PlayStation Vue Expanding, Hits LA and SF Today

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PlayStation Vue Expanding, Hits LA and SF Today

Since the launch of PlayStation Vue in March, we’ve heard a lot of requests from fans to bring our innovative cloud-based TV service to their cities. Today, I’m pleased to announce that we’re expanding into the Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area TV markets. PS4 and PS3 users in these markets can now access the best in live TV, including local broadcast and regional sports, along with massive DVR storage in the cloud — all through PlayStation Vue’s powerful user interface. If you have an active PlayStation Vue subscription, you can also access PlayStation Vue content through our recently released iPad app.

PlayStation Vue will continue to evolve with the addition of more cities and more great content. Starting in July, we will be launching a selection of channels that can be subscribed to individually through PlayStation Vue and will be available to all PlayStation fans in the U.S. This means, you’ll be able to subscribe directly to the following networks, with or without another PlayStation Vue package.

  • SHOWTIME: SHOWTIME will be available through PlayStation Vue in July for $10.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, the monthly price is $8.99.
  • FOX Soccer Plus: Starting in August, Fox Soccer Plus will be available for $14.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, the monthly price is $12.99.
  • Machinima: Machinima will be debuting their first premium TV channel on PlayStation Vue with exclusive content from Machinima‘s in house studio. The Machinima channel will be available later this summer through PlayStation Vue’s Elite package. The channel will also be available separately for $3.99 per month. For PlayStation Plus members, the monthly price is $1.99.

We’ll have more to report on PlayStation Vue in the near future. If you’d like to learn more, please visit

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  • How about bringing Netflix and/or Powers to the PS TV?

    An app to watch conferences such as this would be welcomed as well.

  • Need to bring this to more areas and more sports channels. ESPN is a must!

    • I agree, ESPN (and all related channels) IS A MUST!!!

    • ESPN doesn’t do a la cart channels they only offer their services to be bundled together. They’re currently suing Verizon for offering their services a la cart with Fios.

  • I think it’s great you’re adding discounts for folks with PS+. I’m hoping that ultimately, Vue will come to my area, and I can get PS+, Vue, and PSNow all for one low price bundle :-)

    • “Starting in July, we will be launching a selection of channels that can be subscribed to individually through PlayStation Vue and will be available to all PlayStation fans in the U.S.”

  • Still need regular OTA channels ABC networks, CW (a must for The Flash & Arrow & future super hero shows they will have), and a few other channels i cant think of right now because its 5:30am EST and im still up from being at E3 and so on.

    Also this A LA Carte feature….. will this be in effect for ALL channels you currently have or just the ones you listed above. Needs more clear info.

    • If you live in or near a major US city, you can get OTA channels for free with an antenna than plugs directly into the coaxial cable input. I ditched Comcast and bought a $25.00 flat antenna at Best Buy and I get NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS & The CW (plus a bunch of other channels I don’t watch…) and added Sling TV (which includes ESPN) through Amazon Fire Stick for $20.00.

  • I want nativ backwards compatibility on PS4! Not this vue thingy :-P

  • I would like actually like nativ backwards compatibility as well. I don’t have internet at my home at all cause what I need to stream PS1, PS2 and PS3 games via PS Now, I can’t get in my area and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person. Microsoft showed that it is possible at their press conference. I know you guys can figure this out and make it happen without a cloud service. Please look into this.

    • You need internet to get backwards compatibility on Xbox One so you wouldn’t be able to use it on there either.

    • @JMBlakk Here is the thing. Yes it depends on the publisher, but Now requires a constant connection, while what Microsoft is doing is just downloading and then you can play. Now was executed poorly. Yes its fun for those who can use it, but its not accessible to others either. Could someone go out and pick up a PS3? Maybe if they have the money and the room, but it would of been easier to add backwards compatibility from the beginning or adding it now, even by rebuilding Now to do something similar to the Xbox One.

  • Yes where is PS3 backwards compatibility ? If you do not give us backwards compatibility you will receive major backlash from us. MS has given backwards compatibility for Xbox One so you have no excuse not to give us. I’m sure Sony you remember what happened to Microsoft when they weren’t listening to their consumers. Don’t make the same mistake or people will jump ship to Xbox One.

    • why would the do that, they spent all that money for Playstation Now and you think they are going to give us backwards compatibility. FYI it depends on the publisher if a title can be used on the Xbox one and with devs still releasing remasters I don’t see a lot of that happening.

    • Speak for yourself. It’s not a big deal to a bunch of people as well

    • Speak for yourself. I can live without backwards compatibility. It’s not a major issue. Want to play PS3 games? Buy a PS3. GameStop has them for cheap.

