Street Fighter V: New Battle System Details

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Street Fighter V: New Battle System Details

Hey everyone, we got some pretty hype Street Fighter V news today! Nope, it’s not a new character, but rather information on something that will affect all characters: the battle system. For SFV, we’re excited to talk about the new Variable System!

The V-System consists of three variable mechanics all built around the new V-Gauge, which primarily builds as your character takes damage. The three mechanics are: V-Skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal.

Street Fighter V on PS4


V-Skills are unique skills per character that can be accessed at any time by pressing medium punch and medium kick together. These skills do not require use of the V-Gauge and have different uses per character (e.g. mobility, offensive, defensive). V-Skills are rather important in battle as they may help a character in an area they’re weak at or help to fill up the V-Gauge quicker. Learning how to properly and efficiently use each character’s V-Skill will be key in winning matches.


V-Triggers are unique abilities per character that can only be activated once the V-Gauge is full, by pressing heavy punch and heavy kick together. V-Triggers, much like Ultras in Street Fighter IV, are a way for your character to turn the tide of battle. That, however, is where the similarities end. Activating the V-Trigger, which allows access to a character’s full potential, is merely step one. It is completely up to the player to properly utilize the benefits received from the V-Trigger to change the course of the match. As V-Triggers add quite a bit of depth to each character, mastering their use will be paramount to victory.


V-Reversals take up one stock of V-Gauge, and allow a player to counter the attack of the opponent while blocking, thus creating some breathing room. They are similar to “Alpha counters” from the Street Fighter Alpha series, but this time not every counter results in a universal effect; some push the opponent back, some knock them down and some switch sides. Players should explore each character to see how their V-Reversals function.

EX Gauge

That’s not all, however, as there is also the EX Gauge, which builds as you deal damage to the opponent. The EX Gauge allows characters to perform powered up versions of their special attacks and when maxed out, their Critical Art. Critical Arts are highly damaging, cinematic attacks that are unique to each character.

V-Skill & V-Trigger Breakdown for Current Characters

Street Fighter V on PS4


V-Skill : Mind’s Eye

Ryu uses his senses to “see” the opponent’s next attack and parries it accordingly. All attacks (high, low, mid) and projectiles can be parried if timed correctly. Multi hitting attacks can also be parried with the correct timing. Fans of Street Fighter III will remember that the “parry” was the core battle mechanic of that entire series! The mechanic now returns as a single V-Skill of Ryu, demonstrating how serious we are about making every character unique to one another.

V-Trigger: Denjin Renki

Ryu powers up and enters Denjin Renki mode. In this mode, his normal and EX Hadokens, as well as his Shinkuu Hadoken gain an electric charge, resulting in faster travel speed, higher damage, and higher stun. While in this mode, normal and EX Hadokens can also be charged, which result in even higher damage or a guard break if blocked. Additionally, his Shoryuken attack also deals additional damage when it connects against the opponent.

*Note – Denjin Renki mode only lasts a short amount of time and is tied to a timer.

Street Fighter V on PS4


V-Skill: Rankyaku

Chun-Li kicks powerfully off the ground and flies toward her opponent at an angle lower than her normal jump. While in the air, Chun-Li can use air attacks and special moves as she descends upon the opponent.

V-Trigger: Renkiko

Chun-Li concentrates her ki into her hands and feet which results in attacks hitting more times than normal. Light attacks have no additional benefits, medium attacks hit one extra time, heavy attacks hit two extra times. This benefit is not extended to special attacks.

*Note – Renkiko only lasts a short amount of time and is tied to a timer.

Street Fighter V on PS4


V-Skill: Bullet Clear

Nash reaches out and absorbs any normal projectile coming his way. If close enough to the opponent, Nash can absorb their life force, causing damage.

V-Trigger: Sonic Move

Nash travels at supersonic speed and ends in one of three different places near the opponent based on what the player inputs. Players can choose to end up behind the opponent on the ground, behind the opponent in the air, or in front of the opponent in the air, and can act immediately once Nash appears.

Street Fighter V on PS4


V-Skill: Psycho Reflect

M.Bison uses his Psycho Power to absorb any normal projectile or attack coming his way. If the player continues to hold down the Psycho Reflect after absorbing either the projectile or attack, M.Bison will throw a Psycho Shot back at the opponent.

V-Trigger: Psycho Power

M.Bison completely unleashes his Psycho Power, which results in a change to his dash and certain special attacks. He now teleports during his dash, able to pass through projectiles and attacks, and also disappears and reappears during his Somersault Skull Diver and Double Knee Press attacks, making them extremely hard to track.

*Note – Psycho Power only lasts a short amount of time and is tied to a timer.

So there you have it, the new Variable System for SFV. Although V-Skills and V-Triggers are easy to use, they will definitely take time to master. And with the activation command tied to a simple set of button presses, players will now have more time to concentrate on what truly lies at the heart of Street Fighter: Rising Up against the competition!

I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this. Until next time!

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  • Hi Peter,

    Amazing! Can’t wait to pick this up! I’m a huge Street Fighter fan!

    Will there be an event that we will have the chance to play 1:1 versus devs or even you Peter?

  • Can’t wait for this greatness on PS4!

  • This game looks better and better with each piece of info revealed!

    And with all those “V”s it kinda seems like you should do some sort of tie-in with VVVVVV :-)

  • Bison looks as psychotic as ever. Yes, Yes! :D

  • Even the Lin Kuei is excited

  • Thanks for the update; the visuals in those screen shots are looking really nice.

  • I need some street fighter in my life.

    When it comes to fighting, it’s all perfectly legal.

