Life Goes On: Done to Death Coming to PS4

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Life Goes On: Done to Death Coming to PS4

We at Infinite Monkeys Entertainment are incredibly excited to announce two things today. The first: we are expanding Life Goes On with brand new content and features. The second: PlayStation gamers can pick up Life Goes On: Done to Death later this year on PS4.

For those new to the game, Life Goes On: Done to Death is a comically-morbid platformer where you use your character’s dead bodies to solve puzzles. On your quest to find the Cup of Life, you will sacrifice knight after knight to make your way through a trap-ridden world.

The gameplay of Life Goes On follows from a simple idea: what if dying didn’t mean game over? Instead, each time your heroic knight dies, a new knight is summoned to continue on, leaving a dead body behind. By summoning knight after knight, you make progress through a level by pressing buttons, springing traps, and manipulating dead bodies to serve as tools for the next hero.

Life Goes On: Done to Death on PS4Life Goes On: Done to Death on PS4

Since the initial release of Life Goes On, we’ve been excited to expand the game further. We have created a bright new world filled with strange mechanisms and deadly new traps. For example, we’ve decided that we aren’t done with the knights even after they die. In Life Goes On: Done to Death you will face the bodies from your former lives as they walk around the level, attacking your player, and stumbling into traps.

We’ve always had fun with Life Goes On — sacrificing your characters over and over is a dark concept. But by making it as ridiculous as possible, it turns into something funny. Done to Death builds on this by delivering more morbid comedy and more opportunities for players to mistreat the knights in horrible and unique ways.

Life Goes On: Done to Death on PS4

It’s thrilling to have Life Goes On: Done to Death on PS4. Platform games work best on a console and using a controller has always been the most satisfying way to play Life Goes On. The game has been running amazingly on PS4, and we’re confident that players will be impressed. It’s been lots of fun playing with the features of DualShock 4, like playing the knight’s death cries through the speaker and creating custom rumble effects for each way a knight can die.

We can’t wait to get Life Goes On: Done to Death into players’ hands, and we think you’ll really enjoy the experience. Watch for the game to land later this year. We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts below!

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11 Author Replies

  • I hadn’t heard of this game before! The premise looks hilarious and kinda right up my (slightly dark?) alley :-)

  • Looks cool but when I first read the name “Done To Death” I thought it was going to be a FPS.

  • Definitely an interesting mechanic here, I will certainly try this game out for PS4!

  • That looks different!! I usually die in those exact same spots anyway.

    • We figured people have been learning how to die in games for so long, why not make a game about it?

  • This would better fit the Vita, IMO. Good luck with the launch, anyway.

  • Looks like this could be fun. I enjoyed killing my clones in The Swapper just for fun, so that’s cool that this game uses that as a core piece of gameplay.

  • Looks nice, will you be releasing in EU market as well?

  • I played this game on PC. It’s a ton of fun, and totally twisted. Can’t wait to play the new levels.

    • Glad to hear that you liked it!

      We’ve been working hard on the new content to give players more of what they liked from the original set of levels. We’ve managed to come up with some wicked puzzles.

  • This looks like it would be entertaining and fun and hopefully the death gimmicks lead to interesting puzzle designs to figure out.

    • We tried pretty hard to keep the puzzles interesting and fresh, and with the new content in Done to Death its something that we’re really focusing on.

  • If guys want to keep bringing old games to ps4, at least sell them for half the original cost. Thats not necessarily directed at these guys, just in general. Im pretty tired of the most powerful console ever created being home to pc and xbox leftovers.

  • I find it amusingly ironic that the developers decided to subtitle their Yet Another PSN Indie Side Scrolling Physics-Based Platformer With a Less-Than-Unique Art Style (TM) “Done to Death.” The game looks OK in the trailer, but nothing noteworthy enough to buy at launch.

  • CUTE! *DIES* :P

    Hope it turns out good, love a good platformer

  • I remember watching Game Grumps play this. Looked pretty damn fun!

    • I remember when Game Grumps posted the video we all had a mini freakout over how great it was to be covered by them. Similarly when Matt Melvin did his stream it was very surreal.

  • Man, I’ve been meaning to buy this for ages on PC. Looks incredibly fun, and would love to support an indie Dev team from my city! Going to get this on PC then later on PS4, thats for sure!

  • First I’ve seen of this and it looks fun. Nice trailer, made me smile. Looks like it would be a good Vita fit maybe. Any plans?

    • Vita is definitely something we would like to see and we’re working hard to try and make it work. That being said, we don’t have any definitive plans at this time.

  • yep. my kind of game

  • Now this is a fantastic concept. Can’t wait.

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