Batman: Arkham Knight Out Now on PS4

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Batman: Arkham Knight Out Now on PS4

Sometimes it seems like Batman’s work is never truly done. As soon as he’s locked up one supervillain, someone else is breaking out of Arkham Asylum, or a new enemy emerges from the shadows and he’s starting up the Batmobile once again to stop another threat to his city.

Every so often, game development feels like that, too. But it’s great to take a moment to reflect, and with Batman: Arkham Knight out today, we’ve got a lot to celebrate. It’s an incredible feeling to know that this morning, millions of people will be turning on their PlayStations to load up a game that we’ve put so much love and effort into.

Batman: Arkham Knight Out Now on PS4

So it’s over to you, then! We’ve spent three and a half years playing this game and we can’t wait to see what you, the community, can do with it. Whether you’re tearing through the streets in the Batmobile, gliding over the rooftops, or bringing justice to the thugs and supervillains that threaten Gotham, we want to see your screenshots and videos, read your reactions, and find out what being the Dark Knight means to you.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that Share button! Gotham needs you.

Enjoy the game. Be the Batman.

From your fans at Rocksteady.

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  • Our thanks to you gaz and everyone at the Rocksteady team for not only this one, but definitly a saga that is crucial on the life of our most beloved Hero.
    You deserve all this great recognition cause you made an awesome work
    I’ll e saving Gotham tomorrow like the Batman thanks to you one last time

    Thank you all, will kep you always in our gaming/batty hearts guys!

  • So excited. I’m gonna pick it up later today at GameStop which comes with the Harley and Red Hood DLC!!!!

  • Finally! I can give Witcher 3 a well deserved break and dive into the epic conclusion of this masterful franchise and become THE BATMAN! It should be in my hands momentarily! Rocksteady! I tip my hat to you guys once more and respectfully request that after you guys get the rest you have earned, you ask WB to be in charge of Superman. = )

  • Any chance we could get some new avatars for this? I’ve been wanting to change mine for a while now. If not, I’ll just get an old Arkham City one or something.

    • And I guess I should thank Rocksteady as well. I don’t do this very often, but I had a blast with the Arkham games and hope you keep ’em coming. *cough*HowaboutaSupermangame*cough*

    • There are no Batman avatars in the Store…no Asylum,City or even Origins avatars were ever released which is a huge huge damn shame.
      If those that are PS3 games never had its avatars released…let alone a PS4 game.

  • Picked up the game at GameStop around 10PM, after several attempts to reinstall the game data, and re download the DLC and update, I am still not playing at 1AM. Looks like I won’t “Be The Batman” tonight, after all :-(

  • Please notice the price of each in your post.

  • Awesome trailer! Great job Rocksteady! Batman AK looks like a very strong contender for GOTY! So far the game is amazing. Well done and congrats!

  • So if I did not preorder on PSN; do I miss out on not only the Harley Quinn DLC, but also the Playstation exclusive content (batman skins, batmobile skin, Scarecrow mission)?

  • sadly won’t be buying this just for principle because of that overpriced season pass. i’ll just wait for the GOTY edition with all the content at a cheaper price. next time tell Warner Bros to not be so damn greedy.

    • spacedelete2

      if you cant handle such a “pricey” hobby perhaps find a better job besides flipping patties.

    • @ Jisatsu_Kiddo – The problem is much bigger than that.Much bigger than your lil brain can handle.

    • or maybe just dont buy the season pass like many (include me) who didnt. Your still sending the word that you dont like the price of the season pass cuz you didnt buy it.

      Not buying the game itself wont do anything to tell them you dont like the season pass price. They will just think people didnt have an interest in the Batman game itself.

  • The time has come to be the Batman

  • To those who doesn’t know, there’s a last minute audio mode for the Gold Wireless Headset! :D

    Just played two hours of the game and is amazing, sadly I’ll be at work for 9hs before I can keep playing. -_-

  • And the reviews are pouring in – this game is a bonafide hit! Congrats on creating such a worthy conclusion to the Arkham series :-)

  • Random question: Will a custom sound profile be available for Sony headsets?

