Uncharted 4: Inside That E3 Demo

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Uncharted 4: Inside That E3 Demo

If, like me, you were left speechless by the jaw-dropping intensity of the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End demo from our E3 2015 show, you’ll be desperate to hunt down more information like Nathan Drake looking for fortune and glory.

Fortunately, PlayStation.Blog caught up with the man who played through that seven-minute onslaught, game director Bruce Straley, along with creative director Neil Druckmann, to give us the inside line on what was shown on-stage.

PlayStation.Blog: Before Drake and Sully stepped into the bustling market square, the demo opened with a shot of an inscription above a door: “I am a man of fortune, I must seek my fortune.” Is that a motto that Nate lives by?

Neil: That’s a quote from Henry Avery, the King of Pirates. He was one of the most popular and successful pirates, who was never caught, and there’s something in there that’s thematically appropriate to Nate too. Here’s a guy who’s always trying to prove something to himself, always trying to seek his fortune – and maybe to compensate for something. In this story, we’re exploring who he really is, that hole he’s trying to fill.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

PSB: The first really striking thing in the demo was just how alive the market felt. Has the move to PS4 given to the freedom to create a bigger world for Drake?
Neil: We’ve been able to able to pack a lot more into each level, have more happening on-screen at once, and make the whole environment more dynamic. We’re at a point where technology isn’t driving our decisions, it’s our creativity and what we can come up with for Nate to go through.

Bruce: We made great games with what we had, but you can’t have everything so you pick your mechanics to fit the pacing. With each game we’re evolving with what the technology can afford us, and right now we’re able to make the world seem a lot more real.

Like in the car chase, you’re ploughing through fences, smashing other cars, pineapples are flying everywhere, and every time the jeep slams into a building and it reacts, the more invested in the moment the player feels and believes the building is there.

PSB: Will Nate be doing a lot of driving in Uncharted 4?

Bruce: Vehicles were something we wanted in previous games, and while they were there, this is the first time they’ve been drivable. There a lot of new mechanics in this game and we want to give you lots of opportunities to use them; we’ll ease you into it, give you opportunities to learn the new features, then you can go crazy with them.

Neil: In the demo, essentially Nate’s moving at 60 mph, he’s under stress, as usual there’s people trying to kill him, so as a player your foot is always going to be on the gas. But we use the jeep in other ways, you can jump in and out and go exploring, and we’ve been able to open up the levels and let players drive great distances.

Bruce: At the same time, we’ve got a lot of story to tell, so we’re not creating an open world where you can take the jeep anywhere – we want to make sure we’re setting up and paying off everything that we’ve put into the game in the right way. So at times, the jeep can move through vast areas, but at times like the level you’ve just seen, you’ve got to hit the gas because Sam’s in trouble.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

PSB: We’ve seen Drake showing off an array of new ways to fight, move, new kit for him to use and how he interacts with the environment around him. The on-stage demo ends with Nate swinging from his grappling hook and rope into the side of a bridge, but behind closed doors, an extended play-through didn’t end there. We won’t spoil what comes next, but Drake doesn’t let go of the rope, and that drags him – quite literally – into one of the most exciting set-pieces the Uncharted series has seen so far. He might be a little older and perhaps a little wiser, but is seems that Nate has found new ways of getting into and out of trouble…

Neil: We’ve evolved Nate’s repertoire of what he can do, but it’s also about how those moves flow from one to another. So when he’s hiding behind sandbags for example, we have a new cover mechanic so he’s even lower than before, then crawling on all fours, blind firing to hit a guy and stagger him, the smash him against a wall, climb up onto a shack, then the hook and rope might become available and you can choose whether to use that or carry on along the ground. There’s all these mechanics that interact with one another, so we’re trying to give the player a choice of strategy of how they approach each set-up.

All of the action we saw on stage was to save big brother Sam – is he as good at getting into trouble as Nathan?

Bruce: All the characters we create are kind of mirrors of different facets of Nate’s personality. Sam is part of Nate’s past that re-ignites that fire in Nate’s belly and gets him back into the adventure.

Neil: As a new character, Sam he has a little mystery around him — who he really is, what does he want from Nate? But they’ll get each other into trouble… as brothers usually do.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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  • This demo was stunning! And I’m just referring to the part shown during the E3 press conference, let alone the sequences I’ve heard about after that. ND really is in a class of their own. Kinda can’t wait to play the game for myself :-)

    • It’s Funny that you say that. I am also looking forward to this game but I wish I didn’t watch the demo. I want all of the game unspoiled for me.

  • Can’t wait for this greatness to come out next year

  • Going to be awesome and well worth the wait.

  • The demo was amesome and the game will be to. Just wondering if there could be an exclusive PS4 console and controller

    with some kind of Uncharted theme??

  • Looks great!!

  • That part about giving us a car to drive in this game and get out of it to explore the environment made me say, “WOAAAAAHHAAAAAAAT!!!”

