it’s very possible that we’ve missed it. We’re very active on our social media and as much as possible on the Helldivers forum though, if you ever have more questions!
      We’ve actually been looking into PSTV and what can be done, so keep an eye open for upcoming patches.

  • Love this game but it is tough to find solid partners

    • I’m pretty solid partner if I say so myself. I can beat a Difficulty 11 world by myself and I’m on my Vita a lot. If you would like to friend, send me a note saying something about Helldivers or what about I wrote. If you want voice chat, be warned that I sound like a 6 year old. I’m actually 13 and deeper than usual voice.

  • Will this be available in the UK (amazon or so?)

    Please I want to buy the physical copy of this game as I love twin stick shooters in general and this game looks fun as hell… no pun intended.

  • I will certainly buy the physical edition with all the DLC. Been waiting for something like that. All the DLC for games really turn me off from buying the base game. With everything included, I have no problems buying it for one low price.

  • Loved this game when it launched but, as happens, my friends have moved on to other titles and it’s hard to get the gang together.

    I know it goes against everything the game represents but I’d love if it there was some kind of ‘solo mode’ where the difficulty (and the rewards) are dialed back a little bit.

  • I’m so happy the PS4 version will get a retail release, and the fact that it includes the digital copies of PS VITA and PS3 proves that someone out there really loves me :)

    • @MarshMarlou I PSN purchase of the game is cross-buy. Makes sense they would keep the retail version as cross-buy as well by providing download codes. I imagine it is possible to share those download codes if all you are interested in is the PS4 version with the disk.

  • M0v1ng_T4RG3T_-

    Wow i literally bought helldivers turning up the heat yesterday and now they release this….. Didnt pass 24hrs and they release a better deal…

    • @M0v1ng_T4RG3T_ The Expansions are free. What you bought is just a good a deal as this. The only difference is which DLC was included with your purchase vs. the new one.

      If you plan to get all the DLC regardless, it will all net out to the same cost. It remains to be seen what the Helldivers retail game is priced at but I am thinking $30-40, which might be better deal, but not if you consider you have to wait a whole month before you can get that.

  • Great game. I also wish there was some version of a “solo” mode as I frequently play on my vita while on the go. Prehaps you could buy varying levels of AI teammates?

  • This game just keeps getting better and better! At launch it was already an amazingly fun game with friends, and every content pack just adds a hell of a lot more fun! Booting up my PS4 as I type this to buy it; thanks for the epic content! :3

  • I looked at the changelog and apparently you released a patch that stopped those new illuminates from “Turn Up the Heat” from insta-killing objectives. I don’t know how old this patch is, but THANK YOU! That was the reason I completely quit this game.

    • Malin Hedström

      Of course, that was not a fun functionality for our players =) We listen a lot to the community on the Helldivers PS forum and our social media channels!
      I hope you’ll have fun playing again!

  • Good to see more content, though it’d be nice to see more variations added to the missions as well. Also, how about a bundle for the DLC so everyone can partake in the goodness? :)

  • Glad the new content is free, makes me less upset I SUPPORTED this game at release.
    Yes ,I may have gotten the game sooner, but it doesn’t change that I have barely played it and could have waited.

    Have you guys thought of making a revised version or an original turn based strategy?

    You could definitely do it.

    And if so, you better include the Vita, because I am pretty much done with Sony, and moving on to Steam.

  • Pre-order complete. Physical retail FTW.

  • http://www.engadget.com/discuss/should-sony-stop-making-electronics-1ing/

    This one would explain EVERYTHING.



  • This game is my Game of the year! Buckets of fun! Will buy it on retail again. I really hope theres more expansions and DLC packs planned in the future for Helldivers.

    Thanx for this awesome game!

    • Malin Hedström

      Thank you for playing, supporting us and these encouraging words! We’re very happy for the awesome Helldivers players :D

  • does the ps4 digital version come with the vita version?

  • Imagining your game as a big first/third person shooter makes me drool. i guess its possible for a big sequel to be that. it would be the Destiny that never was

  • So $40 for a digital version of this game on the vita? No thanks. Why is it so hard for Vita titles to get physical releases? Apparently Retro City Rampage can do it, the one vita game that doesn’t even need it, but we can’t see it for games like this?! That’s ridiculous.

  • I’m fine with the selling of the hard copy version…what I’m a lil concerned about is not selling the Weapons Pack for those who don’t plan on purchasing said hard copy…r u planning on releasing that pack as a DLC in the future?

    • I would like to know if the bonus weapons pack will be available for purchase as well plz. Any info on this? Most likely a yes, I presume?

  • It’s great getting free updates but I play this on Vita and space is running out on my memory card. The update file looks pretty large after the last update which was over 1gb as well. Can i keep playing without updating? Those memory cards are expensive..

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