A Look into Wayward Sky on Project Morpheus

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A Look into Wayward Sky on Project Morpheus

Hi all, this is Eka, Game Director of Wayward Sky at Uber Entertainment. We’re super excited to introduce our new look and click VR adventure game in development for Project Morpheus on PS4. We set out to make a unique adventure game that shows off the magic of VR while simultaneously making it accessible and comfortable for first time Morpheus players.

In Wayward Sky, you are Bess, a young co-pilot flying with your father when you crash into a mysterious fortress that emerges out of the clouds. With your father kidnapped and plane in ruins, you set out to explore the flying fortress and rescue your father. To guide Bess around the fortress, you point with your head to anywhere and press an action button on the PS4 controller to have her walk there. We’ve designed wide open environments and we play with layered verticality to really show off the power of what it feels like to inhabit a space in VR.

The game switches between a third-person for movement with cameras hovering over a space and at times switch to a first-person view as Bess interacts with puzzles in the world. There’s also a scale change switch between the two perspectives that’s only possible to do in VR. In third-person, we scale the player camera so it feels like you are a giant looking down on a miniature world. When switching to 1st person, we scale the camera to a standard human scale and you feel like you are standing in the space.

Wayward SkyWayward Sky

In VR, the camera is essentially your head so moving it around without the player’s consent like most traditional games can be uncomfortable to players when there’s a disconnect between what your eyes see and what your body is experiencing. So character movement and exploration of a big environment can be tricky. To solve this, we do camera “blinks” between areas as the player guides Bess through it. During these blinks, we switch camera angles to allow you to explore the world thoroughly.

Whether it’s avoiding Repairbots or flying with chickens, we feel Wayward Sky offers a unique perspective into the world of Project Morpheus and VR. If you have any questions for me about the project or working with Morpheus, ask away!

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  • I was hoping VR would have games that use a tilt-shift style of camera in addition to the normal expected 1st person view, and and it sounds like your game does just that! Cool :-)

  • We can assume Move support is not a thing for this.

    • Chandana Ekanayake

      Hi KazeEternal,

      Correct. Wayward Sky uses PS4 controller buttons for “action” and analog stick for certain puzzles.

  • Wayward Sky looks enchanting, charming, and stunning! I am so glad to know that there will be no shortage of games when I get my Morpheus next year!

  • This title looks really great, and I’m glad that it sees life after the cancelled GearVR project. I have a few questions:

    1) How long are you anticipating this game will be?
    2) At what price point will the title launch?
    3) How is the Morpheus experience compared to the other VR headsets?
    4) Is the game to be played seated?
    5) Does the game use the traditional controller, or move controller?
    6) Is this title looking to be released at launch?

    I really appreciate you taking the time to read these, and understand if there are things that you cannot comment on!


    • Chandana Ekanayake

      Hi Sealum01,

      Let’s see if I can adequately answer all your questions!

      1) Hard to say on length of the full game as we’re still developing it. Our goal is to have a tight game that shows off what a Morpheus can do well.

      2)This I don’t know and yet to be determined. Sorry!

      3)I’ve had the chance to check out most of the Morpheus games here at E3 and I’m very impressed. Sony has a great variety of experiences and the hardware is very comparable to other similar headsets and plus it runs on a PS4 which sets it apart.

      4)We’ve been designing the game as a comfortable seated experience.

      5)Wayward Sky uses a PS4 controller

      6)The goal is for this to be a launch title


  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

    • Gone forever, dude. Now get lost. Sony has already said that first-party support for Vita is not going to happen anymore. No amount of spamming on your part is going to change that. Your whiny comments are insulting to the developers who are here to discuss their projects.

  • Looks wonderful! I’m so glad that we are seeing such great variety in the VR development space. This is what gaming needs! Innovation at the core! Thank you for your work, I can’t wait to see more and try this out!

  • I Would like to see PlayStation two and three PlayStation games play on the new PlayStation

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