Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Out Today on PS4

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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Out Today on PS4

Hello, people of the PlayStation community — Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno, here. Long time no talk. I know it’s been a long wait, but at long last Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition is available today on PS4.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Out Today on PS4

To celebrate the game’s launch, I’d like to share some tips and suggestions for the three new playable characters, because they all play quite differently. Let’s start with Vergil.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Vergil, unlike the other characters, can simultaneously perform melee attacks and long-range attacks thanks to his Summoned Swords. You can enhance his fundamental attack prowess by pressing the long-range attack button (Square) during the animation for a melee attack (Triangle).

Try it out, and — if you want to fight more stylishly — be sure to make use of the Circle button which allows Vergil to travel instantaneously to whichever enemy you’re currently locked onto. When using his Yamato sword, hold the Triangle button at the end of a combo string and release to perform “Judgement Cut.” Once you’ve got that down, try releasing the button with perfect timing to perform the so-called “Just Judgement Cut.”

Skillful fighting will cause Vergil’s new Concentration gauge to fill, increasing his attack power and giving him an advantage on the battlefield.

Now, onto Lady. Unlike other characters throughout the DMC series, Lady is not adept at melee combat. Try to keep your distance from the enemy and focus on ranged attacks using the Square button.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Each of Lady’s weapons has a respective optimal distance, so try your best to utilize the right weapons at the right distances. It will make a big difference in Lady’s attack prowess. If you find yourself surrounded by enemies, don’t panic — one tap of the L1 button will unleash her Burst Attack, giving you an emergency out. Lady is a mere human, which means she isn’t able to regenerate health using a Devil Trigger like Dante or Vergil. She also takes more damage when attacked, so taking attacks can quickly lead to death if you’re not careful.

Last up, we have Trish. To start, you’re going to want to throw the Sparda sword at enemies. This is the “Round Trip” move (R1 + Left Analog Stick Forward + Circle). You can use this to trap clusters of enemies in one location, then use the Triangle button to stack on hand-to-hand combos. The combination of Round Trip and hand-to-hand attacks is Trish’s fundamental combat strategy.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Round Trip is also an effective way to fill up her Devil Trigger gauge, which you can then utilize to fire the powerful “Revenge” attack from her Pandora weapon. But be aware: Trish’s various Pandora moves have some nuanced controls, which require various directional inputs and holding down the Square button.

All three of the new playable characters have moves allowing them to attack multiple enemies at once, so they’re all very well suited for Legendary Dark Knight Mode, which throws an incredible number of enemies at you at once.

I’d also like to remind PlayStation fans that with the PS4 you’ll be able to easily upload videos of the game in action. This was something that simply wasn’t possible with the original launch of DMC4 on PS3, so I sincerely hope you’ll share your combo videos online. The entire dev team is really looking forward to watching these.

And with that, I thank you all very much for your ongoing support for Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition and the DMC series.

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  • Looks sweet! Glad to see old Dante is back and better than ever

    • I bought my copy from PLAY ASIA so that I can get a physical copy. This version is great, they have done a great work enhancing the graphics and the gameplay. I love Lady XD

  • Man, released on the same day as Heavensward and Arkham Knight. You be crazy Capcom. Maybe after I finish this stack of games I’ll get this.

  • Would have gladly bought a physical copy, but not digitally. Between releasing it digital only and releasing it on the same day as huge titles, its like Capcom wants this to fail. And then when it does fail, they’ll blame the fans.

    • Capcom blame fans??? Why would Capcom blame fans for a loss?

      Alright blaming fans may actually be one way to save face in the event of a catastrophe. So who will be the first just in case?.

    • I find it hilarious that a guy named ‘flash drive’ has a hatred of digital games. It just seems like a strange disconnect.

    • Well, you do know there is physical release you can buy, right? You just have to import it. My copy’s on the way, in fact.

    • Buy it from Play Asia and problem solved dude. I did that I got it on launch date. THE GAME IS AWESOME!!!

  • Ah, Dmc 4 Special Edition or SE. It has been a long time has it not Dmc you’ve been around for a number of years now right? Nice to see your still alive and back from the underworld and this time in Special Edition form. I’ll have to admit I thought there were people that would have not made it to today alive and that Devil May Cry would have outlasted their existence.

    You are definitely stubborn in a good way Devil May Cry and I guess that is one of the reasons why you are still here. Well Dmc this looks like a duel to the end and I’ll be the one seeing you in Tartarus when we both get there.

    Looks like you know your way around…

  • This looks really good! I would love to see an the HD Collection come to the Vita. Perhaps the guys who did the Sly Collection could give you a hand. They do excellent work!

  • Got the disc version of Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition from, my 1TB drive is nearly full got to upgrade to a 2 TB soon.

    • Why not bring out the big guns and breakout some real hardware and go for the 5 TB drive? 2 TB is getting old.

    • I’m with you, but going as big as I can, so I might buy the Nyko Data Bank and a 6TB hard drive.

