The Despair-Ridden Story of Danganronpa Another Episode on PS Vita

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The Despair-Ridden Story of Danganronpa Another Episode on PS Vita

Set between Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls on PS Vita introduces a number of new faces while bringing back a few familiar ones.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

With the horrors from The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History that surrounded Hope’s Peak Academy still overshadowing mankind, the war of despair rages on. Upon discovering Komaru, one of the playable heroines of Danganronpa Another Episode, Byakuya of Future Foundation returns from the first Danganronpa game to save her from the attacking Monokumas. Soon after equipping her with a Hacking Gun to destroy the Monokumas, she is caught by the Warriors of Hope, a band of children who rule over Towa City.

At first, the children seem innocent, mirroring the Ultimate students that Hope’s Peak Academy strives for to become the ray of hope for society. Each of them specializing in their specific strength, the Warriors of Hope identify themselves with various Dragon Quest job classes.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair GirlsDanganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Masaru Daimon starts off, the Li’l Ultimate P.E. and the hero of the Warriors of Hope, who claims to be the leader and is followed by Nagisa Shingetsu, the Li’l Ultimate Social Studies and the sage of the Warriors of Hope. Next introduced is Jataro Kemuri, Li’l Ultimate Art as the priest, and Kotoko Utsugi, the fighter of the Warriors of Hope and Li’l Ultimate Drama. And last but not least, the true leader of the Warriors of Hope and Li’l Ultimate Homeroom, Monaca, who acts as the mage in their band of personas.

The Warriors of Hope are carrying out a revolution against adults in Towa City — they blame the adults for the tragedy and want to eliminate adults to build a utopia for children and become a beacon of hope for all kids. After defending the adults and upsetting Monaca, Komaru is deemed to be one of the “Demons,” which spurs a game called Demon Hunting — a super fun game where the Warriors of Hope fight to see who takes down the demon first.

Guided by Kurokuma, the stylish, Monokuma-like advisor to the Warriors of Hope, the hunt begins. Soon after, Komaru is joined by Toko, a.k.a. Genocide Jack, the other playable heroine, and introduced to Shirokuma and the Resistance who will help you traverse through Towa City to survive. Of course, this heavy story can’t be complete without the humor that only Danganronpa can provide; Komaru’s ordinary girl responses in contrast to Toko’s eccentric thoughts and fantasies give way to lighthearted banter despite running for their lives.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

And so, the rest is up to you — how will you escape? Will you survive the attacks by the Warriors of Hope and escape the hordes of Monokumas? Will you find hope or will you fall into the ultimate despair that lies beyond it?

See for yourself when Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls launches on September 1st in North America! And be sure to check out the previous Danganronpa games, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair to stave off your thirst for more despair!

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  • I <3 when there's Vita <3 (and hordes of Monokumas :-)

    • Gotta give VITA some love! Don’t know if I’d want any love from the murderous Monokumas though…

  • I’m excited for this game. I loved the first two.

    That said, I have a question: will Ar Nosurge Plus be releasing on PSN at some time today? It’s supposed to be released today, but PSN doesn’t typically update on Thursdays, so I’m worried it won’t.


  • Now if only Danganronpa 2 would go on sale so I could play it before this. -_-

  • Already preordered :)

  • Just take my money already.

  • Already pre-ordered the LE. The wait was full of despair, but now I have hope.

    Also enjoying Ar Nosurge Plus! I hope you guys do more LEs for KT. Maybe something for the Atelier Arland trilogy…

    • Where did you find Ar Nosurge+? It’s not showing up for me.

    • I ordered it when they first announced it. You can go to Nisa’s site and find the LE there, but when I checked yesterday there was between 0-5% left. Better hurry mang

    • Nice, I’m still waiting for my copy of Ar No Surge+ LE because I preordered it along Danganronpa LE, so they’re going to be shipped in the same package, got to be patient…

  • Ohoho I like this idea. This is going to be pure crazy, but that’s pretty much what the DanganRonpa is. I’m getting this Day 1!

  • Day 1. Vita love. Makes me happy. This is already looking to be a good vita year, more danganranpa, stein gate, corpse party and who knows how many random indies.

