Tearaway Unfolded Out on PS4 Sept. 8th for $39.99

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Tearaway Unfolded Out on PS4 Sept. 8th for $39.99

We are very excited to announce that Tearaway Unfolded for PlayStation 4 will be launching in North America on September 8th! Hooray! Not only that, when you pre-order Tearaway Unfolded, you’ll secure a limited “Crafted Edition” of Tearaway Unfolded filled with super dooper bonus content, which includes exclusive costumes and decorations inspired by some of your favorite PlayStation titles!

Tearaway Unfolded Crafted Edition

Tearaway Unfolded

The Tearaway Unfolded Crafted Edition will include a shiny Gold Leaf and a shining Gold Stamp to wear proudly on your messenger, as well as an exclusive God of War and Journey costumes, allowing you to ‘journey’ through the world of Tearaway Unfolded in style!

You’ll also nab yourself eight custom decorations (from franchises such as Lemmings, Gravity Rush, No Man’s Sky, The Order: 1886, God of War, Infamous, The Last of Us, and Killzone), two super cute papercraft plans (Sackboy and Baby Wendigo), and a spectacular Pig Crown.

And if that all that wasn’t enough, we’re also including the official Tearaway Unfolded soundtrack featuring all original tracks from the game.


We’ve been completely blown away by your excitement and anticipation for Tearaway Unfolded over the past few months, it has really inspired us and spurred us on during development of the game and we wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all your love and support! We really can’t wait for you all to play it!

Tearaway Unfolded

Pre-order the Tearaway Unfolded Crafted Edition today for $39.99! Tearaway Unfolded will be available on shelves and on the PSN Store on September 8th!

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  • Yay! So glad this charming game will make its way to more people! :-) Very interesting to see No Man’s Sky alongside those other 1st party Sony franchises…

    [ Hi Ryan, Justin, & Sid – Hope you have an excellent E3! ]
    [ Hi everyone else – See you in the comments & livestreams! ]

  • I’m super excited to see how this works on the PS4! This easily was my favorite game on the Vita and I bet Media Molecule brought just as much innovation and creativity with using the Dualshock controller as they did with the Vita itself.

  • Am I the only one who drew obscene things to stick to my character and everything else all over the game, and then laughed maniacally during cutscenes when my drawings would be fully animated?

  • Wow! What a price! First Ratchet & Clank, and now Tearaway! It’s a great time to be a PS4 owner!

  • I haven’t decided if I’m going to repurchase this game (oh who am I kidding, I probably will) but I absolutely loved the Vita version and it was just a shame it didn’t get as much exposure as it deserved. I do hope there is no Between the Pages trophy though, that trophy was the bane of my existence lol

    • I don’t recall how much trouble I had with that, but I know I got it, because Tearway is only the second game I platinumed.

      Oh, and I knew I’d be buying this version as soon as it was announced.

    • Technically you wouldn’t be re-buying it. It’s a different game. :-)

    • At least that’s what I’m telling myself for the double dip.easy-peasy…lol Hopefully it’s at E3 and I’ll get some more hands on time with it.

  • I really enjoyed the PS vita version of Tearaway. Is this a totally new adventure or is it the PS vita version with some extras?

    • It’s a wholly reworked version. I believe the story will follow the same path, but the gameplay has been remade to fully utilize the DualShock 4!

  • The Price Is Right, now it’s a no-brainer pick-up. Good news after good news after good news after…

    • I love the fact that they’re listing the price for a game that’s still a few months out – and it’s in the headline! Over the past few years, so many game announcements haven’t included a price even when the release date is less than a week away – you have to beg in the comments for details. This alone is a HUGE improvement in communication that deserves to be recognized.

      Personally, I don’t yet own a PS4 (or a Vita), so I’m missing this game yet again. But it will definitely be one I look for once I’ve upgraded.

  • Awesome! Is the collector’s edition only available in the EU?

  • Awesome. So happy to see this get to a bigger audience. Amazing stuff here. I’ll be picking up another copy!

  • Tearaway is an amazing game that, sadly, too few played on the Vita. It’s unfortunate that the Vita has to lose exclusives – rendering it basically dead at this point. Still, I’m glad more will have the chance to play this game.

    Make sure you guys give it a try, especially if you never played it on Vita! Even if you played it on Vita, there are quite a few changes that make it unique to PS4. After playing demos last year, I think it’s shaping up to be a really nice fit on PS4.

    Great work MM! Can’t wait to play again! :)

  • Loved this game on the Vita, it was truly a gem that unfortunately launched a week after the PS4 came out, so I think many people missed it because of that. Glad it’s getting a re-release and is being exposed to more people. Day 1 buy for sure!

  • Day one and the pre order offer is good but I’d rather see an exclusive avatar and dynamic theme included. We don’t have enough exclusive avatars on PSN!

    • Seeing as we don’t have the ability to switch avatars on the PS4 yet, I don’t think they’d give out an avatar for preordering a PS4 game.

    • I can change my avatar anytime. I still have my ps3. I have a ps4, ps3 and ps vita. I didn’t want to get rid of the ps3, just because I bought a ps4.

  • Should we have the playstation camera to play it ?

  • If you haven’t been able to play this game on the Vita, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot on the PS4. One of the most creative and unique games I’ve played.

  • No cross-buy discount?
    The vita version is already a little expensive.

  • Terrible article…. You didn’t even mention the many new changes or the 50% new content on PS4 version not in Vita…
    Alot of people will just think this is just a quick simple port with no changes lol

  • The blog post mentions nothing of the game itself. Is it a remaster of the Vita game, or a sequel?

