Yakuza 5: Inside a World of Organized Crime on PS3

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Yakuza 5: Inside a World of Organized Crime on PS3

Back in April, Gio Corsi at PlayStation visited the SEGA office in Tokyo to interview two of the developers behind the legendary Yakuza series, General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama.

Yakuza 5: Inside a World of Organized Crime on PS3

In this first of three interview videos, Gio goes deep into the details of Yakuza 5 and also gets answers to some of the questions fans sent to #Yakuza5PS.

Since the game announcement at PlayStation Experience, we’ve been working very hard to ensure that this massive game — including all the DLC packs — is localized for the western market. We are grateful for all the support we’ve received from our fans so far and can’t wait to share more details with you.

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  • Can we get a retail release (even if just a limited on) please?

  • I Beat part 3 and it was a enoyable game to me. felt VERY long at that. im sure this would be good aswell.

  • Yakuza 4 is one of my top 5 PS3 games, and I am so happy that Sony is working to get this localized. While I am very happy that this game is being released at all, I would still love to see a physical (or even limited) release for the diehard fans.

  • This is great and exciting, but please also work on Yakuza 0! That is another important game to bring over! The US is already 3 years late to this game, I’d hate to be 3 years late to 0 too!

  • Very nice to see this kind of stuff coming West now thanks to 3PP.

    But my concern is that 3PP still hasn’t really come through for Vita players. I thought it’s supposed to be Gio’s favourite platform? Cause given Shenmue 3, Yakuza 5, Street Fighter V… it seems Vita is being treated as something on the side. Those are all exclusive new/localised console titles. All Vita has/is getting from 3PP is late ports like Resident Evil, Towerfall and Bastion. Failing to see any passion behind Vita from 3PP myself.

    • I believe Grim Fandango Remastered was a 3PP title, but I might be incorrect. Either way, Gio’s been vocal about how there are Vita titles coming, so I’m hanging on ’til PSX 2015 to see how that unfolds.

    • 3PP really has a lot of potential to bring some nice third party properties to PlayStation, especially Vita, but they just need to go about their endeavors a lot better…They should’ve hired a better developer to do the Ultra SF IV port, and I’m not too confident about the team they hired to do the RE Revelations 2 port for PS Vita, a studio named Firma Studio that does mainly smartphone games and this port is their first real gaming project.

      3PP would win over a lot of Vita players if they negotiated some great titles. Example: A Vita port of Final Fantasy Type-0. Square Enix doesn’t really want to do it themselves, so 3PP would end up handling the bulk of the work with another developer (A good one, mind you) and deliver a long-requested title that would hopefully give the Vita the boost it sorely needs.

  • i suspect something like this happened on mikage’s disappearance.the imageepoch lost ceo

  • Can’t wait for this but would LOVE a limited physical release just for my collection. Still hoping to see Yakuza Zero come this way soon. It’s be another great PS4 exclusive RPG! #bringyakuzawest

  • I want it now!
    One of the best game series by far, it’s hard to believe how people totally ignores it!
    To hell with lackluster pretentious ****** games like Assassins Creed, we need more Yakuza!

    Sony, you need to make it big, it’s only playable on Playstation anyway, Sega it’s week, do it Sony, DO IT!

    I’m only holding my PS3 because of this game, and I want Yakuza Zero after this!

  • ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.jpg

  • we want a PS4 disc version of Yakuza 5. who even still plays a PS3 anymore ? PS3 is old news.

    • Gamers! That’s who. I game on PS3, Ps4, PC, N64, Super Nintendo, and others. My PS3 gets a lot of playing time. Although Witcher 3 taking a lot of my free time right now.

    • I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who has got more games on PS3 than PS4.

      On PS3 I’m currently plying Ace Combat, Fat Princess, Portal 2, and many others (including Yakuza 3 and 4)… On PS4 i’m just playing Warframe and Diablo occasionally.

    • “who even still plays a PS3 anymore ? PS3 is old news.”

      Wow…what an ignorant thing to say. SMH

    • Lol the most pathetic thing i read in ah while. Do you not see all the amazing flash sales that include many ps3 games ? do you know ps3 still looks great regardless if its last gen ? Smfh

    • You must be joking if you think a PS4 version of Yakuza 5 is going to happen anytime soon.

    • I was convinced that this will be for PS4 too… i don’t remember where i read it… to bad… My PS3 is gone from my life a year ago

    • Plenty more gaming on Ps3 then Ps4 . And it’s “you” want , not “we” , don’t remember giving you my vote.

  • Nice to see that ps3 is still coming out with more games like this. but it suck’s that Godzilla is only for ps4 and why not ps3 I have a ps4 but I still love my ps3/psn and I hope that the ps3 server last 10 more years I got a lot of psn game’s I don’t wish to lost them ps3 is my hero

  • Can’t wait until it comes out. It’ll give me another chance to turn my PS3 back on. :p

    I have been waiting forever for this game. So glad you guys are localizing it. I had to personally thank Gio at PSX in December for it.

