The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/16/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/16/2015
The Drop

It’s a pretty quiet week, with nothing too major happening in the industry. Everything is normal, and no one is particularly busy. There is only the soft sound of wind playing with tree branches, and the steady chatter of songbirds making music to the passing leaves.

Actually, it’s E3! Surprise!

As the entire video game industry buzzes with excitement, only a small handful of new games come to PlayStation this week. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition and Arcade Archives Nova 2001 both arrive on PS4 this Tuesday. Both are available on PlayStation Store, and Payday 2 is also available at retail.

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

If you missed Payday 2 on PS3, the Crimewave Edition on PS4 packs enhanced visuals and four-player co-op. Anyone looking for high-intensity gunfights, look no further. And the Arcade Archives series continues with the old-school shooter Nova 2001. Fend off waves of enemies and bask in the sweet, sweet light of nostalgia.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Enjoy E3.

Coming to PlayStation Music

Walk Off the Earth – Sing It Away
Nate Ruess – Grand Romantic
Adam Lambert – The Original High (Deluxe)

Coming to PlayStation Video

Balls Out
Wild Tales

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  • Happy E3 week!

    • Looking forward to Shenmue 3 and The Last Guardian being revealed tomorrow!

    • Lol shenmue 3 would be epic still need to whup Lan Di

    • Any E3 surprises for the store this week ;-) ……… So long as it isn’t a certain 3rd party trolling us like last year ><

    • Ryan, can you possibly suggest to the powers that be that the E3 press conference be made available to download from the PS Store, as it used to be years ago? It’s especially helpful for people who can’t watch it when it airs and/or have slower connections can’t stream the show in full HD, as it deserves.

    • Shenmue 3! I almost cried!!!

  • I call shenanigans! Something special this way comes…..

  • Looking forward to Payday 2.

  • Oh yeah add me anyone wanting to do tons of heists payday 2 is my favorite FPS

  • Wish Arcade Archives were on Vita too

    • Sorry man but Sony dont support Ps Vita any more, is a Legacy Device…
      In Others words PS VITA IS DEAD :(

    • Well, while it is unusual for something to be a Legacy device before its sucessor comes out, Vita will be 6 years old by the end of next year. Up until the PS4 and Vita, that was how long Sony took to release replacements for their prior consoles. Maybe we’ll see a new handheld released next year?

    • Oops, end of 2017 rather.

  • Wow, this is it? This weeks update on Tuesday better be friggin epic, because these last few weeks have been just horrible for the PSN store. At least give us a good flash sale or something. Sheesh.

    • This time of year is basically like a rollarcoaster. It gets slower as you proceed to the top. But once tomorrow comes, everything will come crashing down with new video games being announced, as well as other future plans to be excited for. No worries, as this silent period will be over soon.

  • I got a feeling :D that ‘Journey’ for the PS4 will be out this week(to be announced at E3) As a lovely surprise ;)

    • I a feeling Patapon HD Trilogy will be released on Tuesday and announced tomorrow. :)
      I also have a feeling Naughty Bear will be coming to PS4 on Tursday and announced tomorrow. ;)
      I also have a feeling ModNation 2 will be released on Tuesday and announced tomorrow. :o

  • Or course this si going to be slow announced week. Sony has something big planned on Tuesday so why reveal it here?

  • Happy E3 everyone! It’ll surely tell us what to expect in future The Drop blog posts. :)

  • No Ps Vita games, boo :(

  • Friday: Flash sale, E3 based. Glad I get paid this week. Still got to find a way to pre-order Payday 2 before Tuesday…

  • Ah.. E3 my ass, I hope there will be a good sale this week ;)

  • This definitely does make me wonder if there’ll be any “Available NOW” announcements at Sony’s E3 conference tomorrow night. And if so, what kind of games will they be?

  • Wish ps2 classics were playable on Vita

  • Payday 2 looks good. Payday 2 also looks pretty good. Might pick up Payday 2 or Payday 2. Not sure about Payday 2 though, might wait until a demo comes out. But I’m definitely picking up Payday 2.

  • Freaking payday 2 has MORE dlc releasing. Dlc that ISNT included in the ps4 version. F@#%ing ridiculous.

  • Come on Vita goodies!! -fingers crossed-

  • I honestly don’t trust Overkill anymore. They came up with endless excuses for why Payday 1 and Payday 2 never got updated and I cannot believe people are still “hyped” or gullible enough to shell out money for it.

  • I wouldn’t get my hopes up for special updates for E3 on Tuesdays store.

