The Last Guardian Coming to PS4 in 2016

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The Last Guardian Coming to PS4 in 2016
The Last Guardian Coming to PS4 in 2016

Well, the cat is out of the bag – just minutes into the PlayStation E3 Press Conference gave us our first glimpse at Creative Director Fumito Ueda’s long-awaited The Last Guardian.

I’ll waste no more breath – just watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • I bought a PS3 for this game…..thanks for nothing…..even though I’ll eventually get a PS4 someday…so thanks for something…I guess.

    • “The audience was then instructed to go out and buy as many PS4’s as they could before the game mysteriously vanishes again and then resurfaces for PS5”

    • Grow up. The world of design and development is complicated, things like this have happened for ages across systems and companies.

    • I feel like you completely wasted a “grow up” there. Ages? Really? You mean since the PS3 Xbox 360 era?

    • ultimatepunchrod

      Well Ico started development as a PS1 game, so this isn’t unprecedented. I’m just glad it wasn’t cancelled. I really want it! This and Horizon are my most anticipated games from Sony’s showing.

  • Truly made this the best E3 moment! <3 <3 <3
    I knew it'd make an appearance again when the time was right :)

  • My god, this day has finally arrived! Amazing. Can’t wait :-D

  • When will we get CD PLAYBACK!

  • We WANT a Release Date

  • We WANT a Release date other than 2016 ):

  • Wow I’ve waited an entire generation for this moment. I need to play Ueda’s latest masterpiece right about now.

  • WonderBar!

  • Good God, Sony made the impossible tonight. Sony “won E3” hands down.

  • Sony, you just delivered the best E3 ever.

  • Thank you! I am glad this is still being made and hasn’t been canned. This is going to be a great next couple of years with Uncharted, Last Guardian, and also later on Shenmue 3 ! Please make Shenmue 1 and 2 playable on Playstation as well =).

  • 2016 huh… Well i waited years for this game so i don’t mind waiting one more year.

  • Sure does not look that great compared to Horizon or Uncharted.

  • Destroyed it this year, guys. So much goodness…..I tip my cap.

  • Why did you guys removed the E3 post where all people was complaining? So if we don’t like the conference you just delete the posts? Aren’t you open to criticism? Wow, now I guess the next step is to ban me because I didn’t like any of the announcements, huh?

    • Well if you didn’t like them you sound like a fanboy to me since their is a game there for everyone.That other conference just had a lot of 3rd person shooters.

  • What a way to open the conference. I was like “Can it really be?” haha, and then a huge smile spread across my face.

  • RIP PS Vita. It’s officially a legacy platform.

  • Never thought I’d see this happen lol its going to be a masterpiece. The entire show was amazing…pretty much every game is what I want to play only trouble is that there is never enough time. VERY happy and proud PlayStation gamer here.

  • im shocked at how bad it was.they had nothing and for the first time i regret not going with serious too.with them adding bc and sony trying to sell us ps now and i own most of those games on ps now on my ps3.taking away home where i spent a couple of hundred dollars.i will not forget it and wont be spending much of any of my money on sony.i will buy the minmum of games.i will not support what ive been seeing from them and i do not feel like a valued costomer either.

    • yeah I’m hoping Sony will work on making backwards compatibility, not Playstation Now, now that Microsoft, their biggest threat, is doing it..

  • I need to be here. This is one for the history books.

  • As long as we also get a PS3 version. You can’t spend that many years on a PS3 game and not release it. A lot of people don’t have a PS4 and might not get one for a long time. Sony needs to keep supporting the PS3. It’s almost as powerful as the PS4 anyway. Maybe the graphics don’t look as good but it can handle this game. So make both versions.

    • TLG is a last gen title that got ported over to Ps4 of course the Ps3 can run it minus some graphical downgrade.Ps4 is still a fair bit more powerful than Ps3 to say it isn’t is wrong.Ps3 titles use pixel shaders and most of the technical rendering effects.That said Ps3 lacked bandwidth and had issues with alpha effects while Ps4 has the bandwidth and fillrate to deal with it.I game on Pc as well which really only means better FPS/Resolution and not much more maybe some slightly better textures and AF.