  • And holy **** Ar Nosurge Plus a vita version! (^_^)

  • i already pre ordered limited edition and im happy they finally announced the release date
    can’t wait

  • No more digital graphic novels please. You can release them in bio-degradable paper and ink.


    Its funny you guys on this blog write in big letters don’t be a jerk yet the fan boys can be major jerks to anyone that expresses free speech to critize anything legit. The complainer gets banned from commenting and the attackers get protected and can continue to be JERKS. YOU should be sued for treating people on here different. Anyways vita s u c ks I sold mine last week. Nothing but a junk indie machine. I have a ipad that does that better with way longer battery life. Most of the good games are free to.

    • Well, I find your argument interesting but I found a few things to talk about:

      1. Why type of complaining you are talking about? Because you can be polite or a jerk.

      2. Examples of cases where the user was polite when criticizing something and was banned for it?

      3. I can understand what you think about the Vita, but the word “s u c ks” isn’t a nice word to describe it. Maybe “it is a bad console” instead?

      In my case when I had to sell my PSP and PS3, later I bought the 3DS since I wasn’t interested in the Vita but I find the actually catalog quite appealing for RPG [and anime] fans.

      About indie games, you can find those anywhere but I think [my opinion] playing in a console or PC is better than using touch controls in most of the cases.

      4. By your logic, you should be sued for treating developers here different, which is an irony. I can confirm they are high quality indies titles that can be more fun than retail ones, and you will be surprised how many retail games are made by indie developers.

    • That depends on your tastes, the Vita is one of the consoles I play the most because I love Japanese stylized games and JRPG’s, for instance, the Neptunia, BlazBlue and Senran Kagura games, and I’m also looking forward to get Danganronpa, Ar No Surge+ and Corpse Party.

      Also, if the prices are fair, I don’t really mind them as long as I’m entertained.


    Open to everyone it says… Don’t be a jerk… Guess the blog mods didn’t get that message a d their little fan boys surely never get that message but by god the mods keep the attackers around thats for sure. Starting to think the people on here attacking the complainers are sony employees actimg as fans. Trying to chase off and ban who ever speaks their mind and truth about the foul sony does to us all the time. I guess were all suppose to get treated bad and act like sony cares and I guess were suppose to always praise them 24/7 in everything lol. The jerks is mods or the blog team banning us from commenting on here when we hit a nerve of truth on them or call them out on stuff. So again…. Stop being JERKS! Follow your own TOS for once! Its called we have freedom of speech in this country. Guess gaming companies don’t like that freedom and try to silence us 24/7. Better stop or someone will get a lawsuit going. Its just a matter of time someone sues ya for discrimination of character.

    • Ignoring the fact that was hard to read, you can simply complain being more polite… and writing better.
      You want a change? Do the example.

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. The series is awesome and frankly it’s the only reason I haven’t just gotten rid of my Vita. My friend played the Japanese version of the game despite not understanding the language and he’s hyped this game up for me. I’m hoping for the best.

    • So you’re getting him a copy so he can understand the story and play through it with you right? I hear despair loves company… or was that another saying? ;)

  • hope we get the first too titles in a sale before the realese of this one so we can catch up on the story line, wish u go has to buy them right now but a sale would be perfect :)

  • Danganronpa 1 & 2 are my favorite Vita games, so this is on the top of my buy list.

  • Subsided_Assasin

    Can’t wait, definately my favorite Vita game series

  • Well, those of us who preordered it already knew what the release date was… So, that’s nothing new for us.

  • I can’t wait for this! I just finished the main story in Danganronpa 2, on the way to a platinum. This waiting is causing so much despair, I’m salivating.

  • I’ve been waiting for this game ever since it was announced in Japan! I hope there’s more DR in the future!

    • The creator was recently talking about how if he could he would make dr 3 a ps4 game and he also mentioned a zero escape crossover

  • I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Danganronpa. I think im gonna have to check the first one out. Been too busy with ESO, Planetside 2 and Awesomenauts on the PS4, and still enjoying Persona 4 Golden on my vita.

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