Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Coming to PS4 This Summer

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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Coming to PS4 This Summer

Nearly 30 years ago Morak first took his place in the Gauntlet to shape it to his will and torment any adventurer daring to brave its depths. Last year he made his re-appearance to challenge champions on PC, and your cries for more ways to thwart his evil plans were heard.

Today it was decreed that the heroes of Gauntlet must travel to a new realm, and coming August they will finally descend the dungeons on PS4!

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition Coming to PS4 This Summer

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition will be priced at $19.99 and eager adventurers will be able to get their hands on Mordok’s Screaming Hammer and Reaper’s Visage Helm for the Warrior by pre-ordering the game starting today on PlayStation Store.

Invade the Darkness!

The classic Gauntlet four-player co-op action returns in a completely new experience. Play as one of four distinct heroes in an intense, monster-filled dungeon brawler, with a combination of both uniquely built and randomly generated levels to explore. Battle the endless hordes of foes as you and your friends fight for treasure and glory via both local and online co-op multiplayer.

And now a note from Emil Englund, Game Director, Arrowhead Game Studios:

“Hello there,

I am here today to tell you that you were right. Yes, as many of you have already theorized, we will be releasing Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on PS4. This has been in the works now for a while and it’s been so frustrating not being able to just tell everyone the news. Gauntlet is simply a game that feels right at home on PS4.

Gauntlet on PS4Gauntlet on PS4

This however, will not just be a straight port, but a stronger, cooler, and more slayer-y version of the one we released on PC. We’ve been shaping up a lot of the assets in the game, both Characters and Environments, as well as improving on the game mechanics.

This time around, we wanted to explore the Heroes and their Abilities more in-depth giving them a bigger toolset for players to explore, as well as a new Game Mode in which to exercise their rights as self-proclaimed monster slayers.

Since Hero Equipment plays a larger role now, we have reworked the loadout mechanic so that it can be done by four players simultaneously and regardless of game mode.

For the story campaign we wanted to give the feeling that you are descending deeper and deeper into the Gauntlet, while at the same time giving players more control over level selection. We have also pushed the differences in each environment more, increasing variation both visually and in monster encounters.

Gauntlet on PS4

That’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on these past months, but more details to come in following blog posts.

On a sidenote, this release is particularly exciting for us here at Arrowhead, since this will be the second game we release on PSN this year, after Helldivers (Yay!).”

In upcoming posts we will get into more details about the development of Gauntlet for PS4. Tell us about your very best Gauntlet moments through the years in the comments; we love those “war stories!” Or shoot us a question and I will try to respond to anything I can.

Prepare to Invade the Darkness this summer!

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  • Wow, now *this* is a blast from the past! I kinda can’t believe we’d ever get a new Gauntlet on PlayStation. Thank you Arrowhead for bringing local co-op back :-)

    • I wasn’t sure if their PC game will ever get to PS4. So glad they are bringing it over.

    • Malin Hedström

      Happy to hear you’re looking forward to it! The world needs more co-op games! :D

    • Funny you should say that Paulogy. My Wife and I love playing that came together. One of the few games she actually likes. Gonna drink me an old fashion and have some good times with this. Drinking and gaming? It’s all perfectly legal.

  • Wizard Needs Food Badly

  • Finallllly !!!! I’ve been waiting for you guys to hopefully announce this on console. Although I did buy it on PC I just couldn’t play it, it’s not the same when not on console. So I am pumped for this and can’t wait to get it! :) Party game for sure:DDDDD

  • YES!! I’ve been wanting to play this ever since I saw it got released on PC. I’ve been a fan of this series since the N64 when friends and I would play together. I have so many fond memories from back then and on the Gamecube version as well so I so can’t wait to play this with friends. It’s gonna be killer!

  • Best news of the day! Now, to get a PS4!

  • please please port this also to vita. I don’t even care if its cross buy. I will buy both versions!

    • YES! I really want another Dungeon Crawler for my Vita. Warriors Lair was looking so good a few years back and it got cancelled. I would even be happy if we could get another Dungeon Hunter after platting it. I have Dungeon Hunter 4 on the iPad but it’s not the same as playing the best handheld many of us adore.

