Yu Suzuki Begins Crowdfunding Shenmue III on PS4

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Yu Suzuki Begins Crowdfunding Shenmue III on PS4

Hello everyone. Yu Suzuki here. It has been 14 years since Shenmue II first went on sale. The game system it was released on, the Dreamcast, is not around anymore, but the voices of the fans that have been eagerly awaiting the sequel are still there and are as loud as ever. Any country I visit for work, any event where I am up on stage, any interview I do, the question I always get asked is, “When is the next Shenmue coming out?”

Shenmue III on PS4

Moved by the fans and their passion, I have been constantly doing my homework and preparing for this day. And here it is — today marks the beginning of the Shenmue III project on Kickstarter. If there were to be a sequel to Shenmue, I wanted the voices of the fans to be heard, so we could make it together. I knew that could happen with Kickstarter.

PlayStation fans love video games, deeply understand video games, and have great ideas about what video games should be. Your support and cooperation will be absolutely necessary for this project. Our Kickstarter goal of 2 million dollars is certainly not an easy one. However, if we do reach that 2 million dollar mark, Shenmue will live again on PS4 (and PC).

The more our project can collect for game development during this campaign, the more the game will come alive — with more quests, more story events, more mini-games, the addition of a free-battle system, and more fight options. Stretch goals are part of the project to show supporting fans what they can expect as project funds increase. Like at the 2.5 million dollar stretch goal, Shenmue I & II flashback scenes will be added.

If you have not heard of Shenmue or are a first-time Shenmue gamer, this stretch goal will give you an even deeper gaming experience. Both you and your friends will benefit from your support, and you will be helping to create the next generation of Shenmue fans.

One of the rewards for the project will be the Shenmue III Demo Version. Something like this, of course, was not around for I & II. This is a Kickstarter-only privilege that will allow you to play Shenmue III before it gets to the stores. Besides me and the development team, those who play the Demo Version will really have the first word on the new Shenmue III.

We have a lot to show you, so please come and take a look at our project page.

So, until next time!

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  • Thank you for making the dreams of many gamers come true. Best wishes on a successful Kickstarter! Go! Go! Go!

  • Great news!

    I’M hoping we might see a PS Vita version added as a future stretch goal.

    (PS4 and Vita ports of the first two games would be good, too.)

  • Shut UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!

  • Thanks for listening to gamers I PLEDGED $200 On your project :)

  • Thank You Yu Suzuki for all of your amazing games you’ve worked on and created! Shenmue 1 and 2 are amazing stories that I can’t wait to step back into when 3 comes out. Your kickstarter will be successful and please consider making physical copies of Shenmue 3 available for PS4 as well on Kickstarter, that would make people jump on even quicker than a digital only for console option. Thank you for bringing this and working on completing your vision, I hope if you require to fully tell your story of Shenmue a Shenmue 4 and 5 down the road that you keep those in your plans and continue to not give up on your dreams of completing your epic stories. I can’t wait to play it and thank you Sony for supporting and promoting this and thank you SEGA for letting this happen when all is said and done, but thanks most of all to Yu and Tak and the rest of your team for continuing the Shenmue story! So can’t wait for this. Hope you the best success and the game comes out the way you dream and envision it to.

    • Also a cool thing from the originals. If you can bring back in the 3rd game the arcades where you can visit and play like hangon and what would be really cool Outrun and Space Harrier etc. that would be awesome! That would be awesome also with the power of the latest consoles if the arcade could have newer games like Ferrari F355 and Virtua Racing/Fighter etc… as well or Daytona USA and all the Sega AM2 greatest hits that would be even more killer.

  • Take MY MONEY NOW!

  • The Dream still lives on.

    Thank you so much for this…

    and thank you for bringing hope to the videogame industry.

    Wish you the best.

  • I am so excited for this! I loved Shenmue. It’s a game that has stuck with me all these years. I’ve dreamed that it would make a return. The announcement tonight made me so happy. Thanks so much for bringing it back! I’ve backed the campaign, and am looking forward to having the t-shirt and toy capsule in my hands. (And, of course, to play the game!)