  • I have downloaded it last night and the game is mind blowing especially riding the BATMOBILE was super fun.

    The Graphics of the game are completly redesigned and it feels awesome.

    A VERY VERY BIG Thank you to ROCKSTEADY for this Woooonderfulllll game and I hope you continue to deliver awesome games like this in the future.Maybe Iron Man series ,Please :)

    Double Thumbs up !!

  • 22Gb patch, at the current rate, ETA: 18h. 2 weeks ago, Wolfenstein: TNO took almost 72h to download (the download was painfully slow and freezing all the time, I had to pause/unpause it every 2 min hoping it would speed up for a couple of minutes after unpausing it. Are you guys looking into this issue? This makes the console unusable unless you play 1 game every 3 months or something. I’m seriously thinking about selling it and just playing on PC. I preferred playing on console because my PC wasn’t that great and anyway on PS I just had to put the disc in and play (after the install time and so), but now installing games on PC seems to be faster/easier and you can connect a controller, too. Are there any plans to fix this? I didn’t get an answer the last time, and on twitter, askplaystation asked me to turn off/on the router and used a wired connection instead of wireless (I already do, and I have no download issues on the 360 or the PC. Even the iPad downloads faster with a wireless connection….

  • Hard to believe game is already out.Arkham Knight was one of my most anticipated games this year and I wanted it day 1 but had to cancel my pre-order after the robbery you guys are pulling with that season pass price.I’m a big fan of B-man and even more fan of the Arkham games also fan of Rocksteady and I really want to play this game but not for the price of supporting these anti-consumer practices.
    Lost ma motivation to play the game after seeing the season pass price and its content so….waiting for the inevitable GOTY edition.
    Not a single doubt that the game will be amazing though…definitely a contestant for GOTY.

    • The season pass is only $39.99 for Batman and the content that you get is normally good. The Batman Dlc has the Scarecrow in it is what has been said and / or rumored over the last year. I remember people talking about the high cost of the season pass for Batman on the PlayStation 4 a long time ago now. But the actual reason they were saying that the Season Pass from Rocksteady or Monolith had to high of a price was an entire game, being a PS3 game at the time, was around $24.99. The $24.99 was sometimes less and sometimes more for an entire PlayStation 3 game at the time, but that cost to buy an entire game made the $49.99 or $39.99 sound like a lot to pay for just a Seasons Pass in comparison.

      It is not like that anymore as new games do not cost $9.99.

    • I was listening to some of the same people talk about Batman: Arkham Knight. And they were saying that $39.99 for the cost of all of the upcoming Dlc being made available for Batman: Arkham Knight was not to much to pay or to high of a cost. I was paying attention to what they had to say about Batman on PS4 and was talking to them. I saw a retraction of “The $39.99 for a Season Pass cost to much” in a few places.

      I really do not think the $39.99 for all of the upcoming Dlc or all of the Dlc would be to much to pay at all for a season pass. Dlc is also available without the season pass and can be purchased individually if a gamer did not want all of it, only wanted some, or was not sure. Seasons passes are generally a good idea and ensure access to all available Dlc packs. If someone did not really want it than it would not cost anything and they could spend the money on something else.

  • SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!

    Ok guys I need serious help I got past the scarecrow part and I was taking out the pipe thing and the joker showed up and said “miss me” then that game went to a loading screen and it just stays there not loading stuck at 48% what do I do HELP!!!!!

    • Hey I just experienced the same issue, but my percentage will not move off of 0%. Smh I need help as well!

  • Please make it for PS3 i want to play it i have only a PS3 guys this is unfair

  • I’ve been a avid gamer from the very beginning and was so pumped to play batman watching the intro and gliding off a building for the first time until the game crashed every five minutes giving me an error code making it difficult to progress at all so I’m more than disappointed in it honestly I don’t feel like going through this again so probally the last game I buy

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