  • i dusted off my ps3 just for this game, please also bring the other yakuza games to the PS4 (PS3) if possible. thank you


  • I am glad it is getting a English version.

    With the increase in Nihon games being brought over why not fix the name. Yakuza is slang and an insult. Ryuu ga Gotoku translates in to “To be like the dragon” which is a good title. Games are even being brought over keeping that keep the name in Nihon language.

    Ryuu ga Gotoku Ishin was released for the PS3 and PS4. Which I would like to see an English release for. The first game that did a great job conecting the PS4 and PS Vita. It worries me that this game because it is in the series will get a Yakuza title. That title would not fit the story at all. With Nihon historic figures it would be an insult to label it as such.

    Players that enjoy this series will still enjoy it with a proper name.

  • PS4 version please.

  • Thank you, Mai! Thank you to everyone at Sony and Sega! I’m so incredibly thankful to see this released!

    I was so excited to see the 2 seconds of footage at E3, and I’m even more excited to see this video series! How cool is this?!

    Everyone, PLEASE support this release on PS3! Vote with your dollars! If you want to see Yakuza 0 on PS4, or other entires in this amazing series, we need to be thankful and support what Sony and Sega are already doing for us!

    For what it’s worth, I’d love to see a physical release, and I would gladly double-dip with a second, digital purchase to support this release, but I’m just thankful we’re getting it at all. Now that it has been pushed from Summer to Fall, maybe they could organize some kind of pre-order only physical copy? ^_^. Here’s hoping…

    If I told you how many copies of these games I’d bought for friends and family as gifts, you’ve never believe me…

    Don’t forget Yakuza 4 and Yakuza Dead Souls are only $6 on PSN this week!! Go show your support!

  • is there a physical Release? my internet is slow it will take me forever to download it

  • What’s really needed is a west release of the Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection…

  • Thanks for bringing this over. One of my favorite game series.

  • I don’t understand JP devs. they didn’t care about the western fans who were begging for the localization.

    now they’re doing it when the PS3 is dead in the west.

    • Ps3 is far from dead , STILL superior gaming machine to Ps4 .Without remasters and laggy game streaming there’s barely anything to play. Don’t believe the “gaming journalist” which try to push the 8th gen no matter what. On previous gens games sold the systems , not the other way around .Also thanks to the weak arch . x86 the 8th gen will not last too long. Ps5 is already in development and might be announced as early as 2017 (X2 ? is underway too ).Ps4 basically caters to prev. xbots (with all the best ps3 remasters ) and it’s more like a middle finger to the ps3 owners (no BC , paid laggy game streaming ).For Ps3 owners with huge backlogs the 8th gen is completely skippable . True next gen will start with Ps5 ( and it will be BC – since they went x86 way ).

  • Day 1, whenever that may be. Yakuza is one of my favorite series ever.

  • I didn’t pay attention to this series till Yakuza 4 was a PS+ offering, and I regret not buying every one of these. I’d love for Yakuza 3 to get a digital rerelease (can’t find it anywhere) and I think the originals were even remade? I think I and many others have been foolishly waiting for a third Shenmue (BTW Thanks Gio – I’m a backer) when we’ve had a spiritual successor receive 4 iterations and a spinoff in the west. I feel foolish.

  • Yakuza Fans, we need you:


    Show to Sega/Sony your support to the series in west.

    Spread the word :).

  • So happy to see Sony getting involved in this localization, despite being niche in the west Yakuza is one of my favorite Playstation franchises and it was such a bummer the fifth game never came across. #4theplayers indeed

    Now, when we start the campaign to bring Yakuza Zero afterwards :)

  • Please get Sega to localize Yakuza HD, I really want to get into the series, but would rather start at the beginning.

    • The games feature a “Reminisce” mode that brings you up to speed! I started with Yakuza 3, and I felt I had a good understanding going into the game. I remember Yakuza 4 having nearly 2 hours of movies on the previous games. You should be fine diving in to Yakuza 5, but if you want to start with Yakuza 4, it’s only $6 on PSN right now, assuming you didn’t already get it with PS+ a few months ago.

    • As Bijatron said, I confirm Yakuza 3 has movies of all the story of the first 2 Yakuza games, so if they don’t bring the HD collection you could start with that one.

    • That isn’t quite the same as experiencing it myself. I want to play the games, not watch a movie, I want to experience those moments by myself. Those features are useless to me. I am the kind of guy who will start from the very beginning despite graphics and gameplay being outdated, I simply do not care about those things as long as its ultimately good.

      Plus I don’t want to emulate the games because the first one has bad VA, I would rather have the Japanese VA in the HD version, and I am willing to wait for the superior experience.

  • Thanks Sony and Sega!

    Really glad that this game is coming in west .

