Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Coming to PS4

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Coming to PS4

Hey y’all! I’m proud to introduce Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, a massive sequel to the surprise hit on PC. It will be making its console debut on PS4! Woo!

Way back in the PSone days, I’d always pick up a copy of the official PlayStation magazine for the included demo discs. Every now and then they’d have a special “import section” that had untranslated demos of games from Japan that would likely never make their way to the states.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

One of these was a game called Ore no Ryouri, a twin stick cooking game that had you pouring beers and making foods for customers. It was just a small, timed demo, but it had me hooked.

Well after playing it, the idea of making an insane cooking game kept gnawing away at me. I got into making small games and pursued my passion for game development, but it wasn’t until making Cook, Serve, Delicious! that it all clicked together. Finally, my love of food and intense gameplay mechanics were merged into one.

Still, I didn’t know if that would play to the gaming audience, given that a large majority of cooking games were of the simple, casual variety, and Cook, Serve, Delicious! was very much the opposite of that. In fact it didn’t really take off until Ryan Davis of Giantbomb picked it up for a Quick Look video. Since then, the game has inspired hundreds of Let’s Play videos and streams for a cumulative total of more than six million views, and has grossed nearly a million across PC and mobile.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! has you rebuilding your own restaurant in a massive skyscraper, earning money by cooking and serving customers delicious food, and building up your restaurant’s reputation from a zero star dilapidated café to a five star world famous restaurant.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

Along the way you’ll jump into other restaurants in the tower for shift work, star in the biggest reality cooking show ever, participate in tournaments all over the world, uncover mysterious ingredients, and tons, tons more. The breakneck pace and gameplay has been a staple of the game, and this game will be even faster and more challenging than ever.

This is a huge, massive sequel to the first game. Everything is new in this game, from the art by Camille Kuo, to the music by Jonathan Geer, to the large amount of game content, with more than 180 foods, 1,000+ recipes, tons of unlockables and events, and dozens of hours of gameplay. For those who have played the first game, you can look forward to even better gameplay mechanics with all new strategies and components, running at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

I can’t wait to launch the game in 2016! Thanks, and if you have any questions I’ll be sure to answer them below. Until then, keep cooking deliciously!

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  • Oh boy, looking forward to it!! : )

    • Damn, you guys are making me kinda HUNGRY! :-D

    • Ugh, i couldn’t even make it through two minutes of that awful video you linked to. I dont want freaking phone games on my $400 state of the art console. Especially not one where i make stupid hot dogs.

    • he’s not wrong its a joke this stuff is making it next gen

    • Yowza’s Comment made me go YOWZA ….. seriously .. if you don’t want to buy this game on your * as you put it / $400 state of the art consoe / * here’s a simple solution that you may never heard of before … get ready .. because this answer is a doozy !


      you ready ?

      …. Don’t Buy It

      I know right !? wow .. whew .. you make it sound like you have to buy every video game that’s on PS4 ever … well you don’t have too if you don’t want .. isn’t freedom a great thing !? all i can say is your mission out on a great game here and it’s your loss.. but hey .. your Call Of Duty game is coming ( as usual ) in November ! so there’s that .. right ? ;)

    • we (and i may only be referring to actual adult gamers) dont want indie crap that looks like the recycle bin of a steam users pc or the uninstall list on an android. It’s next gen step up or beat it, dun care negative responses only make you look like your “next-gen” console is a waste of money and hardware. can buy a second hand pc for 25$ and play this

  • Extremely weird, but some of my favorite games have been extremely weird. Good idea to link the GiantBomb Quick-Look to give a sense of how it all comes together. Cool, I may check this out!

  • PGDarkLordMalik

    Vita version when?

    Looks great :D

  • Day freaking 1 Chubs, I can’t wait!

  • Loved the PC version of the original. Can’t wait for this.

  • Congrats on your PS4 deal! It’s been a long road since Ore no Ryomi and I’m glad to see this series get the recognition it deserves.

  • ……You guys are excited for “fast food employee simulator 2K15”?

    what next; “welfare recipient simulator”? “slumlord simulator”? Oh wait, I’ve got it…let’s have a game about being a wal-mart employee, and it can have DLC, that puts you in the skin of a worker in one of wal-mart’s Chinese sweat shops…

    Jesus Christ, wake up, gamers..

    • You know, rather than sitting there heckling people for being excited if you actually tried the original game you might understand exactly why they are excited. Its a fun charming and quirky game. Everything doesn’t need to be shooty bang bang action game.

    • That sounds like a cool game, wal-marts awesome.

    • We are awake.. every has different gaming tastes. if you prefer Call Of Duty .. then people may question your taste but it’s your choice of game.. this is my choice of game ( cook serve Delicious 2 ) this may not be for you. you just don’t understand Gaming.

