Quiplash: New Party Game Expands “Audience” Participation to 10,000

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Quiplash: New Party Game Expands “Audience” Participation to 10,000

Everybody loves a good party game. That’s why we at Jackbox Games are constantly trying to make easy-to-play party games that can be played by everybody… literally. We’re not quite to “everybody” stage yet, but with our newest game, Quiplash, we’ve come pretty close. The game allows up to 10,000 participants in one game. And by one game, we truly mean one game – only one person needs to own the game for 10,000 people to play!

If you’re familiar with our recent games Fibbage and The Jackbox Party Pack, you’ll know that our games do not require controllers. While you fire up the game on your PS3 or PS4, players connect to the game using their phones, tablets, or any internet-connected device (even computers) by entering the unique game code into the “jackbox.tv” web site. This has also allowed for a big explosion in streamed games, where people are joining streams of our games and actually participating from afar. So with Quiplash, we decided to try to embrace this phenomenon by introducing a new feature we call: the Audience.

Now, while an “audience” usually means a passive group of people who are just “watching,” in Quiplash, it’s different. The Quiplash Audience actually affects the outcome of the game by voting, kind of like on a reality competition show on TV. Quiplash pits two players’ answers to humorous prompts like “Another name for France” against each other. Then, the other players AND THE AUDIENCE (if there is one) vote for their favorite answer. The player whose answer receives the most votes, wins. “Oui Oui Land” or “Armpithairylvania”? That’s for the players, and Audience, to decide.

Quiplash on PS4, PS3

Quiplash is played by 3-8 core players, and works with or without an Audience. If you have a party of 10 people, 2 can be in the Audience, and then they can get in the next game, letting two players swap out to the Audience. If you have a stream with thousands of viewers, they can all participate – up to 10,000, anyway. This is a big upgrade for us over our previous games, one of which (Lie Swatter) allowed up to 100 players in the same game.

Quiplash on PS4, PS3

Our goal is to keep making party games that everyone – and maybe someday, literally everyone – can play simply by pulling out their phones. Sure, just watching our games can bring you plenty of laughs, but who wants to just watch when you can participate? That’s the idea behind the Audience. It’s kind of an “enhanced spectator” role, if you will – you actually affect the outcome of the game. We’re planning more and more of this in our future games, but for now, we hope our first stab at this feature in Quiplash is a successful first stab, without anyone getting hurt. It’s not that kind of stab. Check it out!

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  • My friends and I loved, loved, LOVED playing Jackbox Party Pack (Fibbage and Drawful especially). Found some of the most amusement in just coming up with humorous responses to the prompts, so Quiplash kinda seems to scratch that itch perfectly :-)

    Also, glad to hear (according to The Drop at least) that it’s PS3/PS4 cross-buy!

  • Very interesting indeed.

  • Backed it on Kickstarter because I love everything these guys do, this is no different. Game is fun, hilarious, and just a blast to play. Played with hundreds of people during a live Twitch stream they did about a month ago and I won! (LaughAtBrian). Excited to finally own it and play it a lot. Thanks guys!

  • So are we able to play against friends that are not in the same room? I feel like this could be a wicked streaming game with viewers.

    • Yes, you can play on a stream. Remote players join the game via a website (jackbox.tv). The game displays a unique code when you fire it up. When you log in, just enter your game name and the code, and you’re in! Only one player needs to own the game to play via stream, and we’ve already seen people playing it that way. Enjoy!

    • Ok second question, do we need a mobile device or tablet to play? Or can I use my PS4 controller. Also, say my friend is in the US and I am in Canada. He just uses the website on their PC or do they need a mobile device? Covering all my questions lol Ohhh when does it go live?

    • You use your PS4 controller to fire up the game, but you’ll need an internet-connected device with a keyboard – like a phone, tablet, laptop, PC. The game is based on entering secret information on your device (typing in your Quips). You friend in Canada/Greenland/Madagascar uses any internet-connected device to play, and that’s all they need. The game should be live soon!

  • The worst theme for a pinball machine. A Colonoscopy had me laughing so hard, my gut hurts now. Looks like so much fun, keep up the good work!

    • Feel free to use “colonoscopy” when this question comes up in one of your games. No one will know, and we won’t tell. But remember, a colonoscopy is nothing to joke about. See your proctologist today and ask if it’s time for yours.