    • I did not know that a 6 TB drive was in mass production yet. I’m not really sure where I could get a internal or external drive larger than 5 TB. I know I can get a 5 TB drive anytime and pullout some big guns. 5 TB of storage space would be able to handle something like 10,000,000+ songs, 100,000+ movies, thousands of documents and files that were even made by a computer specialist, or in my case ALL the games I want. Or until I find out that console wars got out of hand and one of them started making games that require 1 TB of free space that is dedicated to the memory so all other competitors can not utilize the IPs. I don’t really make many computer files at home myself.

    • @n_i_g_e_, you can get 6TB Internal Hard Drives of brands Seagate and Western Digital in Amazon, but they are expensive right now (Seagate was about $350USD), and they are not drives for laptop, but desktop computers, so you need a device like a Nyko Data Bank so you can hook up the desktop internal drive into the PS4.

      Hope this information helps :)

    • Bought mines; just waiting for it to get to me (I had it pre-order since I heard it was gonna be a physical release). :)

    • @hypersk_us That is some quality information. I know the cost of some of the Hard Drives is high. And then your right, there is a compatibility issue with what type of hard drive you can use where. I was talking more practical than going out a spending $900 on an internal hard drive and I was especially not talking about $900 USD. Sometimes the price rage on an array of products is a lot and possibly depending on where you get it. I’m not going to talk about Amazon here as people can think what they want to. I also don’t feel like getting into specifics to start naming off hard drive labels or companies. However I will say this and that is some hard drives are quieter than others and some run at a cooler temperature as so to not get hot. If your hard drive is loud or gets to hot all the time there may be a cure for that just I would have no idea what that would be call exactly or what it would cost.

    • @hypersk_us The slim hard drives can cost $300 USD for a 120GB drive. And that is no where close to a large hard drive.

    • Did the same! Kratosess think alike lol XD

  • Well, the article doesn’t say it, but I would like to know if we are getting a physical release of this game…

    • As far as I know the only physical version was the ASIA release with English Sub and Dub. As for harddrive space i will looh into something above 2TB,Thank for the tip.

    • Thanks Mobius2525, I guess I’ll have to import it because I’m not a big fan of digital-only releases.

  • Is the micro transaction dlc available? if so how can I get it?

    • Well, if you work hard at your job, if you take care of your family, you do your part in the place that you live, and do what your country asks of you then the Dlc should be available if you determine that it fits your needs. And if the Dlc is really, really good you would actually then just get it anyway you can!


  • For $24.99 this is a must buy for DMC fans. I’ve been enjoying it so far. I won’t be playing it again til I’m done with Batman but ill definitely be back on it.
    Question: Any way of porting the HD Collection to PS4? I already have the PS3 version but if can the PS4 version of any of my games I’ll buy it again.

    • Sure the Devil May Cry HD Collection can be ported over to the PS4. Just call Abstraction Games and tell them to port it over to the PS4 and that they can put on their website that they did that and it will be something for them to do. And them tell them that it will be something they did and that you want your name removed from it because if it makes any money you don’t want to have the million dollar liability. And then that way there will be something for Abstraction Games to do and Capcom will get another PlayStation 4 title.

      The only problem with that is Andrew House stated that there will be no PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 4. The Dmc is a probable title for something like that although it was stated that there will be no PlayStation 3 titles on the flagship.

  • Thank you for releasing this again on PS4.

    My favourite action game of the PS3 era, and top 3 game of any kind of that generation.

    Great stuff!

  • Shame on capcom for not releasing this on PS3 but this ain’t a recycled game AT ALL since the original didn’t have trophies and there are a lot of new content in the Special Edition.Also shame on capcom for releasing digital only in the US,and the funny part is that capcom try to blame the fans when its only their fault for their stupid practices….a lot of people will buy the JP version,me included.
    But I’ll have to thank capcom anyway for bringing the real DmC back….I’ll have a good smile on ma face when I see this DmC 4 outselling that shameful thing you guys call DmC.

    But yup like others have said…a truly bad move releasing DmC 4 SE on the same day of Arkham Knight.

  • I think I’ll get this later this year. This was the last DMC that I cared about anyways (Capcom should really get back the franchise, and develop Nero’s story on an eventual DMC5)

    I don’t know if anyone at Sony, or fellow users can answer this but, are there any news about PSOne and PS2 classics running on PS4? I thought PS4 was able to do that but after reading a lot of articles, seems it’s not the case and PSNow is the only way to go…

  • Own the original and just started playing this last night! Definitely a must buy whether its your first time playing or own the original, and at 24.99, its a freakin steal!

  • The only thing missing in this game is that Corrupt Vergil’s DT is not Nelo Angelo, but Blue Sparda(similar to Dante Sparda costume). Which is disappointing since i wanted to play Nelo Angelo since he has his own moves and all.

    Dante doesn’t have his DMC1 costume(WTF) Come on now!!

    Hopefully this becomes successful so you can make DMC5 with these costumes :D

    Ordered the Asian version and its still not here T___T

  • Going to get the asian physical version. Game looks great, big fan of the original version! But you could of at least met fans halfway and offered a physical version on the Capcom Website.

  • Is this the official permission to upload gameplay vids without getting a take down notice?

  • DEVIL MAY CRY 4!!!! WOHOOOOO!!! I bought it from Play Asia

    Now I am waiting for DMC5 YEAH!!!!

  • How do i get my pre-order dlc?

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