Introducing Destiny: The Taken King

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Introducing Destiny: The Taken King

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! DeeJ from Bungie here, with an E3 shout out to all Guardians. It was awesome to be on the PlayStation stage once again — this time to unveil a major expansion to kick off the second year of Destiny. On September 15th, we’re sending you starside to battle fierce new enemies and explore exciting new places in The Taken King.

Introducing Destiny: The Taken King

If you want to learn more about The Taken King, there are versions for everyone — from the players who are ready to begin their adventure in Destiny, to the seasoned Guardians who have already started to forge their legends. While you’re there, check out the content that will be exclusive to PlayStation gamers.

E3 is just beginning. We’ll be talking all about the new abilities that each Guardian will need to master to confront this threat all week long. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • And the hits just keep on coming! This looks like a huge expansion, with an interesting story, too :-)

  • Bungie, What about your XBox fans don’t you care about them?

    • Xbox fans should probably buy a PlayStation. Clear MS lost the children in the divorce.

    • This is business, it goes to the highest bidder and Microsoft didn’t put up… It’s sad but that’s just the way things work

  • BUNGIE, if you keep making exclusive deals with Playstation your XBox fanbase will feel disrespect or hurt..

    • who cares?

    • Jeez, people are ignorant. It’s not Bungie, you dolt. Activision is the one who makes the deals and takes the checks. If you want to blame anyone, blame them. They are the cause of it all, the DLC setup, the release schedule, the pricing, all of it.

  • LOL. Console exclusive content isn’t new… Remember Halo on the PS3? Oh, right…

  • Amazing, looking forward to this so much. Thanks DeeJ!

  • So, $60 for legendary edition… How much for those of us that already own Destiny and the expansions?

  • DeeJ! Can you confirm if The Taken King is $40 if you already own the two expansions? Apparently it will be $60 to get all of the content combined.

    • $40? How about $20 or $30 tops for players who own the game and first two expansions. Priced at $20 that’s a saving of $55 for new players buying the Legendary Edition, opposed to the $85 if it was $40. That’s assuming the Legendary Edition is $60.

  • What a waste of talent to be STILL working on this…

  • Can we get a price drop on Destiny Core game to say 10 dollars. I have a disc copy that has become more of a pain to own and I’d like a disc copy to go with my digital copy of the taken king.

  • More info on the subclasses please! SO HYPED!!!

  • If this will follow the trend of House of Wolves, focused on co-op content, I’ll skip it. Was very disappointed with it

    Rather Bungie should address the lingering problems in the game, such as matchmaking: lack of optional matchmaking to be precise.

  • That price tag is outrageous.

  • Why i cant play destiny

  • Nope, not even bothering to shell out my hard earned cash for “what appears” to be another hyped up DLC expansion; especially at that ridiculous price. I mean Jesus, I purchased my PS4 (at the time) to exclusively play Destiny; and yes, I got the Arctic White PS4 as well. Regardless, after shelling out (what is in my opinion) far too much money for a core game that didn’t live up to what was originally promised, let alone its hype, including the fact that (after roughly 6 hours of gameplay) it becomes painfully obvious that rather than developing a game (or atmosphere) that is immersive, highly detailed, and (oh yeah) actually has a story, they instead routinely recycle the same old maps while delivering fragments of what “should be” an entire game.

  • I do not know, however, in my own personal opinion, it is all a scam, and a multi-tiered one at that. Especially given the fact that Bungie has been routinely releasing DLC’s that affect all Destiny players, regardless of whether you own any of the aforementioned DLC’s or not. For example, if you do not own X and/or Y DLC, then you may be S.O.L. on that day’s heroic mission, or even that entire week’s weekly strike, or nightfall strike. In addition, if you band together with anyone, and/or develop some “long fledged” teammates who purchase one of these DLC fragments, then you are again S.O.L. if either of you need to partner up on a strike, raid, or any other mission. That is unless (of course) you both own the same content, core game, expansions, etcetera, to which I can see this becoming a much larger problem than it already is over time.