      Gaming means different things to people wither it’s FPS or JRPG or a Arcade Fighter like Street Fighter V people who want to make video games for their own Company are called indies they have a dream and this Fellow made it here today cause he had a dream and his dream from PC went to PC AND PS4 his dream got bigger. so please take account before you type next time .. this may not be for you if you think it’s stupid fine .. but calling others stupid because you think this is stupid makes you look uncool and a idiot.

      CSD2 HYPE !

    • *writes down post* guess I know what my next three games will be!

    • lol, it’s hilarious, and kinda telling, that everyone immediately assumes that i love shooters, and/or, more specifically, call of duty.

      I actually do like shooters, but i also enjoy the RPG, RTS, exploration, simulation, racing, fighting, sandbox, and adventure genres….never said everything had to be a “shooty bang bang action game”

      I understand that people like different things…and while i do think the idea of this title is silly, and more than a little ridiculous, i never said it was stupid, nor did i say that anyone who wants to play it is stupid. I’m simply expressing my surprise that people are actually excited for what amounts to “fast food employee simulator 2K15” It seems odd that there would be a following for this, though, i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised, given what a commercial success “WTF (Work Time Fun)” was (Note: I actually own WTF).

      I’m not some brain-dead CoD-head, with an I.Q. hovering somewhere just south of “meatloaf”….Perhaps it is not i whom should be thinking before typing.

    • ^^^^^ Yes, just yes.

  • Loved the Ore No Ryomi series as well as CSD1 (and of course all your earlier GM stuff). Looking forward to 2! :)

  • Loved the first one, really surprised me. Day1! :)

    Relax, you have just to wait til 11/6 to get your obvious gaming fix.

  • coolmath games rip off it sounds… Games like such are killing Sony, soon I may turn in and opt for Microsoft.

    • how are these games killing Sony ? you make no sense…. Indie games are the new thing right now ( Steam has proved that ) .. it’s not all about blockbuster AAA titles. this game interests me more then COD or Assassins Creed Games. sometimes a small little Developer game can trump a retail game maybe not for you but for me it does. David vs Goliath if you will.

      In the end. your ruining yourself from gameplay experiences .. Retail games get made all the time Sony still makes stuff for their console and Ubi EA Activision and Capcom still make games for PS4 i don’t know what your grief is. you make it sound like that’s all there is on the PS4.. maybe you never been to your local retail store and saw the PS4 wall of games to choose from., but i hate to break it too ya…. Xbox has the same selection of games on there wall too except for the Exclusives they bought off ( because they can’t make their own games anymore cause they have to buy from others ) we may have more indies .. but they got the indie games your gonna hate too … so no matter what your stuck with gaming on something with inides. :P

  • Lol, on the pics the ‘CSD” looks a lot like ‘LSD’…either way im interested.

  • The first game was awesome; I have it on Steam and my phone… I’m curious as to how it’ll play on PS4! :)

  • That is one delicious looking taco.

    I absolutely loved that game on the 2000 summer PS Underground demo. :D

  • I got the original Cook, Serve, Delicious! for the PC recently, and I’m really enjoying it! I found it to be a surprisingly fast-paced game with a fair amount of depth. Judging from a few of the comments above, I can sense that some people here might not be familiar with the original game. Believe me, it’s very well made, and not your run-of-the-mill garden variety cooking or “time management” game.

    It’s great to hear that the follow-up will be hitting the PS4. You can bet that I’ll be cooking and serving and…uh…deliciousing when this game comes out. Good luck, and I hope the game is a big success on PS4!

  • PrimeroIncognito

    A lot of people.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Those tacos look good, too. Even if they are fake.

    Makes me want to go down to Baker’s and get some of their delicious tacos. Think I’ll go there now…

  • Loved the first game, can’t wait for 2. Happy I can play it on PS4 too, which is my preferred platform.

    To those not interested in this game, that’s cool, not every game has to be for you.

    • Exactly .. but mean nasty hateful comments to a game that not their style .. makes them look bad as a person. gives gamers a bad name sadly

  • Just emulate a terminal that orders those Dominos pizzas.

    This has all been done.

    • really ? you can say that about any game these days. FPS ? pssh the original Wolfenstein or DOOM been there long ago .. no need to buy these FPS releasing today when you can buy the games from the old days people been there and done that !

      see how your Comment makes no sense ? if people did make games cause / it’s been there done that before / then there would be no PS4 ETC ETC …

  • Was glad to see sony go away from the old PS3 CEL architecture to make it easier for good game devs to give us more bang for our buck. However, the downside is that it makes it a lot easier for garage devs to publish these ridiculous phone level quality “games.”

