Six Reasons to Step into the Arena of RIGS Mechanized Combat

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Six Reasons to Step into the Arena of RIGS Mechanized Combat

Onstage at E3 2015 this week, Andrew House introduced a high-octane, big-hitting new title coming exclusively to Project Morpheus: RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

Down on the show floor, we caught up with Piers and Tom from Guerrilla Cambridge to learn more about their lightning-fast and explosively fun new VR arena shooter – and why you’re going to want to grab a VR headset and step into the arena.

RIGS Mechanized Combat on PS4

  1. It’s all your favourite sports in one futuristic arena

    Piers: “RIGS is a first-person, arena based shooter set 50 years into the future and is a collision of all different sports – there’s elements of motorsport, shooting, basketball and others that come together to create this combat league where the rigs are the heroes.”

    Tom: “It’s all about the drama, knocking an opponent rig out of the air when they’re going to score, getting the big saves or scoring a last minute goal to win for your team.”

    Piers: “We’ve taken elements from real sports that create tension, when it’s all on a knife-edge; the last minute goal, the saves and blocks – we’re inspired by the games that give you those moments.”

  2. RIGS Mechanized Combat on PS4

  3. You’re in the driver’s seat of enormous mech sports heroes

    Piers: “The rigs aren’t just robots, they’re driven by you. You’re in control, and you really get that sense of size and presence when you’re inside Morpheus.”

    Tom: “Head movement is a big part of how you control the rigs – in the game mode we’re showing at E3, that’s how players steer the mechs and use their aim. You can scan the skies and see other rigs, or change direction quickly. But ultimately, we’ll offer a choice of control schemes so people can take charge of their mech and be comfortable within the game.”

    Piers: “We’ve made the Dualshock controls as natural and familiar as possible, so players can focus on what’s happening inside the Morpheus headset. We’re not going to overload you with controls, we’re stripping it right back to just what you need to compete inside the arena.”

  4. RIGS Mechanized Combat on PS4

  5. You can choose your rig and play your way

    Piers: “Matches are 3-on-3, and the rigs come in different forms with different specialities. There’s the Hunter, the Mirage and the Tempest. Tempest is a lightweight flying rig, Mirage is a tall, agile rig that can double-jump and Hunters are small, fast rigs that can get through gaps quickly.”

    Tom: “Different people like different things – I’m a big fan of the Tempest, hovering around with an overview of the arena, looking around with the Morpheus headset and seeing what’s going on in the match.”

    Piers: “I really like the Hunter, diving in and out of cover, taking people out so they don’t even see me coming.”

  6. RIGS Mechanized Combat on PS4

  7. Different game modes mean more ways to play

    Tom: “At E3 we’re showing a game called Power Slam, where you take out opponents to collect power orbs and send your rig into overdrive – which makes you run faster, shoot more powerfully and regenerate health faster. Most importantly, when you’re in overdrive you can jump through the hoop to score a goal and get points on the scoreboard. It’s kind of like basketball with guns.”

  8. RIGS Mechanized Combat on PS4

  9. You can pick your team and share tactics – but solo players have a place too

    Piers: “We’ve brought two teams to E3, the Cobras and the Dynamos, each with their own special abilities that help in certain game modes. The Cobras have their vampire ability so they regain health when they take out an opponent. The Dynamos have a knockout power that lets them take down an opponent with a melee attack and steal their overdrive to deny them a chance to score.

    “The mechs have different loadouts and abilities, but it’s down to how you and your team want to play that will influence which one you choose and how to combine the classes.

    “As for single players, we’re not quite ready to talk about we’re offering there – we’re focusing on the team games for now at E3 as that best shows off what the game is all about – but we’ve got plans for what the single player mode will be.”

  10. RIGS Mechanized Combat on PS4

  11. It’s been built exclusively for Project Morpheus

    Piers: “Everything we thought we knew about game development went out the window when we started RIGS so we had to learn everything from scratch, which is an incredibly refreshing thing to do. We learned new ways of choreographing an environment, new ways to design an interface – everything about it is different and really exciting.”