  • So many games! This looks really, really great! I am itching to play a fast-action top-down game, and this looks really good. It will be a toss-up between this an Helldivers (for me).

  • Vita, Crossbuy, and Cross-Play with PC-Vita-Ps4 would be awesome. You’ll get my money for the PS4 version, but I’d love to have my PC buds on board and to take this game on the go on Vita.

    • Malin Hedström

      I believe one of our coders mentioned at some point that there is no possibility of crossplay between PC and consoles, the systems just don’t support it. Don’t take my absolute word though, not very familiar with it myself.

  • No sorceress? No jester? No dwarf? This isn’t Gauntlet.

    • Clearly you’ve never played Gauntlet Legends. It’s the Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Archer. You are talking about the sequel Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

  • There are a severe lack of good titles coming to vita. Too many jrpgs. This would be perfect. Please release on vita as physical. Would be a day one buy for me. Though digital is probably cheaper and is the future we are all being pushed towards, holding a physical game in my hand that has artwork etc is something I and a lot of other gamers still value. When I bought evil within and saw it had a decent sized instruction manual I was pleasantly surprised. Please don’t go only digital and please consider the vita. I’m not ready to let my vita go to the wind yet.

  • 60fps?

  • Vita would be amazing!!!

  • Oh YEAH! I love Gauntlet!

  • Gauntlet Legends was my game when I was a kid. And the new one being made by Helldivers and Magicka 2 devs which I love makes me that much more happy to play this :)

  • Another Old game I used to play is coming back as well? Is 2015 the come back of a lot of old games that I liked? lol

  • Think that Warner Bros games can be able to bring gauntlet Dark Legacy onto the PS Store on the PS2 classics?

  • Jaw drop… Blast from the past is right and im defiantly getting this, Im glad to be a PS4 owner :D

  • Mexican2015_MODZ

    I’m yes I would like to know when the update will be complete what’s the time for usa EST?

    • Malin Hedström

      We don’t have any more information yet except from what the post says, so August :) We’ll release more about the development of Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on our own website during the summer.

  • Ugh……How long till physical version?

  • This I like.

  • Sigh I wish this game was out now, my friends and I need a game to play right now!

    • Malin Hedström

      For some co-op action we would always recommend Helldivers while waiting, though that’s simply because the Galaxy needs MORE DEMOCRACY, and it’s so much more fun to bring freedom with the help of friends ;)

  • why are they attacking a thanksgiving turkey?!

  • Please do something with Gauntlet: Dark Legacy if it is within your power. It’s my absolute favorite multiplayer game and online lobbies or even a bump to resolution would be greatly appreciated. I’d re-buy that game endlessly.

  • I prefer physical/retail but it’s coming From the Helldivers developers = Will buy 100% guaranteed.


    • Any chance there will be cross-play servers for PC and PS4? I have a friend that primarily plays pc and i have a ps4, but it would be sick if we would be able to play Gauntlet together.

  • “Play as one of four distinct heroes”
    So this WILL NOT CONTAIN THE DLC Necromancer character??? WHY?

    I will be skipping this because you guys will just release it for paid PS4 DLC down the road which is pretty slimy to exclude already made content for another dip into customers wallet.

  • Well I pre-ordered the game and I have 170d 10 hours and 40 minutes til I can download it lol guess I have a long wait but I love all the gauntlet games so I’ll be patient lol

  • Secret_Sanctuary

    When this was announced that it was returning to PC over a year ago I was so excited. I remember playing this at my local arcade, I don’t know how many quarters I have used playing it. I hoped that Arrowhead and WB Games would bring it to the PS4 platform and when I saw this a few days ago I nearly jumped off the couch! Thanks Arrowhead, WB Games and PlayStation!

  • Just pre-ordered it , but the PS4 Playstation Store says in the pre-order area that the estimated release is 12-30-2015

    I’m hoping that 160+ day timer is off …………. BY A LOT , lol

    Still remember playing the original @ Chuck E Cheese as a kid in mid 80’s

    this game even had a version there that had built in benches to site on , and the rolling ball for moving the characters around.

    Each of the 4 bench seats had its own mini screen too.

    Man am i old , lol

  • Now if only this was available as a disc release. I hate digital content.

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