    Then again they did do the Final Fantasy 7 suprise PSN Store. Maybe we need more of that, but I’m sure that isn’t where we are going this year. But it will be fun to watch all the conferences and the trailers.

  • Still waiting to be amazed for E3 event as a ps+ member.

    • Well then prepare to b disapointed sony’s E3 last year sucked so bad we are lucky the ps4 did not die b4 it had a chance to succeed and who’s to say it will succeed cause from the way things r looking this year so far it’s BAD!!! u know what im suprised no one remembers sony’s last year’s E3 and how bad it sucked and sony is doing nuthing to improve the ps4’s situation and they sunk to an all new low just like with the idiot plan to require people to have ps+ to publicly and with oh and u ps+ members pay 50$ a year to own play earn trophie’s and beat 99.9% of games you’ve already owned played earned trophie’s on and beaten and your 50$ a year to do something that otherwise like on the ps3 would b free to do if u see value in ps+ then u are dummer then a mentally retarted person and need to re do 12yrs of schooling all over again

    • Ps+ to play online publicly and with friends is stupid

    • The paying ps+ to play online that right signed the ps4’s death certificate right there and ultimately signed sony’s death certificate

    • The ps4 will die because of this because of this 40% of people who played and most of that is made up of people who buy They’re kids game consoles and the other 60% are people who dont get money like that are dissabled witch is where i sit at the dissabled party they just killed off 60% of their business im suprised its still walking oh wait its got dum people paying them money 4 stuff they dont need and shouldnt exist as in ps+

  • Only two new games this week, and neither one is a new PSone and/or PS2 classic. This is unacceptable.
















    • #MsPacManMazeMadnessonPSstore




















  • please give away 10+ AAA games for PS Plus, like you gave us few years ago.

  • Fallout 4!!!!!!!! OMG

  • PayDay is SO bad. Holy cow.

  • I just looking for awesome flash sale this week with worth title name. Greatest await.

  • E3 looks good so far.
    I hope the hype train keeps on rolling.

  • I love my Vita!

  • Happy E3eve everyone!

  • Thanks (in advance) for dropping the Ratchet & Clank PS4 2 level demo at the very same time it’s shown during your E3 press conference.
    Very cool of you. :)

  • Moderators?

  • Wow nothing? Guess my money is going to digital stuff elsewhere this week!

  • So much complaining with all the moaning I hope someone is listening to it barely.

  • Does Payday 2 have couch co-op?

  • So only Nova 2001 this week as Payday 2 shamefully recycled,doesn’t count as a new game.
    Enjoy E3 everyone and Bethesda did a helluva show…can’t wait for Sony.

  • Lol. Ever notice how these spammers never say it’s themselves who makes all that money? It’s always their best friends wife, or their aunts younger brother or something. It’s all just a scam.

  • Sony will you announce backward compatibility? I think it would make a lot of your customers happy.

  • “Xbox One will be backward compatible with Xbox 360” !!!!

    You See SONY Thats the way to make happy the players….
    Just for what Sony do to the Ps Vita Owner

  • Sony, u know what could be great for us Vita owners… for a start?

    Why don’t you make all the PSP catalog available for the Vita? There are awesome PSP games that still cannot be played on the vita… like Midway Arcade Treasures or Capcom Collection. Come on guys. You can do it. If there are not new games for the Vita, at least let us play all that PSP has to offer in our Vita. We are not even asking you to give the games for free… we can buy them, but we can’t unless they are not blocked as they are today.

    Microsoft did a strong move today, you must do something quite better than that. And I know you can Sony.

  • looks like MS will get the last laugh making the xone backward compatible.i think its time to switch for me.with sony closing home and trying to get me to rent 90 percent of the games i already own on ps3 for my ps4,i really dont have any use for it anymore im going to trade my ps4 and ps3 towards a xone.

  • shots fired sony

  • I was impressed with Microsoft’s backward compatible announcement and also with the Rare collection of 30 games a buck a piece. Time to step up Sony. I want to keep my digital PS3 games on my PS4, but don’t want to pay again to play through Now. Still holding out hope for Vita for something like GTA. Very happy with my PS4 and can’t wait for tonight.

  • Im just here to say…. Sony… if… just IF…. if its true… that FF7 its actutally coming to ps4… whatever u do… make it exclsuive to ps4… pay what u need to pay for it… dont drop the ball like u did with KH3 and FFXV…. SE took Tomb Raider for Xbox…. u do the same with it… mark my words and u will win the internet

  • What about the sales? What happened to the PS Store update blogs where it would show the sales a day before? I wish they did that so I could know to buy what their selling today or wait for the update

  • Please play Payday 2, it’s really good.

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