    Tom: “It sounds cheesy, but working with the Morpheus kit is a little bit of magic. We obviously play the game every day and may have got used to it, but coming here and seeing people’s reactions when they play RIGS for the first time is incredible. You really have to play it to see what I mean.”

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  • This game looks very interesting, especially because it seems like it will be action-packed and fast-paced, in contrast to a lot of other VR titles. Does that present additional challenges to make sure a player does not have motion sickness and is able to play for longer stretches? For instance, how long does a match last?

    • I think the motion sickness is from our natural fear of heights. Hopefully this will help people with that. I think an fps will work if they slow down your movements to that of a human.

  • Sounds cool, but can you make it third-person? First person gives me motion sickness.

  • This game looks great! Can’t wait!

  • I must own this game! It looks phenomenal, not just because it is VR-enabled, but because it is a very fresh innovation for first-person-shooters. Day one purchase, no question. I simply cannot wait. Period.

  • Another awesome experience for me to try out when I get Morpheus! Thanks Guerilla Cambridge!

  • Will be there day one!

  • This will definitely be one of the very first Morpheus games I buy. It looks like a lot of fun. I’m hoping the Mechs will have some customization options, and that there will be a multitude of maps. Seems like the perfect stype game for VR. Can’t wait to play!

  • It looks to be one of the more interesting games for Morpheus. However, I certainly will not be picking up Morpheus for awhile; after the treatment of the Vita by both Sony and game developers (there are exceptions to that statement of course, i.e., XSeed), it will take substantive convincing – proof, not PR statements – that Morpheus will be supported by all concerned parties and not simply abandoned after a year or two.

    That’s not be negative; I hope Morpheus is truly successful and that VR catches on in the mainstream, but at this point, my trust to purchase another accessory – expensive one at that – from Sony is not there.

    • Xseed is a publisher, not a developer.

    • That’s actually a good point. If you look at their previous history with accessories (EyeToy, PS Move), then it’s pretty apparent that once it starts to look bleak, they cut their losses.

      I hope it won’t happen again, especially since the market for Morpheus could end up being much more difficult to find as an accessory to a specific console, and it likely won’t be the ideal choice for third parties. If Sony doesn’t make this big, then no one will.

    • I look at it this way as long they can give me a battlefield type game, a GTA style game and a game with swords. Then I’ll buy it I’ve wanted a vr helmet since the 90’s.

  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

    • Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star, World of Final Fantasy, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend, Danganronpa: Another Episode, Corpse Party: Blood Drive, Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Century, J-Stars Victory VS+, Lost Dimension, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, shall I continue?

      Look harder.

    • You do realize that none of the E3 coverage posts in the blog seem to mention any of those, right?

  • This is going to be one the first things I buy/try on Morpheus. This is quite an interesting concept and something I never knew I wanted until I saw it.

    Now if someone can design a game based on that Toonami show, IGPX, that’d also be awesome. Similar to this, but combines mech combat and racing.

  • Really hope they put rad social features into this one. Shooters in sports scenarios are my favorite kind of games, but they have to nail the best aspect of sports TEAM!!!!

  • This does look pretty good and I’m glad it is an arena shooter instead of these crappy modern shooters. Now if VR ever actually comes out….

  • livingwithoutyou

    So any news on a release date for project morpheus. 2016, 2017 I would be happy with just the year.

    • Project Morpheus will launch in the first half of 2016. We’re all still waiting on the exact release date and pricing though.

  • This game is my game of the show for E3 2015. Thanks for supporting Vita and Morpheus. KZ:M is one of the best games on Vita, and this looks like it will be the best game on PS4 when it comes out.

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  • This might be the key Morpheus game, but I can’t imagine Morpheus having a steady stream of quality games to keep it a compelling peripheral.

  • Exclusively? Does that mean Morpheus is 100% required? I sure hope not…

  • This looks amazing. I just want to know when this thing comes out!

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  • I think this game would be a blast with VR technology. Decently A game I would pick up once it launches

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