New Tearaway Unfolded Trailer and Companion App Details

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New Tearaway Unfolded Trailer and Companion App Details

What a week it’s been! After all the excitement and fanfare of E3, we wanted to take a moment to show you our fantastic new trailer for Tearaway Unfolded, and tell you a bit more about our brand new companion app which will be launching with the game on 8th September!

As you might have heard, a small group of Molecules packed up their papercraft suitcases and headed to LA this week to show off Tearaway Unfolded to the E3 crowds. To celebrate, we’ve made a brand spanking new trailer for E3, to highlight some of the beautiful, papery worlds you’ll be journeying through, the exciting new ‘thrown-forth’ features you’ll be using and of course, the exciting new companion app! Feast your eyes on our trailer above!

Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015 - 14Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015 - 13

The Tearaway Unfolded Companion App is an all new way to experience Tearaway Unfolded on the PS4. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to experience atoi’s delivery adventure with your friends and family through a second player experience! Using the app, you can access the cutting mat to cut out new creations, customise your characters, re-texture the world with photos and collaborate on creative challenges! Everything you create using the app is sent directly into the game, instantly appearing in whatever scene you’re currently playing, it’s awesome!

Tearaway Unfolded - E3 2015 - 15
We hope you guys enjoy watching the trailer! For more things Tearaway Unfolded, head on over to our blog where we’re sharing lots of behinds the scenes footage and extras from E3, as well as all our exciting news in the run-up to release – so stay tuned folks! It’s gonna be a rippin’ good time!

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