    • islankleinknecht

      They have said in interviews that much of the delay was caused by technical issues on the PS3. In 2012 they started moving everything over to the PS4, including having to recreate a great deal. If that is true, I really see no way that this is coming to the PS3.

  • This was a pleasant surprise :) over all well done on the press conference guys :D

  • It was like watching a long QTE event of a PS3 ICO, without the buttons on-screen.
    Can’t say much more than that really.

  • please upload your e3 videos to your ps4 psn store.

  • My body wasn’t ready for the megatons. Damn you Sony, you dun slayed me X(

  • Hell yes! Now you have my attention Sony.

  • I am happy this is coming out, but I still feel like it’s a PS3 game. I watched it streaming so I can’t say for sure, but it looked white washed.

  • and then the Internet exploded

  • I liked that Shu took the time to praise Ueda during the presentation, class.


  • I’m sure that I am one of many very dissatisfied PS3 owners. I can’t believe Sony is forcing us to buy a PS4 in order to play The Last Guardian! I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I saw the 2009 E3 trailer. I even pre-ordered it! The Last Guardian was one of the main reasons I decided to purchase a PS3. This is a very rotten thing for Sony to do! If you watched the footage from the press conference you can clearly see that it is a PS3 game in terms of graphics. I don’t think it looks good enough to be a PS4 game if you compare it with the other major titles shown at the conference. It was obviously originally designed to be a real showstopper on PS3. I was planning to buy a PS4 eventually but this decision Sony has made to not release The Last Guardian on PS3 has changed my mind.

    • I apologize if I sound like a jerk, it’s just that I’ve been waiting so long to get this game and now find out that I would have to purchase a console as well in order to play it. I really do want to buy a PS4 (especially for Uncharted 4), but money is tight nowadays. I’ll have to wait another couple of years before I can afford one:(

    • Gaming isn’t everything. You’ll be able to enjoy The Last Guardian someday.
      Nearly 2 years into the PS4’s life-cycle, you must realize that releasing this game on PS3 would be a huge mistake. There may be many PS3 owners who are disappointed, but those many are in the minority.

  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

  • I was hoping for a surprise announcement that said it would be coming this year. So excited for this one. I love ICO and Shadow, so give me more of that!

  • Super hyped to see it revealed again. I’m glad things are on track. All aboard the hype train, really looking forward to this.

  • Thank you so much.

  • So, it’s the Full HD version of an unreleased PS3 game. Considering this PS4 port looks exactly like the 2009 trailer (resolution notwithstanding), it’s a testament to the power and brilliance of the PS3. A shame that this game will probably never see the day on its original platform.

    And frankly speaking, after ten years of waiting, I’m not even sure I’m still interested in The Last Guardian.

  • It is finally happening. So excited.

  • I’ve been waiting for so long!! This was the peak of E3 for me for sure!! I absolutely cannot wait to play it.

  • Sony always wins

  • every year I see as buried deeper to psvita

  • I forgot to ask when can i preorder the game on psn?

  • Really enjoyed Shadow of the Colossus but didn’t really get into ICO i played it a little bit than gave up on it. So far what I see looks great cant wait to play this in 2016.

  • Nothing but a couple minutes of the game, pretty much same of what we saw in 2009. So chalk this up to Duke Nukem, if it ever comes, it will fail to live up to the hype. Not a solid release quarter even. Sony this was pathetic to even mention the game without at least showing us something we haven’t mostly seen before.

    I rarely comment here, but this was truly sad attempt at “HEY LOOK AT US”….

    How bout this.. Do like Fallout 4, keep your lips sealed until closer to release day, I mean like almost gone gold!

  • Will the game still be released on PS3? It seems unclear.

  • I bought my first PS3 just for this game. I’m happy for this. I just wish this game worth waiting so.

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