  • Another Nostalgia Bait kickstarter?
    The desperation is real, but ultimately if you get something you want out of it, more power to you.

  • Backed. You have no idea how happy this made me. I was stunned. Overall the greatest conference I’ve ever seen.

  • Subsided_Assasin

    I think a question on everyones mind is why on earth is a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY CALLED SONY announcing a kickstarter for 2 million dollars for this game??? You’d think Sony could just give them the 2 million for the fact they are keeping this game console exclusive

    • Probably so that fans can be involved with deciding/voting on what content they would like to see in the game. KickStarter comes with many tools that make it easy to keep in touch with fans who feel strongly enough about a project to back it. Also it sounds like a KickStarter campaign was in the works long before Sony even got involved. .

    • Could be Sony was doing him a solid by announcing it during their press event.

      Could also be Sony is doing for this what Deep Silver did for Bloodstained. Agreeing to back the game with funding and such as long as the initial funding goal was met, using a successful campaign as an indicator of interest in the project.

      Remember, Shenmue was a $70 million game. I can’t find an actual number for Shenmue 2 but it has to be in the millions of dollars. A good estimate would put both games together at a hundred million plus.

      There is no conceivable way to make a game on that scale for $2,000,000 on modern hardware. It’s completely infeasible. Someone is backing up this project with money if it hits its goal, and right now it looks very, very likely that that someone is Sony.

  • Why is there no physical copy for PS4?! Seriously add that….seriously. O_O

  • … and tonight I look at look over at my Dreamcast and utter the words, “It’s time old friend. It’s time.”

  • I pledged the game but never played the first 2, also can you make a Virtua Fighter 6 (even if it’s through kickstarter as well) or at least re-release the older titles like VF3, VF4/Evo/Final Tuned. Thank you.

  • Never done a kickstarter before, ever, but I sure as hell did for this.

    If this is what it takes to get niche titles to come back, ones that might not make ends meet otherwise, then so be it. I want them regardless, and honestly, for the money I put down I’m getting the game anyways. So the way I see it, it’s a win win.

    Sony, do this for Medievil (and other classics too) would you? :)

  • Hearing this made me so happy I cry, this game was te reason I got a working Dreamcast and my copy of Shenmue 1 case an all.

  • This was one of the biggest announcements of E3 for me. Thanks for hearing the voices of the fans! I’m proud to be a backer!

  • Congratulations on $1.1 million already!

    Add a PS4 retail reward and I’ll back immediately.

  • So excited for this. Who else is hoping for like a ~3.5M stretch goal to bring an “HD” or uncompressed version of Shenmue 1 and 2 to the PSN? It can happen, right? I’d love to see it happen. Call Blupoint or any other one of these fantastic remastering companies to handle it.

  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

  • This is simply amazing.

  • Why is there no Physical PS4 release? C’mon Sony, support it!

  • heh 7 hours in…

    1.6 mill pledged…

  • dexteroliveira20

    This was the announcement that many “old gamers” were waiting . Suzuki won’t let Sony down if Sega are not responsible for making decisions about Shenmue 3

  • What’s the role of Sony in this?

    Oh, and no steelbook on PS4, no buy.

  • One million for the Kickstarter in like an hour!!!!!

  • Let’s share this everywhere you can as fast as possible, this is an ambitious project
    (needs more funding for Yu Suzuki’s FULL vision)



  • Thank you, Yu Suzuki-sama! YoU are making my most desirable dream to come true! I love Yu! <3 #SaveShenmue

  • Shenmue III is REAL!!! Thanks Sony, thanks Yu, thanks to all this great community…

    Finally… The Story Goes On ~

  • This is the most exciting thing to happen in a long time!


  • Thank you so much, Suzuki-san. Shenmue lives on through you and the fans! We will never stop supporting!

  • I put in 100 bucks, thinking of more.

  • Thank you Suzuki-san! And THANK YOU PLAYSTATION!! For believing in Shenmue and us in the Shenmue community! This is a dream come true for a lot of us. And Playstation is truly where Shenmue III belong! I backed it and can’t wait to play the game!

  • Damn almost $2.5 million in one day

  • Backed. It’s already at $2.35 million in 13 hours.

