Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Hits PS4 on February 23rd Next Year

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Hits PS4 on February 23rd Next Year

Mirrors Edge on PS4

It’s been a long wait, but we’re happy to finally share with you that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will launch on PS4 next year February 23rd.

With the new game, we wanted to raise the bar for what an action adventure game can be by providing players an opportunity to experience fluid movement and combat, in first person. What fans loved about the original Mirror’s Edge — Faith, fluid movement, and the stylized look of the city — we’ve kept and improved on to provide new gameplay experiences.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, 04

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you’ll witness Faith’s origin story as she grows from a young woman to the heroine the city of Glass desperately needs. On the surface, the city is beautiful, but on the inside it’s hiding a dark secret. Run free, climb the tallest skyscraper or find the hidden underground tunnels beneath — you’ll have the freedom explore.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the game and we hope wholeheartedly that you’d like to join the Mirror’s Edge community as we continue to reveal more information about Faith and what Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is all about. We think you’ll even be happily surprised with some of the things we have to show, especially if you’re a fan of the first game. Once again, welcome!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, 05

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  • ……

  • Hope it plays like the original. Thanks DICE for bringing a sequel

  • Is it exclusive?

  • I love Mirror’s Edge so much. I really happy that Faith looks a lot better in the game. I’m really concerned when EA revealed her new look several days ago.
    I really love PlayStation. I hope you guy do something to improve PS4. The backward compatibility & Elite controller on Xbox One really scare me. :(

  • We waited far too long for a sequel. Don’t slip up guys. :P

  • Where are the PS Vita games? :(

  • 1. Game looks great.
    2. DICE has already announced it’s not a sequel.
    3. It’s not exclusive. PS4 & XB1 are getting the game.

  • Can’t wait to play, just wish Faith looked as great as she did in the original game. She looks more ‘mainstream’ now.

  • So, is it a prequel or reboot?

  • I’ve never been one to suffer motion sickness…. but the trailer for this game made me physically ill. If it had gone on for about a minute longer I’d probably have actually thrown up.

    Congratulations, you’ve made a game so nausea-inducing it can cause even people with normally strong constitutions to feel off. An impressive accomplishment.

  • Seems like a nice game really liked the Mirrors Edge back in 08 on PS3 my only problem is dropping 60 on a game that I would most likely play it once beat the game and never touch it again. Other than that it looks great and I am sure it will be tons of fun.

  • can’t WAIT! love love love the first one. this would be INCREDIBLE with Morpheus if you could figure out a way to make that work some how.

  • ultimatepunchrod

    I absolutely cannot wait for this game. I loved the original and have been pining for more ever since.

  • Very excited to hear that it will be open world, seamless, and Faith won’t fire any guns. It’s almost as if you’ve been listening to my dreams ;-)

  • Will there be a beta? I am so excited for this game it easily was one of y top 3 games at E3 this year! congrats DICE and EA for bringing more story to an already amazing game :)

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