  • Furthermore, while we are on the subject of these overly marketed DLC fragments, which “should” be part of the core game, does anyone else find it a bit odd, let alone lame (or just down right tacky) to place promotional videos for this games DLC expansion(s) right in the center of this games “main” navigation screen? I mean Jesus, I truly do not understand how anyone cannot notice how overly marketed this game is in contrast to the amount of effort that is actually placed in providing their player base with an unhindered and desirable experience. All and all, Bungie is layering this so that each DLC that has and/or will be released are “all” part of the same goddamn game. Albeit, if we want the whole game, then we’re going to have to routinely shell out more and more cash for these tidbits of cr@p. In other words, the cost of this game, including their (soon to be) many DLC’s do not justify their cost.

  • I could go on and on concerning this, however, I will not, and I will just leave Destiny where it is, on its shelf. Finally, I truly do not see how Bungie expects to maintain (let alone grow) their consumer base when they A) do not deliver what they initially state or promise, B) hype (or market) the s#!t out of what is really an unbalanced, awfully “redundant,” and incomplete experience, while C) cranking up the price (on a freaken DLC) so goddamn high that we are being asked to shell out the cost of a full game, for what “is” (more than likely) just another s#!ty DLC. I am sorry, however, Fallout 4 will be arriving soon, and once it does, the only useful thing that my copy of Destiny will be good for is as a coaster for my morning coffee.

  • DeeJ I just tweeted you but here’s an idea for the new class items with attributes:


    Grants the wearer immunity to Thorn’s DoT. (Just the poison, not the projectiles.)

    Imagine the rush for class items again. Heck, make it an exotic. I don’t care.


    You’re welcome

    #nextGjallarhorn (is a class item)

  • Honestly, this Legendary Edition is an insult to who’s been supporting the Bungie since Destiny launched. Why collect on the DLC’s just to sell them all as one official game for $60 a year after it’s been released? I would of preferred if Destiny was released 2015 for the the first time with everything vs last year with us buying segregated DLC. Then they have the audacity to sell Taken King ALONE for $40 via pre-order. New DLC $40 but three DLC’s and the orginal game for $60. Do the math…

    • I completely agree. Were they releasing the base game and the season pass for $60; I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. The entire game season pass new expansion for $60; when as you said; the expansion is $40. The math just doesn’t add up; makes me feel they pulled an even bigger fast one on me. The season pass content should have been available on retail version, and The Taken King should only be $20. That makes it seem correct ; when I think of it like that.

  • I don’t know why Adam was expecting people to relate with him in the conference room when talking about this. Honestly, that part was almost cringeworthy to me–It was a room filled with media journalists, most of which realized how empty and greedy Destiny was.

    That said, this trailer does remind me of the hopes I had for the game. It seemed to have hints of a story (Which I had been expecting), and actual new content. It’s a shame that it’ll probably be about a third of the base game for two thirds of the price.

  • If i buy it on ps3, will it transfer to ps4 for free like the previous dlc?

  • Cant Wait! Also I Think You Get A Sparrow.

  • I bought the day one digital guardian edition, and the season pass. I did this blindly as I loved previous Bungie games and their offerings. I will not be buying The Taken King or Destiny 2. There are so many reasons for this. The lack luster season pass, the over priced expansion. The fact that most strikes/ raids for the season pass were on disc at launch; just unpopulated.I know because I watched videos of people glitching into the areas; and I also jumped into a few myself.

    Also, and this really bothers me why no one mentions it. Halo was such a monsterous multiplayer offering. Private games, forge, game modifiers that you control. Destiny has none of these, huge game changers that Bungie helped pioneer. Destiny has horribly closed off Multiplayer; so much so it is laughable in comparison to their other games. Why does no one notice this? Destiny was fun, and I don’t mind the grind. The season pass; that was pretty much what you cut from the main game; was a complete slap in the face to me. So; no thanks Bungie.

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  • I can’t wait for this!

  • I’m so torn with Destiny. The game itself is so much fun but each of the DLCs were let downs to me. Really don’t know if I’m going to pick this up or not.

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