  • This trailer convinced me that this will be a good Street Fighter

  • Just watched the trailer and read through all the info, this is sounding great. Small request, don’t make the critical arts cinematics overly long! Years of watching the same Ultra animations got a little old :)

  • I love how everytime you show us something new on the game theres always an incredible visual upgrade, game looks awesome now love the clayish like style your getting into the characters they look vivid and stylish kudos to that. I just hope it plays as smooth as it looks

    As for the Vs its cool you give players the chance to get defensive or agresive depending on the situation ill reserve any future comments after playing it myself

    Guess ill have to start saving for a ps4 now.

  • Just dont make Ken to be a twin brother of He-Man and all will be alright.

  • Can we disable the neon lighting effects which shows giant colored arcs of every punch and kick motion. It’s very distracting.

  • Need this game.

    Ono, Juri Han PLS. Also, updated costumes.

  • Oh man it looks sooooooo GOOD. Hopefully we’ll see some Juri, Abel and Guy. Pretty please?

  • Looks great so far with the changes. One minor question though. Will Charlie be known as Nash in the NA version or will he be named Charlie as it has been traditionally known here in NA? I know that the JP version has him as Nash but it just seems a little weird to change his name now when his name has been Charlie since Street Fighter II and the Alpha series. Not really a big deal just odd.

    • It appears he will now be Nash. Which I think his full name was Charlie Nash. I am okay with this since I own english and japanese versions of some of the Street Fighter games and a few name changes always bothered me.

      Worse for Vampire Night as I got really used to Lei Lei and one of my favorite characters got his name changed in the US. Undure as to why.

  • Looks badass..BRING IT!!!!

  • screw Chun-Li! I want to see Sakura and Karin.


  • Love the really clean look and aesthetic that the game has! The new mechanics are definitely going to be a game changer for the competitive scene too!

    Great Work Capcom! Let’s see some Cammy Action next!

  • I’ll admit, I initially didn’t have much faith in Street Fighter V, considering it looked a lot like Street Fighter IV at first (which I’m not a huge fan of, LOVE SF3: 3rd Strike) but I’m loving these changes now! Super hyped for the game’s release now and anxiously waiting to see what new characters Capcom has in store for us. I’d be fine with them scrapping all those “dream match” characters from SF4 and take the game in a new direction with a fresh roster but I know most of the SF community would whine if they don’t see familiar characters return.

  • The game looks beautiful and I loved SFII so much back in the day when I was a little kid.. but playing SFIV online as an adult made me realize that I was nowhere near as good as I thought I was. I’m really on the fence about this game.. on the one hand, it looks fun and all that, but on the other, I don’t have the time to invest into becoming a good player :-/

  • Dear Capcom,

    Please pledge that any update or upgrade to SF5 will be done like SFxT and USF4 and not require a new game purchase. Thanks.

  • PLEASE add Gouken to the game!

  • Makes me wanna give it a ” serious” try…

  • I am very HYPED !!

    But please please please please:

    1.- Add CAMMY.

    2.- Let us choose our COUNTRY FLAGS to our profile.

    3.- Let us save custom buttons for friends.

    4.- Don’t make too large animations inside combats.

    5.- Please make one screen / stage per character.

    6.- Costumes DLC is OK, but for a reasonable price.

    7.- Characteres DLC is a very bad idea.

    8.- A lot of versions of the same game is a very bad idea (SUPER, ARCADE EDITION, ULTRA, etc). Please, make ONE good game, free of bugs.

    • NO…. I love to see new characters being added for DLC after a certain time

    • The new versions are what keep the game fresh and each version adds new characters. I am fine with it, especially when most of the updates are cheaper than a full price game.

  • You guys better put Juri in this one or no buy from me.
    Damn the graphics are lookin good,I dunno if its some work done in those pics but they’re lookin beautiful indeed.
    And I heard Sony helped fund SF5 cuz capcom couldn’t do by themselves and I hope this is true cuz if it is….it’ll stay on PS4 and PC only forever.

  • I’ll wait for the 5th iteration of the game to release and then buy the complete version when it’s only $30.

  • @thekobal – you are right … Capcom has long ignored “all” countries in the flag listing … with PS4, I can see that having a flag for each country would be a such a huge strange on the all mighty ps4? Right guys?

    Here’s a list to get you started … someone send this to the Capcom staff …

  • Very cool stuff!

    I hope to see something like Tekken 7’s “Rendering Camera System” so we’ll always see our character in the P1 or P2 position. That would be the most amazing and helpful thing for me since I always fight better in the P2 position. Please make it happen!

    • Doubtful. The levels are asymmetric unlike Tekken’s stages. It has also been shown that the characters keep their positions between rounds rather than be reset to the P1/P2 positions that traditionally happens in a Capcom fighter.

  • Hope Ingrid, Karin, Alex and Eagle are in the game :D

    Hope Juri isn’t in the game

  • I Love SF… is the best fighting game ever… please remember PSVita version too *-*

  • Holy crap! I really really enjoy the path art style for this game is going. These straight lines and fonts (not brushy and splattered like SFIV) really goes well with a STREET fighter game.
    Even though it’s only available to Ryu at the momento I’m also glad that parry is back.
    These V-Trigger skills sure remind me of Juri, is she coming?

  • Combofiend!!

    This looks awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Visually, it looks good. But I think I’ll wait for Super Hyper Ultimate Arcade Street Fighter V Edition before purchasing this one.

  • I think I hear the hype train coming and after that trailer I may just jump on board! :D Every time you guys post an update it looks better and gets me more excited. I skipped Ultra but this one might get me back into it. Like others said though, I feel hesitant to buy the first release because of how god awful many versions of SFIV there were and the fact that you couldn’t upgrade from vanilla…or at least I don’t remember you being able to.

  • When we get cammy and sakura then I will pre order for the beya

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  • Where is KEN!!!

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