  • Yu Suzuki Can we get a part one and part two HD remake for PS4 if it reaches 5 million dollars?

  • You have revived the dreams of an entire generation, thank you Yu-san, now the legend realy lives!

  • Pledged $100 might pledge more i want to see this game hit.I want both the Ps4/Pc version.

  • Here’s my wallet.
    Now SEGA, release the other two games in HD!

  • never underestimate the power of Playstation gamers. Everyone got behind it day one, its a beautiful thing to see. A wonderful game franchise that deserve the backing. This is what gaming is about to me bring everyone together to do a good deed for gaming and differ genre

  • This is awesome never play shenmue before.Hopefully the make HD version of shenmue 1 & 2.

  • This Kickstarter campaign should be ended immediately. The goal was $2million and it’s now at nearly $3million. You have your original goal to comfortably complete development, you have an additional million dollars to make everyone moderately wealthy for a little while, and you’ll have millions more coming in when the game is released. Stop milking this campaign. You shouldn’t be taking advantage of your good fortune in hopes that the fans will turn you all into millionaires before the game even releases.
    I’m not saying that this project shouldn’t have been funded and that the team shouldn’t make a little money during development, but this is robbery.

    • Gosh, you are being ignorant.

      Did you ever read the tweets by Tim Schaefer about where the money went for Broken Age? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BxL2D4lCUAAv0qx.png:orig

      2 million is NOWHERE near how much it would realistically cost for this game to be made. As pointed out by others in the thread, the original Shenmue cost somewhere in the order of 70 million dollars to make. (See http://www.mobygames.com/game/dreamcast/shenmue)

      And that was in 1999. Costs have skyrocketed since then since we demand so much more fidelity in all aspects of a game.

      Honestly, I feel this Kickstarter is disingenuous as it is giving people (like the person above) totally unrealistic ideas about how much games cost to make.

      All this is, is an attempt to prove to potential commercial investors how much interest in the game there is. They should have just been up-front and straight about it.

    • Gosh, you are being ignorant.

      Do you really think your argument about development costs is relevant? If $2 million is what Mr. Suzuki needed (that amount wasn’t likely pulled from the sky) to convince deep-pocket investors to fund his project, then that first step is complete. No need to keep milking it. We are just the end users. We are not investors who are going to see returns from this backing. We don’t know if the game will be good or if it will even be completed. No need to suck millions more from the fans when he can’t even guarantee that he’ll deliver. The fans did their part, and now it’s time for him to do his by taking care of the rest without us. When the time comes, people can pre-order and buy the game. Until then, taking millions of dollars from the little people is not something he should be doing.

  • If you want to see real robbery, look at the Castlevania rip off Bloodstained one. Everyone KNEW that would do well. Shenmue has been dormant for 15 years. No one knew anything, no one knew it would rise this fast or just fall flat on it’s face. Yu Suzuki would NOT take the money and do nothing with it, every single last dime will be invested in Shenmue 3. Don’t believe me? Just ask Sega. They sure know he will invest everything he has and almost everything the entire company has if they will let him.

    Even if he and the others were to get rich off this, No one on this planet has earned the right to be that rich apart from this man. For all his accolades and accomplishments he is not rich enough. He should be the wealthiest man in all of gaming.

    I would like to thank Yu Suzuki for everything that is right in the gaming world and creating everything that has been right for the last few decades. It’s robbery that this man is not wealthy enough.

  • I love you Yu Suzuki!! Thanks for making the Shenmue III dream come true, you are THE legend!!!


  • Oh please bring a remastered version of Shenmue and Shenmue II. I’ve never been able to play them. I dropped $200 on the kickstarter and I’d really love it if I could play the first two episodes before I start the 3rd one.

  • At last… years ago i finished Shenmue 1 and 2 on Dreamcast, Shenmue 3 is something like a dream come true. Please Sega, bring us back Sonic the hedgehog to ps4… 2016 is its 25th anniversary and still not official news

  • Thank You! Thank You for believing all these years. And not giving up. Cuz all these years I was waiting for this game. And I’ll help this dream to become true.

  • Very excited to see how this turns out. Thank you Sony for backing Shenmue

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