  • Need more channels, cities and devices that this is on.

    Just like PS Now, this should be on smart tv’s, iOS, Android, etc.

    More a la carte channels. Good start! Great idea- discounts for ps plus members. Should have that for ps now as well.

    Put this and more apps(Netflix, spotify, Amazon, etc.) on ps vita/ps TV. Ps TV should be Sony’s Apple TV + gaming.

  • I’ve been part of the service since the very first private beta and I love it but it needs more channels, i know the majority of people here will ask you for Espn and Abc but dont forget Univision,Foxdeportes and NBCUniverso. Please if you add ESPN which im pretty sure is coming dont forget to add ESPN deportes as well.

  • No Vita love.

    Shenmue 3 got funded last night so maybe we should get a PS Blog post for that. Maybe even ask if a stretch goal for Shenmue 1 & 2 to get HD Remasters for PS4.

  • The language is still a bit confusing. Is the entire service rolling out nationally or just these a la carte selections? (Which Showtime is launching themselves anyway). I’m moving in July to an area owned by Comcast so theres no way I’m paying money for their crappy service and really hope that I’ll be able to get the middle tier Vue package in the not too distant future.

  • please add salina Kansas please

    • Yes, add Salina, Kansas. But I need ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, and CW. This would be amazing if we got this though. pop. 50,000 and going strong lol.

  • That you for the not needing a bundle channels. I would like to see the channel selection with that feature expand past 3 channels.

    Need to add Seattle, please,, I’m sure it is in process.

    Your pricing is equal to cable, there needs to be a better selection and lower costs.

  • Sony has some good ideas in this department but poor execution. While some who own a Playstation 3 or 4 may pay into to this, others will not. This maybe due to be under age, using there device purely for gaming experiences, etc. This service should find its way into the Playstation TV as that device is a great concept but may need to be revamped for Television services as well as gaming. The Playstation TV is the perfect place to put Playstation Vue since its cheap but the device does need a few improvements such as recognizing the Dual Shock 4 as a Dual Shock 4 and not just a controller. As well as adding Netflix and YouTube.

  • I’m sure we’re down the ladder a few rungs, but please don’t forget about Canada as you look to expand the PlayStation® Vue service to more cities.

  • I would hope regular cable channels will be available as a la carte (and not at ridiculous prices, $15 for 1 channel????) $2-$4 per channels is perfect. I hope Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, Nick, Travel, Disney and TBS is on there at the very least.

  • if vue can get espn and it’s family of networks i will probably end up jumping ship, assuming the a la carte prices aren’t ridiculous

  • It would be nice if this was available everywhere. I am really looking forward to subscribing to this. Please bring it to Washington state areas soon.

  • This service needs to expand in a real hurry.

    I live 150 miles from Chicago, and it pains me that it is so tantalizingly close, yet so far away.

    Bring on the ala carte cable to the masses.

    Hi Colin & Greg!

  • It was funny sad at the Toronto show when that segment hit.
    One minute it was all cheers for what just finished then it was just silent as we waited for this stuff to move on.

    It was a long four minutes 0_0

    Would be interesting to see Canada get it.
    I know for a fact that Rogers and Bell are Stingy with a capital S when it comes to paying out to the channels.
    They don’t even pay some networks for their signal.

    That isn’t right Sony, so please come up here soon!

  • Best news of the conference for PlayStation as a brand. This in combination with Project Morpheus will bring in a massive amount of casuals, and keep them attached to the system, and feeding money in every month. Great job Sony.

    Looking forward to July now. I will be subscribing to all 3 a la carte channels from day one. Hope HBO jumps aboard soon as well. Whenever you guys are ready to launch full service in the Puget Sound, WA area, I know a couple of dozen people ready to make the switch.

    Thank You PlayStation.

  • All I know is Sony better start expanding their service or someone else will. Iptv is the future of tv. Cable tv service is a thing of the past.

  • While this is great that they are expanding this, it’s really annoying for me. I live about 1hr to 1.5hr away from san francisco. Grew up near san francisco but not in it, and I can’t use the SF service. It’s annoying because I’m fine with SF local news cause hey I’m close to it. Technically, my cell area code is from that area but I can’t use Vue cause i live close but not in SF zip code.


  • One city at a time is NOT ENOUGH. Frankly…
    Come in Montreal, and come everywhere else too…

  • come to canada please!

  • I finally got my PS VUE after a month of bad luck. But I got Showtime. Yay.

    I would like to see if they add ESPN, Cartoon Network (Adult Swim), HBO Now, Starz Anytime, or any Adult channels like Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Ten, or those uncensored shows on demand like Jerry Springer.

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