    • already had a colonoscopy. so its fair game in my book.

  • I never played anything like this but I am interested in this now. I have some questions though can use your PS4 controller? & also does this game have a platinum trophy?

    • You use your PS4 controller to fire up the game, but once the game is loaded, you use a phone, tablet, or PC (or any device with an internet connection) to play. There is no separate phone app or anything, you just need to go to a website (jackbox.tv) and enter the code shown on your PS4 screen. Also, there are bronze, silver, and gold trophies, but no platinum. Check it out !

  • Love your games, wish you would support the Vita

  • I’m a huge fan of the Jackbox collection, and I play it every week when I get together with my friends. It’s an incredible and hilarious experience everytime. Is Quiplash included as an update to the party pack, or is it completely separate. I figured it would be seperation, but since you so often give consumers amazing deals I wouldn’t be surprised if you gave us another awesome deal. Either way I’ll be playing this at my July 4th and graduation party! Thanks!

    • Thanks for playing! We love to hear stuff like this – it’s why we do what we do. To answer your question: Quiplash is its own thing. We will not be adding any more games to The Jackbox Party Pack. That thing’s stuffed to the gills already!

    • That’s true, I’ve played Fibbage and Drawful way too much, but I’ve never gotten the same thing twice. You guys deserve the money too, so I will be happy to buy it today.

  • Is it on us to promote our game to bring in an audience? Or is there a system in-game that will bring in thousands of viewers [judges]? It would be great to have a game going with just a few friends, but have thousands of randoms being the judges, without having to be semi-internet famous.

    • Finding an Audience is up to you. Most multiplayer games with lobbies of waiting players require everyone to own the game. That’s what’s different about playing our games via a stream. An Audience does not need to own the game, but you do need to invite them (via pigeon, U.S. mail, megaphone, or maybe some easier way like the internet.)

  • This looks like fun, I already own the Jack Party Box so I’ll probably get this! What I really want though is a new Buzz Quiz game for the PS4 more than anything!

  • I’ll wait a couple weeks when it’s included in a party pack.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud at a video game trailer before. Gotta get it!

  • Just wanted to say that I’m a big fan of the Jackbox Party Pack. I own the PlayStation TV and my favorite usage for it is for Jackbox games! My PS4 stays at home, and I’ve taken my PSTV to my parents house, friends house, etc on many occasions. I’ll fire up the PSTV, remotely connect to my ps4 to start Jackbox, and then we all log into the game with our phones. First time I did it and it worked it was kind of mind blowing all that was going on for this gaming session to work. I’m looking forward to playing this too!

  • Love The Jackbox Party Pack and even had a chance to play it with the team at PSX last December in Vegas; I’m definitely on board with Quiplash.

    I noted in the video that it appears as though the name of the player is shown beneath their answer before voting. One of the other voting games in The Jackbox Party Pack does this (can’t recall which one at the moment; Word Spud I think) and I’d like to suggest that it’s not an ideal thing. Having the answers be anonymous until after voting is complete I believe is favorable because it heightens the laughter as players guess who’s answer is who’s and more importantly it preserves impartiality during voting. Nothing worse than being in first place and not getting votes on your perceived best answer because of it. Perhaps the option to turnoff names could be added?

    Regardless, I’m buying; keep doing what you do.

  • If anyone’s unsure about the game, I just started a stream over at twitch.tv/thehotmess , join if you’d like!

    • Any plans from your team to add more questions to fibbage? I’d be down to throw five dollars your way for like 500 more questions. It’s just not fun when you know all the answers already from playing the game so much with your pals :-/

  • Just bought this, can’t wait to try it out – love all the other Jackbox products… like another comment said, I’d gladly pay $5 for more FIbbage questions.

  • I’m really excited for this game, I’ve seen many streamers play Fibbage and Drawful, but I have one important question…. Will the game be available in all regions, more specifically European regions? Currently Fibbage and The Jackbox Party Pack is not available, or at least not available in my regional Playstation Store. I live in South-Africa and we fall under the European regional for game releases and publication?

  • Great game! Just played 3 games with 8 players. How many questions are in the game? Trying to figure out when we’ll see repeats :P

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