Announcing Headmaster for PS4’s Project Morpheus VR Headset

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Announcing Headmaster for PS4’s Project Morpheus VR Headset

Headmaster for Project Morpheus

Hello! I’m Ben Throop (pronounced Troop) of the new micro studio Frame Interactive. But enough about me!

I’m excited and humbled to announce Headmaster for Project Morpheus. What started as an experimental prototype last year has turned into a Project Morpheus launch title showing on the floor of E3. That’s bonkers.

So I’ve got a trailer to show you below, but before you watch it, imagine you are standing alone in a dark courtyard of what appears to be some kind of institution. You are holding this.

Headmaster for Project Morpheus

…and now the trailer.

Being a part of what PlayStation is doing with Project Morpheus is incredibly exciting. Most of all I love how they have fostered creative risk taking to make sure players really see the potential of VR. The medium is completely new and weird and amazing and we’re all learning as we go.

Headmaster will be playable on the floor of E3 this year. I’ll be at the booth so come say hi (my buddy Dan and I will have Headmaster Logo T-Shirts on) or follow me on Twitter @ben_throop. You can also check out and Twitter @Headmastergame. Feel free to drop a comment here with any questions as well. Thanks!

Headmaster for Project Morpheus

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  • I’m not a soccer guy but I don’t care, this game looks like a lot of fun anyway! And slightly disturbing…

  • This looks really cool as a Party Game. Can’t wait for Project Morpheus

  • this should include mp with another player being a goalie

  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

  • All this hype about Project Morpheus — The thing that I want to know is what guarantee do we have that they won’t abandon it a few years from now, in which case we will be wasting the ‘several hundred dollars’ that it is rumored to cost. They’ve already abandoned the Vita and the PlayStation Move, the latter of which could very easily be made compatible with the PS4. Not only that, but rumors are already circling around that Sony is secretly working on a PS5, which if those rumors are correct, could be unveiled a mere two years from now. Is it me, or is it starting to seem like once they have your money for whatever the current fad on the market is, they just don’t give a damn anymore? Someone at Sony want to weigh in on this, or are you guys too cowardly for that?

    • There are at least 27 games that I know of for Morpheus already and Shuhei Yoshida has said there are 30 or more games being developed for it already. They have the tech, the games, and the PS4 to keep it powered on. Now they just need to make it affordable and announce the games at launch. No worries :)

    • PS Move has not been abandoned. It will be used with Morpheus. It seems like you’re here just to be negative, so maybe you just shouldn’t buy the headset for a while. “abandoned” or not, if we get a decent amount of good games for a couple years, it will be worth it.

    • They started working on the PS4 after releasing the PS3 so yeah im pretty sure they are working on the PS5. PS move had several games and was supported in a lot of AAA games. PSvita is still getting game, I have several in my backlog to play and those are all free games from PS+.

    • You need the ps move controllers for Morpheus so if you have them already you’ll save a bit of money. I don’t have them or the camera so I’m going to have to buy the whole package. I guess I’m looking at about £300 ($500). I think VR is here to stay. Hopefully the AAA developers will contribute.

  • This game looks like a ton of fun and I can’t wait to try it out on launch day :D

  • I like that this game focuses on a very specific & contained experience, but adds graphical realism (well modeled physics and lighting) to make it more compelling. In a way this is why I think P.T. was so effective.

    This game looks like a lot of fun, too! It does make me wonder if they put a tiny bit of rumble into the Morpheus headset to register the contact points with a bit of bio feedback :-)

  • Looking forward to my inevitable neck injury.

  • Just checking something…just pretend I’m not here. =P

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