Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Content Revealed

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Destiny: The Taken King Exclusive Content Revealed

Since Destiny’s launch in September, Guardians on PlayStation have enjoyed an expanding host of exclusive co-op Strikes, Crucible maps, exotic weapons (including the dreaded Hawkmoon), and more.

Destiny The Taken King

When Destiny: The Taken King arrives on September 15th, it will come with all-new exclusive content to help you in your fight against Oryx and his army of the Taken. Hopefully this is finally my chance to get a Gjallarhorn (Fingers crossed)!

Co-Op Strike:

The Echo Chamber
Join forces with your fellow guardians to hold off an onslaught of Vex, and sabotage their efforts to bridge time and undo the victories of the past.

Destiny The Taken King

Competitive Multiplayer Map:

Sector 618
Challenge your fellow Guardians in this Crucible map set within the ruins of an Earth colony reclaimed from the House of Wolves. Fans of Clash and Control modes will find plenty to love in this mid-sized arena: each side’s narrow chambers give way to an open center area, connected only by two exposed bridges and a handful of small platforms for the adventurous.

Exotic Weapon:

The Jade Rabbit
Featuring a 13-shot magazine, advanced scope, and adorable rabbit decal, this is the Scout Rifle you bring to a sniper fight.

Legendary Gear Sets:

Guardians over Level 20 should keep an eye out for brand new, complete armor sets (helmet, chest piece, arms, and legs) for each class.

Hesperos (Titan)

Azoth Bend (Warlock)

Neuroghast (Hunter)

For more information about the great exclusives coming to PlayStation in Destiny: The Taken King, head here.

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  • Yo..Yo.. I’m so hyped for this. OMG I was on the floor watching this. Warlock power let’s go. I’m so in there. 9.15.15 can’t get here fast enough.

  • If this will follow the trend of House of Wolves, focused on co-op content, I’ll skip it. Was very disappointed with it. Sadly, it does seem to be headin in that direction.

    Rather Bungie should address the lingering problems in the game, such as matchmaking: lack of optional matchmaking to be precise. For example, I should have the option to use or not matchmaking to play the new Strike: if I want to try soloing the Strike, I should be given the option to do so.

    • I feel you on all that. I just want a bigger vault & better gear design. I don’t want to wait to get a new D:LC to see new gear dropped into the game.

  • I was considering getting the expansion…

    Then I saw Call of Duty Black Ops 3. A lot of what feels good about Destiny, seems to be in that game. You guys already got my $90, I’m not sure I can justify giving you another $40, and then possibly another $20, and then another $20, and then another $40…

    All so that I can get a tiny bit of content to do over and over again.

    I had fun in the Iron Banner, but I didn’t get to use any of the new PVP maps I paid $40 for. The game just seems to get diminishing returns the more money that went into it.

    Granted in order to only give you $90 instead of $100 I had to buy it all at once, and while I thank you for the PS3-PS4 upgrade, my friends did feel screwed if they got the PS4 version only to find out there was no downgrade option to play with their PS3 friends.

    I had some fun, but I think I’ll take less grinding, and more loadouts.

  • Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 I LOVE THE HUNTER. 2 I LOVE BOWS.

  • I got Destiny on disc + Expansion Pass. Is it possible to play the game without any disc if I buy the digital version of The Taken King?

  • Hey, Sony, now that you and Activision are BFFs, why not work on new Crash and Spyro games with them? *hint hint* Please? :c

  • $60 for Destiny along with all 3 expansions but if you have been playing since the beginning you paid $60 for the game $20 for a expansion another $20 for another expansion then another $40. just to get to where new players are coat you $80 that’s cool dont worry you get a cool armor shader and sparrow. It’s understandable though considering with the new release Destiny will be like one full game..

  • Destiny really needs matchmaking for Raids and Prison of Elders. I’m sure this will attract more players that have difficulty coordinating with friends on when they will be available to play.

  • When do you get the rewards for ordering the taken king. I order it a few days ago and dint get any rewards.

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