  • I already platted 4, but I can’t wait to play 5 next! Hopefully if Yakuza 5 sold really well, Yakuza 0: The Location of Oath would be pretty nice to localize!
    It’s sucks that you can’t localize Kenzan, Black Pather (Kurohyou), and Ishin due to Dead Souls’ bombed sales.
    Oh well! Physical copy will be nice but I going to buy it day 1!

    • BTW (Since there’s no edit button), localize Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition! Make Yakuza 3 buyable on PSN!
      Thanks Sega and Sony for saving Yakuza and Sega’s localization!
      I’m buying this and Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax in order to save your localization!

    • I played a lot of times the Black Panther demo on the PSP, even though I did not understand a thing, combat was really enjoyable.

  • I’m currently playing through Yakuza 4. Great game. The same local spots (I only played Yakuza 3) is getting a little old. I still like the overall story and the crazy side missions. Fun game and series.

  • Why not PS4?

    why doesn’t Yakuza Zero have release date in NA either?!

  • That was good to watch and listen.
    I’m still on a progress of Yakuza 4. I like the improvement with this from the 3rd for its combat and such, and I’m highly sure 5 will be even better than before.

    Open up the pre-order so I can safely support it for the Yakuza Zero. LET’S DO IT!

  • i can’t wait for yakuza 5, this series has grabbed me and never let go! I’d love official localizations of kenzan and ishin plus 0 too!

    however yakuza 5 is going to be more amazing than all of those YOU GET TO PLAY AS HARUKA I MEAN JEEZ THAT’S JUST THE BEST!!!!!

    thanks sony you are gods among those of us who are into niche japanese games!!! (THEY SHOULDN’T BE NICHE THOUGH THEy’RE SO GOOD!!!)

  • Yakuza 0 please.

    Also release date, with physical copy. Don’t have much space left on my ps3

  • Excellent News! This could be awesome! ^_^

    I need to be honest…I’m not a fan of the series, but…seeing these many die-hard supporters is kinda crazy! o_O

    So I think it’s time to give this franchise one more chance to blow my mind. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up buying Y5 at launch after all, especially after reading Bijatron’s advice. ;)

    Now I just need to find a copy of Y3…and do a Y4’s speedrun before December. =P

  • Poopookakabumbum

    Screw Sony and screw Sega for giving us an anti-consumer choice of a digital only release.

    I will not support this and neither should anyone else. Hopefully the digital only release bombs so they will see the only viable release is a physical one.

  • Wow, very happy to see this series getting some attention here. I’ve been a big fan since beginning… bought 1-4 on day one, and very excited to get my hands on 5.

    I’d love to have a PS4 disc version, of course. But considering that just a few months ago it seemed like I’d never get a chance to play it, I’m not going to complain.

    Nice job, Gio!

  • Hi, is only a digital version for the west?
    Please reply

  • AWESOME ! good job Sega nad Sony :)

  • I want French subtitles, please !!!

  • Please bring Yakuza 1 and 2 HD to Vita. Then bring all the Yakuza games to PS4. That would be great.

  • Looks like 5 might be the best one! Me so happy…

  • Sounds interesting. Have not played any game in this series before. Are the older games in series available in US? Are they playable on PS3? Any chance these games will get ported to PS4?

  • I had the physical version in my hands when I was in Japan last month, but didn’t buy it because I’m waiting for the localized version even though it sucks that it’s only digital. So got 0 and Kenzan instead. Def won’t wait another 3 years till Sega decides to localize 0, that time frame is a JOKE!

  • Retail Version Please
    Localize Yakuza Zero

  • absolutely can’t wait for this. i literally bought a ps3 for the yakuza and tales franchises. played 1+2, and am in the process of playing through 3 (which will be followed by 4), and have played some of ishin.

    would love to see more of these games get official western releases.

  • Don’t get me wrong – I still love my PS3, and I’m currently trying to finish Infamous 2, before I jump into InFamous: Second Son on PS4. I’m just hooked and now kind of spoiled on how great a lot of today’s newer games look on the ps4 that I REALLY wanted Yakuza 5 to be on ps4. I never finished Y3, but I’m near the end of the game on my save file. I took a break from it to play something else – I forgot what it was. When I saw Y4 for free on ps+ recently, I DL’d/claimed it to play when I had time. This will get me back onto Y3 before I play it, then Y4, and now have Y5 to look forward to. Y0 I just bought today for $5.99 – a steal!^^ We gotta get a new Yakuza on PS4 someday.^^;;

  • Dear Sega,

    Can we get Alien: Isolation for PS Plus on the PS3?

  • I got Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin last year and it is great to play. Would love a western release of any Yakuza game right now for PS4 but just can’t see it happening.

  • Thats some good news, but I hope that we will get a physical release. Digital only is a No buy.

  • Yakuza 5 and Persona 5 are the only 2 games I need this year. Still no release date for either :(

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