    This is the kind of garbage my gf plays for free on her tablet, not a $400 “next-gen” gaming console. For all the fanboys clamoring “Just don’t buy it then”, that’s not the point. The point is more and more lesser quality garbage is being shoveled onto the PS4 weekly with what seems like no kind of standards. You can keep up your open minded, not all games need to be triple A titles blah blah till youre blue in the face. They don’t all need to be triple A but the vast majority shouldn’t be mobile shovelware garbage, and that’s what it’s becoming.

    Putting mustard and relish on hotdogs at 1080p 60fps….yeah, gimme a f’n break. smh

  • Sorry, but no sale. I busted my butt in college to get out of the restaurant business, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to play a game that will do nothing but give me horrible flashbacks. Working as a restaurant manager was the absolute worst job I have ever had (despite the fact that it paid rather well), and I am never going back.

    • I get that actually, I was a barista for several years and that greatly influenced making the first game. Yeah, the food industry is a tough one to work in!

  • David Galindo has known me on twitter may i add, to plead with him to make CSD1 on PS4 since i heard he had it running on PS4 one year ago, because my PC is old and has old specs.. that it won’t run on it. and i thought CSD would be the perfect home for PS4.

    Little did i know just a few weeks ago i think give or take he said he would be announcing his new game really really soon. and i thought ” ok cool but CSD MAN ! i really want that tho :( ” I thought David was going too make a new game to expand on his game creativeness.

    Yesterday i was mainly streaming and doing other stuff to get on the blog and but did not notice the announcement on Twitter late last night and i found out this afternoon when i woke up through another website CSD2 was announced on the 2nd the day after Canada Day ( WOOO CANADA !!! ) and here i am on the 3rd of july JUST FINDING OUT kicking myself wish i could celebrate here first this on the blog.

    THANK YOU DAVID GALINDO !!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!! this has made my day .. i cannot wait for this to arrive on PS4 next year.

  • I wanna add i love your mention of the Official Playstation Magazine ( i mainly bought it when a game demo caught my eye i wanted to try ) I never heard of that Japanese Import cooking game before sounds like fun, reminds me of the Old Days of how we got a hold of demos to try games ( it would be nice if Playstation went back to that for blu-ray discs ** especially the ones that came with the playstation the different Volume demo discs *** ) Thanks for sharing your Awesome Story :)

  • ^ This

    We give a Damn.. you may not OP and that’s your loss…..But our Gain :)

  • Just mentioning the PS magazine (I still have those black backed demo discs) gives validity to your dedication and sincerity. This will be a Day One purchase for me.

  • Just mentioning the Playstation mag and demo discs (I still have mine) testifies to your pedigree and gamership. This will be a Day One purchase solely because developers like you deserve to be supported in your efforts. If someone can spend $60 on a trumped up annual rehash then they surely should back something that goes against the grain in hopes of bringing true fun out. Thank you.

  • This game is similar to “Ore-no Ryouri” aka “My Cooking” which came out on the PS1 back in 1999.

  • Oh my GOSH I wish I’d seen this post earlier & now the developer isn’t going to see my post.. awww.. I clicked on the post link here and I saw the first pic and I said to myself “that kind of looks like Ore-no Ryouri.. hmmm” and then I about had a heart attack when he mentioned Ore-no Ryouri by name! Oh my GOSH I loooooved that old japanese demo on the PS1 back in the day. I think it was the first game I played that took advantage of the dual analog sticks in a truly unique way. It was such a silly & fun game and I’ve never forgotten it after all of these years. I’m buying your game no matter what just for making my day with this blog post!! XD So cool!!

    • Haha glad you like it! Yeah Ore no Ryouri just has a way of staying with you because it’s just so weird, I loved it.

  • When can we see some kind of video trailer showing the gameplay and how much will this cost?

  • I really don’t understand the hatred coming from people who games which aren’t huge budget AAA titles.

    Games like this aren’t preventing those from being released or anything. Plus we do have a ton of those coming out, some just came out as well, such as Batman Arkham City, for example. You generally don’t even see games of this magnitude released during the Summer.

    We have quite a lot on the horizon as well… Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Deception, Hitman, Rainbow Six: Siege, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Alienation, Tearaway Unfolded, Trackmania Turbo, Rock band 4, Mirror’ s Edge Catalyst, Mighty Number 9, Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

    After seeing the nee trailer for Uncharted 4 there is no reason to not be halo with owning a PS4!

    • *new* trailer for Uncharted 4… and by that I mean the 15 minute extended trailer. It’s amazing!

      I only wish Sony would release these trailer videos in 1080p HD on PSN like they used to in the past. YouTube has pretty bad compression which tends to be even worse with fast moving frames, as such with just about all of the Uncharted 4 trailer.

      …Also… Happy 4th of July everyone. :)

  • Thanks everyone for all the support! Have a good and safe 4th. :D

  • Ore no Ryouri! Ha, I remember hunting this down and importing it to own a few years ago because I found that demo “I’m the Chef!” to be incredibly entertaining.

  • You have to love any game that has a “cheese” button.

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