    Hope it’s as awesome as it sounds!^-^

  • Simply amazing footage. Quite epic to be honest. Next trailer, show us a completely different setting. Every trailer you have shown has been different.

  • Please release behind the door version of the DEMO,

    waiting desperately :’)

    • I was at E3, and saw the extended trailer, and WOW was it amazing! Non-stop action. You’re going to be in for a treat if they release it.

    • Agreed, I think they will in the coming weeks hopefully. At least it was teased by one of the developer’s at Naughty Dog on a Periscope video I seen that was filmed at E3. I believe it was a PlayStation periscope video.

  • Dear Bruce and Neil. We are your fans. We buy your games every year. Twice, in fact. Don’t we deserve to see the full demo you showed on E3? Don’t we deserve to be hype too? Please, show us Elena. :)

  • You guys should release the second half of this demo…

  • It really is bulls*** how you’re not releasing the rest of the extended demo for all to see. Not good treating fans this way, Sony. Very disappointing.

  • I heard that the demo they showed was only the first half, but the second half was even better.

  • Look Drake I know you’re with Sony and all but I’m getting sick of hearing about you. It always about Drake now isn’t it? Ever since you signed your deal with Sony Entertainment that is almost all we ever hear about. And this is not just recently it has been over the last number of years, up until now, and for the next while to come as well.

    Drake maybe you should just stay low for a while until things quiet down. We would not want anything to happen to Sonys’ baby right?

    • You do realize that Drake isn’t a real person, nor that he reads forum posts.

    • Lol … this has to be Sarcasm.

    • Drake does not read the forum? But that makes no sense because you look like Drake? You should read the post I put over on the Interview Series of streaming interviews with developers on the PS4 starting at the start of next month. (its about Drake being monetized as dlc – he does like adventure after all!)

  • I loved how the light bled through the umbrellas and the leaves in the market. There is so much detail (love) being put into UC4 and really shows in that demo. We really could be about experience a watershed moment in gaming, interactive art and story telling. I’ve never pre-ordered a game this far in advance but I have no issue with pre-ordering Uncharted 4 today! My biggest request is that they will make a collectors edition with a digital copy of the game..

    • A watershed moment in gamming? A watershed moment in game came two years ago with the release of the $800 Xbox One bundle and with the PlayStation 4 Jaguar for a graphics engine.

  • The game video on this page for Uncharted 4 does even look like an overhaul for the better compared to even stuff I have seen on the game before and it is not even out yet. I wonder how many more shacks filled will blood thirsty fighters eating food they can fit in the game. You would think they could only fit so many environments for shootouts, dinner, and a good old time. I guess will have to wait and see what the game is really like in its entirety.

  • this game looks amazing

  • Why can’t you guys (Sony and/or Nuaghty Dog) post the extended trailer!?

  • I am speechless that, what once was one of Sony’s best first-party studios is now just a first-party Ubisoft.

    • Sony released Uncharted 4 to be pro Ubisoft and show solidarity for the Ubisoft Alliance of Nations? Really, now that is some inside scoop worth noting.

  • I love the team behind this game. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Release the extended demo please,

  • Please release the Extended Demo Video that was shown behind closed doors at E3.

    I promise it will give this game more Hype ;-)

  • Damn Uncharted always teaching how to be a true technical marvel.Demo was mind-blowing to the extreme lvl.
    Nice to read about all these things,and so far my favorite new feature is the rope a la Indiana Jones lol,was really glad to see that implemented into the game…but Sam ain’t really Drake’s brother right?…he can’t be,and when I saw his face in the PSX demo I kinda already knew he is a traitor,yup the Harry Flynn type….I dunno but I already don’t like him.

    Now I got 2 things to say…..PLEASE let Elena and Chloe be in UC4.If this is truly the last Uncharted they need to be in it.

  • Super excited for the single player campaign, it looks fantastic. However two questions:

    1) Why didn’t he throw the grenade back?

    2) When can we expect to see multiplayer footage?

    • There are two options in life:

      1) Jump on the Grenade and muffle the explosion with your body and see what happens. (press Triangle)

      2) Take the only other path available to a real man and toss the Grenade back. (Press circle)

      And that is true grit iron determination that will get you places in life.

  • Great game.Is the best of playstation. The only reason I would buy the PS4

  • Man, this is going to be so good. I love the first three games and yet what was shown of Uncharted 4 is way above any expectation I had.

    I hope this releases early 2016, the wait is killing me.

  • The times you have shown it publicly it has frozen, now.

  • I wish this game would release this Fall instead of spring 2016 seems to me too far away. I have always loved the uncharted series its funny and doesn’t get boring like other games do.


  • Just so Naughty Dog knows, I was far more impressed with the demo last year seeing the smarter more engaging AI than the set piece driving stuff shown in the e3 demo this year.

    I really hope that the real innovations are for the AI encounters and the encounter designs, and that these set piece chase sequences are just variety in the mix.

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