    I dearly loved the Vita game, but the controls were terrible. I might consider buying it for the better controls.

    $40, though for a remaster is a bit difficult.

  • pre-ordered immediately. great price point, and I’m excited to see the unique uses of the DS4 and camera. Tears way is the game I show people to convince them to buy a Vita, and they end up buying one nearly every time.

    will there be stereo 3D support? the paper plane flying and things going into/out of the screen would be amazing, like in Puppeteer. 60fps for a game that has a stop-motion animated feel isn’t necessary IMO, I’d rather see global illumination, stereo 3D, and 24-bit audio assets instead.

  • I have a Vita and haven’t picked this game up. I also have a PS4. So if I am only going to buy one, which version should I buy? Thanks.

    • I played the Vita version. It is the best game on Vita. The PS4 version also looks pretty nice and has some new features. I don’t think you could go wrong with either although i will be getting the PS4 version as well.

    • LuiSpartanMIMIMI

      Vita is dead. PS4 is alive.


    • PS4 version is worse. It lost its soul once it left Vita.

  • Know what I miss? AAA Vita games.

  • So..absolutely no discount or bonus for owners of the original Vita game right? :(

  • Any chance the special edition that comes with the plushy gets released in the US? Don’t see it at retailers and this post doesn’t mention it. So is it not coming to the US?

  • NO VITA? You are HORRIBLE!

  • Any chance of a bonus if you link your Vita version? Any cross-save goodness?

  • Is this a different game from the vita version? I played the original when it first came out on Vita and enjoyed it. If it is different in going to buy it.

    • It basically follows the same story, but the gameplay had to be completely reworked for the PS4, given how reliant it was on the Vita. Now you use the touchpad for some things, shine the lightbar on the screen, et cetera.

      It seems to be practically an entirely different game to me.

  • “You’ll also nab yourself eight custom decorations (from franchises such as Lemmings, Gravity Rush, No Man’s Sky, The Order: 1886, God of War, Infamous, The Last of Us, and Killzone), two super cute papercraft plans (Sackboy and Baby Wendigo), and a spectacular Pig Crown.”

    Gravity Rush is included? Might as well call this the Vita heart break pack then. First Sony ports Tearaway to PS4 – a game that really shouldn’t be played on anything other than a Vita (before you ask, yes, I have played a demo of the PS4 game)- and then Gravity Rush, a game that’s pretty much become a mascot for Vita owners. To make matters worse, knowing how great Shuhei Yoshida and friends are, there’s 0 chance of either game getting a sequel on Vita. They’ll be PS4 exclusive. No thanks.

  • Nice price cant wait to play this once it drops on PS4. And all these bonus goodies sound great cant wait till the release.

  • I too would love if that Special Edition made its way across the pond.

  • Question. Will we have to buy a camera in order for the game to be played and will it have to be on at all times?

    The use of the camera (which was already installed) on the Vita was a huge part of Tearaway but there isn’t one installed for the PS4 obviously.

  • Recently played Tearaway on Vita and it was a wonderful experience. I’m delighted to see what the Tearaway team does with The Messenger on the PS4.

  • Am I missing something or for the rest of the year the only PS4 exclusive is Until Dawn? There is this Vita port, and half the Uncharted experience along with a very sketchy God of War 3 remaster.

  • You guys deserve a huge pat on the back for the amazing job you did with the Vita version. I will gladly buy this for my PS4 and plan on paying close attention to whatever else you make in the future. Love you Guys/Gals!

  • Im intrested in the plushy edtion. I hope we can get that one.

  • No flash sales this week?

  • Really digging the variety in pricing for new retail PS4 games! This and the new Ratchet & Clank are both $40 each? That’s great! I’m glad people are starting to see that not every retail game needs to launch at 60 bucks.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this gem!

    • I think it’s smart too considering both those games probably lean more toward a younger demographic. Parents (or kids for that matter) are more likely to buy a cheaper game.

  • Loved the vita version, this is my most anticipated ps4 game this year, glad is comming before the hooliday period as it wont have many competition from the AAA franchises and might make some decent sales to secure a proper sequel. The price tag is great to!!!

  • I can’t wait to play this! Day 1 =D

  • Just pre-ordered my copy today :)

  • Really frustrated at SCEA for not putting this game up for preorder ages ago, and even more annoyed that the Atoi plushie is Europe only. Hardly surprised, SCEA half arsing it with SCEE content is nothing new.

    Which is why I fear the future of Morpheus in NA, the new studio dedicated to it is based in Europe…

  • where is the pre order link?

  • I still wish Sony would patch more Vita games to work on the PSTV so we wouldn’t need to buy them again just to play on a large screen. The reason why is pretty obvious though.

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  • Until Dawn, Everybody’s gone to the Rapture and now Tearaway Unfolded all in 2 months!! I sincerely LOVE my PS4!!!

  • im excited for this. i dont have a vita and always wanted to play this.

  • Quite disappointing how much nice content is locked behind a pre order wall. However I’m very happy about the pricing and how soon it will come out. Can we get these details for Europe please?

  • Tearaway is the best platformer EVER and I mean it. <3

  • Excellent game. Please make a new one too.

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  • Sale inbound? As buggy as Ether One? No presale here with the Ether One and Driveclub JUNK

  • Not once in that article is the word “vita” mentioned. I other words, it doesn’t exist to them. They botched the vita horribly, and they expect people to buy into this project Morpheus? Give me a break.

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